I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

Safiya Nygaard
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Ok, here it is, finally, after all of your requests! I bought 4 wedding dresses from Wish.com and tried them out IRL to see how they were! We bought a ballgown, a renaissance dress, a black wedding dress, and a slightly more expensive gown to test out a few different categories.
Now, I have previously bought inexpensive clothing, knockoff electronics, "free" items, and mostly fake makeup from Wish before, with usually the same results: it's just not that great, and definitely not as good as the item listings seem online. However, I think the convergence of my recent engagement and the desire for more Wish roasting resulted in this: The Wish Wedding Dress Haul. What do you guys think?
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Mar 2, 2019




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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard 24 days ago
HELLO FRIENDS!! and now, a highly requested video that opens the jar to more (non-wish-related) wedding content!! i hope u enjoy it! and have a happy weekend :) xoxo, saf
Stav Ben-Yehudah
Stav Ben-Yehudah 2 days ago
Please do the actual wedding dress try on for your real wedding 👗
fav_kiddojelly 6 days ago
_I love you Safiya_
David Marin
David Marin 21 day ago
Safiya Nygaard You should get a wedding dress that is similar to the one catwoman wore in the comics.
Alex Aoba
Alex Aoba 21 day ago
Safiya Nygaard hey you should try a Kawaii clothes challenge but you can only buy online, If your try check out kawaii nation! Also I love you clothes challenges! 😆
sabrina islam
sabrina islam 21 day ago
You became fat
Really awesome Pip
Really awesome Pip 2 hours ago
Do AliExpress because it’s got some very cheap items. Like squishies.
Kameshia Elsenpeter
I'm from Vegas and can confirm that the Excalibur is pretty awesome
crystal turner
crystal turner 4 hours ago
Sweetheart: that 'mysterious brown stain' is blood...
Hoy quiero ser...
Hoy quiero ser... 4 hours ago
You are so funny liked your video. Grats for the wedding. Nice couple!! hugs
elannia ball
elannia ball 4 hours ago
I think if u want a black wedding dress go for it its your wedding not any one elses
smol bean
smol bean 4 hours ago
OK FIvid I'll watch it
T-Gay T-Gay
T-Gay T-Gay 5 hours ago
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reddalmatian 5 hours ago
All of these wedding dresses (especially the medieval one) look like the party city costume version of a movie superhero's costume
Emila Heitmann Levenson
If the medieval one had a train and wasn't PURPLE, then I would really like it
Aimee Elliott
Aimee Elliott 6 hours ago
Big fan of the ballet references in this video👌🏼
Constanza Farias
Constanza Farias 6 hours ago
Why does Wish even exist ....😮 cool video though!
Kathleen Simmerman
Kathleen Simmerman 7 hours ago
Ami Khan
Ami Khan 8 hours ago
The ball gown style suited you best
Lenore Mann
Lenore Mann 8 hours ago
That was entertaining...lol...
Feona Distler
Feona Distler 9 hours ago
I think you should make your own dress. That would be cool. So fun!
Akiko Fujishima
Akiko Fujishima 9 hours ago
Hun, even though that last dress didn't fit quite right, you look damn good in it!
Um pinkhi
Um pinkhi 10 hours ago
Dang she’s a triple X????
Akiko Fujishima
Akiko Fujishima 10 hours ago
Everything on WISH is from AliExpress.. Just buy from AliExpress because they protect you better than WISH, the sellers on Ali also do everything they can to keep their ratings, so if you don't get your stuff, if something comes broken/messed up, or not what you thought it was, they'll do what they can to accommodate you as long as you actually contact the seller... WISH is like the dark alleyway of AliExpress. Any clothing you buy made in Asia are made for Asian body-types.. Just keep that in mind girls when you order! They're not used to making "plus sizes" so those always look pretty bad.. lol!
bibisha 10 hours ago
Safiya is the only FIvidr who have views mooore than subs all the time
Rozalynn Newhouser
Rozalynn Newhouser 11 hours ago
Lol I got a wish add
Lamija Hreljic
Lamija Hreljic 13 hours ago
The black dress is really pretty,actually.Just kinda short-
xAmber X
xAmber X 13 hours ago
I don’t think you have to remind the people watching regularly what wish is 😂
Miia -
Miia - 16 hours ago
Is renting a wedding dress a thing in America? My mom rented hers when my parents got married around 23 years ago
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson 16 hours ago
You’re a ugly fat ass! Is your husband blind? And brain dead? Are you a satanist? Is the camera man the groom? He seems like a homosexual.
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson 16 hours ago
You’re a ugly fat ass!
