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Today I'm trying 5 burgers from the Hesburger menu to see what's good (and what isn't)
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Mar 13, 2019




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Comments 639
B Rabbit
B Rabbit 2 days ago
Downed a kebab burger today, for the first time. Was so good. But to be honest, the fries really don't last fresh for no more than 10 minutes or so. Hesburger's chicken nuggets with cucumber mayonase are the best you can get.
olen vapaa
olen vapaa 3 days ago
Rye burger used to have deep fried onion rings inside... :(
_ 3 days ago
suomi perkele!
sirbliiz 3 days ago
You need to try Hesburgers soy tortilla (soijatortilla) and also soy sticks (soijatikut)
bruceownsu 3 days ago
the meat looks 1 years old and the bread looks 2 years old.
Finnishmanni 4 days ago
have you eaten a real kebab roll in finland? You have to try one.
Sanni Vento
Sanni Vento 4 days ago
Kerroshampurilainen on 👌👌
Lemonpie 4 days ago
I dont like hesburger
marthaslunga 4 days ago
Nästa gång du äter deras franskisar så doppa dom i ketchup och någon av deras goda mejonäser. Min personliga favorit är gurkmajonäsen. Extremt god kombo 👌
Oliver Mäki-Villamo
rassuuh //
rassuuh // 4 days ago
"Oh dear..." 😂💕
Strägä #
Strägä # 4 days ago
Fukin horseface boy pls go back to your own country. Your show looks fukin horrible horse shit.
Morte Jaffo
Morte Jaffo 4 days ago
dude too much information
Anima 4 days ago
That thing with the carboard support is what I always get its delicious. Its called Kerros not Mega.
Zhavior HD
Zhavior HD 5 days ago
That kebabstyled burger was top class 10/10 usually hesburger is kinda wack doe.
Tana Alanko
Tana Alanko 5 days ago
My favourite is the iso kana ateria
antti200 5 days ago
French fries are really good if its warm
Kulli Kassit
Kulli Kassit 5 days ago
Suomi mainittu perkele torilla tavataan
Nyymi Nuolivaara
Nyymi Nuolivaara 5 days ago
I used to like Hesburger's veggieburger but after the fusion with Carrols they changed it and it wasn't that good anymore. One of the main reasons I eat meat nowdays, haha. The Kebab hamburger and the bacon hamburger are tasty, but nothing beats Burger King or McDonalds in this price range. I hate Hesburger's fries and the ketchup that tastes more like jam. I think Hesburger is expensive and the mayo everywhere and always gets a bit boring.
Amanda N
Amanda N 5 days ago
Actually the chicken burger is more unhealthy because it’s fried in oil...🙈
Vitale Tufuga
Vitale Tufuga 5 days ago
Pineapple doesn't go on pizza. Bacon doesn't belong in burgers. My penis does not belong in my mother.
Tooyung 5 days ago
Kebab hampurilainen is the best burger on the menu.
Nila-Neea Tuominen
I live in finland and I LOOVEE the kerros hampurilainen! It’s the best! And the paprika mayo is best too! (Paprika majoneesi)
Tanelixd 1
Tanelixd 1 6 days ago
I ate the kana-hampurilainen once and pretty much got hooked i LOVE the mayo at hesburger. I didn't like it when they changed the shape of the chicken burger from long to round
Games Boy
Games Boy 6 days ago
Good video 👍
BeatTheBeat 6 days ago
EstonianFreak 6 days ago
We have Hesburger everywhere in Estonia
Piglett 6 days ago
omg hesburgers burgers are fucking 10/5
XD Erjig
XD Erjig 6 days ago
Eldurn 6 days ago
Hesburger is so meh, try out Social Burgerjoint! Best burgers there is by far
Pertti Kurikka
Pertti Kurikka 6 days ago
The second burger you ate was kerroshampurilainen, because mehapurilainen has tomato and it dont have that circle thing on it.
skibbe1978 6 days ago
hi dave..! the second burger you ate is actually "kerros hampurilainen" which is their biggest seller, you recognize the burger for the cardboard thing around it. Mega burger is much bigger and comes without the cardboard.
