Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau answers the internet's most searched questions about himself and his character from Game of Thrones, Jaime Lannister. How do you pronounce Nikolaj Coster-Waldau? How many languages does Nikolaj speak? Could Jaime Lannister be a Targaryen? Nikolaj answers all these questions and more!

The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on Sunday, April 14th.
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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 3 595
CaptainJayOT 14 minutes ago
AeneasGemini 25 minutes ago
Ok, Jamie Lannister squired for Arthur Dayne, the sword of the morning, not Barristan Selmy!..... I feel better now
MissCaraMint 57 minutes ago
The other Scandinavian languages don't count.
Bru- Me- Neander- THALL
Nikolaj: "You're gonna' have to watch the show to find out". Me: 2 episodes into the last season with 4 episodes down to go; "Too late".
Godd Howard
Godd Howard 2 hours ago
If they ever do a shrek remake he should play Charming
das basic
das basic 2 hours ago
The way he rips off that paper...
funkydory89 3 hours ago
Do one with Leo & Kate!
Lucy Malfoy
Lucy Malfoy 4 hours ago
That is not swedish 😂
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield 4 hours ago
Peter Dinklage is in Destiny 1. They should've mentioned that to him lol
Snor Gärs
Snor Gärs 4 hours ago
I look at this interview and compare it with the one of "Plank"(Brie Larson)
JvAvCvK 4 hours ago
Can actually answer that one, he looks like andy whitfield. A Welsh actor that died of cancer after appearing as spartacus in the first season of Spartacus: blood and sand. Well thats who the people I know mistake for him
The Masterpiece
The Masterpiece 4 hours ago
Somebody show this to Brie Larson. That's how you do one of these
ian lee
ian lee 5 hours ago
Jamie fookin lanister
sarahsrappa 5 hours ago
Has to be the sexiest man alive . Awesome actor
dounia azid
dounia azid 6 hours ago
: do you know how to ride a horse? :AbsoluTELY. ( this is my card in every situation in life)
John 6 hours ago
In the books, he squires for some Lord Shmuck
kamran shekh
kamran shekh 7 hours ago
I think he should be cast as James Bond!
Okuuma Autumn
Okuuma Autumn 7 hours ago
"Does Nikolaj Coster Waldau know how to ride a horse?" "Yes!" Look at him. How proud he is xDD
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 8 hours ago
All these questions made my night 😂😂
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 8 hours ago
Get Emilia clarke , and sophie and maisie..
LizPlays 8 hours ago
Wow, I actually know how to say his name now. lol Great!
Takamatsu kun
Takamatsu kun 8 hours ago
I could watch him answer these for 5 hours and never get bored
Timothy J. Holloway
As soon as he said he played some games on his phone, I said, "SHHSHHHSSHHHH!!" After being asked if he was in Destiny 2! That definitely doesn't count.
Claudia Lind
Claudia Lind 9 hours ago
Him speaking Swedish is super cute, just sayin'
jbrisby 9 hours ago
Why isn't Jamie blond anymore?
Mateus Carvalho
Mateus Carvalho 10 hours ago
hes so perfect omg
Andre Oda
Andre Oda 10 hours ago
I dont think I could've pressed the watch button any faster... the things we do for love!
Christopher Seitz
Christopher Seitz 11 hours ago
He does a better English accent in a second language than I ever will
Leslie Raymond
Leslie Raymond 12 hours ago
Hayden Lau
Hayden Lau 12 hours ago
When he was speaking so many languages I felt my ovaries explode and I don't even have ovaries
Elina GK
Elina GK 13 hours ago
Am I the only one who finds him arrogant and a little annoying?
BAREfootMARK 13 hours ago
I guarantee the Destiny 2 question was because Peter Dinklage was the voice of Ghost in D1.
Kristian H.
Kristian H. 13 hours ago
could Nikolaj Coster-Waldau be a love child of Mads Mikkelsen and Viggo Mortensen??!!
Draken Knight
Draken Knight 14 hours ago
had no clue he is Danish, cool
Dick Whistles
Dick Whistles 14 hours ago
Great interview. But his hand was gold plated steel... just binged that episode.
VS- Btd
VS- Btd 14 hours ago
Is it funny or sad that I know more about Jaime Lanister than the actual actor:p
Angel López
Angel López 14 hours ago
WAIT WAIT, this guy should not have one hand??!
xKuukkelix 15 hours ago
Jamie is easily the best character in got
Mads Kofod
Mads Kofod 15 hours ago
His hand is made of gilded steel...
fulangator 15 hours ago
I feel that Nikolaj is getting that age where he doesn`t give a crap what happens in the world besides his family and his job as actor.
LACID_HD 15 hours ago
I have to say that the German sounds good👍
Rizky Ikhsan
Rizky Ikhsan 15 hours ago
As he said during early season most battle in the series happened off the screen. If only the show getting well funded since the beginning we probably getting more and more better GoT as we know today
Feathered Filly
Feathered Filly 16 hours ago
I love how he refers to himself as third person while reading these lmao
MemeBrain 16 hours ago
He's 48 ?!
michi_b 16 hours ago
The most charming man on earth.
