How Strong Are Cheap Stools From Ikea? Hydraulic Press Test!

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We bought punch cheap and expensive stools from Ikea so we can test which model is best in terms of price and durability. We use our 5 ton force sensor and 40 ton hydraulic press to do this experiment
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!
Music Thor's Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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Apr 13, 2019




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Hydraulic Press Channel
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the troublemaker
the troublemaker 3 days ago
you should checking out how strong is the oak fivid.net/video/video-cZmlm_ipQJ0.html
Lukas Jarka
Lukas Jarka 3 days ago
SKUAR space 😂. That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! 🤣
DarkDeath-StarYT 4 days ago
How strong is a 1ft pice if railroad track or 2ft or what ever you can get
Moorland 5 days ago
It depends on the shape and material of the stool too.
asdasdasd asdasdasdasd
I would be kind of cool for a video idea to see if you can make a stool stronger by adding things like diagonal braces and maybe buy two of each stool(or use this videos stools as a control) Thanks!
Wouter Trieling
Wouter Trieling 4 hours ago
Amazing bridge to the sponsor man😂😂😂 If you want a strong stool, this one is a good choice, if you want a website, Squarespace 😂😂
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 5 hours ago
The last stools really serve to show the true power of DIY furniture
Bleh Meh
Bleh Meh 15 hours ago
We have that first stool at our school and they keep breaking, They are quite garbage when you actually sit on them
Gold 999
Gold 999 17 hours ago
conclusion : wood>steel
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell 19 hours ago
We all know who ever made that last chair was defiantly channeling Ron Swanson.
calgy84 20 hours ago
25000 Liter aquarium on 3 stools. Why not?
Jeffrey Huang
Jeffrey Huang 20 hours ago
hi whats the name of the wooden chair that lasted 9000kg i gonna get 1 in ikea!
Jeffrey Huang
Jeffrey Huang 20 hours ago
NORRÅKER just found it
Alastrima Day ago
from scientific point those are almost book examples of force distribution and local/global load cap. Good job!
Tin Day ago
this is not a fair comparison, in the small stoles the force pushes all the surface , but in the bigger ones it goes only in the middle
James Chua
James Chua Day ago
would like to suggest ikea table Vs private hand made one. for education purpose on which type you should trust on a earthquake.
exaltdragon Day ago
Guess I know what I'm going to use to rest my new lathe on. 9 tonnes holy shit.
exaltdragon Day ago
Guess I know what I'm going to use to rest my lathe on. 9 tonnes holy shit.
Gordon Marshall
Oh man, Im glad your force sensor didn't fall to the ground with the first stool
Static101 Day ago
try car jack stands
Danimal 86
Danimal 86 Day ago
why spend lots of money or Jack stands for your car when you can just buy 4 stools
MiguelPpM Day ago
That’s insane.
VisionThing Day ago
"There’s some hard stools coming"
Gromosław Śmiały
I really like your Finnish accent:-)
Mcq Cjc
Mcq Cjc Day ago
R Carmisin
R Carmisin Day ago
Your voice has a funny accent speaking English, my accent must be hilarious too speaking Finn. Keep on pressing chum.
R Carmisin
R Carmisin Day ago
Your endings are like the old SNL. Where Mr. Bill would get pressed someway or another. OHH NOO!
Colin Jones
Colin Jones Day ago
Tomáš Varga
3:25 the laugh 😀😀🤣
Jontsu Day ago
Rili guud
Jon Stein
Jon Stein Day ago
Louis Laszlo
Louis Laszlo Day ago
The black stool didn’t fail. It just took a bow.
mastahaxx 2 days ago
-I need to change my to my summer deck -hold my bearcub i just gotta go to ikea
Nasu 2 days ago
I would certainly not have guessed Råskog would turn into a quadruple helix!
