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Saturday Night Live
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Actors (Idris Elba, Cecily Strong, Beck Bennett) play a game where they choose if they can or cannot play a certain role.
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Mar 10, 2019




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Comments 2 123
Lily Estrada
Lily Estrada 3 hours ago
if rami malek can play anyone...how come no one can play caitlyn jenner
Dims 22 hours ago
My boy idris was a disappointing host...
Andi amo
Andi amo 23 hours ago
well....it beats incest skits
Absolutely brilliant. One of the best I’ve seen in a minute
shindean 2 days ago
Took me awhile to realize that with all the political correctness, the one visible minority is still not allowed to have a role. 🙄
Altoid 10
Altoid 10 2 days ago
Fantastic John Oliver throwaway!
Abby Cummings
Abby Cummings 2 days ago
Lollllllllllllll when he tells Beck to watch it
Chronicler9Prod 2 days ago
i LOVE Will Smith.
Nika Obolashvili
Nika Obolashvili 2 days ago
This is a rip on sjw religion
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu 2 days ago
*This is hilariously...and sadly..accurate.* 😂
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu 2 days ago
*This is 100% accurate.* 😂😂
Bennu 2 days ago
That James Bond...
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 3 days ago
Well done.
Mustaphis Koleoso
It’s funny cos Idris Elba actually played a blind person in a Mumford & sons video
Iman Dolce
Iman Dolce 3 days ago
This was hilariousss
Fã da TV
Fã da TV 3 days ago
"A white teacher who helps minorities" - WRONG! "Oh, a white teacher who LEARNS from minorities" - DING; DING; DING!! - -- This is GOLD!
riley rourke
riley rourke 3 days ago
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor 3 days ago
A Black James Bond? Really? As if a Black British secret agent could dress up as a Russian officer and sneak into the Kremlin unnoticed? Stop this lefty wing nut liberal PC BS. That's as asinine as a White man, or Jackie Chan, playing John Shaft. Get it now?
StivksTv 3 days ago
Damn that’s the wig idris could’ve worn in 007
True Review
True Review 3 days ago
It’s complicated!
ozzieinatlanta 3 days ago
Michael Holmgaard
This is my favorit sketch in a looooong time. Basically destroying all the crybabies on twitter ;)
Rana Ahmad Ali Sher
Wow cecily is thicc.
Ashton Blackmon
Ashton Blackmon 4 days ago
Kenan: Can you play James Bond? I know the answer to that one Kenan: But do you though?
Andrew Albertie
Andrew Albertie 7 hours ago
That was the best line lol
david kowalkowski
oh my god "Slave Owner" killed me
Johanne E.
Johanne E. 4 days ago
good on SNL to poke fun at how absurd our political correctness has gotten
Whaa Gwaan
Whaa Gwaan 5 days ago
Snl always makes me feel weird asf but then I laugh and I’m like thank u I’m not crazy this shit just funny 😄
Rudee Hunkk
Rudee Hunkk 5 days ago
People of Pakistan look nothing like Chienese and others 🤣🤣 wtf
kewl bean
kewl bean 5 days ago
_Haunting Neverland_ 🤣💀
no name
no name 6 days ago
respect for SNL: restored
tallblackpunk 6 days ago
No one beats Farrell on Jeopardy 😎
Jared Cottrell
Jared Cottrell 6 days ago
Idris Elba as James Bond, please!
Drew's Corner - Drew C. Ryan
This is actually BEYOND incredible. What made me so happy about it was that SNL is considered liberal. And yet, this bit is definitely closer to moderate sensibilities on these issues. I felt really happy to know that it's okay to be a liberal and still find some of this current day "twitter liberalism" truly over the top. For everyone who says SNL isn't funny anymore, they constantly do great sketches like this that fly over people's heads. If you aren't in the know you don't realize just how "good" SNL still is.
Phillip Mcelraft
Phillip Mcelraft 7 days ago
dammit it beye oh pic when I was younger why is it byeopic now, screw reconning grammar
Tae Young Ahn
Tae Young Ahn 7 days ago
Wow. They did this.
