As Seen On TV TOOLS Tested! (TAC Tool, Pocket Chainsaw, MagnoGrip)

Household Hacker
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Do these "As Seen On TV" Tools belong in your Toolbox or the Trash?
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We put the mighty TAC TOOL (Swiss Army Knife Hammer), Pocket Chainsaw (a chainsaw you keep in your pocket), InstaHang (A picture mounting device) and MagnoGrip (Magnetic Wrist band) through our testing process and the results were interesting! Do you see yourself using these tools or are they better off left on the shelf?
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Mar 24, 2019




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Comments 1 080
Rainbow Ram
Rainbow Ram 9 hours ago
0:32 leaked studio footage of the instahang recording session
Texas Turner
Texas Turner 17 hours ago
Wtf is a grapple ?
Bjoerninger Day ago
how exactly do you define if a bloody nail is in level? it's... a single point ffs, what is it leveled to?
Seth Begley
Seth Begley Day ago
Why TF does the tactool look like a Kaiju??
With the orange and the saw it actually doesn't look half bad when he cut it.
Pick it... pack it.. fire it up and come along... take a hit from the bong! He quoted cypress hill
Rapido Day ago
4:47 was that a pathfinder refrence?
Noustaja Day ago
imagine the pocket chainsaw around a neck... holy fuck that is scary
Hansel And Gretel
"And give it a good smack" ;)
Erick Cruz
Erick Cruz 2 days ago
0:19 click the *wink*
Citr1cc 3 days ago
who else just watches the video but never do any of the things
zato71 4 days ago
Pocket chainsaw would be great for serial killers
Mario Kemur
Mario Kemur 4 days ago
before buy :: alright bubble level after buy :: i'm stupid marketing
Eoin Doyle
Eoin Doyle 4 days ago
The magnet grip also allows you to cling to any metal ceilings, giving you options to maneuver in unexpected ways when fighting crime
pokemon2002208 5 days ago
The tree is so healthy. Why should you cut it down?
Shannon 5 days ago
I subscribe because I'm in love with Dylan Harts sexy hands I love his thick fingers! Go Dylan!
PUBG Gaming
PUBG Gaming 6 days ago
How can a nail not be alligned right?
Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews 6 days ago
5:13 That's not a wrench they are pliers. Wrenches don't usually have pivoting jaws. You always say something Incorrect and I wonder if its just intentional?
nickdubious 3 days ago
A wrench is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects-usually rotary fasteners, such as nuts and bolts-or keep them from turning.
Carson 7 days ago
When you get rejected 0:28
Tiddler -
Tiddler - 7 days ago
My dad got one of those magnet wrist bands cos he drop screws everywhere. The amount of times I've almost stood on a screw
Awesome Galore
Awesome Galore 7 days ago
It’s cool. All I have to do is say Trump likes Kim Jon Un and I’ll get like, 40 likes! ( it’s the picture of the thumb) 👇
Gαchα Glσríα
I don't know why but it sounds like an Amazon review.
SeanPlaysGames 8 days ago
Well the rust band it would hold nails if you get seagera
Error 8 days ago
There is no such thing as being "level" for a single 2D coordinate element. You would need two elements to create a level surface between them. There cannot be such a thing as a single peg that is "level."
Error 2 days ago
+nickdubious I looked closely, I still don't see it. Whatever you're mounting or hanging onto the peg would still need to be leveled afterward.
nickdubious 3 days ago
pay attention to the slanted bottom of the peg.
yurte 8 days ago
How did the Moose or AHL not sue that pocket saw for stealing their logo?
