Nikita Kucherov Smashes Markus Nutivaara Into Boards After Tripping Him

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Watch as Nikita Kucherov trips up Markus Nutivaara and then hits him dangerously into the boards resulting in a scrum between the teams.

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Published on


Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 997
Anthony Larson
Anthony Larson 6 days ago
how did it end up this year Victor
Alex Kuper
Alex Kuper 6 days ago
Кучеров шафка играет хорошо... но ведет себя как говно....пусть принимает гражданство канады, как хотел год назад ..надеюсь в сборную не позавут его....
Alexandros Mograine
funny, nutivaara can be translated as pleb danger
Joona Puro
Joona Puro 7 days ago
Bolts are mentally weak
Derrick Erman
Derrick Erman 7 days ago
Best part of that sequence is Riley Nash getting chirped at “What happened last year?” Tampa says...Nash goes “I don’t know, I was in Boston” 😂😂
Ronan the Meme kid
The LOW ENERGY coming from the LAMENTING Tampa Bay Lightning is being CONVERTED into BEAUTIFUL skill and talent from the Burly Blue Jackets! The ABSOLUTE rage and ANGER coming from KRYBABY Kucherov is a real SAD situation! Tampa Bay and the rest of fire ant infested florida needs a wake up call NOW! Sad!
funkycow911 7 days ago
I cannot believe how soft Viktor Hedman is. Wow. For someone that big to be that much of a sal out there is pretty funny. Comes flying into the pile like he’s gonna do something.. someone also big actually grabs him and is 100% willing to go... and he stands there taking half jabs with his gloves on... Then the talking to the bench... absolutely no position to do that. Making fun of CBJ for blowing a 2-0 series lead last year - insinuating it can happen again this year? After your team rolled into the playoffs with 62 wins and now you can’t even get #63? S.O.F.T.
Ganjalf Slice
Ganjalf Slice 7 days ago
What a scumbag.
Niilo 22
Niilo 22 7 days ago
He is russian he has no brains
твой друг Толя
Да уж, зря Никита так поступил - теперь Молниям помашут ручкой Жакеты
Siri Fan
Siri Fan 8 days ago
A russian is always a russian even if fried in a pan.
Эльчин Магдыч
Пацан на ЧМ просто очень хочет)))
Von Douche
Von Douche 8 days ago
and it all was went perfectly fine until Pierre McGuire ruined it all by muting the players chirping and giving his own rendition of what went down
sam7487 8 days ago
Охуевший пидор.
Gfd Bro
Gfd Bro 8 days ago
Ryssän perkele
John Doe
John Doe 8 days ago
Disgraceful sir.
Авель 777
Авель 777 8 days ago
И что? )
Justin DeMatteo
Justin DeMatteo 8 days ago
Lightning are a disgrace, can’t even win playoff hockey
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 8 days ago
How is this one game, when Kadri got 3?
TTV BraydenXPG
TTV BraydenXPG 8 days ago
CBJ will sweep Tampa
Татьяна Швец
Бывает............... хоккей он такой спорт
Loginfreeforrussian Free
Мерзкая нация..На упавшего накинутся...Тфу.
Maxi Gordi
Maxi Gordi 9 days ago
Коченый долбаёб
Just Yura
Just Yura 9 days ago
Well done Kucherov, proud of him
Renatojr Absalon
Renatojr Absalon 9 days ago
No 4 straight win for tampa.. presidents trophy is enough.
Ej joe
Ej joe 9 days ago
That's a clean hit. Shouldn't have even been a penalty.
Codyyh 9 days ago
these russians are always mad at finnish players
Codyyh 9 days ago
amazing hit! so clean i loved it.
Мax Gant
Мax Gant 9 days ago
Дичь какая-то за такое дисквалифицировать
Suomen kesä
Suomen kesä 9 days ago
I liked Kucherov, but now I hate he! 😡
Владимир Цаллагов
Heard a lot about this, and finally decided to watch. Nothing too terrible here honestly, not a strong hit and looks like he wasn't planning it at all, just happened accidentally. One game suspension is a wise decision.
