Half in the Bag: Captain Marvel

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Mar 12, 2019




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The Ban Man
The Ban Man 38 minutes ago
This video convinced the DNC
Brett Warren
Brett Warren Hour ago
They should have based Captain Marvel more on Daria, or Enid from Ghost world. Daria is a bit of an alien in her world, uses sarcasm as a defense against what she can't (or doesn't want to) understand; often ends up helping the people around her, but also has enough depth to make mistakes and learn from/admit when she's wrong. Carol Danvers is just... snarky and distant the majority of the time and kinda stays that way because there's nothing to prove that M.O. isn't always beneficial. She's just kinda... right... and that rightness is rewarded with godlike power. Yay.
TrevorBOB 2 hours ago
She can breathe in space? Like really? Just have her use her suit helmet. She's still a freaking human
dawrentz 2 hours ago
I can’t listen to these white dudes
proudfootz 3 hours ago
Is there a movie review hidden here somewhere?
Noah Larsen
Noah Larsen 4 hours ago
I just saw Captain Marvel..... It's bad, good, just ok, enjoyable, and boring. 😂 so it's ok.
Ed Morris
Ed Morris 4 hours ago
I enjoyed Captain Marvel, I thought it was very entertaining. I also loved this critique, even if I am not quite in agreement with the boys.
stirred, not shaken
Fuck Madison, I’m moving to Milwaukee.
MichaelAarons1701 6 hours ago
What’s worse is there were a number of people (particularly ladies) who followed up Mar-Vell (a dude originally) as “Captain Marvel” in Marvel Comics and the first one was a black chick name Monic Rambeau who appears in this film as a little girl. Damn white bitch denied a black female lead. Now black chicks have to once again fall back on Catwoman for black, female comic book films while Brie Larson make yet another white woman comic book movie that once again pales heavily compared to Wonder Woman.
Mihnea Stangescu
Mihnea Stangescu 6 hours ago
Rofl did Brie Larson really say the US is 30% white men, 30% white women, 20% black men, 20% black women? I mean....are Hispanics black now or something? Are there no Asians in the US?
Jake JJacob
Jake JJacob 11 hours ago
Just found your channel recently, watched nearly all you videos, there all great, love what you guys are doing, please please please never stop. You now have a fan from Ireland, cheers bye.
negro jones
negro jones 14 hours ago
it was a piece of dog shit, lets be honest folks
DevilGearHill 5 hours ago
Did not watch it. I am tired of this superhero bullshit. All of it.
aaron marko
aaron marko 14 hours ago
How much did PBR pay you cowards to promote their corporate slop on your show, you fucking frauds
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 15 hours ago
I do want to point out that there is nothing wrong with an artist (Brie Larson) wanting to share their art/entertainment with people who they think might be impacted by it & might not otherwise get to see the movie by raising money for charity. I know it's part of the humor on this channel (which I am a big fan of), but I mean look at the comments, doing stuff like that feeds into the fucking maelstrom (regardless of what side of the issue you land on) this solid if unremarkable marvel movie has been dropped into. But then again a FIvid comment section isn't C-SPAN so what was I expecting.
Cody Jurgens
Cody Jurgens 16 hours ago
Mars Cheese Castle is in Kenosha you hack frauds.
Yudha Christianto
Yudha Christianto 18 hours ago
now let's bring "The Nerd Crews" back
TrevorBOB 18 hours ago
Also, ya know, dads bringing their daughters to the movies are mostly 40-year-old white men
TheBrendon67 18 hours ago
“Where’s your head at?” “Up my _________...”
R M 21 hour ago
I fucking love a good fish fry
Doug Crane
Doug Crane 22 hours ago
wait, if Carol Danvers's friend's daughter is 11, and Carol has been gone for 6 years, how the hell was she like, "hey mom! its's aunt carol!"?
j 22 hours ago
Genius ending.
Soy Lo
Soy Lo 23 hours ago
You guys are hysterical!
Emperor James
Yes, fuck Miami.
Yeshua Yackofski
A wrinkle in time was a huge farce. I wouldn't let my children see a movie that was completely changed from the book. So we bought the book instead. A wrinkle in time was made for one person. Ophrah. Her huge ego. that is what the movie was for. They absolutely did not have the audience in mind.
spaghetti plays guitar
Is this a movie review or is this 38 minutes of 2 guys complaining about Milwaukee
pop universe
pop universe Day ago
Liked just because of the thumbnail
A.G.M Day ago
The Midwest is so fucked up
Gölök Z L F Buday
Well the race thing is fair here, if you consider Monica Rambeau.
