Tattoo Artists React to YouTuber's Tattoos | Tattoo Artists Answer

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Tattoo artists react to tattoos from PewDiePie, Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, Elijah Daniel, and Monami Frost.
Which FIvidr do you think has the best tattoos? Let us know in the comments!
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Mar 8, 2019




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Comments 11 790
Elijah Daniel
Elijah Daniel 18 days ago
yes it means PRETTY HOT AND GAY
k kurova
k kurova 6 hours ago
I don't know who Elijah Daniel is but that tattoo makes me want to avoid him as much as possible
Jason Benesh
Jason Benesh 23 hours ago
It also means "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing."
Jill Harris
Jill Harris 2 days ago
Hate on jeffree star and I kill u look
Ashleigh Kidwell
Ashleigh Kidwell 2 days ago
Youre a fucking dumbass
Daughter of Poseidon
lmao me
Reaper Redni9e
Reaper Redni9e 34 minutes ago
God, I hate judgemental tattoo artists
A8Person Hour ago
Omg you should’ve showed sophia chang, her back piece is amazing
Armani Nelson
Armani Nelson 2 hours ago
"I would image he'd get a shit tattoo with his shit personality" I love this guy so much!!
Foz Sh
Foz Sh 3 hours ago
Do these guys have any Instagram pages or anything coz their tattoos look amazing
melissa crolla
melissa crolla 4 hours ago
Jeffree Star Is A Star!!!!!
Brooke H.
Brooke H. 4 hours ago
I knew I recognized Alexandra Fische from the thumbnail! I love her!! 💖💀
melissa crolla
melissa crolla 4 hours ago
What's Wrong With Pewdiepie's Face Pewdiepie Just Why???
melissa crolla
melissa crolla 4 hours ago
Jake's Tattoo Is Stupid Now His Shoulder Will Become Extinct Because Of The Dee-No-Saur
melissa crolla
melissa crolla 4 hours ago
Monami Frost's Tattoo Is The BOMB!!!!
William Keith
William Keith 5 hours ago
I have no tattoo. I'm curious about those that do. A snapshot of a moment in time, a memory of love, perhaps pain. A seeking for meaning for naming maybe a claim.
P. Sherman Fortytwo Wallaby Lane
The guy thats from New Zealand (?) Should have his own show
Djarra 5 hours ago
Pew Die Pie's looks like sort of KKK reference.
Jordy Laan
Jordy Laan 5 hours ago
wait... she said worst tattoo ever while she is almost fully coverd black with ink...
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 6 hours ago
5:13 I love how she can just say out loud “she’s so HOT” and the dude is like “yehh uh *awkward hand gestures* yeah uhhhh body shape... uhhh body shape issuhhh... yeah, good.”
Robby Kreg
Robby Kreg 6 hours ago
Do none of these chicks know how to dye there hair they all look like someone spray painted there hair
shawtknight 7 hours ago
Looking at the "youtubers" and the people judging I would say they need to start putting high potency poison in tattoo ink.
nazzylove 11 hours ago
So i've been pronouncing pewdiepie wrong
Elana Renee
Elana Renee 11 hours ago
Sun damage and Jeffre Star do not belong in the same sentence, I really didn't care for that ladies opinion every time she spoke. Like cool dude you're a tattoo artist, shitting on other people doesn't make your work better.
Ortal Kaufman
Ortal Kaufman 11 hours ago
1:56 looks like markiplier before he started yet
Vesper Zhang
Vesper Zhang 14 hours ago
Who clicked on this video because of the thumbnail?
V0id .__.
V0id .__. 14 hours ago
1:52 "oh honey he just wants a soundcloud" your eye brows are blue
grapsta 17 hours ago
I wanna see you tubers comment on how some of these dudes look. Yikes
Lockdown   23and1
Lockdown 23and1 17 hours ago
Next one yall should react to mine hahaha
unicorn potato
unicorn potato 17 hours ago
O H that girl who didn’t know what a FIvidr is I’m wheezing
Tubba Rocks
Tubba Rocks 17 hours ago
Jesus I got so sick of the first tattoo I looked forward. Ok it takes 4 min to get through 1 tattoo. Thats ridiculous. There is way more youtubers then this and you give us what...5 of them. To many artists and not enough tats
Kendall Schoonover
Kendall Schoonover 18 hours ago
Normally, when I watch videos similar to this one (for example: teens react to blah blah, senior try to guess the song, etc, etc.) there's at least one person I find annoying and unqualified to be there, but I LOVED every single person in this video. I was so captivated by their comments and analyzing. I'd love to see more of these.
