How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


Published on


Apr 9, 2019




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Comments 21 774
Pinky Pix
Pinky Pix 40 minutes ago
hmm ?
hmm ? 58 minutes ago
everyoine talking shit about the girl in blue , i would date her straight away
Space Bro
Space Bro Hour ago
This is kinda fucked up man
latifah ali
latifah ali Hour ago
Miss light blue blazer snorty pants needs to chill
Mark K
Mark K Hour ago
The woman in blue looks a little bit like Cecily Strong from SNL.
Livingthe Life
If i were there i would totally choose to be the least attractive. And i would tell everyone that they are all beautiful in every way❤ P.S btw I'm not bragging i am just saying what i feel alright :)
Klorox Bleach
Klorox Bleach Hour ago
Why do i feel that if i were there they would give me a 2 and put me at the leftmost place
yoongi's devil
yoongi's devil 2 hours ago
i got low key scared at that *snort* sound at @0:21...lol
sugita taiki
sugita taiki 2 hours ago
Blue blazer girl should go fuck off and suck off her cousin or something 😒
cashmere 2 hours ago
the girl with the red lipstick just as rude as the girl with the blue blazer
gem yu
gem yu 3 hours ago
Do frat boys judge fat ugly girls and see how people react .
Tamara Newman
Tamara Newman 3 hours ago
A man 8 😂 I love it Also: SHOUTOUT TO THE DUDE THAT GAVE CARTER A 9 💕💅
Nelly PV
Nelly PV 3 hours ago
The girl with black hair and res lipstick is gorgeous but I found her rude, not as rude as the other but rude to that girl that was fat, I mean I get your body preference is big ass big boobs and skinny, but I found that blond beautiful and gorgeous, so natural and sweet. I would 100% choose a girl with a gorgeous face and ugly body than a girl with a nice body but ugly face.
min yoongi wifeu
min yoongi wifeu 4 hours ago
I just love how she says lesbian wise lol
xSplayd 4 hours ago
blue girl can't find no chill smh, get's 1 from me for her bitch attitude
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 4 hours ago
Lady with the blue blazer on, I give you a -10.
Bubsalot Bubbles
Bubsalot Bubbles 4 hours ago
There was no real basis for any of these score. Dumb video idea
Bubsalot Bubbles
Bubsalot Bubbles 4 hours ago
Already hate the girl in blue
gris186 4 hours ago
They asked them to rate out of their preferences not to be kind. The only honest person is getting bashed for telling what she really thinks about the other people's looks.
Cecilia Salinas
Cecilia Salinas 5 hours ago
The girl with the blue cover up and the girl w the shirt were being such bitches omllll
incatata 5 hours ago
I think guy with palm tree shirt is a 10 lol i love the long hair too
MCKENZIE BBY 5 hours ago
Mya D
Mya D 5 hours ago
The blue blazer is just not attracted to black people
Becca b
Becca b 5 hours ago
“yeeeah carter fine” LMFAOOOO I CRY ❤️❤️
caleigh_pride 493
caleigh_pride 493 6 hours ago
Now put yourself in the line. *Bolts as far down the least side as I can.*
kitty cat
kitty cat 6 hours ago
woooooooaaah!!! the girl in the blue blazer is mean! glad she didnt rate me!
Ju Pari
Ju Pari 6 hours ago
Oh god he is damn fine at 5:46
Cruise Addiction TV
Carter and the dude would make good friends and a good couple.
PCJ GAMING 6 hours ago
Y are there just gay people?
PCJ GAMING 6 hours ago
Why is this a thing, wtf
Rikki 6 hours ago
y'all stressing at the two girls being brutally honest face to face but they're a visual representation of most of y'all keyboard warriors online but in person. We want honesty, told a lie, we get mad. We want honesty, told honesty and still get mad. smh
EXIMIUS- K4M4L0W 6 hours ago
1:31 la vas a matar prro
Nani K
Nani K 6 hours ago
The black guy was so sweet to carter ❤️
licxie flores
licxie flores 7 hours ago
Let me get the guys number in the white!! He definetly has a great personality.
