GOTTA SEE IT: Malcolm Subban Gets In Referee’s Face While Arguing Goal Call

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Watch as Malcolm Subban gets in the referee’s face after he disagrees with a Calgary Flames goal.
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Mar 11, 2019




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Comments 569
BigAlvideos101 4 days ago
A yapper- just like his big brother! Good to know that being a whiner runs in the Subban family!
kkitty44 13 days ago
And no audio?
Frank 13 days ago
These coloreds don't know how to act toward authority figures.
Kawaii WEEABOO Unicorn
The thumbnail...I thought they were kissing 😂
Sauga Direct
Sauga Direct 14 days ago
White goalie shaking his head at aggressive black goalie
Alexandre Joly
Alexandre Joly 14 days ago
Yikes. You cant be a backup goaltender, letting in 4 goals in 2 periods, taking a 2nd intermission unsportsmanlike penalty in a 1-goal game. 0/10 awareness/maturity.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 14 days ago
Why couldn’t this have happened in February
Ed C
Ed C 14 days ago
Just happens to be black....
Leo Legitime
Leo Legitime 14 days ago
Tuch just wanted tout show people that he Is Superior . I hate when players does that . If it would crosby Do u honestly think tuch would have act like that ?
Richard T
Richard T 14 days ago
Was that goalie black
John Hunter
John Hunter 14 days ago
Looks like both Subbans are douches
njenney 14 days ago
Gotta see what? Nothing.
blah blah
blah blah 14 days ago
Crybaby golden losers. Pathetic they let Vegas have a team. Pathetic they let any state in the south have a team.
Fascisté français canadien
damn negger. woulda knocked his bwack ass out. wtf he doing playing hockey anyways? hes garbage with a capital STINK
6ix 9ine
6ix 9ine 14 days ago
Subban when he knows calgary's is better
Blaise Rondeau
Blaise Rondeau 14 days ago
Vegas clowns.
PurpleHairClip 14 days ago
Please don't bring the culture of these "people" into hockey... Go and play basketball or something.
Matthew Joseph
Matthew Joseph 14 days ago
I like turtles
Bip Nop
Bip Nop 14 days ago
He's black
sebeazzurri 14 days ago
Where is the commentary?
Nick Harder
Nick Harder 14 days ago
This isn't football. Get off the ice if you're going to act like a toddler
Alexander Yu
Alexander Yu 14 days ago
Lets Go Flames Lets Go!!!!!!!!
TheDrCarpy 14 days ago
Hey white folks! If Black folks cared about hockey, we'd have taken over long ago. Signed NBA, NFL, Boxing, MMA, and virtually every other sport. PS. Another example of why Media is the propaganda wing of white supremacy. Sportsnet is acting like this is the first time a goaltender has ever gotten mad in NHL history.
TheDrCarpy 13 days ago
+CanadianFlamer what's at the end of Caucasian? Asian. You're like white supremacy deputies. What's your experience with Anti-Blackness? Nothing. So stay in your lane. Did John Tortarella bench his captain Foligno for not being on the ice and allowing a goal last night? Nope. He sure as hell made sure to embarrass Anthony Duclair and publicly over a 1st period mistake. I don't care if you and other people want to pretend the world is equal. I'm here to tell you it's not. You should come to my nephew's hockey game where crowds mistreat him. This year, he had a banana thrown at him. He's 9. But again, thanks for pretending race doesn't matter. It's says a lot about you.
CanadianFlamer 13 days ago
TheDrCarpy Dude. Im Asian. Clearly, you’re no better, ya hypocrite. As I said, colour really doesn’t matter. It’s what you do as a person that matters. When you make colour matter, then what I’ve seen throughout history, that is what makes you racist.
TheDrCarpy 14 days ago
+CanadianFlamer says a white person. Billy Smith, Ron Hextall, and several others have done the same thing. Spoiler alert. The world is racial. Just because you can ignore it because of whiteness, doesn't mean it's not real.
