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Saturday Night Live
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Musical guest BTS performs "Boy with Luv" on Saturday Night Live.
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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 75 824
Amelia Putri
Amelia Putri Hour ago
Love the girl in live band reaction when Namjoon start his part 💕 Me too girl me too
קורי 2 hours ago
i love this version!
なーらんまや 2 hours ago
Sophie Gallagher
Sophie Gallagher 2 hours ago
My sis is obsessed
pineapple 07
pineapple 07 2 hours ago
I couldn't stop watching j- hope and jimin dancing to this song.😍
Casey molle
Casey molle 2 hours ago
I am so proud to be an ARMY!💁 GOSH THEY ARE SO WELL! How Can I live my life without them! (melted)
Charles Godewyn
Charles Godewyn 2 hours ago
I think there's water in their fluoride
Mich B
Mich B 2 hours ago
This was probably one of the best lives I have seen from a kpop group. So BTS has won over many of the ladies, (with this song/performance especially), of all ages. I am wondering, what do the guys think of BTS?
JeON JuNg KoOkie BTS
I'm 34 and I luv BTS . Kookie , Taetae & Chimchim are my faves.
Mary K
Mary K 3 hours ago
The girl singing in the back is fangirling hard when RM raps 😂😂💙
화가난김여사 3 hours ago
방탄 흥해라
sofiamd1 3 hours ago
New army here. I'm obsessed
Andrea Sara
Andrea Sara 3 hours ago
welcome to the family!
sofiamd1 3 hours ago
I've never listened to k pop or bts before.... But I saw them on SNL and now I'm obsessed with this song and I love the dancing and choreography. The one with the beige turtleneck was my favorite he danced the best and was so smiling and happy and excited the whole time. Then after this I watched a bts intro video and find out he's JHope and he's the lead dancer! You can totally tell he loves to dance and is amazing at it!!!!!
papa hyang
papa hyang 4 hours ago
Jungkook's voice is soft and comfortable.
Danae Aravena
Danae Aravena 4 hours ago
Bellísimos, me emocioné, sinceramente es otro nivel de performance
nobodydoes itbetter
JUNGKOOK and J-HOPE keeps smiling while singing, rapping, dancing....which makes me smile, too 😁
Tina Cruz
Tina Cruz 5 hours ago
Live vocals! Wow
Tina Cruz
Tina Cruz 5 hours ago
Live vocals! Wow
Panda Girl
Panda Girl 5 hours ago
I accidentally dropped my phone on my face. I don't know if it was because how amazing BTS are or something else
Giulia Heim
Giulia Heim 5 hours ago
what i like the most about this performance is how they were just having so much fun, they really enjoyed this and i love seeing this! they look relaxed and carefree
*Everyone, let's get the official music video for this song to 200M as soon as possible! Also, don't forget to vote for BTS on Twitter and Billboard! :D*
thuy doan
thuy doan 6 hours ago
BTS, I love guys... 😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜
여김민정 6 hours ago
Jeon jungkook ssi~~~💜🐰
여김민정 6 hours ago
오늘도 본다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ계속봐👀
LittleGacha Wolf
LittleGacha Wolf 6 hours ago
10:21 I think tae did a bad finger
hafiz nazri
hafiz nazri 6 hours ago
orange angle
orange angle 6 hours ago
정꾹아가yh 6 hours ago
와메 무대영상이 앤간한아이돌 뮤비조회수네
Moduga Sarang
Moduga Sarang 6 hours ago
두개 합치니 거의 2400만이나 되네요
Zuzymuzy Zi
Zuzymuzy Zi 6 hours ago
SSGRYY 6 hours ago
better than another bts live show
LJENNY 6 hours ago
I love Jimin's dance.
sky 6 hours ago
N. T
N. T 7 hours ago
The stage was too small for them and yet they still managed to carry out such an amazing performance! Really still in awe
*Why are there dislikes? There should be ZERO dislikes. Oh and ARMY, please remember to vote for BTS on Billboard and Twitter! :D*
GG & Taekook Stan
GG & Taekook Stan 7 hours ago
Frank Cho2
Frank Cho2 7 hours ago
ARMYs!!! Go vote on BBMA Billboard for Top Social Artist!!!! You can vote for BTS 100 times at a time per email account!!!!
