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Roomie’s video: fivid.net/video/video-ojvqIumZtnU.html
Dave’s BTS video: fivid.net/video/video-3E_1fspZQ4c.html
Stream “Congratulations”: smarturl.it/CongratulationsPewds
Music & Lyrics: David Paul Brown
Music & Lyrics: Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
Music & Lyrics: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Filmed & edited by fivid.net/u-JonasTheFrisk
Mixed by Eric Johansson at binadio.com/
Beat production by Apollo V
Beat modification & vocal production by Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
N E W M E R C H : represent.com/pewdiepie 🔥 (◡‿◡✿)
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Animation: fivid.net/u-jae55555
Song: fivid.net/show-UC3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng


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Mar 31, 2019




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Comments 914 661
Aaghaz Agrawal
Aaghaz Agrawal 45 seconds ago
India: Ban this song in India VPN users: Am I a joke to you
Soul Destroyer
Soul Destroyer 55 seconds ago
Why did look like Roomie had no eyes
Sammy Bum boy
Sammy Bum boy Minute ago
Lucky people
Gaming π
Gaming π Minute ago
American sign language : *h a n d s*
I think that this 288K of dislikes are of the people that don't have enough data to watch the full video
Green Machine
Green Machine 3 minutes ago
1 like= one rip for India’s ego
Shreeya Dhawal
Shreeya Dhawal 4 minutes ago
Wait but can I still be a bro if I'm Indian?
Villa Boheme
Villa Boheme 3 minutes ago
Prasad S
Prasad S 4 minutes ago
Status 23.04.2019 : PewDiePie: 94M T Series : 95M Potato 🥔 and bun eating europians burning 🥵 like hell. 😂😂😂 PS - Not a defamation!! Haha
Shamu Kid XD
Shamu Kid XD 5 minutes ago
Mom said one vid left Left it on a positive note boiiii
โดม โรเจอร์
ถึงนายจะเป็นอันดับที่เท่าไรก็ตามเราก็จะดูนายต่อไป​ #จากคนไทยคนหนึ่งที่ดูนาย
original Content
original Content 7 minutes ago
*India bans congratulations* *VPN Do you not know who I am*
Samsung Rizal
Samsung Rizal 8 minutes ago
SR Gamer ji
SR Gamer ji 8 minutes ago
Win pewdiepie please
Sujan Reviewsz
Sujan Reviewsz 8 minutes ago
Great - Great Grandkids : Were you a warrior as a littile kid? Me: Yes, I fought WITH Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg Great -Great Grand kids : Was HE A KING? ME: YES HE WAS THE KING OF FIvid!!!!
Viktor joachim Moscoso
Hey pewds don't tou know that t series has subbots that's why they have ninety five million subs
0:28 Don't mind me just putting on my glasses
Katissimo 1
Katissimo 1 11 minutes ago
Check the subtitles for americain sign language
Adina 11 minutes ago
Too much sarcasm
GD Civer
GD Civer 12 minutes ago
No joke, After Making Our IA#1 (sandwich making) We went to the classroom and I requested the teacher to play Congratulations, and she does it My school is a real 9 year old army...
Justin O'Donnell
Justin O'Donnell 13 minutes ago
PewDiePie: **GETS 40 MILLION VIEWS IN A WEEK** Trending: I was eating a burrito
Jeminelle Reese Gimena
Jeminelle Reese Gimena 13 minutes ago
Im crying to death
Galaxy Exile
Galaxy Exile 13 minutes ago
Pewds May have lost but he gains more subs a month than an average youtuber would make in about 4 years
Anthony Felter
Anthony Felter 13 minutes ago
T series:... Pewdiepie: *Congratulations* Trending:...
omae wa mou shindeiru NANI!!
India: **Bans PewDiePies song** VPN: *_I’m about to end this mans whole career_*
zibran arbani
zibran arbani 15 minutes ago
Sam Udriot
Sam Udriot 15 minutes ago
Pewdiepie is a fucking legend!
