* The EU's 'SECRET' Brexit Negotiation EXPOSED 🙄

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Mar 10, 2019




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Random Patato
Random Patato 2 hours ago
I was looking for this!!!
BenTV 6 hours ago
David Watkins
David Watkins 10 hours ago
So secret it’s on FIvid. Don’t make me laugh.
Dalis918 11 hours ago
Correction. Britian wants out. The British government wants in.
Harry Rashford
Harry Rashford 12 hours ago
3:47 you called the EU a country. Shit like that is why we voted to leave.
SLR Vids
SLR Vids 12 hours ago
In other words the UK is ex husband who won't pay alimony, don't want anything to do with the kids and wants to keep sex privileges?! 😒🤦‍♂️#delusional
Alex Pena
Alex Pena 23 hours ago
more on Brexit as news develops please
S Bam
S Bam Day ago
Err Wrong. What the graphics show is NOT no deal, it clearly shows a big green check-mark under Canada and South Korea. The Canada Plus model was something David Davis proposed from day one and what Donald Tusk _agreed to_ and confirmed was achievable *2 years ago!* and this is further confirmed by this EU slide with a check mark under Canada. It was Theresa May who went around that, forced David Davis to resign, and eventually come up with an abomination of a "withdrawal agreement" that doesn't even have a trade deal in it. Whether it was through sheer incompetence or deliberate sabotage on the part of May (and Hammond) is for each person to decide for themselves.
ferrets and me
Brexit is the worst thing to happen to the UK since decolonisation
Just make a new type of deal with the EU.
Thomas H.
Thomas H. Day ago
The winning vote for leave means leave in totality, NO DEAL
Dr Peter jones
This was started some twenty years ago with the failure of the government to hold a referendum on the European communities act and the Lisbon treaty which we now know no longer binds the the UK. The failure of the two party state system in many countries has collapsed. The resistance of the political classes has seen the wide abyss between voters and national governments across Europe as the EU commission wanted to speed up the creation of the EU super state by the un elected against the peoples across Europe. A radical political realignment is happening across Europe and the world. The UK has voted several times to realign to its people and not the collapsing EU. To be clear any detailed political settlement was out of question from the start given the last twenty years of bad relations with the EU and abyss in political ideology. What we have seen under this far right government is a total disbelief that the gravy train for a few wont go on. The logical political solution is to leave without a deal.The logical economic solution is to leave on a canada plus and swiss style deals already to be signed as deals on the table. No trade agreement after three years is simply the result of different political ideology which wont change. It may take twenty years to negotiate any political deal with what might of might not be a new Europe after its collapse. Remember the UK is a net contributor to Europe which is heavily in debt and is asking the UK to bail it out with over 100 billion liability. Its your project EU, you pay for it,its no longer a debt burden to the poor,elderly or disabled in the UK.
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 12 hours ago
Haha, as if the Tories or UKIP would care in any way about the poor, elderly or disabled.
DonQuixotec Day ago
This has nothing to do with your point in the video, but it's wrong to say you can "live" in Norway as long as you are an EU member. Norway is in the Schengen area as many EU nations are. And other Schengen members can go to Norway and cross the border freely. You can then STAY in Norway for 180 days over a 365 day period, but only 90 days at a time. And you must have a reason to stay in Norway; the most typical reason is work. A lot of polish and lithuanian people do this. They work 3 months in Norway, go back to their country for 3 months, then go to Norway and work 3 more months, then back to their country for 3 months again. Then repeats this. This is because they earn much much more in Norway. No, you can't just go buy a cabin and LIVE in Norway for as long as you want if you're in the EU. You can STAY a while though.