Captain Canada
Captain Canada 9 days ago
Such a dirty play
ЁZHIN_Z_BAZHIN 9 days ago
Skull Walker39
Skull Walker39 9 days ago
Columbus need to take advantage and win the next game now
Zunamie 9 days ago
He got 1 game
Airsoft Madness
Airsoft Madness 9 days ago
@1gamesuspension /kucherov
World Wide
World Wide 9 days ago
Will  Boon
Will Boon 9 days ago
Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan 9 days ago
Taking cheap shots when you’re getting owned by the #8 seed in your own building? A team like that deserves to be eliminated in round 1
Dave Ressman
Dave Ressman 9 days ago
Should have been 3 games. That’s so wrong lmfao. What a joke. The league is going soft
CaotsIII 9 days ago
1 game....unbelievable.
сэр Грэмбэл
Во первых не ударил ,а силовой прием применил!!!. Согласен что поступил не красиво , думаю тут азарт сыграл свою роль. Во вторых , посмотрите как пиндосы да канадцы играют вопросов больше будет.И почему то это ни кого не волнует потому что это исключительная нация.
1,000 subscribers For maximilianmus
If Nikita keeps talking like that than he’s gonna get is ass beat
RickRoll A-Rod777
He only got 1 Game for this? WOW Bettman must have a Hard on for Kuch because this hit was dangerous
Zaxxy Edits
Zaxxy Edits 9 days ago
Kucherov mad cause is doing nothing in the playoffs
mark ehm
mark ehm 9 days ago
Serge Olchowec
Serge Olchowec 9 days ago
Should be more than 1 game ! 3 or 4 . U dont run over a defenceless player intending to injure!
B Devine
B Devine 9 days ago
Kadri get 3 for this. Kucherov get one........................
Dylan Russell
Dylan Russell 9 days ago
suspend 👏 him 👏 please 👏
LordAngie007 9 days ago
At 0:50 look at the tampa fan in the top right clap and then give a couple of middle fingers. Classy.
ByFireBePurged _
ByFireBePurged _ 9 days ago
So kadri gets 3 games but kucherovs hit was worse. Star power saved his ass from 3 games
Elmo 9 days ago
Last year it was Vatanen, this year its Nutivaara, what kucherov has against finns? atleast this time he got punishment
Chicago Skater
Chicago Skater 9 days ago
Coocherov and Dickheadman are clowns 🤡
Elmo 9 days ago
1 game, what a joke
Мятный Пончик
херачЪ всех и забивай !
Wild G 204
Wild G 204 9 days ago
This greatness TB on the first round bust 🤫
Chad Chichlowski
Chad Chichlowski 9 days ago
Marchand should get at least a two game suspension for this, unbelievable
Phera World
Phera World 9 days ago
Just shows the favoritism towards Mcdavid. He did the same thing and didn't even get a penalty fivid.net/video/video-H_Yi7acqCyY.html
Xerdoz 9 days ago
Luckily Nuti wasn't injured.
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 9 days ago
This man turning into Matt cook aye
JK 9 days ago
Russian is always russian. I hope someone show him how does that feels
robin hood
robin hood 9 days ago
He nailed him while he was on his damn knees
Phillip McCrevis
Phillip McCrevis 9 days ago
Ahhh! Lightning have too many former Rangers on the team. Never amount to anything.
J M 9 days ago
Should give Kadri 3 games for this
Michael Lansing Jr
its crazy people think this hit is worse than kadri hit last year. i don't think this is a suspension it was shoulder to shoulder. plus the guy was not injured.
Ka1tZu 9 days ago
Completely out of frustration imho. Should be 3 games just because of the playoffs, in the regular season maybe more. Always disgusting to see such lack of respect towards an opponent.
Vladimir Gorbachev
Why would he do it?!!
