r/Entitledparents "I WILL BUY YOUR BABY FOR $100"

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r/Entitledparents think that everything you own belongs to them, even your own children! This insane mother tries to BUY another woman's baby for a few hundred bucks. And to make matters worse, she wants it to be her boyfriend's kid! Check out this funny entitled parents story, as well as others in this episode with funny Reddit posts!
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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 7 442
rSlash 8 days ago
An entitled parent wants to buy your baby for $100. What do you do?
star stone
star stone 6 days ago
Had too make 500 comments
EndorBornV01 6 days ago
Not a woman, but if my girlfriend ever did anything like that without talking to me I'd dump her on the spot and file a restraining order on her, the mom, and the kid if I could get away with it, especially if it was mine and she lied about birth control. I'm sorry but the only way I'd let some crotch goblin ruin my life the same way I ruined my parents life is if I was responsible for the mistake.
Matthew B
Matthew B 6 days ago
Take the $100 and leave with my baby
Miki Chan
Miki Chan 8 days ago
Azure Pyro
Azure Pyro 8 days ago
Accept the offer
Fresh Outta High School
Yo that husband is great (from u/curlygirl)
Aryan Playz
Aryan Playz 7 minutes ago
"bOyS wIlL bE bOyS"
Mango pulpers
Mango pulpers 27 minutes ago
MatsuLoveLust Hour ago
Ex waifu OP tho
Elijah Webster
Elijah Webster 2 hours ago
MegaloGater 2 hours ago
Allison Spratt
Allison Spratt 2 hours ago
*Has migraine* EM: I diagnose you with pregnant
igal rozental
igal rozental 3 hours ago
DreadLord Cajote
DreadLord Cajote 3 hours ago
At the end did he say "don't eat the internet"
Rodel Munsayac
Rodel Munsayac 3 hours ago
family vlogs
family vlogs 3 hours ago
rapes a girl boys will be boys kills the president boys will be boys dresses pink clothes what the fvck are you doing
D4N73 4 hours ago
LOLER 2919
LOLER 2919 5 hours ago
Horsecrazy LPS
Horsecrazy LPS 5 hours ago
With the whole “baby thing” my mom doesn’t have a boyfriend. She has a husband. Who is also my dad. So yeah, I’m thoroughly disgusted at the suggestion of being “turkey basted” with.... yeah.... yuck 🤮🤮🤮
Addy D
Addy D 5 hours ago
F for poor father :/
Kate 5 hours ago
I wanted to add the average surrogate in my area gets 20k for a singleton pregnancy.
DarkSonic 5 hours ago
Kate 5 hours ago
Lol yes risk death, risk stretch marks all over your belly, hips, & breasts, go through a possibly hellish pregnancy, & then go through the extremely painful delivery and ill only pay you a couple hundred bucks to hand me the baby like its not a person but a toy! Yeah fck that. My sister is planning to pay off my student loans for me to carry a baby for her but after delivering my second child the pushing portion was so shockingly painful I decided I NEVER want to go through that again so idk if I can force myself to go through delivery again even if its to pay off my student loans, maybe if she doubles it 🤔 lol jk
No Rainbow Without some Rain
*Thinks about if mom tryna get me with her boyfriend* ............ *Wants to die and that is quick*
Blaster Playz
Blaster Playz 6 hours ago
Kenzie Dooley
Kenzie Dooley 6 hours ago
I pray that I end up as awesome a father as the first guy. That's some badass shit he did and taught his kid.
