5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s

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Tik Tacs
Cereal with Water:
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong #2 | The 10s


Published on


Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 11 916
REACT 8 days ago
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Andrew Morales
Andrew Morales 3 days ago
Chris Perez
Chris Perez 3 days ago
REACT like why do give a lot of milk and one Oreo 🤣🤣🤣
Lynsey Bodeker
Lynsey Bodeker 4 days ago
Better yet.. if you like your oreos well saturated.. just break them up into bite size pieces and eat them like cereal and milk.
Baby Dominique
Baby Dominique 4 days ago
Theres any easier way to do the oranges you cut the top and bottom off like you did and cut it down the side but only past the peel not as deep as y'all cut in the video and then slice it in little circles and it should fan out perfectly with little orange triangles
Beau Matthews
Beau Matthews 3 hours ago
Who actually takes 2 bites out of a oreo
BlueDuckMan YT
BlueDuckMan YT 3 hours ago
Guys watch this its so funny "Awkward phone calls on escalators prank"
Avalolomg 2006
Avalolomg 2006 3 hours ago
Reactants if you ever do another eating things wrong video, please try apple juice with honey nut cheerios its the only cereal i have ever ate apple juice with.
DwarkinAV 5 hours ago
Damn, the best way to eat orange is to peel it with tablespoon first
Cool Fire13
Cool Fire13 5 hours ago
eversince i was little kid i used to eat cereal with hot water because my mom doesnt buy milk
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 5 hours ago
When I was elementary school there was a girl who was lactose intolerant and since we didnt have special milk she ate her cereal with water. Doesn't make it okay though
Butter bongo Woof
Butter bongo Woof 5 hours ago
You eat the burgers upside down so your tastes buds taste the sauce and meat first
Audrye Shirah
Audrye Shirah 5 hours ago
I've always eaten my burgers upside down...
Kim Song Min
Kim Song Min 6 hours ago
Girl wit the white nd pink shirt is useless
Seeeae all my THANOS🤢 🥶 videozzs before he 🔷 SNAPS.. his fingers AGAIN! hurry! 💎💥
Edward Allsep
Edward Allsep 6 hours ago
Stupid people trying to build a better mousetrap. In order: just shake a Tic Tac into your hand, use milk with cereal, peel an orange with your hands, eat the damn burger, and suck it up and dunk the damn Oreo.
707 Choi
707 Choi 7 hours ago
— HONEY 7 hours ago
*i only knew the tic tac, orange and oreo*
Just4Interviews 8 hours ago
Char Beulping
Char Beulping 5 hours ago
SkyPro Gaming
SkyPro Gaming 7 hours ago
2 minutes ago. weird flex but ok
Amelié Zh
Amelié Zh 8 hours ago
That was Taras wasn't it
Diego Campos
Diego Campos 8 hours ago
My God. . The cereal part is kind of odd...
Aiden Draeger
Aiden Draeger 8 hours ago
People who chew their tic tac go to hell
Demented 8 hours ago
Best way to eat an Oreo with milk is to put the Oreo in your mouth first, then a sip of milk, and let the magic happen in your mouth. No mess. No fork. Perfect.
ItsEvan Time
ItsEvan Time 8 hours ago
I don’t cut oranges I peel oranges.
Sad Lil' Soap
Sad Lil' Soap 8 hours ago
I cant be the only one who grew up knowing that tictac one
The French Scetch
The French Scetch 8 hours ago
Ur not alone... I knew it too 😂
HYPEBEAST CUBAN960 9 hours ago
i just wanna eat mu cheeseburger and sleep who cares about how you eat it
reeseplays games
reeseplays games 9 hours ago
You can eat food any way you want whichever way feels right for you
Penguins Are pretty lame
A lot of these just seem like people who just found out about gravity
Romeo Barrilas
Romeo Barrilas 9 hours ago
Toxic Soul
Toxic Soul 10 hours ago
no hate but the tic tac one is just common since but not every really thinks most people just pour them in there hand lol
Tamiya Harrison
Tamiya Harrison 10 hours ago
The only other thing you can eat cereal with is yogurt not water.