Fares Ilyes
Fares Ilyes 15 minutes ago
Pewds i cried
subscribe to pewdiepie or ur not human f
Pewdiepie is the king
Roos Hogervorst
Roos Hogervorst 15 minutes ago
FIvid finnaly sees him as a music artist👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Very noice👌🏻
Tom Erik Green Hammernes
good song pew
Cyborg 2
Cyborg 2 16 minutes ago
Congratulations 100M soon !!!!!!! Bravo !! 👏
Flaming boy indonesia
Flaming boy indonesia 17 minutes ago
*I[T]s Your Bi[G] D[AY]*
BlueRqsees_/Neloxik 17 minutes ago
pewdiepie is first in our hearts 💔 legends never die
Domantas Dackys Dackys
Domantas Dackys Dackys 18 minutes ago
good song
Nitys 19 minutes ago
Pewdiepie = Like T Series = Comment Who the president?
Oliver Holmén 7B
Oliver Holmén 7B 20 minutes ago
2:48 pewds hands made an oopsie
Donat Man
Donat Man 20 minutes ago
I heard this song like a million times and i am still mot tired of it
Dylan THIRIOUX 21 minute ago
Its Noah_04
Its Noah_04 21 minute ago
Respect to those people who doesn't like their own comments.🤷🏻‍♂️
KOKandra BAU
KOKandra BAU 21 minute ago
That dislike was t series bot
Marty McFlew
Marty McFlew 22 minutes ago
India: Bans Bitch Lasagna and Congratulations VPN: This is America
SURIYAN SOI 23 minutes ago
Nice song
Mats mining
Mats mining 24 minutes ago
Congratulation PewDiePie 90 mln vievs!!!
Paxx One
Paxx One 25 minutes ago
road to100miliionviews
Yeet 25 minutes ago
Felix forgot that us 9 year olds can't legally drink alcohol yet :/
Yeter Yılmaz
Yeter Yılmaz 25 minutes ago
Ses kes welcome turkish pewdipai (EN BÜYÜK TÜRKIYE
Arshad Mikkel Safi 4B Tingløkkeskolen
This song not make you sweeter
uçan kartal uçar
uçan kartal uçar 26 minutes ago
Omg ın turkey 94 mellon
I like Turtles
I like Turtles 26 minutes ago
India: bans pewdiepie Vpn: I’m about to end this whole mans career
rarry help me defeat zarry
Brandon KevinM
Brandon KevinM 27 minutes ago
Actually cried for that last Bro fist ..
Emerald The Dragon
Emerald The Dragon 27 minutes ago
India: *bans video* VPN: _im about to end this country's whole career_
Robux Gamer
Robux Gamer 28 minutes ago
Freddy R
Freddy R 28 minutes ago
Who else cried at the last Brofist
futte fevsen
futte fevsen 28 minutes ago
p gay
Baruto xxLordnaruto
Baruto xxLordnaruto 28 minutes ago
I dare you to go kill t series
futte fevsen
futte fevsen 28 minutes ago
hello my name is noah matien i like t sereis
AxsLove ID
AxsLove ID 27 minutes ago
futte fevsen haha its mean u gay
Rosehannah Watts
Rosehannah Watts 28 minutes ago
I(t)'s Ur Bi(g) D(ay)
Ninjacat2015 28 minutes ago
0:13 Why does it sound like Fgteev in auto tune singing videos
Sharky Bite
Sharky Bite 29 minutes ago
October: B*tch lasagne (insults) March: well done
Austen Bulfin
Austen Bulfin 29 minutes ago
If India blocks bitch lasagna and congratulations then the rest of the world should be more than welcome to block all of t-series’ videos
NEGRO SLavE 30 minutes ago
This song should b 10 B..