CanadianFlamer 14 days ago
Colour doesnt have to do with any of this. He literally went into the ref’s face about the call after the intermission was done. Any other goalie who did the same would get the same treatment from the media. Its only racist, if you make it racist.
matt kuch
matt kuch 14 days ago
Watched it back a couple times at .5 speed, don't think it's interference but shittiest editing so maybe there's a better angle
Wake Up Canuck
Wake Up Canuck 14 days ago
Cassie Campbell couldn’t get her 2 cents in.
bob Hamilton
bob Hamilton 14 days ago
How tf is this number 4 trending
J D 14 days ago
No replays or commentary to expand on the situation and an abrupt, deafening outro. Signature SN video.
Super Slovak
Super Slovak 14 days ago
I really hope they suspend him for threatening an official. We will see how tough the big ape is then. Probably beats his wife.
Glenn Anderson
Glenn Anderson 14 days ago
Camp Cool CJ _redbull
700th like
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 14 days ago
So uncivilized. That being said this video does not really present enough background information. Perhaps the archives are incomplete?
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 14 days ago
+Millennium Falcon You say that like I'm not the authentic Obi-Wan Kenobi. ;-)
Millennium Falcon
Millennium Falcon 14 days ago
Lol. You really play the part.
Angelo Da conceicao
Referees are Bad this year very not doing a good job to Vancouver Time for them locked out
Joe Maciel
Joe Maciel 14 days ago
How'd that work out ? Off you go junior ....
Renew Crew
Renew Crew 14 days ago
That’s one way to make yourself look stupid..... his brother taught him well hahahahahahahahahahah
Adam T
Adam T 14 days ago
Man those Subban brothers are a bunch of damn babies
Leafs Forever
Leafs Forever 14 days ago
Adam T agreed - but be careful what you say - they’ll pull the race card etc ....
S W 14 days ago
Typical goon.
john mac
john mac 14 days ago
Just like his brother
fry mclizzi
fry mclizzi 14 days ago
GOTTA SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!
savage beast
savage beast 14 days ago
Subban did a good job yelling at the ref
DurdyClaude 14 days ago
His momma says he's right....
Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon 14 days ago
goradhen 15 days ago
4 classless Subban out of 5
SennaFan 15 days ago
Good for subs
Army of Two:daily uploads and more
Should have stayed in the net u dumb fuk
judge sim
judge sim 15 days ago
gorilla behavior
Knights fan 71
Knights fan 71 15 days ago
the knights got to get rid suban he is no good he does not belong on any team
goalie2998 15 days ago
Its cause hes black
BEAB Boys 15 days ago
Now you know how we feel after last game
Nitro Kiituri7
Nitro Kiituri7 15 days ago
I showed this to my brother Now he is a Hotel? TRIVAGO!
sam93931 15 days ago
Good call, difference between this one and the last refused one is the blue crease. You're outside of it, watch out goalie.
rita the cat
rita the cat 15 days ago
You can't touch a goalie in his crease. Ref needs a fine or a suspension.
ShawnDon MMA
ShawnDon MMA 15 days ago
This was ignorant, doesn’t surprise me
infamousKONVICT 15 days ago
Good for Calgary that he didn't get ejected.
Hockey #67
Hockey #67 15 days ago
Too bad he wasn't mic'd up
FreddyXP 15 days ago
Whoever edited this video needs to be fired, zero context through the video
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 15 days ago
Typical monkey give him a banana
tristan vandergroef
The refs this year are so soft it's pathetic, someone says anything to them they get all defensive and throw you out or throw penalties at you it's a joke. Your making hundreds of thousands of dollars a season for this trash.
Conrad Vogel
Conrad Vogel 15 days ago
@sportsnet - pretty cool that you're letting 3rd graders edit your videos now.
JakeEtt93 15 days ago
I bet if this were Anderson arguing a good call, sports net would have at least 2 videos with a length of 5 to 10 minutes.
LandofMcrice 15 days ago
A lot of racist dipshits decided to come out their cage tonight. You guys mad a black dude is more skilled than all of y'all combined. Get a life you disappointments
Aciop Seim
Aciop Seim 15 days ago
that's some hard R ing right there
Tommy 15 days ago
Malcolm's first step to becoming as hated as PK
Leafs Forever
Leafs Forever 14 days ago
Tommy amen to that !!!
Ashly Montoya
Ashly Montoya 15 days ago
What happened to Malcom Subban?