Anderson smith
It's like a personal relationship. The U.K. has decided that the relationship isn't worth all the hassle and cost-or at least the perceived hassle and cost-but still wants certain "privileges." The U.K. doesn't want to be with the E.U. with all its strings but wants some relationship that gives them all the benefits of membership/coupling and as few of the responsibilities as possible that are inherent to such liaisons. To put it bluntly, dirty dog that the U.K. is, they want to be Fuck Buddies with the E.U. The U.K. wants NO cohabitation, (Free movement, sharing regulatory autonomy, legal jurisdictions), NO sharing the bills, (Financial Contributions to the E.U.), NO sharing of chores, (That's a joke, guys NEVER help with the chores.), etc. They just want to be able to call up the E.U. and have the E.U. come running for a Booty Call, (Favourable Trade and leveraged trade negotiations with weaker outside entities.), whenever the U.K. needs them. The E.U. is angry that the U.K. has said she's not worth the trouble and is not in the mood to be the U.K.'s side piece, satisfying the U.K.'s wants and being kicked out of bed, (The U.K.), after the slap and tickle is over. Quite frankly, it looks like either there will just have to be an ugly breakup, the U.K. talking smack about what the E.U. used to do for them in the boudoir (Trade, of course-give it to me, baby!), and the E.U. throwing all of the U.K.'s belongings on the street with the rest of the trash, permanently separated OR they will grudgingly agree to try again in some awful compromise that'll satisfy neither party because the U.K. will still believe they are giving too much-and still won't help with the chores!-and, let's face it, the E.U. will never forget or forgive being spurned. As I say, like a personal relationship. :D
Revert Revertz
I think that what Brexiters want is basically leave the EU, but with a Free Trade Agreement. The problem is that Germany wants to basically make the UK its bitch by basically letting her leave but still having a big say on her policies or no deal. So at the end of the day Germany (and outher countries too) want to keep control over the UK, while the UK all wants is a simple FTA, they wouldn’t like to grant. We want to UK look foolish here, but tbh the EU wants to make it as hard and as humiliating as they can.
Xanthippa Socrates
Hard Brexit Now: bit.tube/play?hash=QmanSfodrLmjcDE2kfme9mG9S2gKCfJPJh6QJPwUcvtXSo&channel=251530
iFreeks iFreeks
It’s can be very nice if you could put french subtitles. Because your video are very interesting and it’s too bad if we could not all understand
I am Soldier F
All scaremongering, project FEAR. we voted out, we will be out by next Friday. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
Dan Gleeballs
Dan Gleeballs 2 days ago
So please explain the Canada and Japan free trade deals with the EU, No four freedoms inflicted upon them yet still a free trade deal!
Artistic Endeavors
Switzerland has never been neutral and this proves it! Nice catch!
El Mahdi Ettaleb
El Mahdi Ettaleb 16 hours ago
Their neutrality isn't about having no deals with anyone. Their neutrality is having deals with everyone. And if someone isn't happy about it, the swiss already have their money :)
Didier Lemoine
Didier Lemoine 2 days ago
UK will pay to export with WTO taxes so, UK ll pay anyway finally :))
bad question
bad question 2 days ago
UK wants to eat its cake and have it too. It wants all the benefits of being in EU but not any responsibility that comes with it. And because UK is somewhat elitist, it thinks its entitled to special treatment. USA had inherited this attitude from its daddy UK.
John C
John C 2 days ago
I wish Britain would just tell the EU to go fuck themselves.
Barry Huxley
Barry Huxley 2 days ago
We want to leave, we don't want a deal.
Matthew M
Matthew M 2 days ago
They're your biggest trading partners, you have an agreement to keep the Irish border open and millions of UK citizens live in the EU and visa versa. Yes you fucking do want a deal.
Nancy Reid
Nancy Reid 3 days ago
the UK should not be held because of IRELAND in any way they made thier choices
Przemek Wielgosz
Przemek Wielgosz 3 days ago
the simplest way to leave the EU is to say "we'll now arrange our relationship according to the world trade organization rules.
Theproblemis Themps
You would think that the UK didn't exist prior to joining the EU...
The Sun King
The Sun King 3 days ago
UK MP's fighting to remain in the EU are traitors to the will of the people. Democracy is being destroyed and the validity of Parliament is being trashed. The people voted to leave and that was supposed to happen on the 29th March, deal or no deal if that doesn't happen The group of people calling themselves the representatives of the people are liars and engaged in coup against the British people. The people don't care about a deal, the priority is to get out as agreed years ago. Nobody believes that it takes 3 years to leave. We simply leave as agreed 29th March, if we don't...
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
+The Sun King Well, the truth is: you don't know what the people wanted as they were never asked in the light of the alternatives. So whether you want to hear it or not, fact is that there is no clear mandate for anything. Also the fundamental principle of a representative democracy is to elect people who decide. It is a basic concept. "You think 17.4 million people are going to say, "Hey, this group of people hijacked the result of our democratic vote and have bound us into the EU dictatorship by fraud against our will, but that's OK." As many people can say the exact opposite. That is the problem with not know what the people wanted. You want them very much to want what you wanted. But that simply isn't the case as that was not the question. If you were interested in a result based on direct democracy, you would ask for a second referendum, which allows to make a decision between the available options and not just between reality and some fairy tale. But I guess you are well aware that once the fairy tale option is off the table, the will of the people isn't remotely what you claim it to be.