crystal P
crystal P 7 hours ago
Jin's beautiful voice and performance ♥
Forever OT7
Forever OT7 7 hours ago
There are many talented Kpop groups aside from BTS, but BTS is so special and I can’t explain why and how. I just can’t help myself from falling in love with them every time they are performing, They are the only one who can make me hype big time in terms of performances specially live performances! Keep owning the world loves you all deserve the recognition that you are experiencing in this time of life! 💜💜💜💜
lovely Puppy
lovely Puppy 7 hours ago
MY boys 💜💜💜💜💜
Louca Dos Unicornios
Boy whit Luv seria mais prefeita sem o toque que colocaram ai .-. É serio ficou ridiculo e não combinou nada ;-;
Безликая Школофобка
Am i the only one looking at the musicians on the background?
finni kim
finni kim 8 hours ago
This is amazing
finni kim
finni kim 8 hours ago
Lily M.
Lily M. 8 hours ago
Stream their mv at ibighit with mic drop
jet navarro
jet navarro 8 hours ago
The band sound so so good..I love suga's part..the band sounds amazing
Radhika Somani
Radhika Somani 8 hours ago
I love this camera work. Probably more that the work in the music video/ comeback version. It's a little less fancy angles but then also a little less biased.
Itz_Kenzie 8 hours ago
I love them all very much. They really know how to make the crowd go wild and they all have amazing talent. And V looks so cute with blue hair
성훈.LEE 9 hours ago
I am Bread
I am Bread 9 hours ago
Their happiness is so contagious 😆
김진 9 hours ago
남자지만.... 방탄 아낀다..... 제발 더 흥해라!!!
Rose_ Ilya
Rose_ Ilya 9 hours ago
I'm in my 40s and this is before & after i knew BTS : Before : 10GB of internet data for my phone is already more than enough After : subscribed to unlimited data because of heavy usage ~ all BTS contents Before : Got the TV but only watched old VCDs After : Bought bigger & clearer tv, subscribed to unlimited wifi ~ to watch BTS clearly 🤗 Before : Weekends was a day of rest and laundries After : still doing laundries while dancing to BTS mv And i could go on and on...now my kids are ARMY too..hmm wonder why 😅
Rose_ Ilya
Rose_ Ilya 5 hours ago
I even went to South Korea on a solo trip a few months back...such a fun & liberating experience!
LISA 5 hours ago
Same here. You are not alone.
Dewi Anggraeni
Dewi Anggraeni 8 hours ago
this is me exactly...
I've got strength
I've got strength 8 hours ago
Amazing comment :)
Violeta Vera
Violeta Vera 9 hours ago
Jungkook voice is so stable when he dance 😍
Vikas Pandey
Vikas Pandey 9 hours ago
Jin was so good at live vocals!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍 Like if you loved it armies😍😍♥️
Ghada, ARMY
Ghada, ARMY 9 hours ago
ااااخ قلبيي
katelynfe 9 hours ago
My parents loved them
Susan Yin
Susan Yin 9 hours ago
They are amazing! just love them!
gisel 9 hours ago
Unicorn _Playz
Unicorn _Playz 10 hours ago
What do you see in BTS? They look boring
verysimple 3 hours ago
It is ok not to like their songs. Everybody has different taste. For me, I really like their music and messages(lyrics). Anyway, thank you for giving a try though!
Fun fact: There are TONS of American celebrities that are BTS fans. Also, if you want to know what they're singing, you can look up lyric videos for their songs here on FIvid. Those lyric videos will show how the song translates into english and a number of other languages as well.
I've got strength
I've got strength 8 hours ago
+Unicorn _Playz I don't think you have different taste, I think you haven't seen much of BTS. All their music videos have subtitles, all the songs have translations, everything is translated in many languages. BTS is going on a stadium tour in the US, Britain and so on. They appeal to people of any nationality, generation and gender.