Finhax GT
Finhax GT 6 days ago
Oon tetissä hesessä;:DD saan iha minkä aterian vaa + saan ite ottaa ni paljo ranskalaisia ku halluun, limua kans
Valte 6 days ago
No, you eat them at the restaurant, the fries arent soggy theyre perfect
mistbooster 7 days ago
people usually dip their fries in the over spilling sauce :P
Zorcci 7 days ago
Hesburgers' lousy burgers swim in their sauces, which is disgusting. A proper quality fresh burger does not need ton of sauce for flavour. Go try Friends & Brgrs properly made treats and compare their proper patty and bun with Hesburger's mush. Or better yet, go try the Europe's best burger in Social Burgerjoint (winner of European Street Food Awards and owned by your favourite pizza-business, Kotipizza). europeanstreetfood.com/the-food/who-won-what-2018/
DatArnoGuy 7 days ago
Hesburger is the best hamburger restaurant chain in the world. This is fact.
muuvimeikkeri 7 days ago
The old version of ryeburger was better imo
Belindas Arts
Belindas Arts 7 days ago
I love chicken burger but I usually take it only with mayo becouse it taste delicious with it🤣
tree 7 days ago
Reasons why I always go to mcdonalds: I go with my mom and thry have better gluten free choiced
tree 7 days ago
You arent allowed to do 6/5 without 🌲/5
Vallis Obstance
Vallis Obstance 7 days ago
there's a new Moomin soda go go go!
Joona Kauvo
Joona Kauvo 7 days ago
hesburger`s kurkkumajoneesi is the best
Joona Kauvo
Joona Kauvo 7 days ago
hesburger is the best!
peruna boiii
peruna boiii 7 days ago
6:20 You nailed that one
Kenashi 7 days ago
Just a finnish person passing by
Millmoor Michael
Millmoor Michael 7 days ago
Mate, Carrolls was the only proper burger chain here..
jaa joo
jaa joo 7 days ago
Hesburger has way Better hamburgers than macdonalds because they arent so dry
Kerros Hampurilainen
And the kana hampurilainen is heaven
Kerros Hampurilainen
Im here for you...
Jarno Happo
Jarno Happo 7 days ago
Nice vids. Do you like sports? I really would like to see you going to icehockey game. I think thats must do thing in Finland.
Santeri Hännikäinen
Once again you missed one simple but useful invention of Hesburger! The "cardboard outerthing" has these "precut" lines on the sides where you can just quite easily tear them apart instead of lifting it off!
Nurkka isäntä
Nurkka isäntä 7 days ago
Jättipekoni vie
CPI Wildout
CPI Wildout 8 days ago
Sain 4 hesburger mainosta videon aikana🤨
Nikez 8 days ago
Burgers do have too much of mayo. That's why i take chicken tortilla
SIMBAD PLAYS 8 days ago
jokamutta 8 days ago
Umm u missed the Kerroshampurilainen it's Hesburgers best seller! :)
UkkoPekka '_'
UkkoPekka '_' 8 days ago
You missed hesburger/kerroshampurilainen,double cheese burger/tuplajuusto hampurilainen, juustohampurilainen/cheeseburger, burger/normal burger with only patty
Alisa L
Alisa L 8 days ago
Tykkää jos oot Suomesta
Nellyy L.
Nellyy L. 8 days ago
Hahaha im from finland and im just here reading english people writing kurkkumajoneesi and all those things😂❤️ anyways, glad you liked Hesburger
Lot of laugh Xd
Lot of laugh Xd 8 days ago
Where's the fucking cheeseburger🤣 It's the best! 🙆‍♀️
Lps Kynttilä
Lps Kynttilä 8 days ago
If you order the fries to home they're those sad pathetic noodles 😂
Porkkanakanapips 420
We go to "maanantai päivän pelastus" with my friends and it means that we go to Hesburger every monday😂
DExterr666 8 days ago
The only reason I go to hesburger is to get Paprikamajoneesi and kurkkumajoneesi!
Arttu 8 days ago
Next time you should try Tuplajuusto, Kanatortilla and ofcourse Kerroshampurilainen!
Haisuvatukka 8 days ago
If you want to do special burger test you should go for the vegan burgers because even McDonalds have it on their menu in Finland exclusively.
Whobbeee 8 days ago
Small and expensive burgers. The only reason why Hesburger still exists today is because Finnish people want to support local. If Hesburger was (for example) a Swedish restaurant chain, then nobody would go there.
