In controversial fashion, Finland has OT winner waved off after review

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Finland thought that they had won the gold medal on Petra Nieminen's overtime-winner, but the celebration in Helsinki was cut short in controversial fashion after the goal was waved off following a lengthy review, which deemed there was goaltender interference on the play. The USA would later go on to win the game in a shootout.


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Apr 15, 2019




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Hampus West
Hampus West Day ago
Autsgar Day ago
In Finland, we have this saying "MITÄ VITTUA?!" for situations like this
dkosber Day ago
i bet it wouldn't have been waved off if it was the other way around
Vaelentina Zurawski
This is clearly a good goal !!!!!This destroys all!!!Why The Us Girls loose knowignly in overtime after the goal Ther is a black clowd of the us Girls!How they can feel good !!This is a disaster
Hugo Tuovinen
Damn. I rly thought that i couldget to the clown academy this year but i think these refs are going there too and I wont make it.
Herrasmies Day ago
Well canadian refs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) she didnt like finland winning
VeeKoo 2 days ago
4:02 lukekaa huulilta. Tiivistää ajatukset
Andres Jakobson
Andres Jakobson 2 days ago
its a clear no goal, the goal keeper would have saved it easily if it wasn't for the hit from the first player.
СЕШ Day ago
Obviously. But Rigsby had no place to be outside the crease on a play like that. The contact was incidental which, outside the crease, is not goalie interference.
Kalle Roponen
Kalle Roponen 2 days ago
Judges were paid: collision, obstruction!
###••• 2 days ago
Finish win!!!
zhader 2 days ago
This was just so wrong on so many levels.
Lila Heinonen
Lila Heinonen 2 days ago
Miten helvetissä tämmöne tuomio ees hyväksytään???!!!! Niiku vittu SUOMI ON MAAILMAN MESTARI PERKELE!!
Eikka Heinonen
Eikka Heinonen 2 days ago
Toi tuomari oli paska
Nokisavu 2 days ago
The referee was from Canada like she didn’t count it because Finland beated Canada like that was a clear goal
Apocalypse Plough
I do agree that the goal was good. Finland was robbed.
Apocalypse Plough
That's baloney. I read that the video ref was German. And, you can bet that the vast majority of Canadians were cheering for Finland in this game. I was. Canadians will cheer for anyone but Americans.
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby 2 days ago
i guess im the only kracker here that thinks this was interference, seems like the ref had her hand up for a penalty before the puck went in too
iseetrains 2 days ago
They called a trip on an American, but it was definitely goalie interference. 1. Her left leg was still in the crease when contact was made. 2. Even if out of the crease, at no time is a goalie ever fair game to be hit.
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 3 days ago
As an American, I can say that that was a good goal. Gold belongs in America!!
mmursu Juää
mmursu Juää 3 days ago
Finland trying To cheat...
RBC 58
RBC 58 3 days ago
That is just typical of NHL or international hockey! Sticks like SHIT! Reminds me of USA vs Canada in the Olympics. Hold your heads high Finland, you were robbed.
Pasi Taanonen
Pasi Taanonen 3 days ago
If it was another way around usa would have won with that goal.
MurekeMies 3 days ago
Why would the refearies wave off a winning goal, in teams home arena and in over time and in a fuking final. Finns had started to celebrite and USA had won 5 times in a row so it would not hurt them so much.
sammz 3 days ago
We're getting it back next year from finland
Humppa Ukko
Humppa Ukko 3 days ago
Finnish men also got their first gold "robbed" by controversial refereeing so women will probably get the gold back soon
Humppa Ukko
Humppa Ukko 3 days ago
I understand the call, it was a 50/50 situation in the most important game of the tournament, they had to make the call quick and any way it went would be controversial, now it went this way . Its hockey at its best and worst like always
Natzho Dickson
Natzho Dickson 3 days ago
95 44
95 44 3 days ago
USA's goalie had her foot in the crease when they made contact which makes it a good call no goal for Finland
SH Possibilia
SH Possibilia 3 days ago
Finland were robbed of a deserved gold here. How could the US golie get a penalty (which she did) if they decided that thevreason for the goal not to be allowed was that SHE was run over??? Totally inconsistent and unfair.
