Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


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Apr 12, 2019




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TomSquad 20 minutes ago
Daisy has lost some serious weight. Almost looks unhealthy.
Lord Joy
Lord Joy 44 minutes ago
This is supposed to be good? The last two parts were a historical embarrassment.
Miko Hietala
Miko Hietala 45 minutes ago
After episode 8 I lost all hope for star wars. This better be a new hope.
ReDSauCe Hour ago
The end of the saga: **cries** Palpatine’s laugh: **happy face** Realizes it’s the end of the saga again: **cries**
N Cisco 78
N Cisco 78 Hour ago
I really hope they dont disappoint. Be a shame to live through this to see the whole Skywalker end as a fizzle rather than a bang.
Marc Bertomeu
Marc Bertomeu Hour ago
Guess what, the first scene, they are not fighting, they are training
Its Alex
Its Alex Hour ago
Can someone explain to me what happened in Episode 8 again?
juddyvideo 2 hours ago
MACE WINDU IS BACK. I’m confirming it.hell bring all of them back in ghost form 🤘🏻
juddyvideo 2 hours ago
WAIT!!! Am I supposed to like this? They ruined everything with the last two movies.. is this intentionally “let’s fix what we did with rise of skywalker”??? Like they meant this all along? I don’t believe that for a second. But either way we need this to be great. It deserves it
Greeny_3 2 hours ago
I missed one movie, now I don’t even know what Star Wars is about.
OrJaZM 2 hours ago
one last steaming turd on my childhood
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Hour ago
A movie can’t ruin your childhood. If it can, then you probably had a really crappy childhood.
Memeilicious 2 hours ago
Emperor Palpatine: Worlds best hider in Hide in Seek. 1983 - 2019
Jonathan Andersen
Jonathan Andersen 2 hours ago
I will reserve my criticism until after I have watched the movie. Know however that following "the last jedi" my hopes for the saga has dwindled.
Vikash Narayan
Vikash Narayan 3 hours ago
The Rise of Skywalker does NOT Refer to Luke Skywalker ! It Refers to Rey ! Every Generation has a Legend . Luke is the Legend of the last Generation. Rey will Rise ! Rey is a Skywalker ! REY SKYWALKER STAR WARS RISE OF THE SKYWALKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marta Dašić
Marta Dašić 4 hours ago
i don't understand all the salty comments, i watch this every day. december can't come soon enough. hype hype hype
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Hour ago
The negative comments are from manbabies that can’t get over TLJ.
Axel Bagtas
Axel Bagtas 4 hours ago
Excited for this
Pewdipai AZIMI
Pewdipai AZIMI 4 hours ago
Boring movie
Alejandro Aranda
Alejandro Aranda 5 hours ago
That slickly Pharrell Williams almost put his band name on a Star Wars film, there’s no end to his greed.
Walter Jnr
Walter Jnr 5 hours ago
I'm done with this franchise. Disney has ruined it
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Hour ago
Disney didn’t ruin anything. The only thing that was ruined was your own experience
anarchycharles 5 hours ago
Emperor Palpatine shows up in white robe: “Called me Darth Sidious the White”
A Common Soldier
A Common Soldier 5 hours ago
Prequel fans: Sequel trilogy sucks. Episode 9: (palpatine laugh) Prequel fans: *HOLY SHI-*
my vid exis
my vid exis 5 hours ago
Glenn Hatch
Glenn Hatch 6 hours ago
I wonder how hishe is going to react to this
Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl 6 hours ago
Whoever thinks Rey cutting that ship is cool doesn't see how horribly on-cue her acting for that scene is. Or they're just brainwashed fanboys.
Shyrk 6 hours ago
If no one is ever really gone, does that mean Porkins is alive
The Lonely Gamer
The Lonely Gamer 6 hours ago
Ah, nastalga it really isn’t what it used to be.
SheldonAdama17 6 hours ago
Episode IX: Return of the SENATE
Stephen Zimmer
Stephen Zimmer 6 hours ago
Palpatine: laughs Luke Skywalker: weird flex, but ok
music1981ify 7 hours ago
yay! lets hope for another meaningless side plot where they go to a casino planet to meet the only person who can crack the code... find the person and get another person who can crack the code... yay!