Diamond Pup Stah
Diamond Pup Stah 7 hours ago
Bryan Ketzer
Bryan Ketzer 8 hours ago
depressed gotcha
depressed gotcha 8 hours ago
Toxic Umbreon
Toxic Umbreon 8 hours ago
F ... that entitled parent
DaRUBaX 8 hours ago
TheLost Child01
TheLost Child01 8 hours ago
Annon Daily
Annon Daily 8 hours ago
FlippyBlips 9 hours ago
EP:Can’t you rescheduled? Oh yes, I will reschedule my cancer
FlippyBlips 9 hours ago
FlippyBlips 9 hours ago
Boy:*commits mass genocide* EP: BoYs ₩iLl B€ bOy$
FlippyBlips 9 hours ago
Roses are red RSlash is lit Even if you have cancer EP wants you to babysit
Chocolate Fridge
Chocolate Fridge 9 hours ago
Emilee Hoffman
Emilee Hoffman 10 hours ago
I have A entitled parent story growing up never knowing it was what it was
Caleb Solis
Caleb Solis 10 hours ago
GalaticGacha -
GalaticGacha - 10 hours ago
Lps Vero
Lps Vero 11 hours ago
Pelipper279 _
Pelipper279 _ 11 hours ago
**Cencors heck** **Says a kid shot up a school and raped and murdered a person**
Annie Stanley
Annie Stanley 11 hours ago
f for respect. also f for that poor husband
ash ketchum
ash ketchum 12 hours ago
Sammy Abram
Sammy Abram 12 hours ago
Ethan Ocho
Ethan Ocho 12 hours ago
Shelton Ray
Shelton Ray 12 hours ago
F in the chat
Angel Moore
Angel Moore 12 hours ago
"mid 20's" 10 minutes 35 seconds
Mad Sharkz
Mad Sharkz 12 hours ago
hitler: * starts a world war and kills millions * hitlers mom: BoYs WiLl Be BoYs
Jayden De La Rosa
Jayden De La Rosa 12 hours ago
F f f f f f f f f f f f f
Hanime Gaming
Hanime Gaming 12 hours ago
Protect my baby with any weapon I can get a hold of... My baby.👿
Monkey 123
Monkey 123 12 hours ago
Frostbite Productions
f for the husband and the nanny
Leah Keller
Leah Keller 13 hours ago
I just wanna ki.... I MEAN SLAP these people hehe
Leah Keller
Leah Keller 12 hours ago
Don't wanna go to jail for attempt murder but I wanna kill them so bad
Abenezer Shotela
Abenezer Shotela 13 hours ago
You said 20 instead of 40. 10:33. Didn't know how to make a link.
keatsuki 13 hours ago
I hope the Husband from the cancer story divorces her. She's the kinda dumb that kills you.
JakkThedog-MilktheCat :3
Press 'F' to pay respects (if on any mobile device or phone, ect.): Type 'F' to pay respects
Abenezer Shotela
Abenezer Shotela 13 hours ago
Alli YAFF 14 hours ago
Daughter shouldn't have been suspended at all in my view. We teach kids that they are not allowed to defend themselves, that's wrong.
Thomas Lavoie
Thomas Lavoie 14 hours ago
*"What's wrong with going through suffering pain for 9 months as a young teen so I can have the baby you are going to hold for 9 months and then birth"*
Zin Naing
Zin Naing 14 hours ago
Here’s a F ☝️
AbbysalWarrior 14 hours ago
If I was asked to sell my baby to some random woman, I would try to record the convo and report her for what is essentially slavery or "human trafficking" as the modern world calls it.
Callum Garner 1234
Callum Garner 1234 15 hours ago
1st one what the fuck is the principal on
Laney Allan
Laney Allan 15 hours ago
My ex and I were offered $25,000 for our baby when he was born 16 years ago. We weren’t sure if the woman who offered was joking. Edit: we didn’t sell him. He’s an amazing son and I’m a very proud mum.
Mykal Kahinu
Mykal Kahinu 15 hours ago
anyone here when he used to play Wii music?
Phanptom 101
Phanptom 101 15 hours ago
Ep: my child killed thirty-five people and nuked china... Boys will be boys Ep:my son was knocked out because he sexualy harassed a girl... GET THAT GIRL EXECUTED!!!!
