Sarah McDaniel is still LYING. (new proof)

Natalia Taylor
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Sarah McDaniel is still LYING. (new proof)
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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 6 808
Sirens Lament AL
Sirens Lament AL 12 minutes ago
i think she'd rather go blind on one eye than confirming about lying
Το ζαρκάδι της Κω
She could still go to Barcelona, Spain, and get laser melanin removal. The color won't be bright, but still non-brown.
Aikouta Blank
Aikouta Blank 45 minutes ago
this video scares me sis
Jessie Chan
Jessie Chan Hour ago
Liquid Starch
Liquid Starch 2 hours ago
just wear contacts 😂😂
_ Unknown _
_ Unknown _ 2 hours ago
2:49 Τhank me.
Sassy Pickle
Sassy Pickle 3 hours ago
You look like you’re drinking smurf pee
Sarah G
Sarah G 4 hours ago
She sounds like a crime watch reporter in her intros
human bean
human bean 6 hours ago
It started me searching up for astigmatism and then I found these eye color surgeries. I actually watched some of her videos before, its sad. Don't risk it
Elijah Jules Bustamante
Why is that tea you're drinking? It's blue 😮
Brook 7 hours ago
oh my jesus-
Lily Frankham
Lily Frankham 7 hours ago
Yo your like, smart AND engaging.
earthgem 9 hours ago
this isnt new tea?? lmao this shit has been out for years ????
Fuurious 10 hours ago
No one: Natalia: *sips blue tea*
Bryn Rose621
Bryn Rose621 10 hours ago
The tea is blue... when it should be brown.... *sOUnD FaMiLiAr???!?)!?!*
김서지 11 hours ago
No one: Sarah Mcdaniel: oH YOU NOTICE IT? I HAVE *FALSE* HETEROCHROMIA *also, this is nothing about the topic, but when the video started and the "whY yOu LiyiNg" begun my brother start to sing HAHAHA*
melissa diazbarriga
melissa diazbarriga 11 hours ago
My boyfriend has heterochromia and this just pisses me off, pretending to have something that you don’t, just love how you really are, and you don’t need to lie to people
marvie ogbeide
marvie ogbeide 11 hours ago
If ur doctor doesn't make you feel comfortable request a new one
Kameko ❥
Kameko ❥ 13 hours ago
Raven -Chan
Raven -Chan 13 hours ago
I literally hate her. She's such a attention seeker. I grew up with a serial lier no joke.
minisha pillay
minisha pillay 13 hours ago
But what the company is doing is bad
minisha pillay
minisha pillay 13 hours ago
But see those people are choosing to do it even though they know it's going to be a problem for them in the future
Sweet_and_salty 1
Sweet_and_salty 1 14 hours ago
I feel so bad for her I cryed when I saw her 11:24
Absolute Shid
Absolute Shid 14 hours ago
just found your channel , im not dissapointed. i am in fact happy i found it
Savv Mihkel
Savv Mihkel 14 hours ago
My mom had one blue eye and one green it was really pretty
Jenna Morris
Jenna Morris 14 hours ago
This makeup is SO good love you
Sam Boyce
Sam Boyce 14 hours ago
On a much more positive note, watching this video is going to actually make me listen to my eye doctor when he tells me not taking my contacts out for weeks can damage my eyes
Elle Maio
Elle Maio 14 hours ago
Dixie mills mills
Dixie mills mills 15 hours ago
Who would do that?
taegukult •
taegukult • 15 hours ago
Brown eyes are beautiful too. They look so warm and cute
Intricate Thinker
Intricate Thinker 15 hours ago
Keep on exposing her. You go girl! :)
wow cheyenne!
wow cheyenne! 16 hours ago
" And on this website he said 'go blind' " Me:...
Blair 16 hours ago
This is so sad. People should appreciate their eyes. Be proud of your eyes, whether or not they're brown, blue, grey, green, purple, hazel or black. They're beautiful! Take good care of your eyes, you only have two. ♥️
Iconic Annie
Iconic Annie 17 hours ago
My mom and dad came in when she was talking bout birth control 👏 I’m 👏 so 👏 dead 👏
mia234567 17 hours ago
Imagine traveling to India and paying almost 10000 dollars to go blind 😬
Lps Twix Baby
Lps Twix Baby 18 hours ago
Everyone of her followers saw this vid. Look
Rachel Warren
Rachel Warren 18 hours ago
Do one reacting to Danielle Cohn’s “pregnancy” and “marriage” 😂
Omg this Sherliza girl is everywhere!! Ugh 😑
Piggy Lover101
Piggy Lover101 18 hours ago
Nani how u get blue tea
Kosmik 18 hours ago
Why are some people so unhappy with their brown eyes?! Every eyecolor is beautiful. ♥
stfu Hanna
stfu Hanna 19 hours ago
Is no one talking bout the fact that the tea is f*cking blue
Diana vlogs
Diana vlogs 19 hours ago
👁👃🏻🔵 👄 💄
Vanna Bananna
Vanna Bananna 19 hours ago
Still? Give it up Sarah. 🤦‍♀️
Giulia Ardito
Giulia Ardito 19 hours ago
I know that they went though a really tough time but I can't really sympathize with those brightocular patients bc they really sound like spoiled brats... "Changing my eye colour is something I always wanted to do" So???