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 3 days ago
BULLSHIT FINS WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_ Limu _
_ Limu _ 3 days ago
The USA player was In the goalkeapers zone
Tomáš Hlaváč
Tomáš Hlaváč 3 days ago
According to IIHF Playing Rule 186 v. Goaltender and Goal/Goal Crease Disallowed: An attacking skater who makes contact other than incidental with a goaltender who is out of his goal crease during game action will be assessed a minor penalty for interference. If a goal is scored at this time, it will not count.
Anonyymi nettigiusaaja
burple bunnysliper
Ei ollut maali lukekaa säänöt
SL Pubg Mobile
SL Pubg Mobile 3 days ago
im just thinking who they called on that video review maybe Trump???
Timppa O
Timppa O 2 days ago
Per Oskarsson
Per Oskarsson 4 days ago
Where is the video view from above?
vic duna
vic duna 4 days ago
If it been the other way around I wonder how sportsmanlike Team USA would have acted . The Finns showed so much class and composure; its disgusting how team Finland wins the game but ends up losing the gold because of incompetent Review officials.
Gustav Frisk
Gustav Frisk 4 days ago
Horribel call, in all ways!! 🤬🤬. The GK was hit after she left her safezone.. In almost 30 years as a hockeyfanatic, I have never seen a more stupid call from a referee 🤢🤮🤮🤮
Nappo-Ulle 4 days ago
IIHF, this is a disgrace. I believe that even Team USA isn't happy about this kind of win.
Cool Smooth
Cool Smooth 4 days ago
This is why women should not referee any sports games, they are terrible at it. This is also rigged for USA.
Oskar Valing
Oskar Valing 4 days ago
Probably it was a big misstacke from refery. But thanks to that misstacke we know more about woman icehockey.
Valhalla 4 days ago
Weell as you know these judges are corrupted.
Txx Lxx
Txx Lxx 4 days ago
A fine example of what the referee should NOT do! Match was decided by the administration.
ssc00p 3 days ago
What if the referee on the ice called the decision by her own opinion and ignored the video referees verdict. That would have been something :D
Teemu Heinola
Teemu Heinola 4 days ago
I hope it was her last game as a referee! That referee is moron and blind corrupted ass!!
jslfc S
jslfc S 4 days ago
Bunch of wankers those bastards in the shadows who made the decision. That was a goal , there's no Question about it. You can keep your shite. Everyone should boycott , this from now on.
Roland Landry
Roland Landry 4 days ago
Finland's golden girls, that goal was good, shame on you for depriving them of the glory.
BIZO 420
BIZO 420 4 days ago
If a goalie dives out of their crease and gets bumped when the player is going for the puck that isnt goalie interference. Sickening this was called back. Finland are the real champs!
Pelzon P
Pelzon P 4 days ago
Biggest scandal in the history of hockey...
Hugo Tuovinen
Sam1 _H
Sam1 _H 4 days ago
hanksnow2 4 days ago
The European hockey world has been putting up with similar 'Officiatin'(?) since the 50's. The Russians especially have had to take second place far too many times because of Pro-America Officiating. A move should be organized to reverse this most obvious travesty of justice, which always seems to benefit the West!
sepfirem 4 days ago
how abput the kesser shooti g in the shootouts even she had penalty time left when OT ended.. according to iihf rules she should have sat in the box or in the locker duri g the shootouts and she even scored.... so many ref fails in that game
Xerdoz 4 days ago
Women's hockey is just a joke. No point watching it. Well actually hockey is getting more and more boring to watch with all these retarded rules they're implementing.
Ella 4 days ago
That was a goal. Finland is the REAL winner.
simo Linnanmäeltä
This is what happens when you hire womans to be refs
Niklas 5 days ago
This wasn't in Helsinki tho...
Setä rabasa
Setä rabasa 5 days ago
Dede the Centerback
XMZKiller 5 days ago
Such bullshit. Finland rightfully won and deserved that gold medal, they are the real winners. And why the fuck is the shootout still being used in the gold medal final at these tournaments? Fuck the IIHF.