Couple comparissons to other Marvel movies they missed: Thor had the premise of an alien coming to Earth, and it was portrayed way better. He was consistent in his persona: not a moron who was perplexed by everything, but at times his alien habits clashed with the Earth norms, like breaking a mug in a diner. Nick Fury using scotch tape to take a fingerprint off his badge and use it on a door was already done in Ant-Man.
Michelle Foucault
I feel like Marielle Heller would have done a better job writing and directing. I also feel like Brie lacks some range.
Michelle Foucault
In terms of the scandal, thanks for articulating my thoughts.
Bazarov Day ago
More women of color should be underpaid destitute freelance film critics.
The little "Star Wars" interview compilation in the middle of the video actually made my entire body begin to contort and twist in new, painful ways I never would have thought imaginable due to the massive amounts of pure, and raw cringe I suffered. Please, have a warning before showing such abrasive and harmful content.
geonerd Day ago
Got meds? LOL!!!
kfzofa Day ago
Why was she even cast? Horrible
Alex G
Alex G Day ago
Alita: Battle Angel > Captain Marvel
parodie non richieste
gwen stefani just a girl song in the movie was cringey A F
alwaysxnever Day ago
Brie as Marvel wasn't a sufficient anchor for the film. I liked most of everything around her but found her just to be adequate. I am looking forward to how she interacts with the Avengers. Not so much for her individual story.
Paul Zapata
Paul Zapata Day ago
This is the first Half in the Bag that made me kinda depressed as I was laughing.
alwaysxnever Day ago
I like how Jay broke it down. She was asking for more diverse voices in reviews, but her snarkiness was off-putting for most people. I would have appreciated the film if it played out like Mike suggested more.
BlueSpawn Day ago
You guys gave a free promo to CM. Should've done a review on Alita!
Alex G
Alex G Day ago
If we shouldn't care about white critics, does that mean the 98% rotten tomatoes on Black Panther, Get Out, and Us isn't an important milestone? Pick one?
Alex G
Alex G Day ago
Captain Marvel was even murkier than Solo
Deamon3217 Day ago
Usually in movies main hero goes through a journey to become a better version of himself. In this movie, main hero goes through a journey to become an ignorant bitch, who listens to noone. Consider this!
walkingcubkid 2 days ago
The only hoopla wonder woman got was great reviews, a little bit about empowering women thing, but they didn’t go overboard with that and called critics sexist or morons (thought critics are morons for giving ghostbusters 2016 a good review, even though it’s utter shit). WB and the team behind Wonder Woman played it cool, unlike Disney and the team behind captain marvel.
I like how the actress is only supersuccesful in real life because she accidentally got a pretty face, then ends up playing a character who gets supersuccesful because she accidentally got a superpowered body. I also like how this Super Privilege allows the character to commit crimes without consequences. But most of all I like how this capitalist super/nerdploitation cash grab, cynically disguised as an egalitarian achievement, is viewed en mass as a big step forward on the road to... where was it again humanity was trying to go? I keep forgetting. If all characters are now to become symbols for social issues, why not just cut out the middleman. Leave the projection screen empty so we can all project our personal defects on it ourselves. No boring run-of-the-mill script required.
Rohan Narain
Rohan Narain 2 days ago
Thanks for mocking geeks and gamers. Jeremy is such a whiny bitch, even though I agree with his points on paper. But man, he's insufferable. He'll make the same video over and over again, but with a different title, bitching about the same thing, over and over and over again.
Misc Sloan
Misc Sloan 2 days ago
red letter media is completely out of touch. They should read their youtube comment section and see how brie Larsons manner and behaviour is basically how all the kids talk these days.
AlcatrazPrsnr01 2 days ago
Thank god a rational review of Captain Marvel thanks guys
likenem 2 days ago
Does Milwaukee have a Micro brewery that serves 12% beer, because if so I will go
waycon 2 days ago
Ben Mendelsohn was the best thing in this movie rest was very bland
Noah Harned
Noah Harned 2 days ago
I had more of a problem with the blatant and random use of Come as You Are By Nirvana. I was just like, "okay sure..." *cringes*
Marius Holmberts
Marius Holmberts 2 days ago
Most of these superhero movies suck imo.
evan smith
evan smith 2 days ago
Well said guys Of all the injustice famine flood terrorism and the biggest struggle for Brie is the balance of film critics . Proving that many movie stars live in a bubble wrap.
Renegade 2 days ago
I don't understand how this all Brie Larson story has to do with the movie. And I don't give a shit about her as a person. Why can't we separate this two things?
SR 2 days ago
Nip at 17:39
Django Kill-Wright
Unless you're a shitty comic book character, check your intersectional privilege
Jay Byrd
Jay Byrd 2 days ago
Politics aside, comic book movies are fuckin stupid!