Ava Clark
Ava Clark 7 hours ago
The asian girl was the prettiest to me
JayZeus XxXYT
JayZeus XxXYT 7 hours ago
Shit that first girl was so whote
Tasha Smithbonnar
Tasha Smithbonnar 7 hours ago
Girl 1: "I feel so rude just checking you out" Girl 2: "YOU HAVE SUCH A NICE ASS!!" 😂
Zxleycx 00
Zxleycx 00 7 hours ago
The half Korean guy is lowkey cute
Emy 7 hours ago
My list of least to most attractive. 1=least 10=most 1. Man in glasses 2. Asian/white Man 3. Darker skinned Asian girl 4. Man with Beard 5. Man with Afro 6. Larger girl 7. Lighter skinned Asian girl 8. Curvy vampire girl 9. Stud 10. Model Man
Love Doctor
Love Doctor 7 hours ago
I could never- I’d probably cry afterwards
Jbatson 7 hours ago
my dude with the unkept hair has so much potential
LaVeya 7 hours ago
They are all beautiful. This is kind of awful too :(I mean, I did something similar when I was 11 with this girl and I, and I feel awful about doing something so shallow still to this day.
Wendy He
Wendy He 8 hours ago
w t f blue blazer girl gets a 2 -- scratch that, -10 for her attitude
Michael The King Solomon
I couldn't be in that room doing that, that's a hard thing to tell those ppl and line them up and rate yourself.
Max Grant
Max Grant 8 hours ago
Damn they all some bitches
jade studif
jade studif 8 hours ago
I wanna be in the line up tbh feels hurt and everything
kaitlyn Reigns
kaitlyn Reigns 8 hours ago
He gave him a one but they look so much alike facially
Sophiaisagodness Hypes
Why does the first girl look like Monica from firends
HB Laws
HB Laws 8 hours ago
Her face got as red as her shirt, she was cute tho once that smile popped out.
HB Laws
HB Laws 9 hours ago
Brutally honest gets you nobody and nowhere.
Mysic 9 hours ago
That one black person with the blue jacket was attractive asf they were charmingggggg
East J
East J 9 hours ago
Swear that ilah bish got fat......
Ethan Urowsky
Ethan Urowsky 9 hours ago
I hate blue blazer
Rachel G
Rachel G 9 hours ago
5:47 He's way off the 1-10 scale. More like a 20. Lol
Joanna Reid
Joanna Reid 9 hours ago
All these people are attractive like what
几多Kes 9 hours ago
There's something seriously wrong with white people's mind.
Charlotte McKenzie
Charlotte McKenzie 9 hours ago
That blue blazer girl needs to calm down hunny you ain’t special or cute
Wax Wax
Wax Wax 9 hours ago
Blue blazer girl sooooo ffuucckkiinngg rruuuddddeee!
Karina Green
Karina Green 9 hours ago
Blue blazer person was so rude :(
The Trio
The Trio 9 hours ago
watch our new video! blazing wing challenge. (New channel)
MARZ _ 9 hours ago
everyone is a 10! seriously i find them all stunning!❤
Chriss 9 hours ago
Madison says straight what she thinks, that is good but is also feeling uncomfortable from time to time.
raeanne 9 hours ago
Blue blazer girl got a lot of nerve with that laugh lmao
Ty'Ajah Henderson
Ty'Ajah Henderson 9 hours ago
M J 10 hours ago
@ 5:30 😍 That was awesome! Made her whole life smile! 🏌🏾‍♀️
M J 10 hours ago
"Not if you turned around..." 🎯😂🤣😂
Marissa G FUNK
Marissa G FUNK 10 hours ago
The girls judging are fuckin bitches and don't see real beauty
Mekahh 10 hours ago
I don’t wanna see blue blazer girl again 🤦🏽‍♀️.