Suomen kesä
Suomen kesä 5 days ago
I swear that the Referee repeats his decision for the rest of his life. I will put her to repent.
Michel Lauzon
Michel Lauzon 5 days ago
The ref made the right call. It is some fools, hidden somewhere, who reversed her call.
Life Noob
Life Noob 5 days ago
Her leg was still in the Kris
Michel Lauzon
Michel Lauzon 5 days ago
Even the IIHF admits that she was out of her crease.
G Pt
G Pt 5 days ago
And yes she was in the crease untill hit
Michel Lauzon
Michel Lauzon 5 days ago
Even the IIHF admits that she was out of her crease.
G Pt
G Pt 5 days ago
It's called interference people.. Can't hit the goalie
Michel Lauzon
Michel Lauzon 5 days ago
She was out of her crease and the contact was incidental. Actually, the goalie put herself in the line of the skater when she tried to catch the puck.
evs251 5 days ago
I don't watch women's ice hockey but I happened to watch this and man this was so entertaining. At the end of the match I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe lol. I'm also from Finland so not like I'm biased towards anyone.
Salnsd 5 days ago
iffen yoo is playen murica thin yoo beter not win cos murica is the gratist contry in the werld and we trest Tromp
Michael Gifford
Michael Gifford 5 days ago
The foot was still in the paint the reason the goalie was out of the net was the shove. In women’s hockey there is no contact as in that way allowed if a goal is scored it would be not counted.
Pat O'Donnell
Pat O'Donnell 5 days ago
This official should have to answer for her blatantly bad call. Everyone along that line as well should. Officials are given the power to mess up and not have any repercussions.
Savage 101
Savage 101 5 days ago
Who won in the end?
iseetrains 2 days ago
USA in a shootout
Pat O'Donnell
Pat O'Donnell 5 days ago
That’s a goal.
Al Charmantic
Al Charmantic 5 days ago
no.. sai olla 10min mestareita.
Don Le
Don Le 5 days ago
Females refs are incompetent. Finland got robbed!!
Brayden Point
Brayden Point 14 hours ago
+Miriam Fournier Referees suck, no matter what's in between their legs. What a surprise.
Miriam Fournier
Miriam Fournier 2 days ago
Don Le Um first of all it wasn’t the refs that made the call, second have you ever seen how bad male refs are? Do you watch NHL hockey, let me tell you it’s BAD.
Call me stevo
Call me stevo 5 days ago
It's goalie interference... Stfu
Low Bow
Low Bow 5 days ago
I still can’t believe this really happened. Lady Lions did something unbelieveable. Horrible call.
Trissky 5 days ago
That's so much bullshit if ever seen one.
ileko92 5 days ago
That call was a joke and a farce!! This is the biggest issue in hockey today. Nobody knows anymore what players can do near goal crease. These calls are all different from each other, sometimes the goals are waved off and sometimes they are not. These things happen in NHL, KHL, world championship games, European national games, everywhere. The rules for the goalie interference need to be more clear and the same for every league!
tapirenisei 5 days ago
Does he say 'history in Helsinki'? This was played in Espoo....
Über-JE, perkele!
Same thing.
karri jarvi
karri jarvi 5 days ago
history in helsinki :D it was in espoo
Oskari Nissilä
Oskari Nissilä 5 days ago
0:23 In Espoo not in Helsinki
Über-JE, perkele!
Same thing
Matthew Hyde
Matthew Hyde 5 days ago
Who even watches this
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 5 days ago
The announcers are acting like they’ve never seen goaltender interference before.
FortniteGuy 6 days ago
Toi oli niin selkee maali kuin olla ja voi!!
FortniteGuy 6 days ago
Noi tuomarit oli paskoi enkä tiiä miten ne pystyy oleen mm kisoissa, vieläpä finaalissa tuomareina jos ne tekee tuollaisia virheitä!!! SUOMEN OIS KUULUNU SAADA VOITTO TOSTA, KOSKA TOI MAALI OLI HYVÄ!!!
E Z 5 days ago
Vitun juntti ota asioista selvää ennenku vikiset. Erotuomarit olis hyväksyny maalin mutta videotuomari teki päätöksen.
