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Joker - Teaser Trailer - In Theaters October 4


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Apr 3, 2019




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Stroxity 11 minutes ago
A R T! A R T!! A R T!!! Is the word for this masterpiece.
Crash Videos
Crash Videos 22 minutes ago
Militia Films
Militia Films 25 minutes ago
People need to understand that the movie score is one of the most important aspects in film. That dark soundtrack makes the movie a lot better in terms of the tone.
Hafid Sauma
Hafid Sauma 28 minutes ago
1:04 Very love his laugh 🀑
MackDorokiMine Minecraft
Isn't society a joke?
prn rbn
prn rbn 31 minute ago
I can smell Oscar
James Chung
James Chung 32 minutes ago
All hail heath ledger
Jackson Sailer
Jackson Sailer 36 minutes ago
we really live in a society
Gaming Moments
Gaming Moments 36 minutes ago
2:04 the joker we finally deserved
SoyBoy 49 minutes ago
Mental illness is a serious matter. Most people do no want to talk about, most ignore it . Glad this movie is bringing more attention to subject on the big screen. Keep on smilin , even if your heart is broken :)
Sebastian McPixel
Sebastian McPixel 55 minutes ago
We live in a society tbh
Cesar Matias
Cesar Matias Hour ago
Shity acting, is this an low cost movie?
Shrek Donkey
Shrek Donkey Hour ago
U :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Shrek Donkey
Shrek Donkey Hour ago
Shrek Donkey
Shrek Donkey Hour ago
People who dislike u know the drill
somechinese dude
somechinese dude 2 hours ago
Black Pantha
Black Pantha 2 hours ago
0:40 so... no one's gonna talk about his left arm?
Black Pantha
Black Pantha 20 minutes ago
+Sonder Seeker I wanna face palm... but another guy just replied something odd at me so... I'll leave you to it...
Sonder Seeker
Sonder Seeker Hour ago
I watched this a hundred times and didn't notice that :O
Dung Hoang
Dung Hoang 2 hours ago
IDK why but this trailer give me more hope about life. When sad, i'm just thinking about this teaser trailer. Hope the film will success !
axay bamania
axay bamania 2 hours ago
There is great chance that after this many years OSCAR will again win JOKER. Best of luck OSCAR....
Ram Maheshwari
Ram Maheshwari 3 hours ago
Marvel : Endgame gonna break all the records DC : Releases Joker's Trailer Marvel : I don't wanna play this game anymore
Ram Maheshwari
Ram Maheshwari 3 hours ago
I have a disease A disease of watching this trailer again and again
Praveen kumar
Praveen kumar 3 hours ago
Please don't mess up the movie
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 3 hours ago
Walks up the stairs as the king of nothing, dances his way down as the joker of everthing.
Siv Ay
Siv Ay 3 hours ago
How are people saying this is good? Lmao I’m confused it shows nothing and the joker looks lame
XXIV 3 hours ago
Fun Fact: The child that Joker is putting a smile on, is actually Bruce Wayne. Earlier, it was announced that Dante Pereira-Olson was cast as Young Bruce Wayne in the movie, and the child shown is in fact Dante.
The Real Joker
The Real Joker 3 hours ago
Thank you.
opare francis agyei
Because Honestly, Marvel does well on that.
opare francis agyei
Hi WB Please like to suggest that i would like for the studio to give DC fans a like coverage of all DC movies red carpet. Thank you
Cardi is my shit
Cardi is my shit 4 hours ago
Sorry but Jared Leto did it so much better
Beatriz Barrios
Beatriz Barrios 4 hours ago
Do we all know that Heath and Joaquin actually met- right? *theres pictures*
Mr Hook
Mr Hook 4 hours ago
Why the hell I'm here every fucking day I was a Marvel fan god dam!
Saumye Saran Das 13
Movie fans (especially DC fans) reaction to - DCEU movies (until Justice League) - Mr. Stark I don't feel so good. DC movies (outside the DCEU) - Mr. Stark it smells like a new car in here.
Mou Parna
Mou Parna 4 hours ago
Every time I see the trailer, I cry.. don't know why..
Saumye Saran Das 13
Mohammad Abufarha
Mohammad Abufarha 4 hours ago
Fun fact:the little kid joker forces to smile is bruce wayne.
Mohammad Abufarha
Mohammad Abufarha 4 hours ago
This trailer was released 1 day before heath ledgers birthday.
Michael Best
Michael Best 5 hours ago
I have to say, I was initially skeptical about this movie when I heard its announcement, but those concerns are gone. I'm officially looking forward to this more than End Game.