Lori Jay
Lori Jay 2 days ago
I do not like Brie Larson very much. I do think she was misscast but my god, those people who create world war 3 on the internet and want to boycott the movie just because the lead actress is unlikeable is fu**ing ridiculous. Also, the 'white knights' that claim this movie is a masterpiece just because it's 'female empowering' are also just as bad. All this fighting and acting like children who got their feelings hurt and it's all for a simple thing as a movie that turns out to be mediocre? GREAT JOB INTERNET! The human race if fu**ed
Maxson At The Fort
Brie Larson is so full of herself, that wired interview she had was just bad. She literally treated over 70% of the questions like harassment or insult.
Bitchy Yahya
Bitchy Yahya 2 days ago
Captain No Ass!
Antone Cruz
Antone Cruz 2 days ago
geeks and gamers is shaking right now
Nícolas Mallmann
"Now, I haven't seen it!" (Perfect!)
Artifex Rex
Artifex Rex 2 days ago
Does PBR let everyone use there beer in movies?
ericbilly 2 days ago
The Walk Her Inn Drag Her Out Pub website has a gallery that really shows you why its The Place To Be
Chern69 2 days ago
You could have put a 2 x 4 with boobs as the main character, and it would have made no difference...
jeroti187 2 days ago
To me Captain Marvel ranks along with Iron Man 2 and Thor 2. The effects were pretty good, the story was weak, and Brie's delivery was poor.
craig storey
craig storey 2 days ago
The MCU takes a solid shot to the dick. Eat the swill piggies we care about issues.......
The Name's Revan, Darth Revan
This is what happens when you shove politics down people’s throats
jgould30 2 days ago
The issue is that all she does is see people by identities. That's horrible.
Eye Patch
Eye Patch 2 days ago
Why actor turns into politics and always is cringe as fuck, they are fucking actors literally upholstered in money why should their fucking biased and so obviously virtue signaling maketied shit must matter to anyone JUST STOP STOOOOOOOOOOP!!.
SHC Demolisher
SHC Demolisher 2 days ago
'First female lead superhero movie', DID EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT WONDERWOMAN!? Come on people! Great video, by the way. Very thoughtful and interesting. :)
ActionHank75 2 days ago
0:54 Shid
Bob Thornton
Bob Thornton 2 days ago
The thing I don't get about this, the book "A wrinkle in time" was wrote with a christian perspective, either adaptation of that book from book to screen lacked that. I don't see why the films couldn't have that perspective. One adaptation was all white, one adaptation was biracial, wtf? It's about race?
Mikael Nilsson
Mikael Nilsson 3 days ago
Little known fact is that Brie Larson actually tried out for another Marvel character before Captain Potatohead. She auditioned for Groot first but they found her to be to wooden for that role...
conker690 3 days ago
I wonder if any of the other white dudes who watched this movie noticed that Nick Fury, badass commander of the avengers with decades of alien hunting under his belt, was regulated to black sidekick who was the brunt of every joke and couldn’t go a scene without doing something silly. Exactly like feminist romp The Force Awakens.
Theo Cambel
Theo Cambel 20 hours ago
The makers of feminist media will continue to call their audiences sexist, as if the audience actually has a problem with strong women. The problem is with the idea of 'empowerment'. To deem someone as 'powerful', they must overpower others. I don't have a problem with strong women. I have a problem with making all of the men into blithering idiots to make the women seem powerful. It wouldn't be *women's* empowerment if it weren't specifically reductive towards men.
conker690 3 days ago
1:15 they joke, but I legit tried asking my southern American friend to explain it to me and where Canada fits into all of it and when they couldn’t, my midwestern friend laughed at me and tried to teach me their funny accent.
Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens 3 days ago
Saw in the theatre. More than half of the audience was white males. (I live outside baltimore, it's very diverse here.) Huh, maybe they're not being misrepresented...that's just THE AUDIENCE
fluffimator 3 days ago
Another one of those movies that is "OK" but the controversy around it made it difficult to just watch it for what it was. I thought it was alright over all. Loved Goose and Samuel L. Jackson:-)
Holden McGroin
Holden McGroin 3 days ago
Pretty decent movie. Makes me wish I saw Thor 3 and Ant Man 2 in theaters because I also enjoyed them (saw both on Netflix).
Gregorus Prime
Gregorus Prime 3 days ago
White Mousse
White Mousse 3 days ago
27:00 You can consolidate every Rotten Tomatoes review for this movie into these 1.5 seconds
Josh Beck
Josh Beck 3 days ago
These guys get it, these guys actually have something to say other than the idiots trolling Rotten Tomatoes and the movie.
john doe
john doe 3 days ago
You guys tackled this perfectly. Both sides have completely morons. She said stupid stuff and the doors dwelling on it are even dumber.