S.J. M.
S.J. M. 20 hours ago
Do you know TI and Tiny from Reality TV? Tiny went to Africa and had ocular inplants years ago. So naturally, her daughter felt insecure about her eyes and went to have the same procedure. Almost right away, one eye failed and the disc was removed-- leaving her with one brown eye and one blue. Then, the other eye also started to have problems and the doctors say she might lose her vision completely. Sadly, too many people are insecure and desperate to be anything but themselves. It's so sad.
Air Catcher
Air Catcher 20 hours ago
Honestly I love how you talk like it's never boring xDDDD
OLIVIA 21 hour ago
Just a little tip... If a procedure you want to get is banned in nearly every country it's probably for a reason and therefore you should not get it done. :)
Jordanne Olivia
Jordanne Olivia 22 hours ago
You should be a lawyer
I knew of this procedure but never knew how bad it was. :( They spoke of it as 'there is always a risk but nothing like any other procdure"
BlueLight Day ago
Ellie’s World
Nt stands for Natalia tea spiller 😂
t a t i a n n a
You legit sound like safiya nygaard
??? Day ago
the guy that was happy about it is a paid actor
Cynthia Ng
Cynthia Ng Day ago
yall should just let sarah be you know mind your own life lol...i mean if she wants to lie bout it let her lol so wut if she lies yall making her image bad yno so basically you guys are verbal bullying her by telling her that she does not has heterochomia or whatever thefuk dat is. i mean even if you know that she has surgery on her eye you guys dont need to make rumor about it and making her feel bad. in this video natalia said she wants attention the more you guys talk bout her the more it motivates her to get surgery on her other eye and booommmmm she gon be satisfied
Chelsea Johnson
Why does your tea look like Sarah McDaniel's fake iris looooool
SadBearBella ʕ• ᴥ • ʔ
Whoever has iris implants and ignored this saying “that’s not gonna happen to me” well then............ YOUR GAY AND DUMB UNTIL U GET THEM REMOVED. PLS FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR HEALTH REMOVE THEM THIS INSTANT OR ASAP.
Iquey Day ago
This is so fucked up. The Iris is a beautiful muscle but it is so delicate. Nobody should be squishing it with silicone.
Bella Pelini
Bella Pelini Day ago
Why would she travel from America to India if u could get the implant in Mexico. Somewhere MUCH closer
VanaFanta Day ago
That one woman at 11:20 breaks my heart into a million pieces. The pain in her voice kills me.
Brooke W.
Brooke W. Day ago
What kind of tea is she drinkjng
Shamira S
Shamira S Day ago
From blue colored eye to dead eye
holyshelbs Day ago
sorry what all of those people getting the surgery are just dumb and let's not stop natural selection especially when you can just get contacts
BTS A.R.M.Y Day ago
Oh naw I rather stick with colored eyes contacts to change my eye color Skskksks
Why I’m Jesus name is your tea blue? Anyways.. I live
disctaco Day ago
is that blue tea lol
Brandon Sherrell
The footage kinda scares me a little bit but I feel like I need to know this to be informed NOT TO DO THIS
Boy Yess
Boy Yess Day ago
Is it just me or does she look like she try na be like sofiya nagard
Krolshi Day ago
scrolling down to the comments where it's safe haha;;;
pinkstrawberry milk
starts at 3:01
Don't do BrightOcular Damaged For Life
Thank you so much for making this video! I appreciate you spreading awareness about this scandalous company and their eye disfiguring implants!! My eyes are forever ruined because of BrightOcular! They are not safe whatsoever and I can’t reiterate enough how dangerous they are. Every person who has those nasty implants will have to get them removed due to extreme complications, including blindness!! I was so stupid to get them and my eyes are permanently damaged. My irises are about 80% gone!!! And my pupils are decentered, distorted, and don’t constrict or dilate anymore!! If you have these implants currently in your eyes, please heed my warning and get them explanted immediately! Every day you keep them in, you are doing more and more damage to your eyes! Don’t do BrightOcular aka BLINDOcular!!
