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There are certain people you do not want to mess with - they are incredibly strong, cool and look intimidating enough to scare any bully away.
Such people are usually admired - from a distance. Today, we’ll tell you about people you definitely don’t want to upset. Ready for a daily dose of tough guys?

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Mar 9, 2019




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Comments 9 494
roro2k 5 minutes ago
All these people should get together and form a superhero team.
Nuclear Breeze
Nuclear Breeze 10 minutes ago
10:28 definition of a school shooter
ByAnn 11 minutes ago
Where's Putin? Would you mess with him? :)
Nuclear Breeze
Nuclear Breeze 12 minutes ago
These people can’t Dodge bullets
Aems Slwg
Aems Slwg 13 minutes ago
One gun will beat them all at once
RealGamez 23 minutes ago
My glock does
jordan smith
jordan smith 42 minutes ago
2:57 "mry crismus"
Jose Genao
Jose Genao 45 minutes ago
He's fighting a dummy n the air!!!
George Shamakhia
George Shamakhia 48 minutes ago
it's a pity that all this guys will be a history with just a bullet or two... :(((((((((
Quality Russian vodka
Quality Russian vodka 53 minutes ago
11 people not to mess with 1# any drunk Russian
Vicarious Johnson
I would defeat them all. I am very skilled in the art of Nein Millie Meeter
Gathka Master
Gathka Master Hour ago
You never brought up sikh nihangs
Mojeer Yunis
Mojeer Yunis Hour ago
I'm number 10 !!??
Yazin Nour
Yazin Nour Hour ago
Bullet in the head will send whoever to the other side ;)
Mona Black
Mona Black Hour ago
more ads would be nice -.-
One who knows revenge
Tough?-Nothing a bullet won't cure.
꧁Mike Sully꧂
I don't want to mess with Those who have the economic power, They are the ones with the real power. The ones who can't be criticized.
MentalGeller 2 hours ago
Where is The Mountain (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson)?
supersumberguy 2 hours ago
0:59 Yo He be mirror’s edging that shiz
Mosi :DaDa
Mosi :DaDa 2 hours ago
Heh... Kazuma kiriyu and Jin Kazama and Trevor Phillips will smoke them
Mr Bison
Mr Bison 2 hours ago
Shoot them! Easy!!
Robert Phipps
Robert Phipps 3 hours ago
The first clip That dudes a bad ass
Kings of the ring boxing channel
Id kick that granny's ass 😂😂😂. Sorry 😂😂
siddhartha dey
siddhartha dey 4 hours ago
My question is simple could they stand against real life street fights !!!
eugene gutierrez
eugene gutierrez 5 hours ago
If that Chinese guy was a Mexicans. He would’ve deported right away. Lol
JayJay Bender
JayJay Bender 5 hours ago
The 1st guy Giga Uguru should have his own movie where he punches and beats up a whole gang of bullies with his superfast acrobatic moves! And the haters can go fk themselves.
square ring
square ring 5 hours ago
8:10 tha'ts gerry scotti uncultured folks
Dremora 5 hours ago
9:25 Archery Skill Increased 100
Dinko Cejvanovic
Dinko Cejvanovic 5 hours ago
My respect goes to 1. guy
Rafi Rahman
Rafi Rahman 5 hours ago
Girls are on the list is quite funny to me I will love to mess with their pussy!
Ferry Animations
Ferry Animations 6 hours ago
I wonder who would win if they all fight each other
fly dragon fly
fly dragon fly 6 hours ago
trees don't hit back.
jemflakes lalaguna
jemflakes lalaguna 6 hours ago
Try some people here in the Philippines.
Oytun Bey
Oytun Bey 6 hours ago
Khabib numagimerov would SMESH them all
VOLLINA ADKINS 6 hours ago
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Unique Delight
Unique Delight 6 hours ago
Haters should know the first guy is just jumping for show, but he is proficient at several martial arts since a very young age, is extremely fit, flexible, and can do all that fighting without any show.
Unique Delight
Unique Delight 7 hours ago
That first guy is a superhero.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 7 hours ago
giga oguru is just a real life mortal kombat character nothing to see here
Tobbepro16 7 hours ago
Why isnt The Rock on this list?
Houweird ZFLBSN Winklemann
That guy was not a German, he was a Turk. Germans are a diaspora now, while others got multiple new countries for themselves. Hmmmmmm?
Imran Auvy
Imran Auvy 8 hours ago
indians martial art lol
Liam Svensson
Liam Svensson 8 hours ago
nothing a gun will not fix
Jesus ged Mary and Joseph
Why are there bitches on this there’s not one woman in the world I couldn’t take. Back to the kitchen motherfuckers
Tim W
Tim W 9 hours ago
Wo ist da kevin von den hardgeinern
1978mackdaddy 9 hours ago
Any of them in ufc would last 29 seconds then get chocked out.
Kalel Kent
Kalel Kent 9 hours ago
The archer guy was the only real deal. Thumbs down all day long for misleading thumbnails and too many adds.
Alex K
Alex K 10 hours ago
Good old AK 47 will resolve that kicking and punching noncens...
Gavin Beazley
Gavin Beazley 10 hours ago
These people are amazing.
Tony Romano
Tony Romano 10 hours ago
OMG badass chicks!
Tony Romano
Tony Romano 10 hours ago
The young shooter is just adorable!
