Fortnite - Season 8 - Cinematic Trailer

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Freed from the Ice King’s castle, the now-powerful Prisoner has brought fire and flame to Fortnite and its islands. Pirates, Ninjas and a ship load of new fighters will tussle over treasure, battle with Pirate Cannons and uncover legendary loot.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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Feb 28, 2019




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Comments 13 556
gameking8 2 hours ago
hi fortnite i like u copying a episode of gumball and darwin x marks the spot real original fortnite just copying cuse u want thats mean
Rosana Cardozo
GR IM Day ago
Nobody: 9 year olds: WHAT SEASON DID YOU START PLAYING?!???!?!?
ET Erik
ET Erik Day ago
Is boats coming to fortnite?
ابو الجروح
ابك قيمز اقدر استرجع حسابي المسروق؟
Game Lets Go
Game Lets Go Day ago
Héctor González
0:44 It will be emote?
Football Striker
Football Striker 2 days ago
Ich suchte Fortnite ohne Fortnite würde ich sterben
xBR FZH3 2 days ago
John Jeffy!
John Jeffy! 2 days ago
Season 10: GL1T3CH3S 4RR1V3 Season 11: Glitches take over Season 12: THE WHOLE MAP IS GONE SO YOU CANT PLAY
1,000 subscribers with no video Not CLICKBATE
Hey if anyone would like to give me an account with drift I would be happy to keep it because I missed out On it because It and I really like drift’s final stage, so please let me know on the reply section ;’(
1,000 subscribers with no video Not CLICKBATE
Jay29 I’d really love to have drift
1,000 subscribers with no video Not CLICKBATE
Jay29 do you want to give it away jay
Jay29 Day ago
I have Drift
KK Play
KK Play 3 days ago
KK Play
KK Play 3 days ago
El Demente
El Demente 3 days ago
battle pass free :(
Shadowxfreddyfazbear Xdazbear
Season 9:ooOf tsunamis
Theron Thesing
Theron Thesing 3 days ago
Best season ever!!
KeOnte Gary
KeOnte Gary 3 days ago
how black hart died
Ice King
Ice King 3 days ago
I'm getting a good spot treasure..
Richard Compton
Richard Compton 4 days ago
You know what cinematic trailer of a season I want? Fucknite-Season 0 (also known as Fucknite Dies And The World Gets Back To Playing Real, Actual, Entertaining Games Once Again.), THAT'S the season I want.
Star Wars Hub
Star Wars Hub 2 days ago
+Richard Compton I forgot to say jk sorry lol
Richard Compton
Richard Compton 2 days ago
Uhhh..cause I can be.
Star Wars Hub
Star Wars Hub 2 days ago
Stfu y u here
Missy Rasor
Missy Rasor 4 days ago
Season 4: Season 4 begins NOW Season 5: Worlds Collide Season 6: Darkness Rises Season 7: You Better Watch Out Season 8: X marks the spot Season 9: Defaults vs. the world Season 10: We are running out of ideas. So let’s just destroy half of the island. Season 11: Error
Stumpy Bear
Stumpy Bear 4 days ago
fortnite can’t just keep making more season and battle passes there going to halft to stop at one point tseason 10 should be the last season and battle Royale v2 everything would be the same just new map skins and everything would reset and all new guns just an idea
Arnpun 13456
Arnpun 13456 3 days ago
Liam da Lemon!
Liam da Lemon! 4 days ago
I love how the ice king is just chilling
dinalie charente
dinalie charente 5 days ago
l arc
Julien Biondolillo
So fortnite you want a war with pirates i see ? Old pirates rise up, you will feel whats it's feel kids.
Jack Trap
Jack Trap 5 days ago
Hey fortnite i have to tell you something Everyone is playing creative destruction Tfue is playing creative destruction
Jmegalodon 6 days ago
What season did start playing in 1-3 like 4-8 comment
NiviTY 6 days ago
Who also want streched on console leave a like on that comment🙏🙏
NiviTY 6 days ago
Hi epic i think that it would be a cool option to play streched on consoles like Xbox or Ps4
Ragnhilde 7 days ago
am i the only one that get summer feelings in this video?