Petteri Tuovinem
Petteri Tuovinem 8 days ago
oskari p
oskari p 8 days ago
Im from finland. And hesburger is best.👍🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮
Jenna c:
Jenna c: 8 days ago
Chicken salad in hesburger..SO FUCKING GOOD
RE2 8 days ago
fu k im hungry
Mikaela Niemi
Mikaela Niemi 8 days ago
Cucumber Mayo is THE best or garlic Hesburger I like ,made My mouth water thouse burgers Well ,Guess it is food time again
Wugugu 9 days ago
6:20 You said that very well
clash royale decks
Okay okay I'm Finlandian and I know this is good country the burgers are good
laama lapsonen
laama lapsonen 9 days ago
As finn, it feels really weird to watch ur videos, cuz these are ordinary things to us :D (and no, i don't say, that i eat in Hesburger every day) and btw we call Hesburger "Hese" xD
ass 9 days ago
Hesburger is disgusting (And overpriced af!), just go to McDonalds, Tacobell or Burgerking!
lakupatukka 9 days ago
Fries are actually very good if you eat they in the hesburger because them are warm in there
Ananaz 9 days ago
In hesburger saying mcdonalds is a swear word
silver1 9 days ago
Try minikana eithout salad honestly best ever
Carita 9 days ago
You really should try Hesburgers soy tortilla its so good. But yeah. Like everyone have said. Hesburgers sauces are beeeeest.
Jan Porema
Jan Porema 9 days ago
The whole idea of Hesburger is those mayonese 😍 Everything else is in side role 😅
Grishnackh 9 days ago
I'm not the biggest fan of Hesburger's food anymore. I used to love the burgers as a child, but nowadays their taste is too mild and bland for me. But I like their wraps and that kebab burger, though! But still, their menu is so much more expensive than McDonalds' menu so I almost never go there.
zRaish 9 days ago
some perhesilli. best thing ever
StatusFennica 9 days ago
Hesburger fries are from another planet, from cold and dry tasteless planet. Even humanoids don't eat them. If you bought them please call police for violent act Hesburger is doing for you. If you bought Hesburger hamburger eat it fast, as soon as you get it you have about 5 seconds to start eating it. Those hamburgers are from another planet, there humanoids eat hamburgers in 3 seconds, after that it will suffer dryness. To save your life buy hamburger from Lidl, wrapped in plastic bag and heating in micro its much more tasty than Hesburger. If you want real hamburger go to Mcdonalds.
Väeski 9 days ago
The mayo is the best part of Hesburger. I mainly go there because of it. But chicken tortilla is the best thing you can order from Hesburger imo.
Topi 9 days ago
great now im hungary
Elias Lehmikangas
Hesburger is god
Mehumursu 10 days ago
Mörkö Mörön äiti
*Hesburger* *Tips* You need to taste the frenchfries that are just made and put the little brown bag next to where the salt and ketchup is i dont know what it is in english but in finnish its grillimauste it tastes soooo good (if you cant find the grillimauste you can ask if they have it because the sometimes have it under the desk) and just saying that if you eat the food right away it tastes so much different compared to when you eat it at home trust me
suomi on paras
suomi on paras 10 days ago
Hese on paras
jokusekovaan 10 days ago
soijatortilla is my favourite, but i know i'm weird. (i'm not even a vegetarian!)
M.M.A. Lepistö
M.M.A. Lepistö 10 days ago
I miss halloum burger :c
Senni XD
Senni XD 10 days ago
the rye bread one is my go-to 😝 but i'm pretty sure that it has come with a chicken-beef-thingy, am i right finns ?
Roy Hakanen
Roy Hakanen 10 days ago
Dave, could you do it in the name of equity, including Mcdonalds and Burger King too. In the same way. And you throw out the French potatoes right away. The same factory makes them in Finland. MC, BK and Hes.
kkx lili
kkx lili 10 days ago
Hesburger food is best!
Hunqo 10 days ago
next one subway?
Salluska M
Salluska M 10 days ago
I personally think that mini chicken burger (minikanahampurilainen) is better than regular chicken burger :)
theMakkez 10 days ago
Good video
Jani Kuukkanen
Jani Kuukkanen 10 days ago
Last time I went to Hesburger I ordered the kebab burger and I have to agree with you on that 6/5 rating
Elqqu Denssi
Elqqu Denssi 10 days ago
Ime äitisi kiveksiä...translate that select finnish
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