Gonçalo Homem Belchior
this is brilliant.
sha11235 7 days ago
Why do they never have a winner for these game shows?
sha11235 7 days ago
Buzzer sound comes from Family Feud's fast money round.
Mariam Harutyunyan
dan2548 8 days ago
SNL was funny in the 80’s. Lmfao
Lishaan Hettipathirana
Finally equalling out the political field...and reducing the Trump jokes
Gina Lenetti
Gina Lenetti 8 days ago
The one about will Smith not being able to play serena Williams dad is the only one I agree with. Black characters are always played by lighter skin black people, and if a character is a real life person then why shouldn’t someone who actually resembles him be cast? Plus it’s very rude to say ‘your not black enough’ as that implies that the darker you are the more black you are. Which only pushes the stereotype that lightskin black People aren’t real black people. Argue with yourself.
kikiwest2001 8 days ago
It's crazy how folks are upset that will smith will play Serena and Venus dad because he's not dark enough when folks didn't blink when Denzel played Malcolm X
PowWowBomb 4 hours ago
It was a different time back when Denzel played Malcolm X
Captain 405
Captain 405 8 days ago
That's horribly funny 🤣😭
Joseph Charles
Joseph Charles 8 days ago
I love that they come to the conclusion that a Caitlyn Jenner biopic is impossible to make.
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 8 days ago
After the Majors lost interest, I optioned what's left of the Michael Jackson Ghost biopic movie and I'm going to cast Michael Jackson's ghost in the lead.
SIRAH 9 days ago
Bitch yall want Scarlet to play a trans gay disabled black half asian man cause look ...
Brynley Louise
Brynley Louise 9 days ago
I could've watched an entire episode of just this.
eternalscorpio1 9 days ago
That was fucking funny!! 😂😂
Peter Mullen
Peter Mullen 9 days ago
Can Kyle and Beck please report to the forefront of every sketch while also writing the sketches and everyone else go away.
Jont Noneya
Jont Noneya 9 days ago
Anyone else confuse? Just me? ok
sha11235 7 days ago
I didn't care for this. Basically, once you knew where it was going, that was it.
Bhavya 9 days ago
twitter discourse on most days
Amber Earls
Amber Earls 9 days ago
Who wrote this sketch? Fire them.
Joab Cervantes
Joab Cervantes 9 days ago
Temitope Shoniyi
Temitope Shoniyi 9 days ago
SNL is coming ridiculously funnier by the day. Love from Hamburg
Xander 9 days ago
Daniel Day Lois can't play Keenan, because S N L is clearly a butt kisser of the PC, social justice warrior culture. Too bad they're funny.
Nathaniel Simons
Nathaniel Simons 9 days ago
Phenomenal writing on this sketch! So current, real, and hilarious!
John Holden
John Holden 9 days ago
Savannah JoBeth Lee
Santosh Srinivasan
Holy shit this is one of the most savage and brilliant sketches in years. I'm in tears over the Female president joke 😂
aarona1c 10 days ago
The entire sketch was built around that last joke, and that's genius.
Ah B
Ah B 10 days ago
When the aliens arrive, do you really wanna be that guy that put on green face? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 they are stupid for that one 😁😁😁😁
Mr. KeeneBean
Mr. KeeneBean 10 days ago
A bit racist, no?
Jessie Brookes
Jessie Brookes 10 days ago
this aint it
basilrose 10 days ago
Can Idris Elba play a blind person? Ask Mumford & Sons 💖 fivid.net/video/video-nMJUbZrNnA8.html "Lover of the Light" 💖
Ghouljah yeahyeahyeah
He will play that goddamn James Bond! That's it!
Thebruboy Brubaker
Thebruboy Brubaker 11 days ago
The sketches from this night were too honest lol
Paris Finley
Paris Finley 11 days ago
Kenan had me cracking up when he almost broke character.
Lynell Tiller
Lynell Tiller 11 days ago
This was so painfully accurate. Shame on Twitter!
Simon Dewitt
Simon Dewitt 11 days ago
Here's a life hack, dont sign up for Twitter and you can say anything you like.
diva1675 9 days ago
Simon Dewitt i’m not on twitter
Brett .Ensminger
Brett .Ensminger 11 days ago
As a fan of Last Week Tonight, the John Oliver as a bird reference really go me.