Harry Playz Roblox
Gotta go
Harry Playz Roblox
Omg so dramatic, but cool😎
Chug Jug
Chug Jug 8 days ago
0:44 who noticed the boogie bombs
android-gaming dz
Aboné andi
GAMER Niko 8 days ago
Dont remove the getaway
Raul Sasca
Raul Sasca 8 days ago
De ce numi da battel passul??
Raul Sasca
Raul Sasca 8 days ago
Ba bulangiilor de ce nu ma lasati sami descarc jocul??
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross 8 days ago
Fortnite in creative you should put in the old maps like 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 mostly season 3 because I started in season 3 and I want to see dusty depot old factories o g race track old castle greasy grove motel wailing woods tomato town moisty mire anarchy acres and the guns that were in the time of those seasons and 1reason to do is you let the new players get a experience of those old time
Louis West
Louis West 9 days ago
This is a question to epic games: will you add anything else to the prisoner set like new style a wrap a dance a glider or pick axe if you read this please reply
Cole Thomason
Cole Thomason 9 days ago
Odd how the X is exactly at Polar Peak at the end 🤔
Layla Harrison
Layla Harrison 7 days ago
Theory confirmed
Juicy Wynor
Juicy Wynor 9 days ago
This season made me stop fortnite and play apex lol
Zeferinito Tovar
Zeferinito Tovar 9 days ago
Who likes fortnite if you do like this comment
Ace. 7 days ago
+Samer Bou Nassif Chill out. Double pump was a big bug, no way that will be implemented into the game again, unless some big mess up happens. Drum gun was too op, tactical smg was too op, and having the same boring old season 1 map would make this game seem boring. This is a really good game, but I hate the fortnite commuity.
Samer Bou Nassif
Samer Bou Nassif 8 days ago
Zeferinito Tovar You only got two likes because no one does that’s why they should bring double pump the drum gun and the tactical SMG back to the game and that’s how funny would be the best game with y’all was also one of the season one OG places that should get back in the game so funny made a big mistake removing this
Diamond Tester
Diamond Tester 9 days ago
Why is there no jack sparrow skin
spicy 9 days ago
apex legends
100 subs without any videos challenge
fortnite didn’t copy sea of thieves or pirates of the Caribbean *_they copied donkey kong_*
Keegan Brooks
Keegan Brooks 10 days ago
bring everything back in creative including the infinity blade and guided missle(all vaulted things) thats all i want.
Sylveonies 10 days ago
This seasons tier 100 skin is the best, not too complicated, but simple!
Cristian Reyes
Cristian Reyes 10 days ago
E Fornite también saca ofertas exclusivas para el Nitendo Switch
Mane Plays
Mane Plays 10 days ago
lol whos hyped for season 9 xdxdxd lmao
Dayhawk Reklipz
Dayhawk Reklipz 10 days ago
Can you bring the jack gourdon back to the item shop on may 27th or 28th, you will get like 25 bucks from me if you do bc of vbucks
twisted ranger
twisted ranger 11 days ago
Eve :3
Eve :3 11 days ago
I started in Season 2 Where you at Season 2 Squad?
Quanster Is not funny
Season 2 as well but I didn’t play at all
Ninjashyper 2668
Ninjashyper 2668 3 days ago
Eve :3 here
Pakonja 4 days ago
Season 7 at January 16
t.s.e.l.v.i.n 11 days ago
Pineapple Gacha
Pineapple Gacha 11 days ago
Epic games cant think of an original idea so they ahve to rip of sea of thieves literally same cartoonish looks
supersmash4am 11 days ago
Bruh fortnite has had this art style way before sea of thieves lol
jon bon jovi d
jon bon jovi d 11 days ago
Ryze? Aren't you supposed to be in League of Legends?
Bonk! 11 days ago
Why is this game still a thing.