DaWolfman 15 hours ago
Krusty 15 hours ago
That first story at the end reminds me of my 7 year old sister... I need to go talk to my dad
Tigerhouse N 2 315
Tigerhouse N 2 315 15 hours ago
Catomia 15 hours ago
Female viewer here. If my mum would do that same kind of bs, I would immediately change all my contact information and never talk to her ever again. I do not wanna have babys for several very personal reasons and she knows that. Also it's kinda disgusting and probably illegal around where I live, even if you do the turkey baster thing (we have pretty tight laws when it comes to child protection) to impregnate a 16 year old girl. Also also, just imagine her boyfriend back then, how he would have felt, seeing his girlfriend giving birth to another guy's baby, even if they didn't have sex, that feeling must be really uncomfortable.
Floopy The Fox
Floopy The Fox 15 hours ago
Bella DaDog
Bella DaDog 15 hours ago
Your EP voice, makes all these stories so much better. 😂🤣
A1burrit0 15 hours ago
4:34 aaaand demonitized
Felixerk 15 hours ago
The Red Panda
The Red Panda 16 hours ago
4:23 FIvid: *D E M O N I T I Z E D*
Necromotic Anime
Necromotic Anime 16 hours ago
”Who cares if my boy will kill me and everyone and destroy the world after all boys will be boys it doesn't matter what they do cause its my son” ~EP
Jennifer Perkins
Jennifer Perkins 16 hours ago
The first story seems fake
Lady Victoria
Lady Victoria 16 hours ago
If my mom said "Hey honey? Can you have my boyfriend's baby? I'll pay you for custody." Deadass, I would never speak to her again.
Beast mode Cuber
Beast mode Cuber 16 hours ago
Hi I’m a SINGLE mother and I have 3 children and I do not enjoy you making this kind of content your making and neither do my precious little children delete your channel or I’m suing you for not having good content on your channel (This was just a joke keep up the great stuff)
Gabby_x x_Gabby
Gabby_x x_Gabby 16 hours ago
F ;c
Griffin Gottwald
Griffin Gottwald 16 hours ago
On god, if a man is sexually harassing a girl that girl has every right to defend herself using any means possible
Ian Davis
Ian Davis 16 hours ago
Lucien Wolfe
Lucien Wolfe 17 hours ago
Retromaster101 kid
Retromaster101 kid 17 hours ago
10:35 you said mid 20’s but actually say mid 40’s lol
Rogelio Munoz
Rogelio Munoz 17 hours ago
Jill Vincent
Jill Vincent 17 hours ago
Ronin Glenn
Ronin Glenn 17 hours ago
President "Your son set off a 20 megaton nuke onto russia causing world war 3" Karen "So?" Karen "Boys will be boys"
Ashley Collard
Ashley Collard 17 hours ago
2nd story. Mom: how was I supposed to know!?! Me: (looks at dad) “no offense.”(Looks at mom)”You are FULL. OF. CRAP!”
VictoriousLegend 17 hours ago
HarmonyTRE 17 hours ago
AwesomeSaucejr a fellow friend
yea, boys will shoot up schools... you tell them... i guess? hopefully a feminist didn't take this the wrong way the way you said it. some people are literal. and retarded
UnrealKZ 18 hours ago
John Bostick
John Bostick 18 hours ago
Refxesn 18 hours ago
Well the husband midvid was nice :)
EstrellaMoon 0w0
EstrellaMoon 0w0 18 hours ago
Not good...
Liz Games LLC
Liz Games LLC 18 hours ago
What's wrong with hoodies being baggy?
Tyler Beane
Tyler Beane 18 hours ago
Not Hakeem
Not Hakeem 18 hours ago
6:44 I had cancer at the age of 8 and needed to take out a part of my spine but no you need to be 45 to get cancer cause entitled parents make so much sense
Ryan Eiler
Ryan Eiler 19 hours ago
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