The Sun King
The Sun King 2 days ago
+Herr Schmidt Clearly you're a remainer, a pro European. In the UK when the people are asked to vote, the winner is the one with the highest number of votes, in this case that was to leave the EU. We call that Democracy and the group of people calling themselves Government are bound to honour that because in this Democracy that is "The will if the people" so do tell me I don't know the will of the people or they don't, or the people don't. That's the fundamental basics of this Democracy and if this group of people ignore that then they are spitting on the democratic votes cast, installing a dictatorship now against the will of the people and demolishing any further need for Parliament. Why would we the people need this group of cheats if they will not comply with the a properly established democratic vote to leave. They will never be trusted again if they do that and the entire system of British Government will be demolished. You think 17.4 million people are going to say, "Hey, this group of people hijacked the result of our democratic vote and have bound us into the EU dictatorship by fraud against our will, but that's OK." I don't think so. They are our servants unlike the EU where the unelected leadership are your masters. No the British people will not simply say that's ok, of that you can be sure. Twice our forefathers laid down their lives on European soil. We will not be enslaved by a group of out of control, self motivated, egotistical, self rightious politicians.
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
​+The Sun King " if the government refuse to carry out the democratic will of the people" But that is where your argumentation fails. You don't know the will of the people. Neither do they. They do however know their obligation not to destroy the UK's economy with an unregulated brexit. Which means they are one step ahead of you when it comes to serving the UK.
The Sun King
The Sun King 2 days ago
+Herr Schmidt The entry into the EEC under PM Heath was treason and Heath new it. The signing of the Lisbon Treaty by the Queen, was treason and efectivly her abdication as monarch. The people created government and a democracy is supposedly governance by the people through their elected representatives therefore if the government refuse to carry out the democratic will of the people who created their office, thet commit treason against the democratic people they represent, and that destroys the very need for Parliament. If the people's representatives ignore the result of what was a properly conducted free vote by the people they cannot be trusted further as that is rge a political coup by a small group of people against the will of the democratic majority. First past the post has always been at the heart of this so called democracy. If the will if the majority has no more validity anarchy will follow probably leading to a dictatorship if that has not already happened. Read the 1911 Parliament Act. The Prime Minister has absolute authority to do anything she likes under any act once enacted. Technically May has full authority to leave on the 29th as the people willed or not and go down in history as the woman who destroyed British democracy.
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
There is no "will of the people" as the referendum was not about remaining or leaving with no deal. Also read up on the mechanisms of representative democracy - it is not undemocratic to keep the uninformed from making a decision. In fact the attempt to put it on the people to catch up on a topic, nobody working full time could ever fully learn about in their free time, in the shape of that referendum was undemocratic in this sense.
Andres Burkert
Andres Burkert 3 days ago
It looks like UK steps down behind Turkey, but there are standing South Korea and Canada in front. The first exit now, UK will be the last then. UK I'm sorry for you.
Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta 3 days ago
TIL cgpgrey is Irish
Erik Kalkoken
Erik Kalkoken 3 days ago
Here is an idea: Scrap the "red lines" along with Mrs May and agree to a Norwegian style relationship. That would prevent economic disaster and the territorial integrity of the UK.
Erik Kalkoken
If UK wants to keep full access to the largest economy in the world (the EU) and also have a say on regulations etc. there is an easy solution: just stay in. All other options just create more problems for UK incl. a real chance of losing Northern Ireland, Scotland and Gibraltar, because they all want to stay in EU.
M Mouse
M Mouse Day ago
Then Britain is Strongarmed into listening to the EU and only the EU with only the prospect of armed revolt or just redoing all of this bullshit again if they want out and Britain doesn't have a say in what it's ordered to by the EU nice idea there
eugenekaufmann1 3 days ago
Jaroslaw Wolak
Jaroslaw Wolak 3 days ago
Video: BREXIT and the future of Britain. With Vernon B
Damian Curie
Damian Curie 3 days ago
whether you voted leave or remain and whatever the outcome of Brexit may be I know one thing that is going to happen ... there is going to be a political blood bath massacre of politicians in the next general elections
P O 3 days ago
Stay revoked article 50 now and Brexiters stop your constant moaning
Theproblemis Themps
Brexiteers aren't the ones who are moaning, it is the remainers who are always moaning and marching because they cannot accept that the vote went against them. Well too bad!
be bo
be bo 3 days ago
In other word the EU is like the mafia pay up or else.
