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You know, there are people who are incredibly clever. They manage to find advantages where, apparently, there shouldn't be. And they come up with unusual ways to solve problems. All you can do is congratulate them. Today's video is about these kinds of people. They are able to trick the system and win in any situation. Are you ready to meet these experts? So...

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Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 1 324
Nade Otap
Nade Otap 5 hours ago
3:59 he’s grabbing a ding-ding! Michael REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE we call you!
Griffin Martin
Griffin Martin 10 hours ago
The parents are basically teaching their kid to do wrong
Niles Maynard
Niles Maynard 22 hours ago
Emily Hill
Emily Hill Day ago
those claw machines.... my mate an his father get sacks of the toys and give them away .... they just love the challange
Tommy Chaloner
2 weeks secure storage for 15 genius lol
Eclipse_GirlYT Eclipse
cool vid!
4:30 me it Chuck E. Cheese
Efren Sosas
Efren Sosas 4 days ago
The last one called clever..declaring a war with no army to fight with.
Ciorram1 4 days ago
The principality of hutt is still legally and officially at War with Australia to this date neither side has signed a declaration nullifying the War. Edit: Or at least I couldn't find such documentation nullifying the war or end to hostilities.
ShuDiZo 4 days ago
only one of these are legal... The rest youre persuading illegal activities.
Ketniel Berrios
Ketniel Berrios 4 days ago
nice vid
Gamer life
Gamer life 4 days ago
I have gotten toys when I was younger by sticking my hand in the machine and pulling out the toys
CreepyCat18 4 days ago
1000th comment
Mr bean official
Mr bean official 4 days ago
Me and are friends got a stick and there was a basket game thing
LightningCow 4 days ago
I’ve done the clown one before in chuckie cheese
Tai Morton
Tai Morton 4 days ago
R.I.P Leonard George Casley (I met him a few years ago and me and my father camped at Hutt River)
Russian Tanker
Russian Tanker 4 days ago
Russia colourised
Li’l FUTURE 4 days ago
I will try a tape and a dollar
DIONIX 4 days ago
DIONIX 4 days ago
Joke not gonna buy it
OverAgain YT
OverAgain YT 4 days ago
Most people didn't do it because they didn't want to be disrespectful
Sami Rahman
Sami Rahman 4 days ago
Wtf I would have ran away with that
Gissel Ventura
Gissel Ventura 4 days ago
V1K175U RØDR1 4 days ago
When I was a kid I did all of this except climbing Into a claw machine. But some games had sensors to tell if I cheated or not, some didnt. Like the bucket ball game or something I would just stretch over from where I stand and drop it, and made some nice tickets for the expensive tokens and prizes they had. Lol smh
FROST DerpyBoi _YT
Dutch Van der Lind
To many unnecessary movie clips wait ARE YOU THE GUY THAT DID THE 10 ReAsOnS NoT tO vIsIt AuStRaIliA?!?!?!
HED Gamer
HED Gamer 5 days ago
EZ,Just bring a hammer and break the wall And then steal it😊
Neyl Amacna
Neyl Amacna 5 days ago
Lillie Fella
Lillie Fella 5 days ago
What movie is that with the two little boys hacking the machine running back high five, anybody know?
Wellie Trin
Wellie Trin 5 days ago
Wits the first ever movie clip called want to watch It Edit: what about the flight movie part
Emmanuel Monforte
and just like that, those arcade machines are broken and security guards are jobless.
Brendan Witham
Brendan Witham 5 days ago
Unfortunately the Australian tax office caught up with Prince Leonard last year :(
Dylan Petty
Dylan Petty 5 days ago
kyle hubner
kyle hubner 5 days ago
the pricipality of hut river has not and has never been officially acknowledged and is just a nice little tourism scam.
king sauce
king sauce 5 days ago
Haha the basketball one is a normal but instead you wave ur hand in front of the sensor and u rack up points 100 times faster
KynTeX-_-StaTic 5 days ago
Spoiler alert most of the 'hacks' Are illegal
Miguel 70714
Miguel 70714 5 days ago
I've hot those clown's before like that
Adrian  Vazquez Costela
I recently noticed that there are other chanel like this , but in spanish named Refugio Mental.
Sudoku Community
Sudoku Community 5 days ago
once found a old telephone box with a sponge stuck into the place where the coins came out when i was a student. Hit it a few times and had more change than I put into the phone. Still wonder if the person who stuck it into there was watching me when I got his booty.
James TheDoctor Duncan
His Majesty, Prince Lenny, is brilliant!!
Danni Masters Studio
[grabs a magnet] Who wants to go to the arcade? Prizes on me guys! I'll pick up my nephews and off we go! Can't wait to be the best aunt ever by the end of the day!
Danni Masters Studio
0:57 "The ingot is slippery enough to be easily held between the fingers" That doesn't make sense... Its slippery enough that you CAN hold it between the fingers? If its not slippery you can't hold it? No matter how I spin that sentence, it still doesn't make any sense.
Danni Masters Studio
0:57 "The ingot is slippery enough to be easily held between the fingers" That doesn't make sense... Its slippery enough that you CAN hold it between the fingers? If its not slippery you can't hold it? No matter how I spin that sentence, it doesn't make any sense.
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar 5 days ago
prajwal n kashyap
That man with the Ferrari idea was Vijay Malaya!!😂😂
The Witcher
The Witcher 5 days ago
Why do they not realize that even if they cheat it's still they're loss those games are created so that they don't pay out what the customer paid
paramita sen
paramita sen 5 days ago
If Michael Jordon was here an saw this video he would be so angry
Fortnitefan 2007
Fortnitefan 2007 5 days ago
0:6 seconds in Chris Hemsworth
Yianni Charalamboz
I did that on the basketball machine in Cyprus
Raptor Kid
Raptor Kid 5 days ago
With my cousins I got 1000 points in the clown machine.