Juliet Wynn
Juliet Wynn Day ago
Alright whos idea was it to give those eye surgery jump scares because those were not fun
Violet Breeze
I fucking love the fact her dad exposes her
Miki N
Miki N Day ago
The trash can
my entire family has blue eyes (my mum, dad, one of my brothers, uncles, aunts, all my cousins) except me and my other brother. He has green eyes and I have hazel. One time I wanted that surgery (Remind you, I'm 14 boys and gals) then I searched it up and *omg, it scared the **_living shit_** out of me*
Judith Morales
Damn this sponsorship actually was needed
Sleepy Sheepy
👁 🔵 👃 👄
lunamoon Day ago
Is no one going to comment about her BLUE tea?! ... Wait is this a reference to the fake eye?
Mia Mueller
Mia Mueller 6 hours ago
lunamoon she literally said “this is kool-aid”
Darlene Troise
13:35, my eyes are hazel and we both said beautiful at the same time. As a 35 year old, the only consistent compliment I've gotten throughout my life was how beautiful my eyes are, I have a hard time because I have astigmatism and I need glasses, I couldn't imagine altering my eye color for the fuck of it.
Sara Nunes
Sara Nunes Day ago
ok, she lied about her eyes color.. so what? celebrities lie about getting surgery all the time!
Shimmer Shine
1. The way she’s running with the story. She claimed she was bullied for her eye, what a way to victimize yourself. 2. She got a seriously dangerous surgery all to fake a genetic trait. She can go blind. It’s fucking terrifying. 3. It’s just interesting to debunk. Why would she go through all this trouble to fake this? Going on talk shows... getting surgery... attention seeking. She’s fucked up. It’s interesting. 4. Who cares what other celebrities are doing? Celebs get exposed for shit all the time. It’s her turn.
Someone Else
Someone Else Day ago
shane dawson needs to get over here stat
victoria Day ago
Couple of weeks after I first heard about Sarah McDaniel, I met someone with real heterochromia. Funny how life works.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Day ago
imagine cumming on to her paid eye
Kate O'shea
Kate O'shea Day ago
My eyes change colors so sometimes one eye is blue and green but most of the time they're the same color so yea
Kam3man Day ago
*S C R E A M I N G* 👁 👁 👄
Sarah pqsim
Sarah pqsim Day ago
thank god she says is natural, imagine if she'd advertised for this company and how many people would've fall for her bs
Chamyllah Day ago
2:48 is when the vid starts
Cecilia Neumann
Cecilia Neumann
Thank god I love my eye color.
Waking Life
Waking Life Day ago
Promotiong medication is messed up
chloe m.
chloe m. Day ago
I got heathers flashbacks with her "tea"
The only problem I have with this video is the fact that corrective eye surgery was not legal in the US long after it was legal overseas. I lived in Saudi Arabia from 1993 to 1995 and a coworker jumped at the chance to do the surgery when it arrived in Saudi because at the time, he had to wear hard contacts AND Coke-bottle glasses just to get around. He had the surgery done and it took him a full week to see the results, as opposed to the normal 1 or 2 days. Turned out he still needed minor corrective glasses after the surgery, but he was ecstatic over the results. It took years longer for the procedure to finally be “approved” in the US, meanwhile my coworker was enjoying a relatively normal life.
•Peaceful Gacha•
My great Grampa had a blue eye and a green eye
Heather McNamara
I have heterochromia and no one's ever made fun of me? sksk people just think it's cool
Carlee Valencia
Blue tea?
Carlee Valencia
No it’s juice , crushed my dreams
park Day ago
as soon as she said kool aid i lost it and started laughing lmao
aleah bean
aleah bean Day ago
aleah bean
aleah bean Day ago
Why is your tea blue...
horrorvictim Day ago
If it was me and I wanted to keep up the lie well, I would have put on a clear contact on my brown eye. Tell people I wear clear contacts 'cause I'm actually very near sighted. Oh and most obvious basic shit of all... Keep consistently wearing the same colour/brand of blue contact. I mean come on!
Angel Risinger- Anderson
You know, if you ever quit FIvid (please don't) you could totally rock the cute news girl look! ilysm, this isn't supposed to be rude btw
Gabi Victor
Gabi Victor Day ago
Gorl why is your T blue?!
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