Uwais Motala
Uwais Motala 15 days ago
you gotta love whites popping off their last hopes of racism.. they were very quick to label The Vegas shooter as a chimp .. only and always it's whites who pull the race card dehumanize ppl envy show jealousy when blacks (or someone not white trash) are living or one guy shows emotion cuz of hockey , only racist white monkeys pop off. they drool for this stuff, to agitate n provoke .. lets see how long they think their version of "Freedom" and "Rights" to hate lasts.
This Guy
This Guy 15 days ago
Cujo tackled a ref and didn't get tossed out this fast LOL
Devon Miller
Devon Miller 15 days ago
Perhaps explain to us what happened?
Joseph Gebacken
Joseph Gebacken 15 days ago
baby like his brother
LOSTINDAkLOUDS 15 days ago
Subban was wrong for this. Unless I'm watching a different video. He was at the top of crease and I still dont see any interference lol
eX DSN 15 days ago
Get a new editor
The Shockmaster
The Shockmaster 15 days ago
the refs are complete garbage
Bullock0099 15 days ago
Yes, but in this instance, it was absolutely the correct call.
DanTV 15 days ago
Ejected !!! Unsportsmanlike conduct !!!
bepriceless 15 days ago
Terrible video.
barry dingle
barry dingle 15 days ago
What Vegas has another goalie?
barry dingle
barry dingle 14 days ago
+Samantha Julia i was kidding. I know every team has a backup goalie. Its rare i see this teams backup.
Samantha Julia
Samantha Julia 14 days ago
barry dingle Subban is the backup goalie, Fleury wasn’t playing I think because his wife was in labor so he had to be able to leave at a moment’s notice
Jay NHSOB 15 days ago
Black niggas never use to play hockey please get them that fck out
Trevor vanhout
Trevor vanhout 15 days ago
Man I thought he was different then his brother. Last thing the league needs is another subban
Uwais Motala
Uwais Motala 15 days ago
one hour ago you made the dumbest comment of your life.. there are three..deal with it. we don't need fans like you poisoning the game
yotta93 meister
yotta93 meister 15 days ago
Goalies are soft change my mind
Millennium Falcon
Millennium Falcon 14 days ago
No one cared to change your mind or your broad, generalized statement.
Richard Scranton
Richard Scranton 14 days ago
Fight one that will change your mind real fast.
Kara Savoie
Kara Savoie 15 days ago
This kid doesnt deserve to be in the NHL. He can thank his brother for everything hes got.
RJ Davidson
RJ Davidson 15 days ago
Kara Savoie I’m sorry? You honestly think someone can make it into the NHL with just a name? You need a reality check.
VANDEE 15 days ago
TheMontage 47
TheMontage 47 15 days ago
I like Malcom subban and the fact that he express’s himself like a lot of other players
Dominic Braganini
Dominic Braganini 15 days ago
It's v disappointing to see some of the comments on this video. Malcom arguing his point has nothing to do w his race. He is a passionate professional, and yeah, could have handled himself better by not chasing the ref around, but some of y'all should be embarrassed about your comments, I know I am. There's no place in our game for racism, go be a troll elsewhere.
Smart Boi
Smart Boi 15 days ago
Look at 0:28. The ref skates beside subban just in case he fights the opposing goalie.
Gh0stBustaz11 15 days ago
I am disgusted by the amount of racist comments on here. Completely ridiculous that this still goes on in the 21st century... Subban is a passionate hockey player, when he thought he was interfered with, he went to argue his case. Refs have been terrible this year as is so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually supposed to be interference.
Hafman haffamazn
Hafman haffamazn 15 days ago
Sour shittay sore loser Subban acting so unprofessional. Bum. Suck it up buttercup, be happy your brother paved the way and is the reason you got a shot in the NHL.
II Am Jesus
II Am Jesus 15 days ago
Dumb monkey
Pen S
Pen S 15 days ago
The refs did review it...it's a good goal
Hank Mardukas
Hank Mardukas 15 days ago
He head-butted the ref, appeared to get kicked out... and was allowed to return? Did Vegas give the ref a briefcase full of money in the intermission?
