Dad Catches Son Falling From Ski Lift

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Mar 5, 2019




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Comments 12 548
fxndom trxsh
fxndom trxsh 21 day ago
It really makes my day knowing that there's a spinning whale out there lol
Orchestra Music Channel
I bet its still out there spinning it’s heart out!
Jon T
Jon T 5 days ago
it probably teams on solo showdown tho
Jonathan Meyer
Jonathan Meyer 6 days ago
fxndom trxsh LOL
Pavel S
Pavel S 7 days ago
Was that a sperm whale? Dude has some serious BALLS
Keely Gantz
Keely Gantz 8 days ago
fxndom trxsh awwwwwwwwwww it’s so cute
Family Guy Griffin
Family Guy Griffin 13 hours ago
Is the earth flat?
Michael George
Michael George 16 hours ago
High quality time lapse video. Nah, my WiFi won’t let me see that
ThunderGamer Syn
ThunderGamer Syn 17 hours ago
1:45 Explain This Flat Earthers
Thomas james
Thomas james 20 hours ago
well now theres prove that earth is no flat
YLC Gaming
YLC Gaming Day ago
1:46 As u can see flat earthers, the earth is round
Adam Mendoza
Adam Mendoza Day ago
I knew this would result in a flat earth debate somewhere in the comments 🤣 I didn’t even have to scroll that far!
ReptiG Day ago
0:32 sliding into your dms be like
R4GE_Typhoon Day ago
That whale thing is so cute
Jason Peralta
I love the thunderstorms at 1:45
ServantOfThe MostHigh
1:39 and yall wanna say the earth is flat 😂
Joe KenWood
Joe KenWood 2 days ago
L.whale wants to learn spin however L.whale already know 4 move.Shall a move will be forgetten to learn spin? Yes No
LOVE_ALEX 2 days ago
My dog does that too it howls when I play barking or crying dogs
Perry Orr
Perry Orr 2 days ago
I want a pet whale
BH5 Mods
BH5 Mods 2 days ago
1:39 flat earthers are SHOOK
Dominique Bischof Pinto
1:59 movie intro music
Catnip 2 days ago
was that kermit in the first clip?
Jaris PG
Jaris PG 2 days ago
1:38 Proof flat earthers(I am talking to you Logan Paul)
204 2 days ago
*wow their heroes*
arwyMilo 2 days ago
this guy's videos trap me into continuously watching the one "up next" like no other
Kyle White
Kyle White 2 days ago
that dry sled tho
Caleb Gore
Caleb Gore 2 days ago
they destroyed that beautiful car
NameNick1234 2 days ago
0:32 school and beyond visualized
Storm DBG
Storm DBG 2 days ago
Pradatoru 2 days ago
That was video from ISS not hundreds of pictures 😀
J3BZ 2 days ago
1:28 Hey that's me seeing a slice of pizza!
Rumaisa Imran
Rumaisa Imran 2 days ago
2:54 is beautiful ☺️♥︎
Jelo Pogi
Jelo Pogi 3 days ago
Angel Quintero
Angel Quintero 3 days ago
Someone explain what’s happening in the last clip...
Cosmic Uber
Cosmic Uber 3 days ago
Last video: It’s the mini game in my little pony ;-;
amari hunter
amari hunter 3 days ago
1:40 👀 flat earthers, what’s poppin?
Cheese Square
Cheese Square 3 days ago
nasa photos are fake. no one actually belives in nasa anymore..
UsualMadMan 87
UsualMadMan 87 3 days ago
Take this flat earth believers..... 1:40
Gabriel Rodriguez
the Peru time lapse looks so fake but idk, its cool either way
Nyle The Viking
Nyle The Viking 3 days ago
Damn they really destroyed that old car tho
Alexa Mancha
Alexa Mancha 3 days ago
Its all fake the earth is flat!
Golden Gamers
Golden Gamers 3 days ago
my hands are hecka wet after seeing the first clip
Velociraptor Pupッ
Wheres that video about too people fighting and a person ask a question and make tyem mad
Keith Eifler
Keith Eifler 3 days ago
I'm pretty sure that whale taught the man how to spin...not the other way around lmao.
juntao11 3 days ago
0:31 Looks like FUN! 😑
Lance Uppercut
Lance Uppercut 3 days ago
1.50 flat earthers be trippin
M9ner #MISSVA21
M9ner #MISSVA21 3 days ago
WHY crash a perfect condition bel air and ram it into a modern car! I'm sick!