Khuong Vo
Khuong Vo 11 hours ago
They need to make a these people new characters in mortal kombat
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata 11 hours ago
So... the guy who calls himself a ninja... *zero* ninjitsu training? Hrmmm!
Mlada Bitanga
Mlada Bitanga 12 hours ago
*Comes up to the first guy*: What's up my ninja?
Beany 57
Beany 57 12 hours ago
You can do all this twisting turning and punching but until you come back from a serious beating... You’ll never be a true tough guy.. You just look good on TVs... That’s why none of them are none fighters..
Alx Hades
Alx Hades 12 hours ago
That is the most retarted list I have thus far witnessed.
B0NEZ D0GG 12 hours ago
Put any of them in a cage with Jon Jones and they getting their heads ripped off !
fallenjuggalo 12 hours ago
Still won't stop a truck heading towards them at 50mph!
Govindarajulu Nalamati
William Topping
William Topping 14 hours ago
Daniella can pull my trigger and have me shoot anytime she wants.
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 15 hours ago
Giga dude needs a medal.
Punia G
Punia G 16 hours ago
Why U don't mention Kim jong UN😂😂 Are u afraid to do that.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 16 hours ago
*Oh no I have a opponent!, Let me just bring out my Sword and shield.*
koo jaba
koo jaba 16 hours ago
PEOPLE YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH -> Your own mother. proved me wrong, Pro tip: You can't.
Qin Shihuang
Qin Shihuang 16 hours ago
Make all these people fight each other. then we will find the champion.
Ajak Daw
Ajak Daw 16 hours ago
0:56 pushups
Serge Aleks
Serge Aleks 17 hours ago
TKD guy with exception of acrobatics does pretty typical TKD kicks mpst difficult of which are usually for show and are never used in sports. I used to be able to do most of those difficult ones (but not saltos coz not an acrobat) and I am pretty average TKD fighter, just hardworking for years. Which of course does not mean he is not very good. Just saying.
TRIPPLE 656 19 hours ago
fivid.net/video/video-qqPkqWBr-r8.html lil peep made this song????
Habib_The _Panda
Habib_The _Panda 19 hours ago
This is trash, it should be a list of incredible athlete’s and that’s it full stop
dacs67 20 hours ago
Training dummy no hit back
Andras Olivier
Andras Olivier 20 hours ago
Actually, those people u WANT to mess with.
j&r everything outdoors az
New here
Corswain 22 hours ago
That first guy would have his ass handed to him by a guy ranked 50th in the UFC, ridiculous and totally impractical.
Vince 22 hours ago
Why does the thumbnail looks like GTA V vs COD?
Ivan Aganin
Ivan Aganin 22 hours ago
Damm man, just take any 10 pro mma fighters and call a video "10 badass guys who u wont mess with"
Diffrents games with BillyBob
S.O. Janneh
S.O. Janneh 23 hours ago
Who else wants to see Giga Uguru vs Kick Gun. That would be some fight. Who do you think would win?
oliver faurschou
oliver faurschou 23 hours ago
fivid.net/video/video-BEG-ly9tQGk.html -if you need a archer for the list forget Lukas..
Wayne CADDELL 23 hours ago
Don't mess with people in the morning unless they've had there coffee first, lol
dg gamming
dg gamming 23 hours ago
The first one is the real black panther
Morten Vangslev
Morten Vangslev 23 hours ago
Great, I think you have overseen this one though: fivid.net/video/video-BEG-ly9tQGk.html
multipreach 23 hours ago
I taught all of these guys everything they know.
hellhound one
Any of these people actually been in a fight? Or just make internet videos doing backflips. Lol
franzgamer1 franzgamer1
1:17 Minecraft in Real Life
Matrix Adjustment 3
This is why I carry a firearm. No One can dodge bullets.
Wiktor Wysocki
Thats how i fight in my dreams
Volker H
Volker H Day ago
the shaolin got a good music taste, RZA poster standing at the wall
zakaria600 Day ago
LMFAO How about don't mess with a person who own guns and not afraid to use them, Me.
Freddy Mercury at 4:05, far left
Jabuznik Day ago
That body builder would get destroyed by any pre lim UFC welterweight
skrt Day ago
Have you seen Lars Andersen
Beetle Bayley
I won't mess with any of them....I'll just shoot them!
Beetle Bayley
8:30 This is beyond stupid...give him a few years...
Lv2flair Day ago
All theses folks would get owned in MMA Fantasy from reality, know the difference. The black dude flipping would get his ass beat just like Sage
hejhej1223 Day ago
your blive and Music is scary
But when you aim on them with a assault rifle they will drop dead or run away like pussies. See, those tough guys are nothing.
steve gale
steve gale Day ago
So you think having an assult rifle makes you tough? LMFAO, in Korea i gutted your type. You shit yourselves under stress.
Roflbot FPV
Roflbot FPV Day ago
6 ads in an 11 minute video? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Terry Patterson
Yeah but hey can't match a 45 caliber and I would be will to bet very good money on it
Familie Luijcx
Where is Rico Verhoeven #nl
Datz Gaming
Datz Gaming Day ago
Show the replay and you can clearly see he hit the ice with his shoulder. 8:29
William Clayton
The first guy should be in movies playing a super hero or something. Probably wouldn't even need a stunt man and already knows more than the trainers.
lil‘ Vader
lil‘ Vader Day ago
Whats with this one Chinese guy who can punch so hard from close distance so you basically take off
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