Miia -
Miia - 16 hours ago
Just think how Tyler is carrying all the other dresses when they did the end. 😂
Angela Stevens
Angela Stevens 17 hours ago
The fact that a US 12 equals a triple XL for that first dress is insane
Angel Gabriela Patty
I like your personality so much
Archana Jeeva
Archana Jeeva 17 hours ago
Do get a mermaid dress so your booty pops during the big day! You would look lovely in it!
claribel garcia
claribel garcia 17 hours ago
Your funny you said I'm l shading 😂😂
Elizabeth Houghton
Elizabeth Houghton 18 hours ago
I think the Last one is a trumpet dress.
Squash 19 hours ago
I just love how Saf isn't scared of wearing anything in public I mean she wore a naked man swimsuit at the beach. SHE GOT SOME COURAGE!!!
Ty Hand
Ty Hand 19 hours ago
Oh, he has the same name as me!
JustCallMeBo 19 hours ago
*The ballgown one looks the best, especially at the end when you paired it with the heels! Looking forward to see the actual dress you end up choosing!* 😁
Anya Shomento
Anya Shomento 19 hours ago
If you’re looking at wedding dresses you should look at BHLDN.com they’re dresses are sooooo pretty and nicely priced. I’ve gotten my prom dresses the past 2 years from there and never been disappointed and we seem like basically the same size❤️😊
Kaela's Equestrian Journey
The ball gown kinda looked like a vintage dress the wore in the 1900's
Fran Billington
Fran Billington 20 hours ago
My momma got married in a black wedding dress!!🤙🏼🤙🏼🖤🖤
Marissa Janae
Marissa Janae 20 hours ago
tyler is so sweet bus safiya, you are GORGEOUS but that first dress literally is just shaped like a big marshmallow
Marissa Janae
Marissa Janae 20 hours ago
Stacy S
Stacy S 21 hour ago
I wonder if she returned them
Mishal Zaidi
Mishal Zaidi 22 hours ago
I was laughing throughout the entire video especially when she does her little dances when she has the dress on
Olivia Miller
Olivia Miller 23 hours ago
The expensive one’s general style looks great on Safiya. If the top was tighter it would look amazing. If you don’t want a black dress, maybe do a different colour, if you don’t want to wear white.
Teresa Macke
Teresa Macke 23 hours ago
you are so funnyyyyy! ;)
Norma Brett
Norma Brett Day ago
Why bozongas
Loe Creat
Loe Creat Day ago
Loe Creat
Loe Creat Day ago
alecgonzalez Day ago
*SAF IM SHHOK* - that's my friend @14:37 I SCReamed in the tub (omg now I dropped my phone in the tub).
chixamm Day ago
May God richly reveal Him self to you and guide you to comprehend HIS plan for you.Luke2:52& Deuteronomy 28:6 also guide you going out and coming in 1Timothy4:12.Always be a good example of a BELIEVER .
Cry Baby
Cry Baby Day ago
holo humans
holo humans Day ago
Jan villapaz
Jan villapaz Day ago
The boob talk just made me laugh
Beauty Queen
Beauty Queen Day ago
Saf should do a buying fiancee tuxedos from wish to
xX_- WildCat - Gaming -_Xx
Honestly for the price they were pretty okay haha would wear the hall gown dress
Stormy Graham
"Plasticky fishy smell not sexy rum rejected LOLLLL Wipps out feet* CRUSTYYYY
liz Gama
liz Gama Day ago
I cry a little bit with the last one, you look georgeus
Goury Vijayakumar
I just ordered once from wish spend a fortune didn't get any of it delivered.. deleted their app.. never ordered again.. bloody scammers
Laila Fuller
Laila Fuller Day ago
The last dress I think suited you the most it complemented your figure it was the right lengths but the arms/shoulder looked a bit big but can always get a proper dress from a wedding dress shop similar to the last one but fitted for you
Jennifer Gemsma
Ball gown looks great on your body.
Jennifer Gemsma
The black wedding dress might be good for the dancing.
Jennifer Gemsma
Not the Renaissance dress. Idk. Not really. You're better than the ball gown foto.
Pamzy Day ago
Stop popping on my recommended ;-;
Pamzy Day ago
+The Saudi Sisters ! lol but she is im not being mean take a joke
The Saudi Sisters !
stop being so mean
Parker McKinstry
When is your wedding?
Kathleen McElroy
Yes they're cheap but I think they're awful & NOTHING like the pictures...but a great feature!
Tiffany Rain
Tiffany Rain Day ago
U need a bra on for the bat wing one
Lulu’s Life
when are you getting married
Skaterlor Day ago
You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!!😂😂😂😂
Nikki Lynn
Nikki Lynn Day ago
Fun to watch this one.
Chantelle Jackman
Mabye someone pooped on it
Mr. Mayhem
Mr. Mayhem Day ago
Wish 50% sale! Use : prdgbgy
Mya June
Mya June Day ago
you should try wedding dresses from JJsHouse!! my friend got her prom dress there and it was actually beautiful
Twilight Forever.