Angelo Valero
Angelo Valero 8 days ago
Can you go back to life hacks please
FACE THE JAYSE 9 days ago
3:55 how to assassinate watermelon
adam alexander
adam alexander 9 days ago
This channel gives me war flashbacks
Trinity Bess
Trinity Bess 9 days ago
Rapid-fire thumb-tacking action lol of course
Sean MacDonald
Sean MacDonald 9 days ago
Man now I wana see what the chainsaw can do to a ballistic dummy
I can hang myself in seconds
gaming fire
gaming fire 10 days ago
Trese a tv product its cald wow cup
Nathan Lindstrom
Nathan Lindstrom 11 days ago
Thats the Manitoba moose logo, idk how they get that image on their packaging legally
Jocelyn Leclerc
Jocelyn Leclerc 12 days ago
I’d be more than happy watching extensions of previous concepts (MORE as seen on TV tools/cleaning/etc.)
Random Lego Colour Gun
Lol didnyou just stretch the video to 10 minutes?
EvilPandaButt 13 days ago
The pocket chain saw logo is literally the logo of my local AHL team named the manitoba moose
Yuv.S Estd.98
Yuv.S Estd.98 13 days ago
Man...i can't stop laughing! good job... especially when you said you'll get a cleanly cut up watermelon! Don't you crack up when you say things like that!😂😂
Sounds like he said pegs captinhooks 0:48
Zero Envious
Zero Envious 13 days ago
Did anyone else notice the pathfinder quote
MaziReich Mapper
MaziReich Mapper 13 days ago
*When I saw the Pocket Chainsaw* GUESS I SAVED MONEY ON THE GARROTE WIRE!
zkitzor 14 days ago
over 2 minutes extended time just because 10minute limit, The video ended at 8:06
larrymbs 14 days ago
Knucklehead needs to put the magnet strap on his other wrist!
ShowSum Respect
ShowSum Respect 14 days ago
As Seen On TV| Pizza Gadgets Put To The Test
Beegiveshugs 14 days ago
1:28 where can i get that painting of the girl in a red dress
ODG Gamers
ODG Gamers 14 days ago
So you have jokes
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher 15 days ago
The knife cut through the tomato with no issues, but you were definitely having an issue 😂
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher 15 days ago
I can just imagine someone using the pocket chainsaw and having a whole tree branch fall on top of them 😂
Alphagod197 15 days ago
3:02 “working out our kinks” 😂😂😂
Alphagod197 15 days ago
2:23 greased up and ready for a good time 😂😂😂😂😂
Arnolds Valdmanis
Arnolds Valdmanis 15 days ago
yeah "clenly" cut watermelon
Connie Wonnie OwO
Connie Wonnie OwO 16 days ago
Where'd you get the pocket chainsaw? It's actually pretty cool.
DaRf DeR kEvIn SpIeLeN kOmMeN?!
The Crank Chop. This is a cool gadget. Could you test it out?
Brayden Mejia
Brayden Mejia 17 days ago
Can magno grip atrack girls
Brayden Mejia
Brayden Mejia 17 days ago
Who watches this cause there bored
Challenges Awake
Challenges Awake 17 days ago
With this guy's voice, it's hard to tell if he's being sarcastic or not
Sonofwolf628 14 hours ago
Challenges Awake lol true
members only
members only 17 days ago
Question - For the quick chainsaw thing, can’t you make that taking bike pedal chains from a bike and attach straps and razors to it?
members only
members only 17 days ago
Wouldn’t you get the quick saw?
Ashton Villarreal
Ashton Villarreal 17 days ago
The RWBY panting anyone?
Mäÿä Mïsërÿ Cïmmërïän
The Sportsman Industry saw is using he Manitoba Moose logo... I wonder if they are endorsed by my province hockey team or if they're stealing their logo... Seems like copyright infringement to me.
Talan Watson
Talan Watson 18 days ago
*5:43** you are actually "sawing" the tomato not slicing.*
bob wonton
bob wonton 18 days ago
Hey. You didn't level the pegs when you mounted that wrist magnet.