Purusharth Verma
Purusharth Verma 5 hours ago
I am watching this on a loop.. reason 1:44 - 2:04
ram prathap
ram prathap 5 hours ago
I can masturbate to this trailer
Hotwheels Showcase AA Shadows
with great power comes great responsibility
Zane Wickman
Zane Wickman 5 hours ago
A FIvidr said "How can you have the villain without the hero?" and it just dawned on me. We do have a hero in the movie...it's Arthur! They're one in the same. Arthur Fleck is the hero - wants to bring joy, laughter and maybe peace to all - while Joker is that villainous monster (Depression, regressed anger...all things bad) inside that he doesn't want the world to see. Unfortunately the world around him keeps punishing him so that the Joker and Arthur switch roles; the Joker becomes the dominate personality while Arthur takes a backseat. So the hero and the villain are one in the same, but the villain wins in this movie.
Movie Time
Movie Time 5 hours ago
I Have challenged me, friend, to reach 100 Subscriber before May, Can you Help me
satchel 5 hours ago
Man, there’s something about this trailer I keep coming back to. October can’t get here fast enough.
Flyboy243 6 hours ago
Roses are red, Gotham is blue They're all laughing at me, But the joke's on you..! -scratched into a wall at Arkham
Kyle Michael Hooten
wE lIvE iN a SoCiEtY
BABA BC 6 hours ago
I want to see joker is good know
M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews
Now that's a trailer
Hodgee3 6 hours ago
First time I actually felt bad for the joker
king of Anime
king of Anime 6 hours ago
Remember when in the original origin of joker he fell into a vat of acid and it changed him and made him go crazy and his hair changed they should make it that this joker falls into it and his sperm gets mutated and then he has a baby which is the suicide joker(sorry don't know his name)
vishal vfuechandra
vishal vfuechandra 6 hours ago
Can't stop myself from watching this again nd again........ Goosebumps sending chill right deep down........
Remmar Prudente
Remmar Prudente 6 hours ago
Why am I always thinking that the girl that was laughing with him harley quinn?
Mitic player
Mitic player 6 hours ago
the same trailer posted here in Brazil, there's not even 1 million of views, what the hell is happening to Brazil? The oscar goes to joaquin Phoenix, i know it
Shane Fox
Shane Fox 7 hours ago
I really hope this film is a single movie, and doesn't set up unnecessary sequels. I'd love to see a great character study about the rise and fall of the joker, and his tragic life.
Jason Hultgren
Jason Hultgren 7 hours ago
Do they give out Oscars for movie trailers? This one needs a nomination
Shekar Mohit
Shekar Mohit 7 hours ago
Welcome to clown world 🀑🀑 Honk honk
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez 7 hours ago
I would like to see sequels of this wherein there is a different perspective as we are in Joker's point of view. Batman and his pals are the villains of the film and not the focus, and yes, we introduce Joker's allies. DC has a smart move of highlighting these villains and giving them substance.
Gabe Masutti
Gabe Masutti 7 hours ago
I have reached my 100th time watching this trailer, and man it’s still as good as it was the first time
Wriz 7 hours ago
Oops back again. I just need to stop stumbling across this awesome trailer :)
king_IV _996_
king_IV _996_ 7 hours ago
EastCoastLifestyle 7 hours ago
They should make a sequel based 25 years into the future where Bruce is an adult and Willam Defoe plays an older version of this Joker!
sai tejas
sai tejas 7 hours ago
I personally think they shouldn't. This has no need to be turned into a franchise.
C Mateo
C Mateo 7 hours ago
MagnΓ­fica,,, serΓ‘ de lo mejor, muero por verla.
Kai Jones
Kai Jones 7 hours ago
Warner Bros you got my attention.
Tô Đức EDM
fivid.net/video/video-eyYjTpl99y0.html OMG! unbelievable
Estevan Gallardo
Estevan Gallardo 8 hours ago
I'm spooked
Tyler Ward
Tyler Ward 8 hours ago
This trailer, YEESH, I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT. Every day man, I need to see a doctor or some shit.
Eboss 7777
Eboss 7777 8 hours ago
And Harley Quinn??
Nitish 8 hours ago
We love this trailer because Joker represents that chaotic side of our psyche that we managed to contain all our life bcz β€˜that’s how u remain normal and acceptable to society!!’ At least we get to see representation of that chaos on screen.
Dutch Van der Linde
This trailer says a lot about our society.....
Jude Fischer
Jude Fischer 8 hours ago
He’s going onto the Jonny Carson show?
Sonam Nechen
Sonam Nechen 8 hours ago
I gotta say he has some big shoes to fill... I hope he is gonna live up to the expectation and not screw up like Jared did...
Cole The Incredible
Haha he has some big clown shoes to fill!
Flying Nimbus
Flying Nimbus 9 hours ago
Marvel got the heros right.. DC, well they have the villains πŸ˜‚πŸ€”
Marcus Conley
Marcus Conley 9 hours ago
I feel very sad about the joker how he got hard life 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
andres vega
andres vega 9 hours ago
Honk honkπŸƒ
Hello Again
Hello Again 9 hours ago
He look nastyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€’
jaznax 9 hours ago
I smell Oscar...