With the midevil one your supposed to where a corset with it
Mia Day ago
The black ripped jeans in the intro is what I wear everyday they are amazing
Marit van den Bos
They look like the wish version of the pictures😂
Esther Recto
Esther Recto Day ago
i don't need subtitles,this lady can be my english teacher.
X samanta X
X samanta X Day ago
she wants a black wedding dress for her actual wedding lmao I would be happy if her actual wedding dress was black :>
Woods On Woods
You and your husband is super funny. However, great review.
yuko tan
yuko tan Day ago
Hopefully we can watch your live streamed wedding!
Michelle W
Michelle W Day ago
For anyone looking to get the versatility some like in a dress, try an attachable shawl. These links shows the look. www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwj3jomCkJ3hAhWrxYMKHSJNCGQQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.aliexpress.com%2Fitem%2FLuxury-Vintage-Batwing-Sleeve-Lace-Wedding-Dress-2016-Ball-Gown-Princess-Bridal-Wedding-Gown-robe-de%2F32592160318.html&psig=AOvVaw3A2m0EzpDiU5uNpBm5gwoe&ust=1553597477136878 www.ucenterdress.com/v-neck-sheath-long-prom-dress-with-high-low-batwing-sleeves-and-beaded-waist-pMK_301405.html
Michelle W
Michelle W Day ago
I MADE my own wedding dress! I thought I should give myself some cred for the review! I started sewing 50 years ago with my grandma and mother. In case you didn't know, batwing sleeve style is also called "poet". Wow, that is a ton of replies. I wonder if my opinion matches anyone else's. I am posting, then reading other posts. So, the first dress was too short waisted. The problem with the second one is the sleeves are attached wrong. The area that the stitching is looks stretched. It's a slip with lace curtains added. The black dress could be saved by cutting it just above the knee and adding a four inch wide band that ends in a medium size bow in the back. Taking the same band material, it could be wrapped around Calla Lilies, black ones. This would give it a 50's vibe. Gray pearl earrings and choker. Anything with dirt would be rejected instantly. You have two "used" dresses in those packages. I loved the taine on her. The dress that would be the best would have a train, sharp pointed bat wings that reach the calf midway, the half skirt wrap around can be removable for comfort, keeping the train safe at the reception and dancing. The dress under the skirt reveals a shorter dress, mid calf. This all fits into a very cool Celtic vibe. I see a crown of flowers and jewels albeit very small ones for taste sake. She has great skin so showing off the girls with a sweetheart neckline. I live for a blue white and would add antique silver lace and tulle.
Melinda Kovács
Interesting video typical Wish... But against all these,I buy a lots of stuff from wish,including my wedding dress for my court wedding and it was a perfect fit!! I wish I could attach a pic here...
Jennifer Daugherty
marla martinez
What did you do to all those dresses?
Honestly the thing that really sucks is that the > $100 dress is fine, but there are actually well made wedding dresses for around that price when bridal stores have sales.
Elaine Day ago
Tyler saying she still looks great in all those dresses even though she will not wear them for the wedding is so sweet😭
Diane Hornbrook
They ALL suck!! You can do better,
Giuliana _1210_
You should do a video called wearing a wedding dress in disneyland
Miss Joy
Miss Joy Day ago
De black dress look like a prom dress
Gemma Forbes
Gemma Forbes Day ago
I think you should wear a half black fading into white or a slightly lighter colour. So you can have THE BEEEEEST OF BOTH WORLDS.
brownieruss Day ago
Please buy and try on dresses from Aliexpress! Wedding dresses are harder to find on there, but the ones that are on there are beautiful
Rachel Fortunato
You should try on Amazon wedding dresses! Some people have done it and the dresses seem very well built and something people actually could wear (even for ones that are under $100). Not saying that is where you should get your dress but you never know! Also a little late but Congratulations and I wish you the best on your wedding planning!
yeahyeahd Day ago
"RIP audio" **unintentional ASMR**
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Day ago
At exactly 0:25 if you look at the bottom left, there is anal plugs😂
Who else wants her to wear a black wedding dress and veil xD (for her actual wedding)
So, I forgot they were engaged so when I saw the title I was SOOO confused xD
vamperious Day ago
Aw Safiya you're so pretty!!
Nancy Ann
Nancy Ann Day ago
You do realize you have a Cross laying on your floor next to the leg of the table? That’s not cute what so ever
Jessica Sandoval
Juliet Stevens
I can listen to you talk all day. And you also look like siouxsie Sioux.. 🤩
BabyGirl Angel
Omg horrible just horrible dresses.....but hey some ppl wear them with a full blown smile bc they're getting married so to each their own.
DoRight Day ago
I love you - you are always so entertaining lol
Ruba Anwar
Ruba Anwar Day ago
The wedding dresses looked very nice when she went outside
keira crazy town
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