Tattoo Artists Fix Bad Tattoos | Tattoo Artists Answer

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Tattoo artists give advice on how to fix these bad tattoos, and explain what makes them bad from spelling mistakes to strange anatomy.
Do you have a bad tattoo that needs fixing? Let us know in the comments!
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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 1 869
Rosie Posie
Rosie Posie 5 hours ago
I LITERALLY didn’t even know that the mustache on the Freddy Mercury tattoo was a mustache I thought it was just a big black thing on his face lmao
Benjamin Kruchten
Benjamin Kruchten 6 hours ago
who is the guy at 5:07
McCluney Jeremy
McCluney Jeremy 7 hours ago
Okay Katniss, sounds like you need a cup of water
Mia Nixon
Mia Nixon 9 hours ago
I swear Showstopper does have me dyingg lol
112356 qtuie
112356 qtuie 10 hours ago
That one wid the green amd blue hair and platnium hair knows their shit
Catherine Futhena
Catherine Futhena 11 hours ago
I'm not pretty sure why Freddy Mercury is singing for Thanos 😂
mak 10
mak 10 11 hours ago
Most the tattoo artist got shitty ta Tats themselves
Gal Avnor
Gal Avnor 14 hours ago
the red head totally did not notice the spelling mistake LOL
Rachelcookie321 14 hours ago
Is that one dude from Australia or New Zealand?
Freya 161096
Freya 161096 3 hours ago
new zealand
Issa Bum
Issa Bum 14 hours ago
3:17 how far is tattoo far dudes?😭
¡AKUMA! Is dead
¡AKUMA! Is dead 15 hours ago
For the first one add a red arrow with the missing letter then write underneath so that the full thing reads "I believe in myself even if I make mistakes sometimes"
Niamh Karanwal
Niamh Karanwal 16 hours ago
Ryan won season something
Niamh Karanwal
Niamh Karanwal 16 hours ago
arent these people from Ink Masters
Raisa Trivedi
Raisa Trivedi 18 hours ago
Daniel Silva is 🔥🔥
Yeimy Sarai
Yeimy Sarai 19 hours ago
Loll poor Freddie
Darkenedskies 19 hours ago
Who is the chick with the grey/blonde hair? A straight up smoke show!
shai edginton
shai edginton 19 hours ago
"100 bucks an hour and ill do a cover up...." i pay alot more than that for normal sessions. :')
Boss Banks
Boss Banks 21 hour ago
I got a 1999 tattoo and it looked like it said 666 so I covered it up with a rose😂😂
Todd Garver
Todd Garver 21 hour ago
It's funny to see people with neck tattoos criticize bad tattoos lol kind of ironic
Sub to Pewdiepie
Sub to Pewdiepie 21 hour ago
3:43 they look same
Leif A
Leif A 23 hours ago
That Freddy Mercury tatt made me laugh so hard. Now all i can think of is how cool a purple Thanos mixed with Freddy Mercury tatt would look
Anonimous 1277
2:28 bald PewDiePie.
Danica A
Danica A Day ago
Shoutout to the birdbox/thanos guy u made me laugh so much auaha
Jyl Zuyus
Jyl Zuyus Day ago
Why do they have to be so snotty n rude, some of them have real shitty tats aswell..
MNC. Niggato
MNC. Niggato Day ago
That New Zealand guy was the most entertaining
Karlo Rodriguez
Just cause Arlo is super fucking talented in the art department but man, the dude is as dumb as a rock lol
Gib The Grey
Gib The Grey Day ago
That Freddie mercury one make thanks snapping
Riley is Dad
Riley is Dad Day ago
What's her Instagram @7:22
Paul Miller
Paul Miller Day ago
Thought I had a couple bad ones. Not no more
DrumRoody Day ago
Lol the kiwi
The Only Munchkin
why do most of them want pepperoni on that pizza tho? why not pineapple and ham?
Ebash TV
Ebash TV Day ago
They all so cool :)
“ this is the style dumbshit “ LOL
ギンGin Day ago
Bruh all the rose needs is some values and you could make a wicked sleeve
Gabriela Riera
"i think that is that what they make gloves for. You give em a free pair of gloves and you tell them to leave your shop" SAVAGE
Rubínky S.R.O
11:24 id line shade it to make it look more like a rose
Yodes Day ago
allen joshua andres
Reverse birdbox for the mouth😂😂
chescarino Day ago
10:00 is there nearly some boob out there?
Billy Valentine
There's a lot of difference in the attitudes of these artists. Some of them dismiss all the tattoos... "I'd tell them to leave". Well fuck you. Thanks to the artists who gave ideas and are willing to try!
Yazeed Alahmadi
5:39 The reaction on their faces says it all.. 🤣
spida45 Mitchell
spida45 Mitchell 2 days ago
Them: talk to much Me: laser
hyper carry
hyper carry 2 days ago
Chris showstoppr is hilarious
Teleloma 2 days ago
I want freddie tattoo for me too
Paul Meinhardt
Paul Meinhardt 2 days ago
Lol on the first i would correkt it like a spelling mistake in shool und put underneath a "but never your tattooartist"
Jeff Baker
Jeff Baker 2 days ago
Ugh. Lets take something and beat it into the ground.
Dan Arthur
Dan Arthur 2 days ago
10:45 girl sees velociraptor from a 2D pizza tattoo?? shet just got real
TheJayinator585 2 days ago
Why are people say he’s singing for Thanos?
Kxng 2 days ago
0:00 who is she?
