A Tour Of My Plants

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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - fivid.net/show-UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - fivid.net/show-UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - fivid.net/u-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - fivid.net/show-UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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Mar 14, 2019




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Comments 54 642
Christina 31 minute ago
And now I’m going to Lowe’s.
Ms. Olivia Rachel
Ms. Olivia Rachel 52 minutes ago
I love this Jenna!!
sadisticdarkjello 54 minutes ago
I low key loved this video 😂 I have a cursed black thumb, and right now I have 3 plants who have lived a month now under my care. lol pray for them. My mom is good with plants, your dining room looks like my mom's entire house, and she has a 'Roberto' rubber plant. That was passed down to her from her mom. It's huge! Also older than me being 50 years old.
Katie R.
Katie R. 55 minutes ago
getchu a man who’ll videotape you do a plant tour
Mary B
Mary B Hour ago
This was very soothing to listening to while drawing :) my mum planted morning glories last year in the spring and they bloomed beautifully - maybe you should give them a go!
lil Hour ago
kenti should b named fenti
Ashly Vargas
Ashly Vargas Hour ago
Nobody: Jenna:so ThiS oNE I caN SaY iS ALso My my FAVORITE HOUSE PLANT
Shrekariffic Penguino
I think Jenna is yet to realise we would watch an hour long video if her just saying ”water” and find it entertaining 😂
Cassie Holzheimer
This was so chill and great. Regular plant updates puhleez x
Obsidian Shadow
I need more plant videos. I want updates on your green children!
Moonlight Beauty
JENNA, TRY MY LUNARLY. And you can do a review video!!! I think you'll really enjoy it, it's a subscription service (or you can do a one time box) that sends you a new plant every month, and also crystals, teas, perfumes, etc.
Erin Kinney
Erin Kinney Hour ago
If you don’t want your plant leaning rotate it every day
Derek Lucas Vlogs
lol I love ur personality ur gonna blow up one day
Bunny Tunes
Bunny Tunes Hour ago
Who else wants a plant now, be honest
Kelly Harrison
Kelly Harrison 2 hours ago
I’ve watched this three times... that means I’ve watch Jenna talking about plants for an hour and a half... and I plan to watch it many more times
Chloe Adrienne de los Santos
Rotate the Ceramic Hoya
Kieron Aladdin
Kieron Aladdin 2 hours ago
woa your plant Knowledge is…. wut gurl? I have no clue what ur Talking About! North side, south side? window? light? WUT?
sydney merryman
sydney merryman 2 hours ago
wait I just realized that shirt is the one that julien got her in the 'boyfriend buys my outfits' video for their step-grandparent's barbecue
Fayssal Amin
Fayssal Amin 2 hours ago
Kenzee 2 hours ago
while the rest of the world is losing plants and oxygen jenna’s got her own oxygen in her house and will one day be the only one with enough oxygen.
Amber Azure
Amber Azure 2 hours ago
I absolutely loved this whole video,my mom and my grandma love plants and flowers so much so I grew up learning about them, I know a little more about flowers than plants, but I would love to have and learn about more house plants
BaeBeeGirl 3 hours ago
fivid.net/video/video-SGj23dqu-Uc.html 17:16-17:25 DYE HER HAIR!!!!
Dawn 3 hours ago
jenna i bought a polka dot plant because u inspire me and she is doing really well ❤️
mia 3 hours ago
Beth Fitzgerald
Beth Fitzgerald 3 hours ago
I name my plants too. :) I have a Chinese evergreen inside and his name is Frank. He just got re-potted last night because his roots had taken over. And I hope you don't mind the 33 year old ladyyyyy stopping by. ❤️
MrGriff305 3 hours ago
I think she pretends to be much younger.
Phoebe Pillon
Phoebe Pillon 3 hours ago
2019 is the year they get pregnant
thedaystarsfall 4 hours ago
Premium Content Alert
Janelle Rae
Janelle Rae 4 hours ago
*natalie tran has left the chat*
Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham 4 hours ago
Do a garden with fruits and veggies
Savage Yoongi
Savage Yoongi 4 hours ago
I have a rubber plant! ... it took over my ceiling and is now over 12 ft tall
Jordan Sedgwick
Jordan Sedgwick 4 hours ago
*Phil Lester has entered the chat*
Alexis 4everhere
Alexis 4everhere 5 hours ago
Come on Jenna missed opportunity. can I get a HOYYYYYYAAAAAA!!! or oh HOYAAAA!!