Mark Czernek
Mark Czernek 9 days ago
Lightning will win 4-3
Zach Williams
Zach Williams 9 days ago
Only 1 game suspension wtf
Sit down Hedman. You are a soft, soft player.
Алексей Н.
He just blocked him. It's tough sport, baby.
JetsFan123 9 days ago
Just 1 game suspended? Should be 2 or 3
Armaan R
Armaan R 9 days ago
Not the smartest move by Hedman to taunt CBJ........ this series is likely over if Columbus wins the next game.
Toby Curtiss
Toby Curtiss 9 days ago
at least kucherov and hedman let their nuts drag
lownrgy 9 days ago
perus ryssä
Seneka 9 days ago
Кучеров поступил как настоящий ватный пидор.
Cody Cumby
Cody Cumby 9 days ago
And Kadri got 3 games for a retaliation against Wingels, right after marner was pinned to the boards by chara then headshot by Wingels.. This guy slashes Nutivaara for no reason (with under 5 minutes to go in a blowout game), then after seeing him on his knees, proceeds to ram his shoulder DIRECTLY into the boards. Gets 1 Game. Logic. What lead to the Kadri hit in slow motion fivid.net/video/video-mBla7x1KhWo.html
Cody Cumby
Cody Cumby 9 days ago
In the old days Kucherov would've been destroyed by someone similar to Bob Probert/Knuckles Nilan.
CripperRoo 9 days ago
Tampa Bay, somehow I had some respect over them but this kind of actions.. Just drains it away.. What a bunch of sore losers
Manifested Logic
Manifested Logic 9 days ago
That was worse than Kadri last year and he got three games... but Kuch only gets one? Weird.
That didn't even look bad
plan138 9 days ago
Hedman the tough guy
The great 27
The great 27 9 days ago
And he only got 1 game from this
Brotherhood 9 days ago
1 game? Okay then... That hit is as dangerous as it gets.
EM 9 days ago
Кучеров чмо последнее
Ryan Scherbluk
Ryan Scherbluk 9 days ago
Ha ha this makes me happy Tampa going off the rails
fred uncle
fred uncle 9 days ago
next game he's going to lick people. it's a "slippery" slop.
Friction Frictionovich
Клюшку с шайбой ему в анус.
K See
K See 9 days ago
Should be at least 3 games and he gets 1. Clearly a case of starpower getting you a reduced sentence. He targeted the head of a guy he just tripped and clearly had time to think about it.
Evan Etzerza
Evan Etzerza 9 days ago
#HedmanNotPlayinAround Damn Kuch is an idiot
Rach31 9 days ago
One game... That's it?
v0id81 9 days ago
if an American player had done it, no one would have ever noticed it
VividMac101 9 days ago
Nikita Goonerov got suspended one game.
Brotherhood 9 days ago
VividMac101 he got one game for that. Most players that would get them 2-3.
Gunnar M
Gunnar M 9 days ago
Honestly doesn't even look that bad and it's not like he went for his head. Hit him on his side / front of body on the shoulder. Yeah the dudes on his knees but if kucherov wanted to hurt the man he coulda done a lot worse
Adam Wood
Adam Wood 9 days ago
Poor looser
Michael Hanna
Michael Hanna 9 days ago
And he’s suspended for one game ! Good job kuch way to be salty bud
Riga Fraction
Riga Fraction 9 days ago
MVP's don't put their tantrum ahead of their team when the team needs them to step up and carry them back into it
philindien 9 days ago
Feeling the heat Bolts?
Robert Cotton
Robert Cotton 9 days ago
They don't even take their gloves off, so sad what Bettman has made the NHL these days.
Eric Brewer Guitar
Pierre creeped me out with the shower comment 😂 why wouldn’t you say “going back to the dressing room” Anyway this was a classless play. There was absolutely no reason for Kuch to make that hit. None. Columbus is playing straight ahead physical playoff hockey and Tampa is showing more interest in goonery and douchebagerry. I’m really enjoying this series and pulling for CBJ even though I usually hate them
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