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Having a wife will change most rooms in your house, but no room more than the bathroom.
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Apr 11, 2019




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Comments 137
Mac Allister Laing
Mac Allister Laing 2 hours ago
Bag fan of yours. Keep up the good comedy! 😁👍
Esa Torikka
Esa Torikka Day ago
hyvä ismo
Kmortisk 2 days ago
We need more content here on youtube! :D
Lucy Mel
Lucy Mel 4 days ago
He HAS to have Netflix special !!!!!!
NexisFilms 4 days ago
"That's an Ass-Hair-Sharpener ."
Jan-Erik Sepponen
Tell the dude who cutted: on stand up.. One camera is enought this jumping is idiotic.. Unless comedian is a TOTALLY useless on stage, it might save it.. Mostly not
gwandumi mwakyoma
Take a fucking shower!
Mario Carreno
Mario Carreno 5 days ago
Just saw you tonight in north Hollywood Ismo! You were great!! Haha I was like I know him!! Ive seen him on Conan! Haha Keep going my dude!
Adrian Arias
Adrian Arias 5 days ago
Lauri Mattila
Lauri Mattila 5 days ago
Fucking beast legend!
Joe Saniko
Joe Saniko 6 days ago
You are a global icon man!
Aftersex Highfives
You're hilarious. Can't wait to see how your career progresses.
Teemu Lumppio
Teemu Lumppio 8 days ago
Mikä on suurin syy ihon kuivuuteen? Pyyhe.
timomastosalo 13 hours ago
Aurinko on suurempi
kirveka1 8 days ago
Where´s the joke ? This is a man´s life !
Sarcasm 8 days ago
I'm pretty sure shampoo's and conditioners are a total fraud... Whenever I'm thirsty in the shower, I use a hydrating shampoo, yet I always feel just as thirsty before and after wash. Bought some conditioner that clearly stated "repairs damage", but the bathroom tiles remain cracked. Also bought shampoo for dry hair, but I have no idea how to get it off after I've applied it since I can't use water. Oh and chocolate & vanilla bodywash, but that shit tasted horrible. Well, atleast I can talk about all of these issues in the shower, since my conditioner is intensely caring.
timomastosalo 13 hours ago
Now you have to acquire something to your home that advices you how the thicken your toenails, tighten your nech skin, etc.
Wally West
Wally West 8 days ago
This was a brilliant video. Don’t know how I found this but I love this man
JK1988 8 days ago
oot kännissä/pilvessä videolla?
MegaMantero 8 days ago
Plataani 9 days ago
If it cleans tooth enamel, which is harder than many metals it most surely cleans balls. Which certainly are made of steel 👍
Niko Airike
Niko Airike 9 days ago
why do you recycle content? pls come up with some original stuff
pieni ihminen
pieni ihminen 10 days ago
Ketkäs tääl suomesta? 🤣
Andrew Ortiz
Andrew Ortiz 10 days ago
LOL. My favorite so far.
Bone Spur
Bone Spur 10 days ago
Haha good ☝️ one!!!
Ville Pakarinen
Ville Pakarinen 10 days ago
Looking fit man!!! Don't they feed you in the US???
Stacking Benjies
Stacking Benjies 10 days ago
I'm a Finnish man too. We believe that everything that foams is good for washing yourself. It's quite simple honestly. And so am I.
kanervatie 6 days ago
My wife *foams (*Vaahtoaa=Bitches) a lot. I use her to wash my balls.
Luke The Dude
Luke The Dude 10 days ago
who would ever down vote this
RustySpace 10 days ago
Do not put cooling gel on your balls, it stings like hell!! Just heads up for all those lost men out there :)
timomastosalo 13 hours ago
It doesn't cean your teeth, so no: don't use it for the balls.
Alpo Pöytäkangas
Actually small amount doesn't do bad at all
shab1982 10 days ago
Arvy 92
Arvy 92 10 days ago
Ismo loving your stuff hahah - aus
Oskari Vänttilä
Oskari Vänttilä 10 days ago
That "tai" instead of "or" in 2:45 xD
Aftersex Highfives
Love the mix of Finnish? I think I recall he was from Finland. Love it. He's brilliantly funny.
Ruubers 9 days ago
Kuulostais enemmän, että Ismo sanoo "like" siinä.
iso kasa
iso kasa 9 days ago
Oskari Vänttilä Basically how I speak enkku
hyperspaced77 10 days ago
Amazing... Keep them coming Ismo..
StoryTimeSA 10 days ago
This reminds me of a classic Finnish skit by Spede Pasanen: Naisen Logiikkaa
Ville Vainio
Ville Vainio 10 days ago
Ihan loistava lisää!!!
anonymous6665756 10 days ago
I'm really hoping to see you someday in a Netflix special. Might take a year or two but it will happen! Mark my words. Torilla tavataan!