Tymon Dziniewicz
Tymon Dziniewicz 18 days ago
This is fake
a a
a a 18 days ago
Arthur 18 days ago
4:05 wow that sure is a "nice" and "cleanly cut" watermelon
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 19 days ago
Its no just testing tools,its also funny ahahah
Animator Know i dont
I am dont like that MAGNOGRIP ecause the magnetic feels are dameg the hand.
How to glitch
How to glitch 19 days ago
But in this firsth gadget even if u freaking put it in the angle of 37° you will get same pounded peg xd
Ole Spiegelenberg
Ole Spiegelenberg 19 days ago
there is no FLEX TAPE
HectorH44 19 days ago
The tomato and orange cutting demonstration was actually quite cool
Inactive Sub
Inactive Sub 20 days ago
poor tree
flamowlX 20 days ago
Yes but can the insta hang hang me
Balaozinho CrayCray
Maining my boy Pathfinder was never so rewarding
DatDoge007! 20 days ago
10 minutes of ads? NOO
TRUSTin WWJD 20 days ago
Whoa,,, it seems downright honest on the pros n cons results,,, thanks so much for sharing,,,
Zinwan 20 days ago
What is the painting in the middle at 1:28?
Eisregen88 20 days ago
InstaHang? Have fun with this when using on European stone walls :-D
That guy
That guy 20 days ago
He does sound like pathfinder
Andy Kalogolos
Andy Kalogolos 20 days ago
You didn't load test those hangers.
Isnan SunuYuntaro
Isnan SunuYuntaro 20 days ago
Who else thought that the thumbnail was USSR symbol?
Chippy Allen
Chippy Allen 21 day ago
0:18 click the wink in the description
JSPGaming ‍
JSPGaming ‍ 21 day ago
and take a hit from the bong
A Person
A Person 21 day ago
The thumbnail is just like When you are hammering your nail into your orange but then you need to take it out but you can't so you need to use a special tool
Shelly Wijaya
Shelly Wijaya 21 day ago
O:40 Guy :so theres no more reasons to keep your pictures on the floor anymore ! Me : pfffffftttt ofcourse there is Mom : can you hang a picture datling Me : too lazy mom ......... I FOUND A REASON
The Phantom
The Phantom 21 day ago
5:14 fRoM hAmmeR tO wReNcH dont you mean... pliers?
Macin toshiba
Macin toshiba 21 day ago
But... but...the pegs are round...why does it matter if theyre aligned horizontally...theyre round...
thepizzacar pizza
wow, multiple wix ads in the same video
thepizzacar pizza
thepizzacar pizza 22 days ago
4:04 ;-; i dont wanna eat wood powder mommy!
thepizzacar pizza
thepizzacar pizza 22 days ago
why does a CIRCULAR nail need to be right side up?
doody d
doody d 22 days ago
"making sure it's level" for the insta hing.... Doesn't really matter for a nail, right? It's round so only good placement matters? LOL Edit: correct me if I'm wrong, only can try getting smarter every day!
CTSSTC 22 days ago
Wait, why does a single tack need to be leveled? Is this even possible?! 😂 Edit: ah crap they're angled... : \
Agent Turtle04
Agent Turtle04 22 days ago
In stead of the pocket chainsaw why not just get a good pocket knife with a saw blade cuz youre not gonna saw down any big trees without a normal chainsaw or a normal saw
Urban Student Prepper
Change your name to Household Reviewer.
rob379 22 days ago
Nonono!!!, don’t send us away please!
BoDuke2 the original
Blake McCoy
Blake McCoy 22 days ago
Why would I use magnogrip when I have my damn mouth
Christian's vlogs and games
Why does dis guy look like dr.lupo
SlamGaming 22 days ago
This entire video is a meme
Lycandeer 22 days ago
your wix website looks broken to me :(
PV BANTER 22 days ago
Wix is shit we used it in school
Sexy_beast 22 days ago
But,,, but screws? They’re round they can’t be levelled???
The Thundercool
The Thundercool 22 days ago
Pocket chainsaw is the wet dream of Agent 47
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