Cameron Silha
Cameron Silha 2 days ago
Long winded video. Dislike
Ali Mayer
Ali Mayer 2 days ago
why do all of them wear the same clothes in every video
Valentino Hernandez
The girl in the gray sweater is SSSOOOOO hot 🥵🔥🤤
Rupakshi Aggarwal
I wanna know who is the girl who suggested “the harry potter tattoo”, She is truly the artist I want to get my tattoos done from.
Jc Muyuela
Jc Muyuela 2 days ago
Side B !!!!!!
nickj12 2 days ago
Does Louie Perez dislike geometric styled tattoos? I think they’re kind of cool, especially when used to make a mandala.
broonie i
broonie i 2 days ago
Fairly. Queer.
Fairly. Queer. 2 days ago
“Like a hipster did it with their healing crystals”
pigglet and pooh bear
Relive w/ myself, lol
Pez 2 days ago
*Tattoo= skin disease*
Karina Lipneviciute
Did anybody else recognise Ryan and some other people from ink master
Katelyn Hondall
Katelyn Hondall 2 days ago
You can fix that first one with adding a few modifications to spell out “Be True to Myself” of course it wouldn’t look the best, but better than what’s already on there
Sculdeggery 2 days ago
I could listen to Chris Showstoppr all day
Sebastian Liebl
Sebastian Liebl 2 days ago
@10:00 Gravity Falls anyone?!
DANK MLG GUY 18 hours ago
Yea boi
asad rafiq
asad rafiq 2 days ago
"Put an arrow then write e" 😂😂
tracy smith
tracy smith 2 days ago
That Freddy tattoo is legendary. Nobody in this group will ever top that.
Ddrsdd D
Ddrsdd D 2 days ago
All tattoos are bad. Tramp stamps , nothing more. But I love a freak show , as long as it’s on somebody else’s body.I would never have any on my body. Ever!
briwatkins79 2 days ago
i stopped watching as soon as those chicks started saying "tats".... i fucking hate that word. thats what white trash and dude bros call them when they come up and want to start a tattoo conversation and try and sound cool.
Smash_Triad 2 days ago
they need to changes clothes (?
Sarah Matarazzo
Sarah Matarazzo 2 days ago
"you know when they say that everybody gets the tattoo that they deserve..." I LOVE HER!!!!
Umesh 2 days ago
To anyone watching this video..nobody fixes anything....nothing is fixed.
Christian Maximo Plays R6 Siege
Both of them are super hot
Christian Maximo Plays R6 Siege
Who is the blonde one with all of the tattoos
Kaleb Burgundy
Kaleb Burgundy 2 days ago
Those tattoo artists are HOT.
S Dew
S Dew 2 days ago
1:14 the girl on left ( Deanna Smith) did not even see it was misspelled!, she thinks it is just a ugly tattoo!. untill the woman on right tells her it is misspelled, you can than see the left girls face like: "ooh yeah!!, didnt even see that".. she looks like she had a long drug and booz filled night!, maybe that is the problem!
jads1021 2 days ago
Name of the first girl please?
ridenlow71 2 days ago
5:50 shoot your fucking face off..LOL
Kha Za
Kha Za 2 days ago
It's funny how you mutants think you have the right to comment about them
Lonely BananaPants
Bruh i thought that was jennifer lawrence for a sec 7:19
Fiqih Pasha
Fiqih Pasha 3 days ago
Here for the gorgeous Ashley ❤
SupremeLyon 3 days ago
Who tf is that fob guy, he is cracking me. If I ever get a tattoo I’m going straight to him😂😂😂
Niham Hasan
Niham Hasan 3 days ago
That kiwi man😂😂
asspounderify 3 days ago
0:40 Bruh u know u need to go back to school when u need grammarly to tattoo
gcjerryusc 3 days ago
Best advice for fixing a bad tattoo-don't get a tattoo. It's tasteless and cheap looking.
Shannon Petrhys
Shannon Petrhys 3 days ago
I just aaw freddie murcury
Ethan Strydom
Ethan Strydom 3 days ago
Who's the guy from New Zealand. That man is amazing
Lauren Larsen
Lauren Larsen 3 days ago
The "pizza with an eye" tattoo is a fan tattoo of the FIvid channel Drawfee artist Julia .. I don't believe it's finished because it isn't colored in like in the video but the outline is spot on.
John Carlo Gamboa
lily xo
lily xo 3 days ago
ba ecchi
ba ecchi 3 days ago
i find the last artist .. hot .. damn im attracted to her ..
Krithiga N.
Krithiga N. 3 days ago
Pause the video at 4.52... Wait, whuttt ?!?!
Jessica LeBlanc
Jessica LeBlanc 3 days ago
pdsshrlt 3 days ago
A lot of the tattoo artists have shitty tattoos themselves. Have an episode where tattoo artists talk shit on each others' ugly tats
Zoey Lee
Zoey Lee 3 days ago
Daniel Silva 😍
Stupid cunt
Stupid cunt 3 days ago
6:01 what the fuck is this dude talkin about
Piper Walker
Piper Walker 3 days ago
“Oh ok Thanos” I fucking died 😭😂
Phatastic Meemo
Phatastic Meemo 3 days ago
Chris Showstopper needs a solo segment 😬
Nonya Bidness
Nonya Bidness 3 days ago
8:44 I like where they're going. It should become an upside down Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls.
Loom Kawaii
Loom Kawaii 3 days ago
For the first one I’d just put a shirt on and never take it off
2:25 guy said exactly what i was thinking about the connor mcgregor tat
ookami 53
ookami 53 3 days ago
7:24 I love this guy 🤣🤣
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