73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

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Kim Kardashian West invites Vogue into her sprawling home in Hidden Hills, California, and answers 73 intriguing questions. While surrounded by her husband, Kanye West, and their three children (Saint, North and Chicago), Kim talks about motherhood, studying law, and their upcoming addition to the family.
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73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue
Directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Taylor Angino


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Apr 11, 2019




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Comments 56 710
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Kevwe Tony
Kevwe Tony 2 hours ago
Kim is almost 40. She looks extremely good. Black don’t crack
Dolans Stan
Dolans Stan 2 hours ago
Interviewer: what’s your favourite animal? Kanye: Kanye West
Mitch Eunice
Mitch Eunice 2 hours ago
uhhhh 😩
Anon 2 hours ago
Ahhh the flashing lights beat in the intro tho
Adetunji Kharmey
Adetunji Kharmey 3 hours ago
Kim is so pretty!
BTS LOVER 3 hours ago
She's so pretty🔥
sailor 𝓢
sailor 𝓢 3 hours ago
Please keep up the Kanye responses. 😂😂😂
D 3 hours ago
do 73 questions with jeffree star pleaseeeeeee
H. M.
H. M. 3 hours ago
The baby looks like she is trying to escape.😀
magda ramirez
magda ramirez 4 hours ago
This is the most natural 73 questions because the kids are doing their own thing interrupting and it’s all so casual and she is not walking all over the place like everything is perfect hahahaha
L H 4 hours ago
Kim is a PORNSTAR.
Justin Uppal
Justin Uppal 4 hours ago
8.35 popcorn
Slim Jōōs
Slim Jōōs 4 hours ago
What does she mean by “major stock”?
ΜΑΡ ΚΩΝ 4 hours ago
In the background how cute is Kanye with the baby 😙😙
Ellie Sam
Ellie Sam 4 hours ago
Bahahahah yeahhh she will be remembered for her many talents
Adelle Yan
Adelle Yan 4 hours ago
sweet, kind, and smart..
Roni Elali
Roni Elali 5 hours ago
Awww her kids are adorable
TJ Ace
TJ Ace 5 hours ago
Kanye acts like a house slave
George Medina
George Medina 5 hours ago
Interviewer: Kanye:
Da$hLife 5 hours ago
The house is nice asf. But if I was a kid I'll be bored asf.
Sashimi 5 hours ago
I just watched Kanye's reply to being a dad and scrolled down the comments and cried. x'D Everyone's so shady!
Bee Silva
Bee Silva 5 hours ago
Kanye to Kim: “you’ve given me advice but I don’t take it” 😂😂 lmao, he’s like Kim’s teen son rebelling
Dee C
Dee C 5 hours ago
LOOOVVEEEEEEE HER HOUSE , stop hating y’all wish y’all had her house .
Jackie Juarez
Jackie Juarez 5 hours ago
M Magnificent
M Magnificent 5 hours ago
M Magnificent
M Magnificent 5 hours ago
To the whole thing
Mia Guagliano
Mia Guagliano 5 hours ago
i like that this one is less scripted unlike the other ones with the kids at least
SMOKY 187NK 6 hours ago
This was clearly planned lol
Naomi Lluida
Naomi Lluida 6 hours ago
I literally don’t care about anything she looks too good in this video, I just hope that she’s as sweet and kind as she seems and says
Wesley Whata
Wesley Whata 6 hours ago
fivid.net/video/video-sw445xzj-mM.html 👈👈hahahah check out
bri 6 hours ago
is this cgi
artsy ash
artsy ash 6 hours ago
the two of them truly create beautiful children
lym 6 hours ago
Traslate it to spanish pleaseeee
tom sanchez
tom sanchez 6 hours ago
Flora Ackley
Flora Ackley 6 hours ago
When the kids hand was in Kanye’s mouth I’m-
SmolSquishyTaeil 6 hours ago
The intro was kinda funny and im not even a fan 😂
Caelan Bowen
Caelan Bowen 7 hours ago
Oouu that FaceTime call took 0.74653 secs. Wish my cell service was that good
I like Kevin garnett
Caelan Bowen It was prerecorded
Dèmi The Artist
Dèmi The Artist 7 hours ago
Their kids are gorgeous 😍
Joel Girard
Joel Girard 7 hours ago
What's the best part about being kanye. being kanye
Mahalia Williams
Mahalia Williams 7 hours ago
This is so cringe.
JT Freshman
JT Freshman 7 hours ago
I have a better phone than kim k that’s insane
MusicNestu 7 hours ago
molly thompson
molly thompson 7 hours ago
Kim and Kanye are MARRIED but it seems like they don’t even know each other in this interview
Keeny 8 hours ago
Let's get real. Kim looks absolutely stunning. Kanye 2024.
Mario Sauceda
Mario Sauceda 8 hours ago
would anyone be able to tell me what kind of chain and pendant kanye was wearimg?
APPLETONS 8 hours ago
So fake it makes me sick.
Cristian Zapata
Cristian Zapata 8 hours ago
Poor Kanye
Angelica M.
Angelica M. 8 hours ago