Anyry Irina
Anyry Irina 5 hours ago
Jenna... You are such a lovely human being..😍
Faith Crank
Faith Crank 6 hours ago
Ari B
Ari B 6 hours ago
This is the most beautiful, wholesome video on the internet. I love it ♥️
David Nunez
David Nunez 6 hours ago
I know that fishies might be out of the question (even though I have a couple cute goldfish you could take off my hands and embrace, nurture, and spoon-feed /handfeed them) you should totally try aquatic plants! Putting an Anubis Barteri in a little bowl with some small stones (without covering the rhizome of the plant) and enough water to submerge the entirety of the plant! I am sure you will also enjoy the beautiful flowers it blooms from out of the water! If you ever get the chance, 10/10 would recommend. ❤️
Dana *
Dana * 6 hours ago
2:25 the dog's face though 🤣🤣🤣
Belle Bergeron
Belle Bergeron 7 hours ago
Jenna has a whole botanical garden goin on rn 😂
itsj0sue 8 hours ago
Looks like your house has a lot of light idk how your pothos died... mine are in dark places and thriving :0
Tabatha Taylor
Tabatha Taylor 9 hours ago
Love your plant's chic!
Soumen Panda
Soumen Panda 9 hours ago
Are you Eve??? I saw you years back and then FIvid recommendations made us meet again
messylexi 99
messylexi 99 10 hours ago
Jenna being a mom for 29 minutes
Becky Peña
Becky Peña 10 hours ago
All of a sudden i want house plants
jaclyn camacho
jaclyn camacho 10 hours ago
Yaaay plants
Yeontan's SugaDaddy
Yeontan's SugaDaddy 10 hours ago
I wish my house looked like that, but I have three dumb ass cats that chew on everything.
Ditti B
Ditti B 11 hours ago
Jenna is the Steve Irwin of plants.
Kim Kennell
Kim Kennell 11 hours ago
Jenna Check This Review About Your Plant Tour From Pro Planter!! You will be very happy about your planting knowledge and skills :) fivid.net/video/video-x4NNMD_a8SI.html
2:40 Kermit's face
Beth 13 hours ago
Giiiiiiirl you weren’t playing with that plant knowledge 👌🏻
Rachael Susan
Rachael Susan 13 hours ago
This may be my fav video you’ve ever made, and I’ve been a fan since you began. Thanks for this purity.
tate135780 14 hours ago
I went out and bought 5 new plants because of this video.
V.K.H.D 14 hours ago
phil lester is quaking
Rachel Bedson
Rachel Bedson 14 hours ago
I've been waiting to have enough time to sit down and watch this video... AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! This video was beautiful and I absolutely love seeing this side of you Jenna! Seeing how passionate you are about this definitely makes me appreciate the natural world even more and ensures me I am studying the right degree at uni (environmental science) AMAZING!! edit: I want my house to look like this with the amount of plants!! My own mini jungle- who wouldn't want that!?!?!?!
Taiya B
Taiya B 15 hours ago
Jenna please do your make up upside down on your face please
Gummi-Bear Nikole
Gummi-Bear Nikole 16 hours ago
true life: im addicted to house plants
Mary Minnie
Mary Minnie 16 hours ago
She is vegan. She even brings here rain forest plats into the shower wither her so they feel more at home. This 32 yr old lady is on a level on enlightenment.
Julie C
Julie C 16 hours ago
As a 32-year-old lady who just got into plants (and propagating) in the last couple of years, I can honestly say THIS SPEAKS TO MY SOUL 😂😂 LOVE it. AND I recently moved from a super humid climate to very dry, so those are real/valid points/probs.
Kat Yslas
Kat Yslas 16 hours ago
This is the most soothing thing on the internet
doodle poodle
doodle poodle 16 hours ago
Your plants are GOALS
Emma Michelle
Emma Michelle 17 hours ago
I bet the oxygen in their house is CRISP
DJ Bongato
DJ Bongato 17 hours ago
tbh i'm here for kermit
Exotics WithNature
Exotics WithNature 17 hours ago
Send me some pepperomias 😍
Exotics WithNature
Exotics WithNature 17 hours ago
Get a pilea
Exotics WithNature
Exotics WithNature 17 hours ago
Send me a cutting of a hoya or any of your plants😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Guera B
Guera B 18 hours ago
We gon tell her that you can propagate joya clippings in water?
Clarke Sylvester
Clarke Sylvester 18 hours ago
It's spring... Looking forward to the flower edition!