Elliot Wright
Elliot Wright 18 hours ago
Call them the FUCK out Courtney Raimondi
Alien Chicken
Alien Chicken 19 hours ago
Sub to pewdiepie
Micki Babe
Micki Babe 19 hours ago
The fact that some of these grown ass people don’t know how to say “phag” is disappointing
Tanin May
Tanin May 20 hours ago
“Oh honey... he wants a soundcloud so bad” OMG 😂
The modern mongoloid
Pewdiepies tattoo reminds me of how the real evil resides behind church walls aka Catholicism and its boy-diddling preist
gracie rem
gracie rem 21 hour ago
This channel always reminds me that even though tattoo artists seem cool most of them are still just pretentious art snobs.
FREEBLEACH 22 hours ago
Yo who’s the hot babe in 0:8 ? I need her @ I want her to tat me
Kimmi York
Kimmi York 22 hours ago
walter kibbs
walter kibbs 22 hours ago
Wow, that was insane! Now check out the tattoos on this woman's legs! fivid.net/video/video-Idh02F1mDiY.html
Samira Khalif
Samira Khalif 22 hours ago
Lol 😂 I laughed when we took his glasses out 👓
Nytomato -
Nytomato - Day ago
0:55 bet she is Patrick Star's room mate.
Delinquent Motorcycle
meanwhile I'm here with 80% shit work on my body really fucked ANY chance for a sensibel composition. well...prisonstyle it is then *sigh* OR spending thounsands on laser sessions...
Lu Bloodmoon
Lu Bloodmoon Day ago
That background music is really annoying.
kymea Day ago
ew most of these YT are terrible people and/or racist, wish yall would've chose a different lineup
uhhsophiaa Day ago
the blue haired girl talks so much hahah jesus christ
Who else just wants to see These people with tattoos all over them being 90 yo’s
Samantha Stein
Why would you allow the homophobia towards Elijah to be in this video after editing this? You could’ve gotten scenes of them talking about the quality of the work rather than saying he may get beat up or he better be prepared for judgment day... just saying.
Jessica Hardy
I’m glad this wasn’t real nit picky, I tend to avoid shops purely from fear that artists will put in their opinion about a tat I’ve already gotten
Sebastian Królik
I am simple man, I see Jeffree,I click
anime gay
anime gay Day ago
No Skippy tattoo? Wot.
izz zahi
izz zahi Day ago
we need pewdiepie reacting this vid
B Murph
B Murph Day ago
Thank you Ryan Ashley I Love you
XP Wilson
XP Wilson Day ago
0:55 this girl is dumb af
Athirah Asmadi
When everyone immediately recognized kurt on jefrree’s
Alexandre Hernandez Alvarado
"What the f*** is a FIvidr?"
Kate Bolton
Kate Bolton Day ago
most of these people sound stupid.................... LOL
G7130 Day ago
Interesting, I understand that these are artists however they have some very shitty tattoos on themselves.
Brent Michael Villamil
1:24 she looks and sounds like Jennifer Lawrence
Emmanuel Balidio
literally here for jeffree
Alex Kirrmann
I think monami's tattoo is lame af.
TheWooN1nja Day ago
All the female tattoo artist look like they would fit well in the Mortal Kombat universe, fcking badass looking I swear
Frawtarius Day ago
Nice tits too, which is probably the most important thing to being a female in the Mortal Kombat universe.
Cachorro Velho
6:37 damn. Women can't give not even ONE compliment to another woman without giving her a fucking burn.
Tobias Edgar
Tobias Edgar Day ago
"what the fuck is a youtuber"
Castiel Winchester
Yay Ryan Ashley
bee Day ago
y'all...elijah daniel drew on a fake tattoo with a sharpie everyday and pretended it was real for months and we just let him lmao
NoNotiCarly Day ago
Does the "goth girl" (forgot her name) breathe in between words? Wow
Livii Mouton
Livii Mouton Day ago
Who's the guy in the white short and glasses?