master ugly
master ugly 4 days ago
The thing is that i know where that place is lol
Fathe G
Fathe G 4 days ago
1:50 @flatearthers
Ember 4 days ago
1:45 show this to the flat earthers
DarK_ Springzz
DarK_ Springzz 4 days ago
My dad would have just dropped me lol
Best Experiments
Best Experiments 4 days ago
See you very very soon
Ivan Debski
Ivan Debski 4 days ago
Puppy: howls Me: that's the cutest thing I've ever seen Car: *starts*
pho sowd
pho sowd 4 days ago
2:54 sees the other timelaps guy from earlier
Sebsen231 4 days ago
Lewis Sheppard
Lewis Sheppard 4 days ago
Two clips there that flat eathers definitely would not like 😂
Cr0wl HD
Cr0wl HD 4 days ago
*free and realistic*
Epoch The Kid
Epoch The Kid 4 days ago
0:22 Lmao
CantThinkofaName STUDIO
I actually saw something quite similar to the title, at this ski/snowboard area know as Hyland hills in minnesota, except the lift was alot lower to the ground. It looked scary
joe shmo
joe shmo 4 days ago
We've never been to space retard
rekamniar 4 days ago
Flat earthers left the room
Jerome Braisher
Jerome Braisher 5 days ago
Best part was at 0:24 i need it on a card lol
Farookh Matawi
Farookh Matawi 5 days ago
Earth, our sparky boi we live on
Natural Monkey specie
so good
Rare Other
Rare Other 5 days ago
Legend says that it's still spinning
Simona Preda
Simona Preda 5 days ago
Jon T
Jon T 5 days ago
that whale is a dynamike main now
Milk Man
Milk Man 5 days ago
1:35 Minecraft zombie sound
Officer Skull
Officer Skull 5 days ago
0:26 That kid in the bottom right with his little skis just slain me with laughter.
Hải Nam Lê Nguyễn
“Cool, I can’t play volleyball with my head- the fuck?”
Mr. Humorless
Mr. Humorless 5 days ago
I could have sworn cars from back then had a stronger metal than newer cars.
Damien Casey
Damien Casey 5 days ago
0:31 when you try to escape prison but you failed
General Paco
General Paco 5 days ago
0:51 me: drives 1940s German staff car Volkswagen.
I Be Zoomin
I Be Zoomin 5 days ago
Æ.X MAVERICK 5 days ago
caleb diehl
caleb diehl 5 days ago
"wow their heroes" best response
LoganD cardenas
LoganD cardenas 5 days ago
1:55 and ppl say the earth is flat 🤣🤣
Ha Vi
Ha Vi 5 days ago
1:28 me when my brother walks away with the last chicken leg back to his room
gacha_ wolf
gacha_ wolf 5 days ago
Oof I had a shield trip to rabbithill today I went skiing then I brok my arm
Vin Attanayake
Vin Attanayake 5 days ago
Me and my school did a newspaper article about that😊👍
Olivia Gauvreau
Olivia Gauvreau 5 days ago
(They are hero’s) in ms piggy voice
Chris Baaij
Chris Baaij 6 days ago
1:39 there you fucking go flat earthers!
Mr NiceSlice
Mr NiceSlice 6 days ago
1:47 flat earthers are triggered
Lance Uppercut
Lance Uppercut 6 days ago
That cat 🍗 🐈 😳!! But soooo 🥺🥰
Hoodie Ro
Hoodie Ro 6 days ago
Is it just me or the person talking in the first part sounds like Kermit the frog 😂😂😂
Max3rn 7 days ago
1:38 coolest thing I’ve ever seen 2:38 cutest thing I’ve ever seen
Kai 7 days ago
0:22 " Wow they are hero's." why does she sound like kermit the frog?
Patsy The Cat
Patsy The Cat 7 days ago
Looking at the cloudy water I think the whale was more than spinning.. 🐳
Hex smiter
Hex smiter 7 days ago
The earth is round
Jinx Fox
Jinx Fox 7 days ago
0:32 0:35 giving up on life be like😂
holynova15 7 days ago
Hero Dad
Krypt GMD
Krypt GMD 7 days ago
I saw that clip of the earth time lapse in a video about dyatlov pass by lemmino. Really surprised I remembered lol
AnonFEAR 7 days ago
Whale then teaches crocs
Why are most of your'e videos gone?
ROFL Videos
ROFL Videos 7 days ago
the dummy driver is not safe
Ke3per88 7 days ago
I always thought hellfire missiles were the small ones fired rapidly from a pod?
10,000 subscribers with no videos
Teaching my dog to howl was the worst mistake of my life
Hat Kid
Hat Kid 8 days ago
How did the camera capture the stars
Matt57 8 days ago
Rumours have it that whale is still spinning ?
Moonman 8 days ago
WTF the earth is actually round
Max PlaysGamez - Shares Gaming Experience & Stuffs
2:53 - 3:13 PERU Was That BEAUTIFUL?? Wow...This Really Made Me Think About What It Must Have Been Back When EVERY Place On Earth *ONCE* Had Those Nighttime Sceneries Before The Age of Industrialization...🤔
Patrik Gross
Patrik Gross 8 days ago
0:22 "Wow! There he rolls"
BLaZiNG HYPE 8 days ago
That whales probably dead
ᗫᙦᖱ ᔣᕾᗗᘘᖽᐸᔜ
1:38 checkmate moron flat-earthners
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