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Nöpö-Felix | Jakso 2 | Putous 11. kausi | MTV3
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Putouksen 11. kausi nähdään Maikkarilla 16.3. alkaen lauantaisin klo 19.30. 11. kaudella itsensä likoon laittavat Christoffer Strandberg, Terhi Suorlahti, Mikko Penttilä, Roope Salminen, Mikko Virtanen, Ernest Lawson, Jenni Kokander ja Helmi-Leena Nummela. Voit katsoa Putouksen jaksot myös mtv-...
Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight FIvid channel for more almost news as it almost happens: fivid.net/u-lastweektonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: facebook...
Mueller Report Series Finale: No Collusion, Maybe Obstruction | The Daily Show
Views: 982 623 22 hours ago
President Trump claims legal victory and complete exoneration after Robert Mueller’s investigation finds no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but Attorney General William Barr says the report does not exonerate Trump from obstruction of justice. Subscribe to The Daily Show: fivid....
Mexico Is Stealing The Border Wall | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Views: 869 205 5 days ago
Selfie seekers overrun a poppy bloom in California, MLB star Mike Trout lands a record-breaking contract, and Tijuana residents steal razor wire from the U.S.-Mexico Border. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: bit.ly/1gaKaZO Check out the Comedy Central UK website: bit.ly/1iBXF6j Get social with Co...
What is Happening to One Punch Man?
Views: 731 556 3 days ago
One Punch Man Season 2 is right around the corner, and it's looking... kinda terrible? What the heck happened in the last three years to make the Hero for a Hobby fall so far from grace? Watch the Season 2 Trailer: fivid.net/video/video-NezvLw2gRAY.html Canipa's One Punch Man Breakdow...
THE COOLEST ASTHMA KIDS YOU'LL EVER SEE | Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos
Views: 1 748 009 11 days ago
LAUGH! Support the channel: fivid.net/u-jacksepticeyejoin Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos: fivid.net/video/video-VqfLcdpBasY.html ►Twitter : twitter.com/Jack_Septic_Eye ►Instagram: instagram.com/jacksepticeye ►Merch: jacksepticeye.com/ Edited by: fivid.net/show-UCHsjBlPYou_k7FgMKLCo5J...
Calling in Sick to My Doctor Appointment
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buy merch► www.vlogcreations.com/merch/ Instagram @CreationsRoss @namesross Snap @rosscreator Twitter @CreationsRoss Equipment I use: kit.com/RossCreations/my-equipment Join Vlog Creations fivid.net/show-UCR0VLWitB2xM4q7tjkoJUPwjoin Send Fan mail or packages to: RossCreations 4501 Manatee ...
The Boss baby  -  Funny Moments
Views: 656 039 4 days ago
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It’s Actually Really Hard to Storm Out of an Interview - Key & Peele
Views: 941 598 Day ago
A talk show segment with a rapper goes awry when the interviewer asks a personal question. About Key & Peele: Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array...
New Episode! The Best Team For The Best Jokes! #RFC
Views: 112 670 Day ago
new channel: fivid.net/show-UCg-XVCvmX-NhJpbedNtnb0A catagram: instagram.com/redfaatcat/
Proof Trump Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Views: 669 006 4 days ago
Kellyanne Conway's husband George Conway has been tweeting a lot of things about Donald Trump and one of them was a list of the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. So, in the interest of science we thought it was only fair to take a look at the symptoms to see if it had any merit....
Mark Normand: Women On Dating Apps Are Height Supremacists - CONAN on TBS
Views: 512 495 6 days ago
Mark isn’t over six feet tall, but he is still growing as a person. More CONAN @ teamcoco.com/video Team Coco is the official FIvid channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & TeamCoco.com. Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: bit.ly/W5wt5D For Full Episodes of...
Monologue: Whiny Little Witch | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Views: 730 960 3 days ago
Subscribe to the Real Time FIvid: itsh.bo/10r5A1B Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including the release of the Mueller Report and President Trump's feud with deceased Senator John McCain. Connect with Real Time Online: Find Real Time on Facebook: facebook.com/Maher Find Real Time ...
Can I Play That? - SNL
Views: 2 001 283 16 days ago
Actors (Idris Elba, Cecily Strong, Beck Bennett) play a game where they choose if they can or cannot play a certain role. #SNL #IdrisElba #Khalid #SNL44 Subscribe to SNL: goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: fac...
Secretive player in Galafone! #BMG
Views: 271 443 5 days ago
I wish you a pleasant viewing and good mood!
Teen Who Couldn't Stop Talking About Ellen While Under Anesthesia Visits Show
Views: 2 603 683 6 days ago
Ellen welcomed Emily Aldridge, 16, who was recorded by her mom Jennifer after having her wisdom teeth removed. Because of the effects of anesthesia, Emily became very emotional and frustrated that Ellen wasn't there to support her during the surgery. They chatted with the real Ellen, who had...
r/Maliciouscompliance | BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR
Views: 184 149 6 days ago
Top posts from r/Maliciouscompliance on Reddit... Be careful what you wish for better channel: fivid.net/u-slazo
Jim Visits Australia’s Massive Anti-Migration Fence - The Jim Jefferies Show
Views: 530 598 6 days ago
Jim travels to his home country of Australia to learn more about the country’s rising climate of racism - and its anti-dingo measures. Subscribe to Comedy Central: fivid.net/show-UCUsN5ZwHx2kILm84-jPDeXw Watch more Comedy Central: fivid.net/u-comedycentral Follow The Jim Jefferies Show: Twitt...
Best of 'Plead the Fifth' 😂ft. Iggy Azalea, Tyga, Shaq & More! | Wild 'N Out | #PleadTheFifth
Views: 638 477 Day ago
It's all about keeping it 💯 because 'Pleading The Fifth' is a hard pill to swallow! 😂Featuring appearances by Charlamagne Tha God, Stevie J & Joseline of 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta', Tyga, and more! Watch us put some of the BEST in the hot seat, and buckle up for t...
TSA Took My Weed
Views: 794 576 5 days ago
House Gives Janitor A Promotion | House M.D.
Views: 496 477 10 days ago
House has no team. He's left with no other option but to hire his janitor otherwise known as Dr Buffer. Watch House on Google Play: bit.ly/2tu3kHh & iTunes apple.co/2tCSJOu Subscribe: bit.ly/2goT95b This is the official FIvid channel for House M.D. Watch all of the official clips from...
Jimmy Loses It with Robert Irwin on a Hot Mic Before Animals Segment
Views: 5 198 946 28 days ago
Jimmy and Robert Irwin, 15-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, get into an accidentally public confrontation backstage that spills into an awkward animals segment that includes a lizard, an owl and a cat from Staten Island. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: bit.l...
'I Have Three Children With My Father'
Views: 3 877 632 Month ago
A woman says her father physically and sexually abused her - and she gave birth to three of his children. Hear how she says the children changed her life. www.drphil.com Subscribe to Dr. Phil: bitly.com/SubscribeDrPhil LIKE us on Facebook: bitly.com/DrPhilFacebook Follow us on Twitter: bitly.com...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Views: 1 646 563 Month ago
Camp Rock Animation check out my High School Musical videos: High School Musical doesn't make any sense fivid.net/video/video-M39dAasRNPI.html High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense... fivid.net/video/video-wNSh_dW2D4Y.html High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense... ...