Yuna McHill
Yuna McHill 8 hours ago
I sometimes eat them with tea or orange juice.
Itsxlexx 10 hours ago
6:33 am I the only one who was confused on why they don't bite the orange? Like when its sliced you bite it right
Joselin Jowers
Joselin Jowers 11 hours ago
Put sugar in the water and if you flip the burger over than you will taste the top better.
Aayva The fairy
Aayva The fairy 11 hours ago
Lmaooo if you’re from the hood then you know the struggle of not having milk so your mom tells you to use water 🤷🏽‍♀️
jojibbg 10 hours ago
Dead even jamaican moms 💀
Ella Beans
Ella Beans 12 hours ago
i don't wanna hear it youtube
Bella Segovia
Bella Segovia 12 hours ago
I do the cheeseburger one flip it over it just taste better
XRainingGamingX 12 hours ago
lmao doesn’t even matter if it gets into our stomach it’s correct
gundom000 13 hours ago
Just more things I’m doing wrong in life.. thanks lol
Da Homie
Da Homie 13 hours ago
Sammy Beast
Sammy Beast 13 hours ago
I literally ordered a burger to try it out 😂
Introverted Amajiki
Introverted Amajiki 12 hours ago
Bilal Faruki 😂
Bilal Faruki
Bilal Faruki 13 hours ago
Has it come yet
Brian Lorenzo
Brian Lorenzo 13 hours ago
Who tried water with cereal EDIT:BEWARE DONT TRY IT I WARNED YOU
Kawaii Lexi :3
Kawaii Lexi :3 13 hours ago
5:00 Wow. That Oh~
Bootyholegrab YT
Bootyholegrab YT 13 hours ago
Plot twist: she gave them the tictacs because there breath was stink
M3ŘĶ 13 hours ago
rene staiger
rene staiger 14 hours ago
You ate the Oreos wrong, you have to eat it with water uwu.. but seriously, eat the way you like the best. You could walk on water and there still will be someone who says that you are to stupid to swim.
Dashden 14 hours ago
At this point, i don't even know if i breath right.
Serena Frisby
Serena Frisby 14 hours ago
Thats not an orange that is a tamarin
M3ŘĶ 13 hours ago
and also it is an orange
Bootyholegrab YT
Bootyholegrab YT 13 hours ago
And you said tamrin Wtf
Bootyholegrab YT
Bootyholegrab YT 13 hours ago
That is an orange
Bootyholegrab YT
Bootyholegrab YT 13 hours ago
You are dumb
M3ŘĶ 13 hours ago
AbsoluteTutorials 14 hours ago
My classmate eats cereal with water He first took the cereal from the lunchroom and went over to the water fountain and poured it into the bowl of cereal Yeah I spooked
MeMeLoRd 69
MeMeLoRd 69 15 hours ago
I always eat my burgers upside down
THONK 15 hours ago
‘Oooooo ahhhhhhhhh smarrrrt’
Panda 15 hours ago
don't give them a mcdonalds burger xD it's already dry
Kyri Ypung
Kyri Ypung 15 hours ago
I have done this
jordan forgham
jordan forgham 15 hours ago
Brandon is a G
Ben Tonkin
Ben Tonkin 15 hours ago
For the cearal you should just use SOY MILK or ALMOND MILK.
Maraud Odd
Maraud Odd 14 hours ago
Ben Tonkin weirdo
beautiful dreamz
beautiful dreamz 16 hours ago
Keep doing these videos please.