Bicycle sunday
Bicycle sunday 6 days ago
1:25 Goalie never had the pock and Finnish forward hit her extendet hand. And allso tryed to awoid her intierly. Rule no1 is that goalie stay between the pock and goal no mater what. And if you don’t get posesion of the pock stick on that spot and prepere for rebound. US goalie did non of this and lose her eyes from pock. Bad goaltending. Only prevideo wiewing saved her.
giovannipancia 6 days ago
True confessions: I am not even a hockey fan and common sense told me this goal was good. This is one of those cases where it's hard not to believe that some refs secretly just get off on being a "tough person" buzzkill. This call makes no sense. 'Nuff said. These poor girls did not deserve this. As a human being, stuff like this makes me lose faith in humanity.
Carly Isaac
Carly Isaac 6 days ago
I believe it was a good goal
Mary Arab
Mary Arab 6 days ago
WillyOD 6 days ago
maplebrook1955 6 days ago
Finland played a very physical style but sometimes they took it too far. If the forward just skated around the goalie there wouldn't have been a reason to even discuss interference. Instead she almost skated through the goalie which you're not allowed to do. And also I have to say that the result was karma coming back to bite them in a way. They played well against Canada in the semi-final but they also knocked a Canadian player out of the game by pushing her from behind and head first into the boards. If you play that way, the hockey gods will strike back so I shed crocodile tears for Finland on that call.
Mika Hamari
Mika Hamari 6 days ago
This interpretation of rules should courage all the goalies in the world try to skate as fast as possible on the ice in the hope of collision. This is just madness, the goalie interfered the attacker.
bagiboxi 6 days ago
This is unbelieveable, hockey is falling apart, goals beeing waved off for nothing is getting more and more common, almost every game. THIS WAS A 100% GOAL! FINLAND GOT ROBBED! USA, shame on you for buying the referee, if im not mistaken, wasnt the referee even from the US? SHAME ON YOU! *GoT BELL* SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
Toxic Nebula
Toxic Nebula 6 days ago
Should have been waved off, Goalie was unable to make a save attempt due to being hit however she was not in her crease.
M. S.
M. S. 6 days ago
Hidden and unknown person in the shadows (cabinet) made the decision to disallow the goal. Shame on IIHF. Wash your faces and eyes at the same time.
Zdeněk Rychtář
USA shit,Finland wins!
John Smith
John Smith 6 days ago
How are people possibly mad about this? Finland should be happy that they didn't get a penalty for interference
Felony Strutter
Felony Strutter 6 days ago
I am from the USA and always hated the USA Women's team, they really have no class if you follow them.
Odin Allfather
Odin Allfather 6 days ago
Okay as an American I do like to see my country win but this has to be a joke! The goalie was beaten cleanly. This has to be the worst call in sports history in my eyes. Finland was robbed on so many levels. Not cool!!!
Felony Strutter
Felony Strutter 6 days ago
CRIMINAL....CRIMINAL and Rigsby's comment after the gane is a disgrace, USA crimes everywhere.
Double Agent
Double Agent 6 days ago
Goalie was going to smuther the puck and that's when the Finn skated over her glove. They would of never gotten the puck if she didn't kick it free
Tieto Turva Virus
WTF just like KHL
Grant Whipple
Grant Whipple 6 days ago
I didn’t know you could run the goalie over and believe scoring a goal would count. Give me a break... puck may have been loose, but come on. God call
Billybob 6 days ago
Why the review at all? The ref had her arm up immediately to call a penalty when the scorer hit the goalie. I think the review was to take blame off the ref for ruining a good goal.
Caleb White
Caleb White 6 days ago
A little information. Just because a goalie is not in the blue doesn't mean a hit on a goalie isn't a interference call. It's the biggest misconception in hockey that when a goalie is a bit out of their crease, they're fair game to receive a check.
Vikkr 6 days ago
it wasn’t a goal tho bruh , they pushed the goalie out of the crease with the goalies stick
Trevor Meed
Trevor Meed 6 days ago
Love when people pretend to know the rules, especially announcers
Vihhuu Vihhuu
Vihhuu Vihhuu 4 days ago
Trevor Meed Well They do.. Thats a goal right there.
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