SpaicyyyWalkkeri 8 days ago
anonymous6665756 Wait what? ISMO Is finnish?
The Major
The Major 10 days ago
+Alisa Martimo tortillas damn Finns stop making me hungry.
Alisa Martimo
Alisa Martimo 10 days ago
Luin aluks että tortilla tavataan
riciy 10 days ago
please do a netflix special, I would watch the shit out of it!
ay 10 days ago
Ismo uploads - yissss! It is in english - double yisssss!!
knut riis
knut riis 10 days ago
Haha - great!
lom simlote
lom simlote 10 days ago
“When I was a MAN”🤣 although soo truee... great content...
TheAzynder 10 days ago
To be fair shower usually does end up drying you, but mostly because of soap ^^
TheAzynder 10 days ago
+Anon Nyymi Indeed ^^
Anon Nyymi
Anon Nyymi 10 days ago
Yeah but doesen't matter that he's wrong he makes it so funny.
A human dream A human dream
jafar alshishani
jafar alshishani 10 days ago
the comedy style of yours is just pure simple natural and yet powerful . just love it . please do more
Kazahana225 11 days ago
T. Thompson
T. Thompson 11 days ago
Ismo rocks :D greetings from Germany :)
Mo's Favorites
Mo's Favorites 11 days ago
Gives a soothing effect on the balls with toothpaste
timomastosalo 13 hours ago
Natural bleaching effect, and fresh feeling for 24 hrs.
Sarcasm 8 days ago
Prevents ball decay.
Foudilain 9 days ago
I can tell you it stings like all hell.
Tomasz Woźniak
Tomasz Woźniak 11 days ago
True, true .. so many bottles to use ;)
Jarps Art
Jarps Art 11 days ago
My wife takes a shower and after it washes her face in the badroom and I am like, you just had a shower why come you now cleaning your face and she says: " you don't get it, do you?".
slippery dick
slippery dick 10 days ago
I don't get it either
Emma Blomqvist
Emma Blomqvist 10 days ago
It's getting deep, +Jarps Art
Jarps Art
Jarps Art 10 days ago
Emma Blomqvist its serious bussines
Emma Blomqvist
Emma Blomqvist 10 days ago
+Jarps Art I suspect she was not joking...
Jarps Art
Jarps Art 10 days ago
Reeta Tassberg haha!
cebedeuz 11 days ago
My wife’s hair have mental issues.
timomastosalo 13 hours ago
Your hair tissues have mental wives?
Tuntematon Tyyppi
Tuntematon Tyyppi 10 days ago
JokerKnives 10 days ago
i have mentol tissues
Black Rod
Black Rod 11 days ago
My wife's mental has hairlth issues.
Just Playing
Just Playing 11 days ago
Finnjävel 11 days ago
Here's a tip for whomever it may concern: Take cold showers and you don't need to use so many products after.
The Ghost
The Ghost 6 days ago
The problem is that cold shower makes things shrink.
Ayla Markkula
Ayla Markkula 7 days ago
Yup, hot showers are only for occasionally "treating" myself. I don't really need to moisturize my skin that often at all when I mostly take cool showers, plus it saves water and time 'cause you don't really get stuck in there either (because it's not as enticing when it's cold). For the daily quick rinse (washing pits-ass-feet with a low pH body wash/syndet), you really don't need to use hot water.
McQueenRLZ 9 days ago
+Jasper Janssen So next level sentence, that automatic detector of youtube can't recognize.
Jasper Janssen
Jasper Janssen 10 days ago
The Major soap is just the next step - it’s made from ashes.
The Major
The Major 10 days ago
+Satelliittisolu bathing in ash and water mixture. That will really clean you up. It works a lot better than that pesky soap.
TerryFGM 11 days ago
guys, remember when he punched a horse in the face?
scapade 10 days ago
Yeah. He said he got a lot of support afterwards from Atria.
AXLEGREASEframeset 11 days ago
Has anyone here actually tried to use toothpaste as ...body wash?
Balacus 10 days ago
+Skjelm also some toothpastes have bonus effect of whitening those places.
darkiee69 10 days ago
Should work as a scrub
Man of the north
Man of the north 10 days ago
I have washed my hands with it.