EZ_45 16 hours ago
i knew the first one
Kyri Ypung
Kyri Ypung 15 hours ago
I did
watashiwa Noodle
watashiwa Noodle 16 hours ago
1800: i bet we will have flying cars in the future! 2019: eat cereal with water instead of milk
jordan forgham
jordan forgham 15 hours ago
+Nathoraxe so true
Nathoraxe 15 hours ago
lol nobody knew what a car was in 1800
yang melody
yang melody 16 hours ago
Ew ew look* that sounds like pan pan from we bear bear
Kenadie Thomas
Kenadie Thomas 16 hours ago
You can roll an orange so it is easier to peel!!
Brandi Miller
Brandi Miller 16 hours ago
Qos was thay
APE 16 hours ago
PRO TIP: Use hot water to give it more flavor
SA1996 17 hours ago
Trudi is a hot spice
Felix Schrimpff
Felix Schrimpff 17 hours ago
Why do I feel like the guy in the hat is super stoned lol
Zane Hall shiels
Zane Hall shiels 17 hours ago
You’ve been eating AiR WrOnG and eating wAtEr
In the 1900’s : *WORLD WAR 1* in the 2000’s : *OMG YOU PUT THE MILK BEFORE THE CEREAL?!? YOU’RE INSANE*
Nisha Maniram
Nisha Maniram 17 hours ago
You know the tic tac thing
Nisha Maniram
Nisha Maniram 17 hours ago
That’s what I used to do awww I could of told the hole world
Magridaaa 101
Magridaaa 101 16 hours ago
You didn't invent it. Also it's whole not hole
Redbar Gaming
Redbar Gaming 18 hours ago
No cutting gloves for them?? Then the clip right after you give them the most disgusting burger imaginable. React team you are slacking.
Tony-Tony Chopper
Tony-Tony Chopper 19 hours ago
I eat cereal with Apple juice
Jungkooks Jams
Jungkooks Jams 19 hours ago
I mean cereal and water is fine I guess but I like that milk has sweetness to it and it's creamier and thick so it infused with cereal better but water just makes it kind of bland
Charlie Wow
Charlie Wow 19 hours ago
Anytime I see someone cut and orange I want to scream. It is so easy to just peel and pull apart with your hands! There's no need to dirty a knife, let alone you're cutting into all the juice pockets and wasting good juice! Pulling it apart you're more likely to keep all the wedges and pockets intact, and you retain all the juice!
Ninoy Leduna
Ninoy Leduna 19 hours ago
2:47 eww
Magridaaa 101
Magridaaa 101 16 hours ago
Ew indeed
Itspagez 20 hours ago
Cereal without milk is like a computer without the keyboard
Joey O
Joey O 20 hours ago
You peel an orange?
xFache 20 hours ago
You peel on banana?
playgrrrr 20 hours ago
04:17 winning
1983simi 20 hours ago
1. doesnt always work but makes sense if you don't want a bunch to fall out 2. NOPE! Just NO! Milk ENHANCES the flavor of cereal! This seems to be like the kind of 'hack' that your ever dieting friend tries to convince you off when she's really trying to convince herself that it tastes better that way. Like 'Oh, whey tastes so nice and refreshing.' NO IT DOESN'T! it tastes like the dirty residue water that it is. GIMME MY MILK! Or even dry cereal as a snack, fine. But not like THIS. 3. That's how my playschool nanny used to do it too... I'm still just cutting that ish in wedges and eating it watermelon style. 4. I cannot eat my Burger any other way since I was a teen, else everything just spills everywhere. You shouldn't have given them those dry a** Burgers to try it out. Have one with proper fresh veggies and plenty of sauces, you'll see, flipping it reduces messiness maybe not completely but significantly. 5. Plain common sense.
1983simi 16 hours ago
Asena Gebregiorgis oh just the duration of the video itself. I can watch, type fast simultaneously without ever even looking at the keyboard and at the same time hold a conversation if needed. creepy skill I picked up in a job years ago.