Unicorn _Playz
Unicorn _Playz 9 hours ago
+I've got strength maybe because I'm American and not Korean or Japanese so i dont know whay they really say or maybe because i habe a different taste I things
I've got strength
I've got strength 9 hours ago
If you think so it means you don't know BTS yet. They make the most complex performances, write songs with deep meaning, make music videos with lots of symbolism included. Ah, I'm getting lazy to write everything else, I think this info should be enough. They never cease to surprise with different music genres and many other things, so far from boring really
sookawaiipurple 10 hours ago
3:57 hmm? Look at jungkooks hand
ky b
ky b 10 hours ago
2:50 전정국 카메라에 끼부리는거보소..
Elijah Lopez
Elijah Lopez 10 hours ago
I was there at snl when they preformed
Attamrik Marak
Attamrik Marak 10 hours ago
I love their performance so much.... 😍😍 But I think it's not live they've probably recorded their voice before.. Prove me if I'm wrong pls...
koyukiny 6 hours ago
BTS sing live only.
Attamrik Marak
Attamrik Marak 9 hours ago
+jsbach86 thanks... 😉😉
I've got strength
I've got strength 9 hours ago
+Attamrik Marak I've watched other performances and they don't sound the same, there are differences.
jsbach86 9 hours ago
Here's proof. fivid.net/video/video-_FIWDLtkS4s.html You can find other many MR removed version. You can hear their breathless voices even though they're singing in a precise tone.
Attamrik Marak
Attamrik Marak 9 hours ago
Yes I'm a fake army who watch and sing bts songs everyday trying to be as good as them...
Aki- Rara
Aki- Rara 10 hours ago
I will never get tired of watching Jimin😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Terilkin Flamewood
Terilkin Flamewood 11 hours ago
The Beatles of South Korea.
Marcela Silva
Marcela Silva 11 hours ago
The thing that I love the most about this performance is how happy the boys look! They really love what they do!
I Am A Googler
I Am A Googler 11 hours ago
madelyn burns
madelyn burns 11 hours ago
dang, i thought there was gonna be more haters. disappointed in Americas music taste
koyukiny 6 hours ago
Americans obviously don't have good music taste bcz they couldn't have discovered BTS sooner😊
R G 8 hours ago
It's called open-mindedness and respect. Disappointed in you
You don't like this song? Can I ask why? I believe this song is amazing!
Justine Lim
Justine Lim 11 hours ago
haters gonna hate
Anthony Alexander
Anthony Alexander 11 hours ago
Why would one being "young" or "old" matter in this discussion? When you say they aren't catering to your "demographic", what do you mean by that exactly? I believe anyone who is looking for unity can appreciate this music, as this is the kind of music that brings people together. It just has that unifying vibe to it. With regards to my name, I'm just wanting to spread the fact that everyone should promote anti-immorality, anti-violence, and anti-racism. There's no matter of "trying too hard" or trying too easy here. You are correct when you say that my name was not meant to come across as misguided or disingenuous AT ALL. Thank you for saying that you're sure that I'm a good person. "Immorality and violence can be viewed very subjectively". This I do not agree with. Finally, when I say to promote anti-violence, I'm talking about real life violence. Any and all violence that happens in real life between humans in the real world. This said, I have a HUGE issue with CERTAIN violent video games and CERTAIN violent movies, but that's a discussion for another time. I'll say that for the certain games that I've played on my channel that technically have some "violence", I believe it's not portrayed in a way that would make someone commit a violent act in real life. I can certainly speak for myself when I say I have NEVER had any violent thoughts and have NEVER committed a violent act and will NEVER commit a violent act. One final statement I want to make is that I believe all HORROR video games and all HORROR movies should be PERMANENTLY banned from this entire planet.