Skjelm 11 days ago
with the brush you reach the places where the sun never shines much better
Mikko 11 days ago
Eikö sulla uusia juttuja ole ollenkaan? Käännät englanniksi näitä ikivanhoja läppiäsi ja otat jenkeiltä rahat pois? 🤔
Uncle Ham
Uncle Ham 7 days ago
+Mikko Eli Mikko on miespuolinen transvestiitti, muslimi ja possunvihaaja. Totuus on kuitenkin se että se on kulkenut suvussasi jo vuosisatoja, tykkäsi Mikko tai ei. Ymmärrätkö pointtini?
Mikko 7 days ago
+Uncle Ham Eli jos ei ole kinkkusedän kanssa samaa mieltä niin on joko paska kriitikko tai huonot argumentit. Totuus on kuitenkin se, että tuo bathroom juttu lähes sanatarkka käännös vuosikymmenen vanhasta jutusta. Kuten moni muukin ismon amerikka jutuista. Silloin on ihan perusteltua kysyä eikö hänellä ole uusia juttuja. Tykkäsi kinkkusetä tai ei 🖕
Uncle Ham
Uncle Ham 8 days ago
+Mikko Hieno vasta-argumentti, oisko lisää vielä?
Mikko 8 days ago
+Uncle Ham Ismoko se siellä? Meinasitko kääntää pieruvitsitkin (fart jokes) englanniksi 🙊
Citadel of winds
Citadel of winds 8 days ago
+laserbeamhorse , There's a similar thing here in Australia called "tall poppy syndrome". Basically people who haven't achieved much or anything in life target people who they deem to be too successful and thus targets to be chopped down. And while at times people who've got too big for their boots deserve to be taken down a peg, all too often it's simply about losers being envious of winners.
Karim Spahi
Karim Spahi 11 days ago
Crushing it 😂🤘
Burntoastman31 11 days ago
So freaking good dude lmao
Kimberly G.
Kimberly G. 11 days ago
Meanwhile, men have 100 different little widgets and tools, each for a specific purpose. Gentlemen, we're not all that different, what we focus on is simply not the same.
timomastosalo 10 days ago
+Kimberly G. It wasn't for points :) - We're at a humour video... Laughing at myself helps.
Kimberly G.
Kimberly G. 10 days ago
+timomastosalo Good heavens that was quite a lengthy reply. But I think you just re-enforced my point, lol.
timomastosalo 11 days ago
Yes, but you need a different screw driver for the car, the computer, the fidget spinner, the yoga mat - uhm - not for that, but you... get the point. And you just have to have inyour tool set the 0,5mm nuts, 1mm nuts, 1,5mm ... you know which nuts these are? this is... a bit... wkwardd to explain to a woman - can't quite put it in words why. Anyway, those are the nuts which need to be screwed - wait - Why is this so difficult? Ahh, well - you just have to have the whole set. Though I haven't used them since I got the set. But in case. Another case: Ladies want to carry everything in an Ikea bag - though it's ripping, can't hold the weight, bulging and wobbling out of shape so the stuff is bursting out in one end, while the other end is open, so it can collect anything dropping from above - leafs, twigs, credit cards, son's football, daughter's slipping smart phone, neighbour's cat falling from the roof. The kitchen sink is already in another Ikea bag. And sometimes it's leaking something moisturizing the tarmac. And in the car nohing can be put on top of the bags, especailly those with flowers, and those with the fragile framed paintings. In the men's case: Men want a solid case with metal lining, that is easy to pack: just load like legos. You can put milk in it no matter if the cork is leaking or forgotten. Maybe you should just check he didn't load the ink bottles with the papers, 'because they belong together'. And the case is used even if you just put one screw in it, the one he just dropped which had been a bit loose for awhile. And the box itself ways 5 kg, 10 lbs.
Kpop_got7_ firefam_
Mahtava video
dgm's stuff
dgm's stuff 11 days ago
wasim486 11 days ago
ChokDK Danmark
ChokDK Danmark 11 days ago
Lucky you... only 40 things of hers... tsk.. I think my wife got 400 :D :D
The Major
The Major 10 days ago
I was wading through the bathroom this morning trying to find the soap amidst an ocean of products I don't understand.
timomastosalo 11 days ago
TURPX 11 days ago
Halpa Lutka
Halpa Lutka 10 days ago
barney from himym i love that scene
Pogla The Grate
Pogla The Grate 11 days ago
One share house I lived in, my house mate had about 10 things to straighten her hair, and a few to make it curly. I tried using both at once and my hair stuck straight out for a week
Norn1024 11 days ago
Thanks for another gem of yours
James Rank
James Rank 11 days ago
Hello there
nimetön kanava
nimetön kanava 8 days ago
Veikka Rutanen
Veikka Rutanen 11 days ago
General Kenobi!
timomastosalo 11 days ago
Uhm... hello(?)
Trollaaja200 11 days ago
General Kenobi!
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