Sim La
Sim La 2 days ago
I like when you remake the test on the board it's more just!.
hendrkweiss 2 days ago
The accent makes the sponsorship with squarespace so funny SQUUAAARSPEICEE
Nasu 2 days ago
hendrkweiss I hope they never level up with their language skills. They’d lose a part of their charm.
cormacklemore 2 days ago
HUNter 2 days ago
Pathetic. *me, sitting on a block of pure tungsten
t00 sp00ky
t00 sp00ky 2 days ago
I think these manufacturers should cut back on the amount of material they use, pointlessly! Imagine how much material they would save by making these stools etc strong enough for say 200kg only!
ItsEthan 2 days ago
yo mama so fat..
3flix 2 days ago
I need subtitles to understand mate!
NunoLuis Duck
NunoLuis Duck 2 days ago
I broke my ikea stool ( :
someone 3 days ago
a Feminazi whale would crush all these stools
Lord Cromwell
Lord Cromwell 3 days ago
Cheap garbage
lingo starr
lingo starr 3 days ago
Skoo-arr-spays. Love it!
Zyx 3 days ago
I wonder where they expect a stool rated for 100kg that takes over half a ton as if it was almost nothing and one that took several tons to break.
Tonyboiii 3 days ago
Bigdef 3 days ago
I leaved as soon as i saw you try without base plate for the second metal stool. Not the smartest guys out here huh ?
koki4o Day ago
Except they did, so certainly you aren't the smartest guy out there.
Hassaim Al-Qarim
Hassaim Al-Qarim 3 days ago
He sounds like anomaly
Mateusz Kowalski
Mateusz Kowalski 3 days ago
XD My dad's name is Mariusz
Andrejs Petersons
Cool video, but a proper test would be to periodically hit the legs of the stool with a hammer or mallet using light/light-moderate force while increasing the pressure. Because you can also stand on a soda can if you're careful enough to apply the weight only vertically and not budge. Doesn't prove that a soda can is very sturdy though.
Ranjit Gunner
Ranjit Gunner 3 days ago
Well, I dont need a stool that is able to carry 1ton, the weakest in this test is enough to carry me!
Yatoumori 3 days ago
3:30 max needs to lose weight
Adam Lynch
Adam Lynch 3 days ago
There’s a massive safety factor. Imagine if a 105kg person rocked back on it.
Andres Rootsi
Andres Rootsi 3 days ago
Is it Finnish accent? Seems to be
MichaelSt1989 3 days ago
You made one mistake sir... you changed the pressure plate, therefore you changed the force per sqm making your comparison useless.
Fakker 3 days ago
This channel got recommendet to me best thing that happend his accent is fucking hillarious makes me laugh evry time keep the great work on
Герман Володин
8:00 Советскую табуретку специально забыл проверить? Чтоб пресс не сломать, Да?!)
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson 3 days ago
Damn.. you have the best job. Really!
Илья Стогильченко
Но не один из этих стульев не выдержит твою мамку, лол.
I dont understand you. Youer english is to bad or youer accent too strong :/
W T M L Ø N 3 days ago
Who the fuck buys anything in the Ikea? lol
Nathan Soper
Nathan Soper 3 days ago
guess I can put on quite a bit more weight before worrying about my stool giving way
JAnx01 3 days ago
For those praising the manufacturers for producing stools that can take higher loads than pitched - THEY CAN'T. During the design process and testing, it's lateral forces and torque created by dynamic motions that are the concern, rather than one simple vertical static load.
GFDSD FSDFS 3 days ago
You need solid base...
Herm Ask
Herm Ask 3 days ago
Eeyyy! Don't give them ideas to use cheaper material!
Łukasz lukasss
Łukasz lukasss 3 days ago
good for americans
Marcus 3 days ago
I don't know what is so funny in video ... Absolutly useless YT label ..
Агрон Департье
Primitive misleading test without test in dynamics.
Buurkyy - PUBG
Buurkyy - PUBG 3 days ago
Cheap stools? as in poo?
Эльдияр Чаланов
Now i know why wood jutsus in naruto so strong.
zkitzor 3 days ago
the black stool that spun like that? Its art / design chair now
Alex Z
Alex Z 3 days ago
who cares that my stool will bear 9 tons when is f expensive in ikea. I can take much cheaper stool and do same job.