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 11 days ago
I kinda want these silly game shows to return? In a different form. I think America needs this :)
Augustt Adu
Augustt Adu 11 days ago
I was waiting for that James Bond question lol
Eclipser2 11 days ago
Kenan generally appears in some pretty edgy skits. I love how he doesn't take much of this culture stuff seriously!
Email Sender
Email Sender 11 days ago
SNL "Comedy" = race, race, race ,ha, ha ha,race, race, race ,ha, ha, ha,race, race, race ,ha, ha, ha, race, race, race ,ha, ha, ha anti- white, ha ha ha
Poppa J Walker
Poppa J Walker 11 days ago
Were there any jokes? I didn’t hear one
Sports Study
Sports Study 11 days ago
can't wait for the youtube version of this. IF you have any women as the lead it sjw propaganda.
Epic1 11 days ago
that hair on keenen hahaha
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
The Michael Jackson jokes weren't funny.
Nikki Rockz
Nikki Rockz 11 days ago
Sreekanth Narayanaswamy
Pressed like 30 seconds in.
MrOuchiez 12 days ago
Haha, "Your host: Danny Glans" I.e. Danny Dickhead. Priceless
onpointsg35 12 days ago
Jackie looks hot
Annie Warbux
Annie Warbux 12 days ago
Yes, He Can Play James Bond!! Any day!! Funny stuff!🙊
Brian Swen
Brian Swen 12 days ago
That’s so funny! I actually thought Rami Malek before they said it.... HaHa
James Smith
James Smith 12 days ago
who else was expecting miranda cosgrove at 3:08?
Joseph Young
Joseph Young 12 days ago
SJWs are ruining everything
J. K.
J. K. 12 days ago
“And maybe Pakistani” 😂
T Clark
T Clark 12 days ago
Hey Lorne...too late, pal...
Anthony Michilot
Anthony Michilot 12 days ago
That last part was great!
Brandon Stickels
Brandon Stickels 12 days ago
John Oliver is only playing Zazu because they saw the nose and thought that he was actually a bird that can talk
Musical Mistress
Musical Mistress 12 days ago
That wig 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Scizzor HonZ
Scizzor HonZ 12 days ago
Still waiting for them to come back from commercial....
Stephen Gardner
Stephen Gardner 12 days ago
Can you play James Bond? Lol
Holinyx 12 days ago
Ok I had to stand up and clap at the last one, well played
Shannon Wiggins
Shannon Wiggins 12 days ago
I will point out that blind is a physical feature and not a personality type. So a blind person playing a blind person would still be acting. If reserving roles just for actors with those disabilities counted as them not acting, then any able-bodied person playing another able-bodied person is also not acting. I also think that all roles should be open to every type of person unless their appearance specifically plays into the story. Ripley from Alien was written to be filled by either a man or a woman, for example. It also wouldn't have mattered what race she was. It would be really cool to see someone in a wheel chair as an action star. We already see fake blind people as action stars. Though in that case, I think you'd have to specifically write the movie around that. I'm rambling. My point, is that we currently reserve roles for pretty, often white, able-bodied people. If we have to reserve roles for other people who better match the character description in order to move away from primarily giving roles to a certain type of person, then I think that's a good next step but not the end goal of many roles being open to any type of person Edit: I wanted to tack on that I find this skit hilarious and that Twitter definitely goes too far a lot of the time
Mapenowa 12 days ago
Trevor noah started that james bond shit
Leia Smith
Leia Smith 12 days ago
SGT SpiderMonkey
SGT SpiderMonkey 12 days ago
It’s funny that they’ll mock the current “outrage culture” and hypersensitivity in one video, then in the next will contribute to that same culture.
P N. Mingirarou
P N. Mingirarou 12 days ago
Too subdued and you know their bosses just standing off camera tapping their toes. Idk why people still want to host. Maybe they should do every Saturdays, but only air their best episodes on air twice a month. That would force real creativity, only the best get chosen for airtime, the rest get streamed online.
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