TDogDragon 15 days ago
If you check out the link at the end of the video to take you to the highlights of that game, and then fast forward to 2:35 you will be able to see what led up to the goal and shortly after there is a overhead replay showing what happened. When I saw the replay, it was goalie interference without a doubt.
TDogDragon 15 days ago
+Bullock0099 Likewise and Thanks for explaining goalie interference.
Bullock0099 15 days ago
+TDogDragon No, it's incidental contact. The only way it could by definition be called interference is if Backlund intentionally initiated some sort of contact. If your version of the rules was correct, half of the goals scored in the entire history of hockey would not count. I appreciate the debate though.
TDogDragon 15 days ago
+Bullock0099 Backland is allowed space outside of the blue paint and yes Subban initiates the contact by moving his arm; however, Subban is attempting to make a save on a shot which is why he is moving his arm. Subban is not trying to hit Backland. Backland just so happened to be in the area Subban moves his arm resulting in Subban making contact with his body. This stops Subban from being able to make or attempt to make a save on the shot. This is why I think it is goaltender interference.
Bullock0099 15 days ago
Explain? Subban initiates the contact. Backland is allowed his space outside of the blue paint. This is a textbook example of what is NOT goaltender interference.
Seany Boi
Seany Boi 15 days ago
He looks just like P.K
MrKushpop 15 days ago
That's just how angry black dudes communicate, a sniffing of the shoulder.
Mack10 15 days ago
Great to see goalies still getting pissed!
Sean Metivier
Sean Metivier 15 days ago
Tfw the number of comments calling him subhuman monkey outweighs the simple "ass hole" or "can never talk to refs like that" comments.
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 15 days ago
So what the hell happened? The commentary cut out and there was no replay.
Bullock0099 15 days ago
+Borat Sagdiyev fivid.net/video/video-RNSQntHxhKQ.html
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 15 days ago
Bullock0099 his reaction was in response to the goal...
Bullock0099 15 days ago
This video is about Subban's reaction. Not the goal. Watch the full highlight package and you will see all that.
Borat Sagdiyev
Borat Sagdiyev 15 days ago
Bullock0099 the play didn't happen during the break
Bullock0099 15 days ago
Because it happened during the comercial break.
Ambīlis tv
Ambīlis tv 15 days ago
Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott 15 days ago
thanks for earraping the outro
D D 15 days ago
Sub ban should have been thrown out. He’s a nobody to have attitude like that with a Ref.
WakeTheDead300 15 days ago
There were some shots he should have stopped tonight. Getting like that isn’t gonna help.
CONSOLETRUTH2 15 days ago
To quote Huey from THE BOONDOCKS..... "Malcim Subban just had his niggah moment!"
TUT of HUT 15 days ago
He just got mad because he sucks. Doesn’t deserve to be in the show. Always hungry league lifer...
Sierra Vortec
Sierra Vortec 15 days ago
I really hope hockey doesn’t turn into basketball in the sense no players have the slightest respect or the officials
TheDrCarpy 11 days ago
+Frank Most violent crime is committed by white folks. Here's a link to the FBI crime stats. ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/topic-pages/tables/table-21 White folks are almost 3x that of Blacks.
Frank 13 days ago
Sierra Vortec these negros need to learn how to control themselves. That's also why they have so many problems with police. Also because so many of them are violent criminals
Pierre Dessein
Pierre Dessein 14 days ago
You mean dominated by Africans?
shmikeyify 15 days ago
Coach shoulda went out there and bumped chests with the ref and attempt to kick ice shavings at each other.
Nate 15 days ago
"Africa's Most Deadliest"
Allec Anderson
Allec Anderson 14 days ago
+Nate Africans make up 36 percent of Canada's origin, not to mention there are plenty of white Africans. and not every black person is African.
Th30n3Only 14 days ago
Nate What?? Just because he isn’t in the majority group of Canadians it doesn’t mean he isn’t a Canadian. People like you are lowering our nations IQ.
Nate 14 days ago
+Allec Anderson You can take the bonobo out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the bonobo. Also, ethnic Canadians are White, not African, so he's not really a Canadian, just a guest.
Allec Anderson
Allec Anderson 14 days ago
you do realize the subban brothers were born and raised in canada
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