Sol Badguy
Sol Badguy 16 hours ago
@WIRED : I love those videos. One with Jon Bernthal. ...Please ?
Shalini Biswas
Shalini Biswas 16 hours ago
Quality ASMR. Get him to do an ASMR video. :'0
Millas_Verden 17 hours ago
Yup you sure can tell he’s danish
Diego Jimenez
Diego Jimenez 18 hours ago
OMG! I'd like you to wake me up in the morning with your French voice, hahaha
THAT GUY 19 hours ago
Jaime hasn’t read the books? I guess I’ll have to have him read them before I let him go out horseback riding or sword fighting.
StellaR 19 hours ago
He looks good in the Game Of Thrones but, he's looks better in real life
Reinhold Pfeiffer
Reinhold Pfeiffer 20 hours ago
Jamie cant be Azor Ahai hes already Prince Charming
tzutari 21 hour ago
Why does no one mention Eric Whitacre ? Nikolaj and he are like twins!
Dana Alexa
Dana Alexa 21 hour ago
KingUpset 21 hour ago
Lmao how does he not have any accent in the show
davethepak 21 hour ago
Great commentary - and he is right - the character is incredible. GOT is filled with amazing characters.
Bill Wood
Bill Wood 22 hours ago
This guys great
millkyR 23 hours ago
He doesnt know why Jaime isnt king?!
Moises John Barien
Moises John Barien 23 hours ago
He looks like Jake Gyllenhall
Kogan 23 hours ago
This is probably the most amount of times he's said his full name aloud in a short span of time.
Sam Lives Here
no character's progression is shown through their hair than jamie, except maybe barrack obama
Chloee Konsam
The laugh at the end though !
Married for 22 years!
mywetblanket Day ago
I want to see him in Cats
Prihan Day ago
Josefine Norén
It was really cute see him try to speak Swedish. Its a very similar language to danish. I always understand the danish.
Linda Daheim
Linda Daheim Day ago
I love hearing Danish people speak German!!! Thank you.
Abhishek Nag
Abhishek Nag Day ago
Jake : Nikolaj Charles : No, *Nikolaj* Jake : Nikolaj Charles : Nikolaj Jake : Nikolaj Charles : Nikolaj Jake : I feel like we are saying the same thing. Charles : No, it's *Nikolaj* Jake : ok
Daniel S
Daniel S Day ago
Compare this to Brie Larsons interview. Two different worlds
dowingba Day ago
The hand would be way too heavy to be useful if it was solid gold.
haleyisanerd Day ago
6:34 Wrong franchise prophecy, Nikolaj. 😂😂😂
db32 Day ago
Aw, nobody asked any shotcaller questions
Maximillian Cunningham
Great stufF !
Joekidd1961 Day ago
He kind of has a smartass attitude at time that I kind of found funny.
Maria bertelsen
Gemma Day ago
Nice interview
Lemireyha Day ago
Uuuhhh... he can understand German...?! Cooome heeeere, Nikooo, coome heere...!
Fan Boy
Fan Boy Day ago
(7:20) great answer
WhoIsMaxi Day ago
He’s so likeable and goofy. Somewhat like Jamie in that respect
Ahri Uchida
Ahri Uchida Day ago
Mr. Coster-Waldau is a great actor and very nice man in real life!
Comaful Day ago
Say nikolaj coster waldau one more time
Darkstar Day ago
I feel like he became sad for a moment when he mentioned his parents divorced :(
Ace Wayne
Ace Wayne Day ago
I really wants to see him in the john wick series as an enemy for john he'll make an excellent one
kata steruska
Why was I surprised when I saw he has his right hand? 😂😂😂
Billy Neville
I love how much he loves his character.
Rebekah Dennison
Do you have to redeem yourself? I ThiNk NOt
Raafi Gul
Raafi Gul Day ago
200 pounds? Really?
Bastian Falck-Hansen
Denmark for life. Seriously I’m danish.
Kartik Pingle
pHeadphonesq Day ago
Haha, love it when he says ‘solid gold’
philz2002 Day ago
Best character in game of thrones by some distance, and one of the best story arcs in tv history. Fight me!
Sergei mcblyat
Nikolaj Jaime-Lannister
Dirty Nwah
Dirty Nwah Day ago
Jaime squired for Ser Arthur Dayne.
Azizx27 Day ago
2019 is officially the best year for entertainment. Avengers endgame and game of thrones. Does it get any better than that?
Mr Cat
Mr Cat Day ago
He is extremely charismatic and likable.
Esben Ravnholt
Drink a shot for every time his Danish accent breaks through Or when he says: "øh"
Why they have to throw the boards like that, I feel bad for whoever goes and collect them .. that's disrespectful.
Marie Elsborg-Knudsen
Where are my fellow danes?
I don’t watch it but I watch Richard madden only I’m bodyguard
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