Janie Marie Garcia
Janie Marie Garcia 10 hours ago
Where did the black guy get is dangle earring from I love it
Me Dude
Me Dude 10 hours ago
1:31 bruh either it’s the light but she looks like paper
Pilar Uhl
Pilar Uhl 10 hours ago
blazer girl needs to chill out she's so rude
eya ouerghi
eya ouerghi 11 hours ago
The woman wearing blue is so fuxking rude what is ur fucking problem ?? Like bitch you can be honest but not rude
mereen 11 hours ago
blazer woman needs to humble herself dafaq...bitch youre ugly
JD K 11 hours ago
My second hand embarrassment is so bad in this video that I've had to pause multiple times.
Nick Barrett
Nick Barrett 11 hours ago
is it just me or does Asian girl in black look like a 15
alexis galovin
alexis galovin 11 hours ago
this is so fucked up
AllThing Everything
AllThing Everything 11 hours ago
Big dislike, that's bad experience.
Elizabeth TW
Elizabeth TW 11 hours ago
Blue blazer girl is so fucking rude man i wouldve smacked her
yasmin 11 hours ago
i would actually b sad if they had to rate my attractiveness..
Kayla Miller
Kayla Miller 11 hours ago
The girl was totally right when she said it's just a representation of her projecting her insecurities on those people. That's what judging Is man. This was cringe
Kora Blis
Kora Blis 11 hours ago
I don't really have a type. If you're funny I'll start to like you. If I like you you'll look super hot to me even if you're not. I've dated a couple people who when we broke up I was literally so confused because they seemed like a different person looks wise. My curent boyfriend is a 6'2 football player/wrestler. I like jocks, and dorks. Fit, and fluffy. Funny. I'm 15. Lol this starting to sound like a tinder profile. Sorry for the story
Anna Karsten
Anna Karsten 11 hours ago
I would definitely NOT be the right person to do this... i would literally give everyone a 10/10....
Rebecka Poli
Rebecka Poli 12 hours ago
Carter's laugh omg 😍
Esmeraldaa maldonado
The girl in the blue blazer can catch these fucking hands dumb rude bitch
Looks By Naheemah
Looks By Naheemah 12 hours ago
dont touch people that's weird af
mxalift feru
mxalift feru 12 hours ago
The blue Blazer girl was cute until she opened her mouth
Julia Kabler
Julia Kabler 12 hours ago
Carter has my heart 😍😍😍
SuperJowsh 12 hours ago
I like how most of the comments are about hating on the white girl with the blue blazer for giving her honest opinion
Name Name
Name Name 12 hours ago
You need to stop making these videos shit is sad
the last pie bender
the last pie bender 12 hours ago
All of them are beautiful/ handsome in their own way. I would never be able to do that cause I wouldn't want to make anyone feel less inferior than someone else.
Juice & Quintin
Juice & Quintin 13 hours ago
He looks likes a litter version of Tommy from Martin 3:14
Emaan w
Emaan w 13 hours ago
is 6 bad??
Gabriella Silva
Gabriella Silva 13 hours ago
Who is the girl with the short hair? 😍 oh my gosh
whatever _
whatever _ 13 hours ago
The lesbian made me wanna switch teams though
hugegayfiretruck 13 hours ago
Woman in black: 8 Guy in yellow shirt: 6 Big hair guy: 8 Bald guy: 5 Asian woman in romper: 7 Black lesbian girl: 7 Big girl in red shirt: 6 Tall guy: 8 Beard guy: 4 Asian girl in black: 9 Im laughing at all these amateurs afraid of rating peoples' attractiveness. I would savor the opportunity for someone to let me look them up and down and tell them what I like/what i don't like. Please fuckin pick me to do this
whatever _
whatever _ 13 hours ago
That blue blazer girl is the definition of the spoilt white girl who thinks way too highly of herself. Bish you ain't that pretty.
Anastasia the star
Anastasia the star 13 hours ago
Greek and Russian ppl know what it means
Anastasia the star
Anastasia the star 13 hours ago
Lol my name is Anastasia
Burgi styr
Burgi styr 13 hours ago
The "lady" in the blue blazer is "one night stand material" with lots of booze but for her personality (for what ive seen) i'd kick her out emedietly in the next day without anything to say
Elise Thomas
Elise Thomas 13 hours ago
Where y’all find these people? Man they funny asf EVERY VIDEO 😂
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