I don't get it...such a long wait to get moved into this huge house and it's EMPTY!! Why?👽 Btw...she says she WISHES no one would focus on her butt yet SHE GOT IT FOR ATTENTION!!!!! 😲😅🙈
Cormick E
Cormick E 8 hours ago
So fake
Natalie Glass
Natalie Glass 8 hours ago
Most BORING 73 questions episode!!!!!
Chris T Tuia
Chris T Tuia 8 hours ago
They say Kim K is talentless and irrelevant yet her 73 questions with Vogue has hit 26M views and everybody elses hasnt even scratched 10M... the haters need to shut the F up!
Sai 8 hours ago
Interviewer: Do you mind if I look around? Kim: Yeah, of course! 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
madison brungardt
madison brungardt 9 hours ago
are we gonna ignore the planned video for kris
Dr Pill
Dr Pill 9 hours ago
Whole thing feels scripted, send them all to the ranch.
Gina Melena
Gina Melena 9 hours ago
Gur 12
Gur 12 9 hours ago
Brook Hellemons
Brook Hellemons 9 hours ago
Janine Bloem
Janine Bloem 9 hours ago
Wtf She cant handle the kids only her hair
thenameisSkye 9 hours ago
lol i keep looking at kanye plays with his kid
chelle patino
chelle patino 9 hours ago
Her butt is so fake
Talaziah Major
Talaziah Major 9 hours ago
Chi is soo cute 😍😍 and that background music .! 🤤
chelle patino
chelle patino 9 hours ago
That would suck to live in that house as a kid
Roza Nucullaj
Roza Nucullaj 9 hours ago
interviewer: what’s the best part of being married? kanye: my wife
Elizabeth Nascimento
Adorei demais muito mesmo! Haha. Bjos
StopThatSquirrel 9 hours ago
Ok so since north seems to be a budding science nerd can we plz plz plzzz push her into STEM!!!
Donovan Evans
Donovan Evans 9 hours ago
“How do you ignore the press?” “You honestly just have to really ignore it.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Trio
The Trio 9 hours ago
watch our new video! blazing wing challenge. (New channel)
Peavey Santos
Peavey Santos 9 hours ago
7:06 I focus on your hair styles all the time hahaha
1scarbajal 9 hours ago
Geez cant believe she didn't give him a pair of yeez
Alexandra Poulos
Alexandra Poulos 9 hours ago
I love all episodes of 73 Questions but good Lord this was boring.
Kristin A
Kristin A 9 hours ago
I don’t think they actually live in that house. They probably have a secret house somewhere miles away with all their stuff and that this house is only for show and for their videos.
Monica Jenkins
Monica Jenkins 10 hours ago
Why she wouldn't give him a pair of shoes
Erika Davila
Erika Davila 10 hours ago
I love how she incorporated her family
PJ Dexter
PJ Dexter 10 hours ago
You know those kids will grow up to be the biggest assholes known to man kind.
Kris Kris
Kris Kris 10 hours ago
Seriously😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬 BAF.....
FlashBack Mary
FlashBack Mary 10 hours ago
That house is so boring
Evelyn Porter
Evelyn Porter 10 hours ago
1:50 Kanye smiled omgoodness
Alan Barrales
Alan Barrales 10 hours ago
I don’t like this 73 questions interview 🤷🏻‍♂️
gg L
gg L 10 hours ago
comments out here are hillarious😂🙌
Sir SwayZee
Sir SwayZee 10 hours ago
She's cole
SOY'S EATING SHOW 10 hours ago
how did i just now see this?
Antonia O
Antonia O 11 hours ago
Sarah's Sunday Soul
Sarah's Sunday Soul 11 hours ago
I'm having a sleepless night and stumbled across this video. After watching up to question 5, I'm thankfully feeling ready for a solid 8 hours 👍🏼🙏🏼
pink gypsy tees 1007
Alondra juarez
Alondra juarez 11 hours ago
yall know she was 5'3
Kween Tiia MelanatedGoddess
Im lowkey frenzies with Kim...she's a 112 fan
Mert Can Erkuş
Mert Can Erkuş 11 hours ago
10:46 that’s a video not FaceTime! 😂😂😂
Mason Alt
Mason Alt 11 hours ago
She can smell when someone has a cavity like wtf
Caroline Payne
Caroline Payne 11 hours ago
Kanye is an npc
Video Engraçado
Video Engraçado 11 hours ago
Paris created Kim
{cookiemonster} Stu:Dio
we need a full interview of kanye
Simoné Aggullis
Simoné Aggullis 11 hours ago
Walking backwards had me , major cringe!!!!
Sonia 12 hours ago
i want to know if there’s a room where the kids color all over the walls cause everything is so white
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Sonia 12 hours ago
lmaooooo kanye was like “why sprite”
stella crisa
stella crisa 12 hours ago
can you please do harry styles
Hi_Ako_Si 12 hours ago
*and im kanye west*
Sara Caspian
Sara Caspian 12 hours ago
"She gives me advice but I don't listen"...That summerizes the dynamic of their relationship.
Kimberly Person
Kimberly Person 12 hours ago
The sunken place
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 12 hours ago
1:42 😂
Frisbee Doge
Frisbee Doge 12 hours ago
"We keep it ALL real" *fakes a facetime call*
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