Alivia Overmyer
“Key to the world is dinosaurs?????????????????” Hahahahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣
sweet T
sweet T Day ago
Random but, the NZ guys voice... I think taika watiti ruined me with corg in ragnarok. That's all I hear now.
RayVanDawn Day ago
I loved this. But I wish you would have shown more of Jeffree's tattoos besides just his chest. He has amazing art all over him, and just doing his chest is kind of a let down. I wanna see them react to Pennywise, and Catwoman, and all the other great things he has.
Last BOB
Last BOB Day ago
Paaaaaaag 😝
Questchaun Day ago
Ffs I watched it
Ion know how that dude is called but he got absolutely no neck tho😂
Francesca Day ago
Sorry, I’m italian... what phae is ?
Cat Tison
Cat Tison 2 days ago
someone PLEASE tell me who the girl with the braid is
Livii Mouton
Livii Mouton Day ago
Ryan Ashley
Nicola Kerr
Nicola Kerr 2 days ago
That PHAG tattoo's been done with a compass and a biro LMAO x
GoldenXBoots 2 days ago
I love Ryan, but girl, please treat your hair to a nice mask and a good trim. ❤
Jaela Halderman
Jaela Halderman 2 days ago
That girl that said “what the f is a FIvidr!?” Omg no it’s someone who slaps you for your stupidness
Therese Andresen
Therese Andresen 2 days ago
The tattoo pewdepie has tho, i thiiink it probably is supposed to be a stav-kirke (a traditional wooden church that was normal in sweden and norway)
Nora Hades
Nora Hades 2 days ago
14:26 sun ???? 🤣🤣🤣 you don't know him at all!!!!😂😂😂
Bren dizzle
Bren dizzle 2 days ago
i need the names of these tat artist🤔
Nicole Palmer
Nicole Palmer 2 days ago
Yall forgot Jacksepticeye's Bloodborne and Shadow of the Colossus tattoos. They are really good.
Wendysaurus Rex
Wendysaurus Rex 2 days ago
Jefres star tattoo of Kurt c doesn’t even look like him 🤑
reyno 2 days ago
"oh honey" LMAO
TheLittleBoy 2 days ago
“What the fuck is a FIvidr?” when where you born?? 1700’s??
debbie v
debbie v 2 days ago
0:48 omg she won ink master that one season lol! I was rooting for her!
TehHugeO 2 days ago
1:59 A literal clown commenting on the appearance of others, this is weimar republic 2.0
loveharrydaily 2 days ago
Michela Bottin looks like Natalie Portman!
TheLastLaugh 2 days ago
Who doesn't love Kurt?
Jillian Rush
Jillian Rush 2 days ago
I'm a simple person, I see pewdiepie and I click
Alexandre Dagenais
For the love of the baby Jesus, cover this nipples :O
1970harleybike 2 days ago
Kiana Alexis
Kiana Alexis 2 days ago
Just looked it up.... he’s a rapper called lil phag. That’s gotta be some satire shit 😂
Ashlee Ferlazzo
Ashlee Ferlazzo 2 days ago
@jeffree star
Its_Zyan 2 days ago
LMAO they all gave PewDiePie good comment because they know not to f*xk with the King of FIvid! hahahaha
Qwn Qwn
Qwn Qwn 2 days ago
i was playing smash or pass with the tattooists
digital blast
digital blast 2 days ago
This girl... 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 6:20
Moa Wim
Moa Wim 2 days ago
"He's got tiny arms" LMAO
Big Chief
Big Chief 2 days ago
It surprises me how some people don’t know that ‘ph’ can be pronounced the same way as ‘f’
mya kereopa
mya kereopa 2 days ago
Is one of them a kiwi?
Aditya Jagdev
Aditya Jagdev 2 days ago
Does anyone here know the names of the tattoo artists? Some of them were pretty cool. Thanks in advance ^^
buffyboyster 2 days ago
ryan ashley malarkey is amazing-
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