Parsil 3 days ago
Oh boy i can't wait to lift my car with Ikea Stools
Veeti Kaarineva
Veeti Kaarineva 4 days ago
En oo kattonu paljoo teidän videoita mutta semmonen idea olis että prässätkää ruokaa ja syökää sitä sitten, esim. jäätelöstä vois tulla aika tiivistä
Andre 4 days ago
His wife is like 'i don't know english so i will laugh everytime something funny happens' lmao
Cam Hmar
Cam Hmar 4 days ago
Skiur pace
HD Studio
HD Studio 4 days ago
Try to press security glass. That would be so interesting.
Nasu 2 days ago
HD Studio Oh can’t wait to see that!
WPG original
WPG original 4 days ago
Even do there items are expensive its durable
vincent castro
vincent castro 4 days ago
crush a hydraulic press crushing a hydraulic press that is also crushing a hydraulic press
Roon Macaroon
Roon Macaroon 4 days ago
Hydraulic stress test
ArJemGalaxy 455
ArJemGalaxy 455 4 days ago
Download Hydraulic Press Pocket
Raptr117 4 days ago
You could definitely use the last stool to hold up a pickup truck, guess I found some new jackstands
Light IKari
Light IKari 4 days ago
Do thanos gauntlet to destroy
spIIzz 4 days ago
Add bigger platform on the chairs. Idiot
Lee 4 days ago
Basically... don't underestimate natural materials.
Bobs World Podcast
Great video
Ozbros 4 days ago
1:40 or one American fat ass
alex b.
alex b. 4 days ago
Informative and entertaining! I was surprised the first stool held up so well with those bent legs, goes to show you, wood will hold (you) up.
Нога Диабетика
3:26-3:29 , 5:58😂😂😂😂😂😂вот она ржет обожаю ее смех
Artur Emenems
Artur Emenems 4 days ago
6:00 like dancer xe
video maker
video maker 4 days ago
This means you should go buy these chairs! because you would *totally* have someone weighing 9 tons sit on this thing
Nasu 2 days ago
video maker Maybe it could work as a stand for cheerleaders?
Hannessomething 4 days ago
"Do you have a car jack stand?" "No, but I have this IKEA chair"
punker4Real 15 hours ago
Hannessomething it might work good for a CRT TV stand as well. the biggest ones can weight upto 300 pounds 140kg
Marco R
Marco R 2 days ago
That last one can hold a truck.
bomberman 3 days ago
dablmusic 4 days ago
no its fine its rated for 19,000lbs
pine 4 days ago
A couple stool samples
Angelos Ioannou
Angelos Ioannou 4 days ago
Tis is how black holes are created
Will Riley
Will Riley 4 days ago
Well I am looking to buy a desk or computer table from Ikea soon so....
Мой европейский господин
Хуевый эксперимент, у тебя ножки разъезжаются.
Lynn Moneyas Jr
Lynn Moneyas Jr 4 days ago
Could you please crush wood like 4x4 2x10 at 2-4foot lengths
Bob Bobinson
Bob Bobinson 4 days ago
I think I found a new car jack!
Rico Marito
Rico Marito 4 days ago
Der Holzstuhl ist der Hammer!
systematic101 4 days ago
That's insane. You can hold up over 2 cars on just 1 of the last stools
Tech Heck
Tech Heck Day ago
Alan Braaa because a car jack can actually raise it aswell.
Alan Braaa
Alan Braaa Day ago
why buy a car jack when you can use an ikea stool
Hüseyin Taylan
Hüseyin Taylan 4 days ago
First of all, thank you very much for preparing this video. Because I know very little English, I will translate my words through Google Translate. So the pronunciation may be inaccurate. The wooden stool on the first attempt was not tested on the same surface as the other stools. So the friction forces were not equal and I think the test was not fair.
Bimbo Baggins
Bimbo Baggins 4 days ago
those stools are designed for americans
Victor Reitstätter
you where talking about your sponsor when u got interrupted by an ad
Victor Reitstätter
zpu where talking about your sponsor when u got interrupted by an ad
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