itz- Aplex
itz- Aplex 30 minutes ago
This is not fair 😔😔
Bianca ıs eo
Bianca ıs eo 30 minutes ago
Good job,Felix!👊🏻👌🏻👍🏻
Molly Scott
Molly Scott 31 minute ago
Need a new song to put u in lead again
FaZe cLoakzy
FaZe cLoakzy 31 minute ago
Indian corporation doesn’t seven notice this battle
Demon Crusher
Demon Crusher 31 minute ago
I once went on my dads laptop to sub him to PEWDS he was already subbed
Adam Culaga
Adam Culaga 32 minutes ago
Im gonna remember pewdiepie to the of my life and he will stay in my heart forever ❤❤❤
Ipan Bontang
Ipan Bontang 32 minutes ago
Legends Never Dies
Prologue J
Prologue J 33 minutes ago
Does anyone else don't know what VPN is?
Neome Shiela Nato
Neome Shiela Nato 33 minutes ago
poke-vlogger 33 minutes ago
A big thank you to the person who translated it in sign language now I can finally the song aswell!
vampy the boi
vampy the boi 34 minutes ago
O no is pewds gonna deletus his channel Cri cri
Sarada L2R2
Sarada L2R2 34 minutes ago
Spotify?? XD
Bruning Gt
Bruning Gt 35 minutes ago
*#1 Trending on India*
Covaciu Florin Daniel
Covaciu Florin Daniel 35 minutes ago
Cine e român să dea like
Gabin ets
Gabin ets 35 minutes ago
Halla : Happy T-series
Ethan Chen
Ethan Chen 35 minutes ago
Amazing song
VOLT :P 35 minutes ago
Reactioneaza & joaca cu Alex
bye pewdiepie but we can be stronger dan t-seties let's tell evryone to go sub to pewdiepie we can hit 100.000 and 9 year old army can be stronger and im from Romania and i sub to pewdiepie let's be stronge r 🙋🙋🙌🙌🙆🙆😼😼👦👧 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 go pewdiepie we are next to you .
dynamic Dylan #
dynamic Dylan # 36 minutes ago
Covaciu Florin Daniel
Covaciu Florin Daniel 36 minutes ago
Marysia Chlipala
Marysia Chlipala 37 minutes ago
Pewdiepie KING 👇LIKE
dynamic Dylan #
dynamic Dylan # 35 minutes ago
みんすう 37 minutes ago
Neutral GFX
Neutral GFX 39 minutes ago
T gay
Gacha Kitty
Gacha Kitty 39 minutes ago
iT's your biG dAY
King_Toxic 722
King_Toxic 722 39 minutes ago
Like if this song is a banger
Farhana Tofail
Farhana Tofail 39 minutes ago
I am Bangladeshi but I support pewdipie
Rayk _
Rayk _ 40 minutes ago
T gay
Belal Ayman
Belal Ayman 40 minutes ago
crush: will you do anything for me? Xman: YES, anything XOXO crush: 2:08 Xman: jumps off Burj Khalifa
Ko 40 minutes ago
Hic numerum ab ultimo brofist.
Adolf Hitler kema Judios
T series= Mafia
NoobPlayer 41 minute ago
what is racist in this video why tseries and india lawsuit this tf
Cerberus 41 minute ago
Very Naiiice
Alara gunnarsen
Alara gunnarsen 41 minute ago
My boyfriend; Ew PewDiePie is so ugly, he sucks. Me; babe I have a crush on pewdiepie. We are done, bye.
Ko 41 minute ago
There are actually Latin subtitles...
TheMutantGoat 41 minute ago
They look like they are having so much fun but when you take the music away they are just doing weird dances in a room.
Jahred Lee
Jahred Lee 42 minutes ago
This needs radio play and needs a DJ Khalid remix
Itz Darkeyz
Itz Darkeyz 43 minutes ago
Alara101 Ozyigit
Alara101 Ozyigit 43 minutes ago
:_India Blocks Congratulations_ :_Vpn yea I’d rather not t’siries cause were talking interve community_
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