Anthony Alexander
Anthony Alexander 8 hours ago
You seem young so I will respect your sensitivities and assert my opinion as gentle as possible. For me, it was cringe-worthy because to me it comes across as extremely corny. I am not a fan of theirs. I grew up differently. They obviously are not catering to my demographic. You are a fan. So I don't think you can relate. I imagine you fit the demographic they are hoping to target. I clicked on your channel. Nice stuff. The name is a little weird for me. It's trying too hard in my opinion. It comes across as misguided and disingenuous, which I am sure was not the intent. I'm sure you are good person. Immortality and violence can be viewed very subjectively. A large portion of the games you have on your channel are considered violent.
I honestly don't see how it's "cringe-worthy" at all. And why is this my name? Because I absolutely HATE immorality, absolutely HATE violence, and absolutely HATE racism. Nice to meet you, Anthony.
Anthony Alexander
Anthony Alexander 8 hours ago
All of it. Cringe-worthy. Also, why is that your screen name? That's who you are? I'm Anthony.
Aliona Dahl
Aliona Dahl 11 hours ago
People, what's wrong with you? How can you listen to this c**p?
How is this crap? This is AMAZING
bella2019 11 hours ago
I don’t get it why they are famous - and I am Korean - they can dance and their singing is ok so then ?.
I've got strength
I've got strength 9 hours ago
Because their work has deep meaning and they have close relationships with fans (without mentioning their talents)
남현우 9 hours ago
타이틀곡말고 앨범 수록곡 들어보셈 그리고 앨범이나 가사 주제가 흔한 사랑 노래보다 나 자신에 대한 내용이 많음
Katey Bernal
Katey Bernal 11 hours ago
I usually skip thru the musical performances cept for a select few. This was one of them and i loved it! The dancing was so fluid i loved it
I've got strength
I've got strength 9 hours ago
Cool! This is one of their less complex choreographies
mm g
mm g 12 hours ago
볼 때마다 넘 멋있어요. bts 애정합니다.
jk pv
jk pv 12 hours ago
priscila kashima
priscila kashima 12 hours ago
Martha Ramirezni
Martha Ramirezni 12 hours ago
No offense but wants wrong Si Tu the sound
Pen Writes
Pen Writes 12 hours ago
Mariah Alterio
Mariah Alterio 12 hours ago
Namjoon!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sasa Makhila
Sasa Makhila 13 hours ago
I look you guys so happy in here song😍
Juju Flower
Juju Flower 13 hours ago
Did they get a standing ovation from the crowd? LEGENDS.
Harmonia Ares
Harmonia Ares 13 hours ago
For people who don’t understand their success or why their fans are so devoted. When you first discover BTS, it’s normally via a song that you quite like. When you delve further, you will find there is an amazing 6 year back catalogue of such high quality music, it feels like you’ve found buried treasure. I’ve got 80 tracks on my BTS playlist and they’re all so unique and different. And this is just the music, haven’t even mentioned the amazing choreography that accompanies it
Junito Punto Comm
Junito Punto Comm 13 hours ago
These guys can Fart right now, record the Fart, release it as a Single and it becomes an instant Hit !! 😂🤣
Rsoul 13 hours ago
why is bts' the only artist performance on snl's yt page? everyone else's is on the artist's official page. also if you search the videos on snl's by most popular this video doesn't turn up amongst the others that have similar views (for me anyway) :/
Dee B
Dee B 13 hours ago
You lost me at 0.01
I've got strength
I've got strength 12 hours ago
+Dee B how about this song? fivid.net/video/video-a-CihnlX2HA.html
Dee B
Dee B 12 hours ago
+I've got strength Pretty much anything. To me this group does not sound good at all!
I've got strength
I've got strength 12 hours ago
+Dee B what genres of music do you like?
Dee B
Dee B 12 hours ago
+I've got strength Ok, got to 2:32. Just nope.
P. J.
P. J. 13 hours ago
00:00 they went from hot to adorable in 1.0 seconds
glowdark Lvst
glowdark Lvst 13 hours ago
Who notice that Jungkook improved is so beautiful 3.40-3.45
Alfi Sulimanova
Alfi Sulimanova 14 hours ago
0:49 What is this guy's name?