New Lion
New Lion 7 hours ago
10 000 subs With no videos
U know what to do
Dusty Childress
Dusty Childress 7 hours ago
I like how this trailer has more dislikes than The Last Jedi.
Autumn Contingency
Autumn Contingency 7 hours ago
my husbands boyfriend enjoyed this!
King Luke the 7th
King Luke the 7th 7 hours ago
Had no idea this existed and I've been on a FIvid grind. Terrible marketing.
Lily Huynh
Lily Huynh 7 hours ago
It’s great that they made a parody of what jacks films did, I can say they did a good job, but nothing beats the original.
Ross Theboss
Ross Theboss 7 hours ago
The saga comes to an end It should have came to an end a long time ago
Patrick Tw
Patrick Tw 7 hours ago
Shiii that’s the last movie
Seth V.
Seth V. 8 hours ago
Half of this won't even be in the movie
GameReplixer 8 hours ago
Yalls lets try to get this on the Top 10 Trending
Jay S
Jay S 8 hours ago
I can't wait to not see this movie!
Kingg Kyan
Kingg Kyan 8 hours ago
I love Star Wars it's my fray fruit movie😊😌
XxNoobPwnrzxX 8 hours ago
Karim El-andari
Karim El-andari 9 hours ago
afraid to be surprised darth Vader Hayden Christensen!!!! 💥💥
JaCk CaCk
JaCk CaCk 9 hours ago
skywalker will be the new term for jedi.
Mister GGG
Mister GGG 10 hours ago
Boycott Disney Wars. Total money grab garbage.
WhatCulo 10 hours ago
Just take my money now...
Colorized Colors
Colorized Colors 10 hours ago
I want this to be good. I really do, and t needs to end on a high not so PLEASE don’t mess this up
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Hour ago
They won’t mess it up. I know it!
Willy Boi
Willy Boi 10 hours ago
I kind of really want them to bring back the double bladed staff light saber
Denis Rosales
Denis Rosales 10 hours ago
“THE SAGA COMES TO AN END” Jeez, it’s about time, it ended nearly 36 years ago
Joel N.S
Joel N.S 10 hours ago
one of the few things in life that im genuinely hyped for
Iam Impossibru
Iam Impossibru 10 hours ago
Why is this called the rise of Skywalker if Mary Sue- I mean Rei is just a nobody?
Abi Carrasco
Abi Carrasco 11 hours ago
Lando omgoodness
Jacob Underwood
Jacob Underwood 11 hours ago
My science teacher stopped me in the hallway just to tell me the Episode IX trailer dropped. I told him I’m gonna ask the history teacher if I can use the bathroom first thing.
thomas alejandro ceballos lopez
Ya quiero que salga a cartelera, para verla en el estreno!!!!!!!! Mi película favorita
Freakybananayo 11 hours ago
kennyleon88 11 hours ago
Star Wars: The Rise of Rose Tico - Teaser
Isaac Allen
Isaac Allen 11 hours ago
Palpatine: Roll it again!
Robert 0077
Robert 0077 11 hours ago
The Resurrection of Anakin Skywalker.
Crimson Sword
Crimson Sword 11 hours ago
1:34 Princess Leia 😢
Mr. Man
Mr. Man 11 hours ago
0:01 when ur breathing XD
Kilo 271
Kilo 271 11 hours ago
Don worry I am sure rey will get her hand cut off in this one
Robert May
Robert May 11 hours ago
Omg its the pope pius
ZACHD0ESGAMING YT 11 hours ago
Lucasfilm:time to end the series Star wars fanbase:yes
Zach Brewer
Zach Brewer 12 hours ago
lets hope it's not as bad as the last jedi
WalrusMan 12 hours ago
"Every generation has a legend" Shows Leia is gold bikini
Lucky11 1
Lucky11 1 12 hours ago
Oh no
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 12 hours ago
TheNoirMirror 12 hours ago
Can't really be excited after what they did to Snoke and his naughty sleep wear.
Jasper Arce
Jasper Arce 12 hours ago
blade runner in space
Thomas Minikus
Thomas Minikus 12 hours ago
Wow garbage
geteriking4 12 hours ago
Tekashi has something to do with this...
Bento Simas
Bento Simas 12 hours ago
This will be fantastic, I waited so much time for this!