Andrew Tube 2.0
Andrew Tube 2.0 5 days ago
One time when I was younger I got a stuffed animal dog toy from a claw machine it was a good day
Um Momento para recordar
They pick up
JustDonTreLL Sg
JustDonTreLL Sg 5 days ago
Hmm i play the catching and i have a trick to catch it everytime. Am i breaking the system?
Mr woof Woof
Mr woof Woof 6 days ago
Who came to the comments to look for someone to tell them when the thumbnail is here?
Chamithu Fernando
Did anyone recognised the m416 sound as ump9 😂.
•Dem βuns•TM 現実
7:57 is it just me or did 7-second riddles make this a riddle? Did they just copy the story & make it a riddle?
Gabe Moran
Gabe Moran 6 days ago
Who has ever played the skeeball gone to the side of it and just put balls in the holes instead of rolling them.
jakarta gamer
jakarta gamer 6 days ago
3:08 born to be an elite hacker 5:46 is a true world conquer
Tomato_ Rage
Tomato_ Rage 6 days ago
That is not a teenager m8 at 6:27
jason the best
jason the best 6 days ago
pubg mobile rules fortnite sucks
Lupix 6 days ago
Damn that ingots gotta be atleast 12 grams
dlepi40 6 days ago
The Ferrari parking dude is just on another level of thinking lol.
Rhanzier 6 days ago
4:25 theres someone who still does it faster without cheating
Martin Armstrong
Martin Armstrong 6 days ago
My farts smell like soap
ѵíɾմղ 6 days ago
In The Philiphines kids under 5 five years old can do the basketball cheat
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 6 days ago
Anyone can do it idiot
Kayne Craddock
Kayne Craddock 6 days ago
R.I.P Prince Leonard
lee bill
lee bill 6 days ago
freakin ad's
The Nifty Lynx
The Nifty Lynx 6 days ago
I remember my friend got an extendable meterstick once. We went to an arcade and we were able to do that basketball trick, poke the end of the stick in a skeeball hole to win, and some other things.
ocean wizard 3000
6:50 999 get on my level boiiiii
Malik Corcas
Malik Corcas 6 days ago
I can
Rachel ASHTON 6 days ago
On the basketball one to prevent this a lot of places have these big metal fence/cage looking things that prevent you from being able to lean over
jake villaflores
jake villaflores 6 days ago
6:08 When she said it's her first time.
usa flag
usa flag 6 days ago
The system is to inslave the people if yall didn't know by now. Just letting yall know.
Kenny Davila
Kenny Davila 6 days ago
The last man is an absolute mad lad
Fade 6 days ago
They’ve all been patched now 😢😭😭
Christian Turturro
Clyde Q19
Clyde Q19 6 days ago
Yeah you should really put the original video in the description.
Breezy 6 days ago
Im gonna get a free phone with a $1 magnet
LØx Shansway
LØx Shansway 6 days ago
Why did the m4 sound like u suppressed UMP
The Wild Dinkus!
The Wild Dinkus! 6 days ago
2:35 badda bing badda boom you got yourself a felony
David Holland
David Holland 6 days ago
Bruh the kid in the machine xD
jason nuch
jason nuch 6 days ago
The claw machine is not that hard to beat and you don't have to cheat you're just have to be good I used to have a garbage bag full of them inside my truck
William Powell
William Powell 6 days ago
None of the toys in my claw machines have anything metal on them!
Shaydes Of Blue
Shaydes Of Blue 6 days ago
I hated the Jap arcade. Good times
BeastHugzHD 6 days ago
For the gold bar I would use my sock
Sammy Elison
Sammy Elison 6 days ago
One time i got a ice and put it back and my grandpa take the ice. And i take a new one soooo we got a free ice 😆
Brendon Bone
Brendon Bone 6 days ago
I do the basketball one all the time
Lestart_D._Grave 6 days ago
does anyone knows where the glas box with the gold bar is? i mean the name of the Museum and the city :)
Robjohn Aducal
Robjohn Aducal 6 days ago
I cheated the system once on a gumball machine so good until the gaurds arrived we had to bail.
Robjohn Aducal
Robjohn Aducal 6 days ago
Man the Japanese are so smart time to use a powerfull magnet to get free stuff.
2019 Ford Focus
2019 Ford Focus 6 days ago
"Thats cheating." no, it's smartness. Something you dont have
Scythz Gaming
Scythz Gaming 6 days ago
Ive done the that basket ball machine before
Kindness 6 days ago
Want a free toy well just break the glass or plastic and blame it on someone else
Rt Harmon
Rt Harmon 6 days ago
The magnet on the toy machine doesn't work I tried it when I was a kid The Tape dollar snack machine one is from a movie I also tried when I was a kid it doesn't work
Blue'd 6 days ago
Fajardo Michelle
Fajardo Michelle 6 days ago
You can use your hands in the basketball game 😉 😂 in 2017
PaNdA yt
PaNdA yt 6 days ago
I Gave My Gf 59 Stuffed Animals
spaceball123456 7 days ago
Ya. I remember that some college geniuses photo copied money, and used it in the vending machines. Why doesn't everyone do this. Its a federal crime called counterfeiting. That was twenty years ago, and I still haven't heard that they got out. Ouch....A heck a cost for free Cheetos.
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