Full Of Brick
Full Of Brick 3 days ago
Ant man is top tier origin story MCU, up there with iron man and Guardian. Captain Marvel is Thor levels of OK
I feel like for the tone they were going for, it would have made more sense if the character got their power through hard work and overcoming something like tony stark. He built his first suit out of rocket parts in a cave, meanwhile cap marvel got her powers from just happening to stand too close to an exploding engine. Not really fitting with the feminist tone of "woman overcoming", felt more akin to winning the lottery then turning to the audience and going "You can do it too with hard work!" If they were going to stick with the power reducer "thing", it should have been more of a pressing problem. Not something you forget is even there until the last 15 minutes of the film.
Drewsel 3 days ago
Absolutely based that a Captain Marvel trailer plays half way through this vid.
Drewsel 3 days ago
Y'know... when Jay is the only guy in the world who can remember female actresses and he points out how much he despises Brie Larson it really makes you think....
dvader518 3 days ago
The whole Captain Marvel nontroversy is pointless and stupid. People take completely wrong interpretations and present them as facts, say that Brie Larson said things that she never actually said and refuse to responsibly criticize. Instead, they hatefully criticize.
dvader518 8 hours ago
Fortress Europa There IS no wrong way to talk about politics. People should stop letting their political biases dictate whether they enjoy something or not.
Fortress Europa
Fortress Europa 9 hours ago
+dvader518 Yes, they oh so subtly insert orange man bad references and Drumpff caricatures. Remember when this one character in Far Cry 5 talked about libtards and Obama? Yeah he literally said libtards and bashed Obama. Lefties were upset over it and i understand why. I wouldn't want some character talk about republicunts or whatever either. I play video games to get out of politics so for that reason games that go political i usually dont play. I dont even mind if they want to tackle subjects like globalism vs nationalism or the merit of hierarchies. They just need to do it right and i should be able to make up my own mind.
dvader518 9 hours ago
Fortress Europa EVERYTHING that people call “political agendas” are in universe politics! Also, I am not telling people how to enjoy their entertainment. I am merely expressing the most logical standpoint.
Fortress Europa
Fortress Europa 17 hours ago
+dvader518 Why are you telling other people how they should enjoy their entertainment? Are you really that arrogant? Wow. And yes, nobody is talking about in universe politics or whatever you call it. Trade disputes and senate hearings in Star Trek is not what people are referring to when they talk about politics in media.
0 3 days ago
Guys calm down Brie Larson doesn't hate white dudes she just really likes dudes of colour
truewolf 3 days ago
This character appears so boring to me that not only I can't go and see the movie, but I can't get through this review for almost two weeks now. Not that the review itself is bad. Just this fking Marvel shit is becoming so fking boring, I started watching DC movies searching for some interesting superheros.
BP Lup
BP Lup 3 days ago
I loved A Wrinkle in Time when I read it as a kid, as a 31 year old white dude, Brie Larson can fuck off.
Andrew Dangerzone Duggar
Commenting to the statement recommending seeing it to know who is coming to help. Skip the whole movie and just watch the mid credit scene. Tada, that's about as much introduction and development as is in the entire film, but bypassing all the other stupid inconsistencies and lazy writing.
Robert Gaudet
Robert Gaudet 3 days ago
I like how she doesn't care about the opinion of people who read the book. But then she is an actor.
xXTheHaunted 3 days ago
I’m not from Milwaukee, but right across the lake in Grand Rapids. I’ve never felt more Mid-Western till watching that intro.
welcoming ladies Bush since 2000
Do something on Us,it'll be better than this I'm so sure
Janfrans Zuidema
Janfrans Zuidema 3 days ago
I support Brie Fartson.
thsudy 3 days ago
"this movie isn't worth the hype" reads discription: "oh"
Alan Jacobi
Alan Jacobi 3 days ago
This review sucks! Y'all can do better....i remember laughing till I can't breath for your reiws...this isn't one of them...just saying...
Amberbaum 3 days ago
Why do you think they started talking about Milwaukee at the beginning. That's how "meh" they considered this movie to be.
Janfrans Zuidema
Janfrans Zuidema 3 days ago
Disney makes everything worse. Even film reviews...
Chris Kinney
Chris Kinney 3 days ago
You shuld put the bag over your head and nobody would have to hear your crap !!
Janfrans Zuidema
Janfrans Zuidema 3 days ago
+Chris Kinney Can't hear you with that bag over your head.
Chris Kinney
Chris Kinney 3 days ago
+Janfrans Zuidema my mom didn't even know you lol
Janfrans Zuidema
Janfrans Zuidema 3 days ago
That's what your momma said during childhood.
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