Cian harrison
Cian harrison 13 hours ago
Palpatine fled to the unknown regions
Lapidot 13 hours ago
ok stay calm everyone they are always wrong about it being "the last movie" so let's just chill out *Starts crying in fear*
Foxy UwU
Foxy UwU 13 hours ago
Make Episode 8 great!
MrButtsavage17 13 hours ago
Boytcott Time! :3
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 2 hours ago
thebobhollyband it only put a small dent into solo’s performance. Solo had bad marketing, it was released during infinity war and Deadpool 2, it was released 6 months after TLJ, and it had a lot of production issues. That’s the main reasons solo bombed. Oh and the captain marvel boycott also failed too. The rise of skywalker will make 1.5 to 1.7 billion. And I’ll enjoy it when all of y’all boycotters cry when it’s successful.
thebobhollyband 5 hours ago
+Thomas Bludis Boycotting solo worked.
the cartoonist
the cartoonist 12 hours ago
nope. not boycotting.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis 12 hours ago
The boycott will fail and the fandom menace will be defeated
Johannes B.
Johannes B. 13 hours ago
00:53 yo Kathleen Kennedy....do you even know where you activate this lightsaber ? ...do you actually have ANY interest in star wars ??? xD
DANRYX 13 hours ago
Does the trailer give fans a new hope? No, The Force Awakens gave us A New Hope.
S7R4 13 hours ago
No luke again? lame
John Ward
John Ward 13 hours ago
They should bring back vader since he is a good guy again, that would be amazing.
Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl 6 hours ago
No. Should not. Would not.
Crazy Chris
Crazy Chris 13 hours ago
Palpatine, Vader and Maul have been trapped in the soul stone this whole time. It all makes sense now.
Andrew Onuoha
Andrew Onuoha 13 hours ago
But how
J Ska
J Ska 14 hours ago
How many of you noticed that Luke said that no one is ever really gone
BulletKid 14 hours ago
Now we know Rey is a Skywalker
Polish Patriot
Polish Patriot 9 hours ago
Well, for me it was always obvious. Literally, when I saw her in the very first teaser I just assumed she was going to be the new protagonist (I was obviously right about that, right?) and that on its own means she is a Skywalker.
Joe Kreissl
Joe Kreissl 14 hours ago
The soundtrack is amazing
Camera Man Deavon
Camera Man Deavon 14 hours ago
They should’ve had Darth Vader’s breathing instead of the Emperor’s laugh.
Polish Patriot
Polish Patriot 9 hours ago
what would be the point of doing that? They already confirmed that it was *not* just a fan service, but Palpatine is actually being brought back into the equation
Jirka Zeman
Jirka Zeman 14 hours ago
hate this since first movie because of crybaby ren
NoiceMelon 14 hours ago
Akbar reacts to no ones ever really gone. Then hears “laugh of Palpatine.” ITS A TRAP
Jack Geletka
Jack Geletka 14 hours ago
Spectre 14 hours ago
If i still had my star wars toys, i'd throw them in the bin. What a mess.
vidyaWolf 15 hours ago
"the saga comes to an end" bold of you to assume it wasn't already
Shikshan Hindi
Shikshan Hindi 15 hours ago
I never watched a star wars movie. Maybe ill go watch this.
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez 15 hours ago
Alexander Pechlivanidis
Just let the franchise die already
3 15 hours ago
Please do not be like the last movie. PLEASE
Mark Armstrong
Mark Armstrong 16 hours ago
Every generation has a legend!!!! Yep that's right, because we have JOHN LEGEND!!!!!!!!
Newbish Mouse
Newbish Mouse 16 hours ago
It really is Dracula
Ethan ManiaHD
Ethan ManiaHD 16 hours ago
THE RISE OF THE SENATE! that should be the title
Ambrose T
Ambrose T 6 hours ago
Ethan ManiaHD probably gonna Kill him off right away like what they did with the last guy lmao
Sasha Yurchenko
Sasha Yurchenko 16 hours ago
didn't noticed any "saga" part in the previous movies sorry, wrong neighbourhood
cdizzle99z 16 hours ago
So is she a skywalker or not
Polish Patriot
Polish Patriot 9 hours ago
I always knew she is. Both the title and the teaser of episode 9 seem to be additional proof.
JoJeff Vlogs
JoJeff Vlogs 16 hours ago
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