Best DIY Prank Wins $10,000 Plus How To Do Funny Magic Tricks & Slime vs Food Challenge

Collins Key
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Learn how to do the 8 best diy pranks as brother vs brother compete to win a $10,000 prize. Plus funny prank magic tricks and a crazy new Starbucks inspired slime vs real food challenge you need to know how to do!

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Last time brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself competition to make amazing kitchen hacks, test a genius new art challenge game, and create Disney characters like Dumbo out of pancakes. Today’s battle has an epic milk jug prank, the ultimate jelly eggs, a giant edible Apple iPhone, and more! Perfect for pranking your family, friends or classmates at school, these easy and fun tricks use household products like Quaker oats, Blue Diamond almond milk, pancake art bottles, and Elmer’s white glue. It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this entertainment and education life hack tutorial compilation series.


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Ingredients, supplies and tools used:
Surprise Jug
• Orange juice
• Coconut milk
• Balloons
• Shaving cream
Coffee Slime
• Starbucks
• Foam soap
• Opti-Free contact solution
• Clear glue
• Sta Flo
Granola Energy Bar
• Measuring spoon
• Peanut butter
• Honey
• Dates
• Spatula
• Wusthof
• Activated charcoal
• Wilson piping bag
• Parchment wax paper
• Paint brush
Jelly Egg
• Blueberries
• Fruit
• Potion
• Water
• Agar agar powder
Meat Prank
• Pillsbury crust
• Beef
• Onion
• Kroger paper towels
• Garlic
• Paprika
• Morton Salt
• Potato
• Beets
• Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
Cashew Cactus
• Matcha powder
• Bread
• Clay flower planter
• Pretzels
• Sunflower seeds