Asena Gebregiorgis
Asena Gebregiorgis 18 hours ago
How long it take you to do this actually
1983simi 19 hours ago
+Guto Jones true true, i don't really mind though. life gobbles you up whole most of your existence. Kinda grateful for any breather phase with time for boredom and nonsense. It's a treat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Guto Jones
Guto Jones 19 hours ago
You have way too much time on your hands
Omri Parienti Wolff
7:33 look how she jumped on the burger lol
joshua mugford
joshua mugford 21 hour ago
I already ate a burger like that Like if you do to
DANICA RAKIĆ 22 hours ago
okay, but can we talk about how pretty brittany is?
DANICA RAKIĆ 22 hours ago
i wanted to try cereal with water but i wasn't brave enough
millie & pastel fluff
Nikita Heredia
Nikita Heredia 22 hours ago
Screw only eating one tic tac, I’m going to eat 5 +.......Cereal with water?....traitor!
Chimmy eating kookies
I don’t eat most of the stuff here so it’s all useless to me lmao😂😭
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 22 hours ago
Who doesn’t eat an Oreo in one bite?🤔
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 19 hours ago
But you don’t get the full flavor of you don’t eat it whole. Not to mention it’s messier that way. Even without milk.
Nova 19 hours ago
Freddy Chin Siang Her
Probably want to savor it slowly
Kiona Zand
Kiona Zand 23 hours ago
I always trade my upper bun for the lower bun, cause that way I don't have the pickles. Also the lower bun is much tastier
Kiona Zand
Kiona Zand 23 hours ago
But how could they not know this already? Those are in litterly every compilation vid
j. armyz
j. armyz 23 hours ago
9:59 Weird flex but ok...
Fluffy Lama!!
Fluffy Lama!! 23 hours ago
1. that is how i do it
Madeline Armand Taylor
I can't be the only one that actually knew about all of them except for the cereal one...right?
YoBudLucas Day ago
If you think about it, having water with cereal is the same, but just with a bland taste.
Ono I dropped my Baguette
That’s how i eat burgers anyway
Armarni Thomson
I knew about the TICTAC one
Maddie Elizabeth
The burgers they use aren’t even juicy and have tiny buns 🤷🏽‍♀️ If they used a really good juicy burger with decent sized buns then it would work
You can eat a shrimp while it's scale (or skin) is on
Kaiser Wilhelm ll
Lol Ashby’s comments and completely honest ratings about each hacks before and after trying it make me laugh because of how detailed he is. I don’t know how exactly to describe it but it just makes me laugh thinking about it
Reghard Stoltz
The burger thing I do it every time idk why but I just do it. 😂
Reghard Stoltz
+Ono I dropped my Baguette 😂🙌🏻👌🏻
Ono I dropped my Baguette
Reghard Stoltz same
Rahmoon Modhesh
Bruh I've been doing all these my entire life except for the orange
Saniyah Harris
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I’m screaming “you play Minecraft”
Toomas Adojaan
+Rahmoon Modhesh no I don't?
Rahmoon Modhesh
Toomas Adoojan plus you play Minecraft, therefore you're not relevant enough to have an opinion
Toomas Adojaan
Nobody asked
cody ward
cody ward Day ago
Who tf eats half the Oreo then the other half😾, just eat the whole thing
Star Day ago
That Orange was extremely dry
TheUranium Ninja7
If I got chosen for this I would just be happy to get free food
JustGaming Day ago
who dips their oreos in once ??? like i do it so it dissolves in my mouth
Dark The Random
Instead of drinking and eating ice cream you could put it in with each other and the ice cream will be more softer
Kufre Udoisa
Kufre Udoisa Day ago
I do everything except the orange and cereal
Dark The Random
NATHAN M. Day ago
.Ive nevr dun anythig rong inn my intire lyfe
Dark The Random
Except for spelling mistakes
8yashaki8 martinez
I eat koolaid with cereal
Melanie Aguilar
Dark The Random
Dark The Random 14 hours ago
Melanie Aguilar
Melanie Aguilar 14 hours ago
Dark The Random ik, but still
Dark The Random
This was just for entertainment
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