Alfi Sulimanova
Alfi Sulimanova 13 hours ago
+jw Yes he. Тhank))
jw 14 hours ago
the first guy in line? His name is Jin :)
-しყ 14 hours ago
Esse performance me deixa tão feliz
Mariana Grespan
Mariana Grespan 14 hours ago
I am 31 and I listen BTS all the time. They are great performers and singers. I got my husband addicted to them as well. I don't know if I could be called an Army but I love them so much!
kat r
kat r 12 hours ago
I'm 35 y.o and I love them too💜 I relate to their music, very inspiring 💜💜💜
MustacheN Beef
MustacheN Beef 14 hours ago
too many ppl on stage
rinnychan8 9 hours ago
More like the stage was too small for BTS lmao
I've got strength
I've got strength 12 hours ago
It's 3 rappers and 4 vocalists, thanks to that the group is very versatile in music and is able to perform very complex choreography, this is one of their lightest choreographies actually. Each member is equally important.
bee 14 hours ago
7 to be exact!
Shin Tae Oh
Shin Tae Oh 14 hours ago
Keep coming back on thissss
Sara Nazirbekova
Sara Nazirbekova 15 hours ago
Christina Zitzer
Christina Zitzer 15 hours ago
I want them at my wedding omg
bee 14 hours ago
hahah you've gotta be incredibly rich for that to happen. it'd be a cool performance though!
Özcan Çoban
Özcan Çoban 15 hours ago
is jk at the end doing the twice fancy thing ?
Özcan Çoban
Özcan Çoban 14 hours ago
+bee oh k thanks for the information
bee 14 hours ago
+Özcan Çoban TWICE didn't make the Fancy thing. It's American Sign Language for "I love you" the thumb and the pointer finger represent the 'L' , the pinky represents the 'I', and the pinky and thumb represent 'Y'
Özcan Çoban
Özcan Çoban 14 hours ago
+bee ye but all the twice members are doing it so maybe jk saw them ?
bee 14 hours ago
fancy came out a week later!
Jungkook kookis
Jungkook kookis 15 hours ago
Cade os brasileiros 나는 ㄷ아 진 ㄹ아 ㅇ나 다 나 지만 을 사 ㄹ아 ㅎ ㅐ
R Y N 15 hours ago
Jungkook is just too good!!!
Angel Mariah
Angel Mariah 15 hours ago
i hope they perform this song for their concert in LA next week!!
bee 14 hours ago
im going too!
John Aldana
John Aldana 15 hours ago
Where is Halsey? The only good thing of this is She!!!
Dooly King
Dooly King 10 hours ago
Seriously, I didn't know who she was until this song came out
I've got strength
I've got strength 12 hours ago
Please listen to Halsey's words about the song and how she enjoyed working with BTS fivid.net/video/video-lQ3cA7Yft44.html I understand that you are Halsey's fan but please be a bit more respectful to BTS, they are actually very good and Halsey likes them a lot
bee 14 hours ago
they specifically asked for BTS on SNL!
MyrthexLatoya 15 hours ago
John Aldana she wasn’t there this day. she will perform with bts at the bbmas on may 1st!
Rica Jean Rubio
Rica Jean Rubio 16 hours ago
I really love Jungkook's high note after Rapmon's rap. Oh ma ma may 💕
RobyBorsch 16 hours ago
Cookiez :3
Cookiez :3 16 hours ago
I don't get what's so good about bts because everyone in school doesn't like bts
R G 8 hours ago
Maybe you are just not aware but 100% there are a lot of ARMYs in your school who are not so vocal because people around are not open minded
bee 14 hours ago
bts works ahard and they have lots of talent!
bts jjang
bts jjang 15 hours ago
+Cookiez :3 ㅈㄹ
Cookiez :3
Cookiez :3 15 hours ago
+bts jjang Вы жалкий "плотва таракана ", так что, если я не люблю их в любом случае? В целом его мое мнение, Ох, и кстати я не корейский, но у меня есть свои пути. :
bts jjang
bts jjang 15 hours ago
한심 ㅉㅉ
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