Virendra Panwar
Virendra Panwar 9 hours ago
It's a Joker we don't deserve. It's a Joker we needed.
The Cave Beast That Stole Wakanda
Honk Honk Muddafuqas
thechallenger9000 9 hours ago
Okay fan theory time. Joker takes place in the DCEU. Except, it takes place before Batman. Its the story of the ORIGINAL Jokers origin. This story inspires maniacs and weirdos to rise up against society, and wear Joker makeup. Years later, the movement dies down. But, Joker (Pheonix) is still a threat to Gotham, wrecking havoc. One day, Batman and Robin fight him, and like in the comics, Robin dies, or so Batman thinks. Robin was thrown into a batch of chemicals by the ORIGINAL joker, seemingly killing him. But when Robin is found again, his skin is white, and hair is green, and the rest is history. Jared Leto's Joker IS Robin (or was), and Joaquin Pheonix's Joker is an earlier version of JOKER, who is maybe later killed by Leto's Joker. Which probably infuriates Batman, because it is a betrayal of morals. This probably leads to Joker (LETO), remembering Batman was Bruce Wayne, which Harley thought she had erased from his brain as a form of therapy (See Suicide Squad), seemingly killing anything left of his remembrance of being Robin. Like Memento, Joker reminds himself who he was through his tattoos, but becomes the Joker fully. Remember the Batman tattoo symbol on his arm was simply broken, where as the Robin tattoo was most clearly dead, and "DAMAGED" is on his forehead. I believe JOKER takes place in the DCEU and is apart of a grander story arch, which I'm guessing Matt Reeves will complete with his Batman movie in 2020, probably connecting the threads completely. Final clues, "Twenty years in Gotham, how many good guy are left, how many stayed that way." - Bruce Wayne Also, Bruce is most likely 10 in this movie which takes place in 1981, which means by the time BVS happens he's late 40s/50s. Suicide Squad labels Harley Quinn an accomplice to the murder of Robin. NOT Dick Grayson. Haha on Robins suit, makes sense of Dick Grayson was laughing at himself. Joker will probably not have any other DC characters, who are cannon except young Commissioner Gordon. Batman (1989) featured the origin story where Jack Nicholson's Joker killed Bruce Waynes parents.
Mr.jack 9 hours ago
Joaquin Phoenix holds the record for fastest joker.
Chaiyasit Juei
Chaiyasit Juei 9 hours ago
I can’t take my eyes off this trailer.
Samara Pfleger
Samara Pfleger 9 hours ago
There are so many parts, even the littlest of scenes and cues of the music or a certain facial expression or action that Joaquin does , literally gives me the chills in a good way and I feel empowered and touched by this whole trailer because of it, in one word it all screams β€œmasterpiece”
nucleartipped 9 hours ago
This man single handedly restored my faith in DC movies. WB and DC if you're listening build the rest of the DCU around this Joker just like Marvel did with Tony Stark and please make the next Batman a Detective not a playboy.
Exodus95 10 hours ago
This movie looks like a drama for a crazy dude that likes to laugh with makeup on. This doesn't look like the terror riddled tale of the clown prince of crime.
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr 10 hours ago
I have a soft spot for the song "smile"
Ψ§Ω„Ω‚ΩˆΨ© Ω„Ω„Ω‡
Plez. The new full film
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr 10 hours ago
I feeeeel the emotion and I can feel the tensions rising all the ones who did him wrong will feel what it's like to hurt... it will be Oscar worthy. Great character development
Skyler Valdez
Skyler Valdez 10 hours ago
What happened to letos joker? I guess he was just an idea
Clearance Rack
Clearance Rack 10 hours ago
Joaquin, I understand you rarely every do sequels and you hate them, but I’d be so great if you broke that tradition just once for The Batman 2. My god It could be the best character Development in comic book movies.
HELP ME 10 hours ago
Screq those 41k people that disliles this,know that this could be 2nd best joker or i hope that he is 1st joker,betwr than dark night
HELP ME 11 hours ago
If you just smile
Sardines 11 hours ago
The chemicals didn’t make the Joker they made his skin white the experience made the Joker remember all it takes is one bad day
Jean Karlos Zapata
Jean Karlos Zapata 11 hours ago
Queremos a Jared Leto
GoodTimes 11 hours ago
Ah! They finally did it...Joaquin Phoenix is the Joker! I'll go to the DARKEST cinema for this one.
Fa3fout فعفوط
Half of the views on this video is me
NeonCherry 12 hours ago
Clown world :)
KΓΌnstler Jorge
KΓΌnstler Jorge 12 hours ago
Jordan Valdez
Jordan Valdez 12 hours ago
Beauti at its finest
tzo ra
tzo ra 12 hours ago
WaeL RudaD
WaeL RudaD 12 hours ago
I always return to this trailer, and it's always putting a smile on my face!
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