Lucky charns
Lucky charns 11 days ago
No tengo fortmite :v
Sonny Emmanuel
Sonny Emmanuel 11 days ago
From 0 to 100 how good are you at fortnite
Bishoy Maher
Bishoy Maher 12 days ago
Who comes from season 12
Jesus Vargas
Jesus Vargas 12 days ago
you can epic games put in the galaxy sasung j4 the fortnite please
Johnson Abraham
Johnson Abraham 12 days ago
So polar peak is on the map at the end... ok, where the ice king comes from The lagoon, where the pirate comes from The volcano... where the prisoner comes from But Why is Dusty Marked Out???🤔🤔🤔
Pixel gamer
Pixel gamer 12 days ago
Epic games we need a Gears of War in fortnite I wouldn't mind playing as Carmine
Mini Jo77a
Mini Jo77a 12 days ago
Who play from season 1 like
Team Fortress Fan
Team Fortress Fan 12 days ago
Dear fortnite,you are making childrens don't make learn so i am serious right now you need to discard this game for 2 days cause parents are getting mad of the fortnite game,please discard this game just like 2 days cause children's parents are getting so mad,i am serious.
シDxnnyPlayzツ 11 days ago
Best Grammar 10/10 -IGN.
hot fuzz
hot fuzz 12 days ago
Add the sword back to creative 😇
SirSwagalishus 12 days ago
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EPIC MAKE IT SO THAT PEOPLE UNDER 13 CAN PLAY IN THE FORTNITE WORLD CUP THERE ARE A TON OF KIDS WHO ARE 11 AND 12 WHO WANT TO PLAY AND who knows? Maybe one of us will win? Please epic take my request into consideration at least allow middle schoolers and above please you’d be even more of a legend please. I speak on behalf of all the underage kids out there and I rest my case. (Please).
Adolfo Canales Z
Adolfo Canales Z 12 days ago
Alfons Acordagoitia
7 Mikansei 7
7 Mikansei 7 13 days ago
Watched this trailer like a hundred times... Never got bored, not even a second!
Taaamas 13 days ago
Someone call Joe Neate, we got a red alert
AMALIA SALCIE 13 days ago
yes sezon 8
Project Zorgo Member75
1 like equals 1 solo win
reyan 707
reyan 707 13 days ago
Andris Ciekals
Andris Ciekals 13 days ago
I hate session 8
Ja'Kierius Glover
Ja'Kierius Glover 13 days ago
Epic can you bring sunbird back in the item shop that was my favorite skin I forgot to get her please
Nathan R Starr
Nathan R Starr 11 days ago
i got her
BruhItzPøtion21 MC
I liked the Pirate Whistle at 0:48
Dark Hearts
Dark Hearts 14 days ago
Sandris Fenge
Sandris Fenge 14 days ago
My acount is promptedRook173
Sandris Fenge
Sandris Fenge 14 days ago
Epic please can i have rainigaid raider
MALB Backup
MALB Backup 14 days ago
Fortnite is killing children's brains
PhoebeKatherine Gem
The total of dislikes, likes, views and comments are how many people plays fortnite
Fubuki Shirou
Fubuki Shirou 14 days ago
dimitris anogiannakis
OMG you re good nice epic games tharks you fortnite game my thanks so you
Hayden Batboy
Hayden Batboy 14 days ago
I first played at season 4
mekanix 094
mekanix 094 14 days ago
Victoria total season 8 wuju
SteinTV 14 days ago
Who else got the Battle Pass for free?
afy430 14 days ago
WDSA 14 days ago
Why does this sound a lot like Star Wars
ITz 14 days ago
Press F for respect
oonagh morgan
oonagh morgan 14 days ago
Royal Gaming
Royal Gaming 14 days ago
apa cuma gua yang ngerasa kalo bundel fortnite di plagiatin free fire
Kabeer Malik
Kabeer Malik 14 days ago
Apex legend sucks
Kabeer Malik
Kabeer Malik 14 days ago
Saeson 8
Nader Al-motere
Nader Al-motere 14 days ago
NAME 14 days ago
Just wondering if anyone noticed the hybrids were holding boggie bombs or am i just too far off?
د ص ع لسيارات
متا تسون سيرفر عربي
LIGHTER 14 days ago
*Why Donald Trump likes Fortnite?* *Because there's free walls*
abbi osborne
abbi osborne 14 days ago
Plzzzzzzzzzzzz bring one shot back like so they notice
Holograpics GT
Holograpics GT 14 days ago
why does my game doesn't have any music in lobby or gun shots in game. if have any ideas pls reply becausr is not worth to play, if fortnite / epic games fixing this sonn then okay..
Music Distinctive
Music Distinctive 14 days ago
Please support the Huner X8
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