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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 36 415
Szilárd Varga
Szilárd Varga 18 minutes ago
goodjob at yutube rewind
Majestic Animals
Majestic Animals 27 minutes ago
Obviously Devan won! Devan your lagit an OG! I feel like Collin didn't really try to win, he went for something that's unnormal. 🤣
Joehasnida Jahaludin
Joehasnida Jahaludin 31 minute ago
Devan win
Aine Crowe
Aine Crowe 35 minutes ago
Who else thinks that Collins needs a gaming channel He could play roblox and/or minecraft like if yo agree
Elizah Lalic
Elizah Lalic 54 minutes ago
Keyper squad
SuperKeeper MMOs
Is Devan I dare u to tickle him
Lily Biddle
Lily Biddle Hour ago
keeper squad
Kris Cooper
Kris Cooper Hour ago
🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑For devan defiantly for every round aswel have a yeet of goooooood
Atlas Ahrari
Atlas Ahrari Hour ago
hey do a Pancake art challenge harry potter like the golden snitch or the magic stuf it will be cool
Jessica Welling
Jessica Welling 2 hours ago
Did you know that honey lasts ♾
Shane Doyle
Shane Doyle 2 hours ago
screem my name out on the next video my name is ethen
Grazvydas Stonkus
Grazvydas Stonkus 2 hours ago
Do more vids
Kawaii_Meme Katie
Kawaii_Meme Katie 2 hours ago
Keyper squad
Gaming with Nishant
Devan wins every single challenge
Aqilah Ignacia
Aqilah Ignacia 3 hours ago
Legendary A
Legendary A 3 hours ago
Devon totally one sorry. Colin
Legendary A
Legendary A 3 hours ago
Meeeeeee Lol
Jagadish Kalla
Jagadish Kalla 3 hours ago
Collins key and devan key go get married and find a job how long you will do videos
DEWANE 4 hours ago
DEWANE 4 hours ago
Collins wins at life and the challeng
Rhys Earnshaw
Rhys Earnshaw 4 hours ago
Unicorn Andrea Gacha
Hey Collins! I saw your 1000 dollars fluffy slime video and Devan said that he wanted to jump on clouds so maybe you could fill a swimming pool with shaving cream and jump into it😃
Me and my friend kim Me and my friend kim
All of it is DEVAN
Lucy Watson
Lucy Watson 4 hours ago
Keyper squad
Chris Evert
Chris Evert 4 hours ago
And Collins key is so messy sorry Collins key but Devin wins
Grace Edwards
Grace Edwards 4 hours ago
devan devan devan devan
Chris Evert
Chris Evert 4 hours ago
Collins loses
quicky Antonis
quicky Antonis 4 hours ago
At all win daeven and the 10000
swagkiller Vlogs
swagkiller Vlogs 4 hours ago
Maja. Anime
Maja. Anime 4 hours ago
On the next pancake art challenge, make Jack from night before christmas. Please
grace varney
grace varney 4 hours ago
Omg you've gone so far since when you where on Americas got talent
Gamer Boy #1
Gamer Boy #1 5 hours ago
Keeper squad
Angelita Rubillos
Angelita Rubillos 5 hours ago
Devin wins
swirl lol
swirl lol 5 hours ago
live a like if you want to create devan his ovn restaurant
Keira Kendol
Keira Kendol 5 hours ago
I think the cute one will win ❤️
Aleces 5 hours ago
Boi you are so screwed right now -_-, Do you have a girl friend that has a short black dress? in the Agt Boi screwed boi magician boi screwed magician boi
Julianna Deckert
Julianna Deckert 5 hours ago
i think non
Tadas Omantaikas
Tadas Omantaikas 5 hours ago
collins i mae up a new yeet it called a sleet (side yeet)
Shivam Kumar
Shivam Kumar 5 hours ago
Do a video on foods to make in summer!
mary ann yu
mary ann yu 5 hours ago
Devan is the winner
zyrus mentaltiy
zyrus mentaltiy 5 hours ago
Colens you are wasting food😑
Mia Smith
Mia Smith 5 hours ago
You should make the channel Collin and devin because devin is in all of your videos
Avery Baas
Avery Baas 6 hours ago
Good Bye
Good Bye 6 hours ago
I miss their old vids :/ they’re doing well now tho, and as long as they’re happy I’m happy for them
Avery Baas
Avery Baas 6 hours ago
Avery Baas
Avery Baas 6 hours ago
Keeper squad
Elena Romero
Elena Romero 6 hours ago
do you u still have the dogs u let pick out ur slime before there names are Cuddles Puddles and the baby corgi Bubbles?
Ellie Jade
Ellie Jade 6 hours ago
I was really sad today and then I watched this video and now I’m happier 💘
Whippedcream Monarch
My favorite foods are ribs.
Abram Lezo
Abram Lezo 6 hours ago
Collins can you make another Diet Coke and mentos video
GirlCat The Biggest Fan
0:40 Im Gonna Win This Challenge
Judi Shepard
Judi Shepard 6 hours ago
You guys react to funny things but can you react to missing Halloween
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh 7 hours ago
I love Devon because he’s a Artist and smart he does the right thing
Ronda Renfro
Ronda Renfro 7 hours ago
I did
Benita Hiestermann
Benita Hiestermann 7 hours ago
Well done saltrika👍😂
Benita Hiestermann
Benita Hiestermann 7 hours ago
This is a very funny video though😂
Jake 06
Jake 06 7 hours ago
All the edits are way to much. I like the old Collins better. Like if you agree
Elly May Rhea
Elly May Rhea 7 hours ago
Congratulations 🎉🎉❣️👏
microcandycat 7 hours ago
you should put snow in a pool
Allison Miller
Allison Miller 7 hours ago
Y'all did this video a long time ago idk I just found y'all but I have a weird snack combo and it's cool ranch Doritos and Italian dressing
Kristi Hilliard
Kristi Hilliard 7 hours ago
My fav food 🥘 is 🥞
JAYSON LIANTO 7 hours ago
someones like you
Mikelle, Janelle, & Friends
New subscriber here enjoyed your video let's stay connected
JAYSON LIANTO 7 hours ago
Whats your number
Kristi Hilliard
Kristi Hilliard 7 hours ago
Devan won the first round
MiniRia 7 hours ago
I like how barbeque sauce and cucumbers tastes
Luz Otero
Luz Otero 7 hours ago
Are you making coffee or peanut butter devan
Pickle Pancakes
Pickle Pancakes 7 hours ago
I don't even like pranks... Yet here I am
Marquice Fields
Marquice Fields 7 hours ago
This is how many days 1000000000 days out of school 😎😎😎😞😎😎😎
Brad Kboy
Brad Kboy 8 hours ago
Calling key how to get views put my little brother in every time now
Dicky Martino
Dicky Martino 8 hours ago
Devan win
Sorcha Burns
Sorcha Burns 8 hours ago
1.Devan 2.Devan 3.Devan 4.Devan 5.Devan
Chris Bowen
Chris Bowen 8 hours ago
Collin is embarrassing Starbucks
ryleighcelani2008 clean
Inner circle
Destiny Condoll
Destiny Condoll 8 hours ago
Inchalda slime pranks
Monique Johnson
Monique Johnson 8 hours ago
Playdo gum/Starburst
lps karly
lps karly 8 hours ago
What is a zeet
Hells Demon
Hells Demon 8 hours ago
Am i the only one who'd gladly go on a date with Devon?
Marie Marie
Marie Marie 8 hours ago
You can do a lot of gummy food Verses real food in cake 🎂🎂🍰🎂
Xavier Ramirez
Xavier Ramirez 9 hours ago
Love yoy to
Karly Byford
Karly Byford 9 hours ago
1:deven 2:deven 3:deven
LeAnna Blackwell
LeAnna Blackwell 9 hours ago
Jake B
Jake B 9 hours ago
Anyone else come here after watching his agt audition?
Truê Triz
Truê Triz 9 hours ago
the next of howtobasic
Yeet Party
Yeet Party 9 hours ago
devan is mr clean collins is the exact opposite
Jaaasmin Ochoa
Jaaasmin Ochoa 9 hours ago
keyper squad
Who do you like better? Personally I love both!!!!!
Keyper Squad
Aaron Blank
Aaron Blank 10 hours ago
Inner circle
Alisia Montano
Alisia Montano 10 hours ago
Inner Circle
Ocean Mermaids
Ocean Mermaids 10 hours ago
Devan Did I spell that right lol
ADDiSON crunk
ADDiSON crunk 10 hours ago
Dsascbtjriciecomejggk 👡
Marc Giurleo
Marc Giurleo 10 hours ago
U on crack be like (this whole vid)
Camanta22 CMN
Camanta22 CMN 10 hours ago
so messy
Shyll Shiro
Shyll Shiro 10 hours ago
My favorite food is 🍕
Aidens CoolChannel
Aidens CoolChannel 10 hours ago
Inner circle
Kelley O'Keefe
Kelley O'Keefe 10 hours ago
I think Devin when's all the time sorry Collins
Natalia Lopez
Natalia Lopez 10 hours ago
My eyes started burning watching you guys cutting the onions
NBA Quando
NBA Quando 10 hours ago
Inner circle
VictorKeeper01 10 hours ago
keper sqoud
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