Lexie Anne Cole
Lexie Anne Cole 18 hours ago
i need at least one plant update a month
Lexie Anne Cole
Lexie Anne Cole 18 hours ago
jenna is the bob ross of house plants
ll ll
ll ll 18 hours ago
That whale fin tho 😍
Bethany Stallings
Bethany Stallings 18 hours ago
Marry her Julien
Bethany Stallings
Bethany Stallings 18 hours ago
If you don’t I will
Emily Call
Emily Call 18 hours ago
I bought 3 new plants after watching this
Thomas McLeod
Thomas McLeod 18 hours ago
Ok ok, no ring yet
Thomas McLeod
Thomas McLeod 18 hours ago
Who is she again?
Jacob Romanetz
Jacob Romanetz 18 hours ago
As a fellow plant fanatic, this is the content I am here for 😍😂🌱
elmer's glue
elmer's glue 18 hours ago
your dog is dumb and i like him a lot
Adventures of Snow
Adventures of Snow 18 hours ago
Wow, I love your plants! This was pretty freakin awesome to see!
Skye Mulrooney
Skye Mulrooney 19 hours ago
I didn’t know I needed this from Jenna until I saw it
Shallen Lenhart
Shallen Lenhart 19 hours ago
one of the best jenna vids imo
Rap5odic Wolf
Rap5odic Wolf 19 hours ago
You should make more plant videos, Jenna! This is such a good video topic and it genuinely makes me happy to see you so excited!
EH minem
EH minem 19 hours ago
this is the cutest fucking thing i have ever seen😂😂
Jennifer Duceour
Jennifer Duceour 20 hours ago
True story, I didn't know I'd enjoy this but your passion for your babies is great. Maybe I'll get a cactus. ❤
haley7771 20 hours ago
I went to a local nursery with my boyfriend today after watching this video and the second I walked in, it was a completely different vibe. It was easy to breathe, it was so peaceful in there, and it genuinely made me happy! I bought a snake plant and a rubber plant. I'm so excited to see how this goes! Thank you for the inspiration!
Tory Meltzer-Quick
Tory Meltzer-Quick 20 hours ago
OH MY GOD RATTT!!!!!! 15:01
Kyle Walt
Kyle Walt 20 hours ago
im not usually very interested in plants but this was so remarkably soothing thank u jenna
lexi w.
lexi w. 20 hours ago
i have watched this video 4 times now and it has only fed my growing plant addiction 😂 i went out and bought 3 more plants after watching this and shocked my mom with all the facts i learned fom jenna. need more plant tours!!
savonna schrecongost
I watch this video when I have trouble sleeping
Sammi Beal
Sammi Beal 21 hour ago
Can I just say, I watched this as a joke, but yeah, Jenna! This makes a lot of fucking sense..... I don't plant shit on the regular... but thanks for the tips, BRUH!
JaRedBull 21 hour ago
I read this as "A Tour of My Pants" and I got excited. Plants work too.
alysia r
alysia r 21 hour ago
i bet the air in their house hits d i f f e r e n t
Casi Pennington
Casi Pennington 21 hour ago
Quality content.
SFX Lynda
SFX Lynda 21 hour ago
Just got like 10 plants because of this video
Rebecca Castellon
Rebecca Castellon 21 hour ago
MsLilly200 21 hour ago
3:08 I have a plant that blooms like the top right and bottom left corner pictures. It's actually kinda annoying cause it blooms like 1-2 times a year and the flowers leak. Also it's a climber and grown completely out of control and is slowly trying to take over my room.
Brachomakeupglow Brachoglow
hello how are you going through a very difficult moment at this time I write to ask your help 2 weeks ago my grandmother died and a week ago my boy decided to give a break to our relationship after 9 months that made me fall into depression I thought in suicide but I love him very much and I want to do everything I can so that we have a new opportunity. My boy is a super fan of you and he always sees your videos he follows you in all your social networks I only ask you something super small maybe you can help me help please thank you please ask them guys if they can help me so that she can see this message they can move it maybe she can see them I ask her of heart thank you
Baby Doll
Baby Doll 21 hour ago
Welcome to the plant community!There's no escape once your truly involved.
Gummi_ Narwhal_29
Gummi_ Narwhal_29 21 hour ago
What you can take from this video: *plants are people too*
Wittyskitty 22 hours ago
Here’s a game: put your age, gender, and favorite plant in the replies!
Wittyskitty 22 hours ago
I’ll go first: I’m 15, a genderqueer trans man, and my favorite plant is the bluebonnet!
Moonlight Beauty
Moonlight Beauty 22 hours ago
The video I didn't know I needed.
Idontwannabesocial Yay
The energy from zz plants can increase the risks of cancer 🤷‍♀️
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