3:10 you meant to say Europol and not Interpol! Now I have doubts about the rest of the info on this video
Pink Freud
Pink Freud 3 days ago
Oh yes. Let's completely bypass the sectarian peace treaty of Northern Ireland and the fact that the DUP are influencing deal refusals so as to force a "no deal" in order to unhook Northern Ireland from the peace treaty protected by the EU and claim 100% DUP-Westminster rule for NI. Usurping power by rejecting all EU deals that protect the Peace Treaty and Power-Sharing Governance of NI. While simultaneously rejecting the democratic vote by NI population (Unionist + Republican) to remain in the EU. The DUP are PUD - persistent underminers of democracy.
Lord Meme
Lord Meme 3 days ago
Switzerland is afraid of marriage
Ray G
Ray G 3 days ago
Never ceases to amaze me how gullible jo public is
Ray G
Ray G 2 days ago
+LGBTTD Brandon please tell me something I don't know
LGBTTD Brandon
LGBTTD Brandon 2 days ago
you are jo public
Scott Essery
Scott Essery 3 days ago
but ukip said it would be easy
Fuzz Labrador
Fuzz Labrador 3 days ago
The problem with democracy is when 51% of the people vote that everyone should shoot his/hers own leg off...
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
+David Mbwana Actually not. The alternative is to elect people who decide about the pros and cons of everyone shooting their legs off, and as they do that full time, have the time to find the best possible solution. Which leads to not shooting any legs off, even if 51% of the people would have decided it.
David Mbwana
David Mbwana 2 days ago
The alternative is to let one person order everyone to shoot their leg off
Herbert von Zinderneuf
Fine video - but why have you ignored the last step in the graphic? Canada.
ste lamo
ste lamo 3 days ago
because fivid.net/video/video-J1Yv24cM2os.html
Nonamearisto 3 days ago
The EU has no more right to keep the UK in the EU than someone has the right to keep someone else at a party which they want to leave.
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
It is not the EU which keeps the UK from leaving but its own greedy hands still holding on to the buffet table and Ireland's handbag. In fact the UK just crawled to the EU begging to stay a bit longer in order to fondle the buffet just a few more days.
Ron Antonio
Ron Antonio 3 days ago
If the UK pulls out of the EU... who's next? Greece? Italy? Spain? Hungary?
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
Greece would default and nobody would help them. They tested the waters when inviting russia but once Putin made clear that there won't be any gifts, Greece crawled back to the EU with a damaged government. Italy and Spain most likely would break apart due to regional conflicts. Then again that is nothing which stopped the UK, so maybe someone could be stupid enough to make this decision. Hungary is on the receiving side. They jumped through many hoops just in order to get the sweet sweet benefits from mother europa's breast.
Ron Antonio
Ron Antonio 3 days ago
Fuzz Labrador Thank you for responding. What country do you live in.
Fuzz Labrador
Fuzz Labrador 3 days ago
Most likely no one. It requires a level of stupidity and arrogance which not many countries poses in combination.
Nic King
Nic King 4 days ago
Can someone just conquer everything already?
Biotrek 2 days ago
Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it
Biotrek 2 days ago
The Nazis tried that, you should read more history
The Adventures of Mr Red Blob
You didn't explain the Canada/South-Korean option that was also on this infographic.
Dylan  Glenwright
Dylan Glenwright 15 hours ago
+Paul Kennedy we should've agreed a Canada style deal in 2016.
Paul Kennedy
Paul Kennedy 2 days ago
+Кирилл Хацько Yes, which had to be negotiated under the WTO. That's the point. The flags of Canada and South Korea simply represent all the other countries that are outside of those with some sort of EU-lite arrangement. Just like Turkey's flag represents all those countries on the last step, and Ukraine's represents all those on the 2nd-last step.
Кирилл Хацько
+Teresa Dunne actually, no they have free-trade deal
Teresa Dunne
Teresa Dunne 2 days ago
That's the WTO option
Luc Bourhis
Luc Bourhis 4 days ago
Barnier superstar!
Graham Southern
Graham Southern 4 days ago
Most of these 'deal-breakers' could have been negotiated but the EU never entered into real negotiations.
Emanuel D
Emanuel D 3 days ago
They can't. It is an intricate set of relations, if you suddenly allow one side to cherrypick, all the others want, hell breaks loose, the box of pandora opens. What you UK people have to understand: you. are. not. special. You are one of many, and have to play by the same rules as everyone else, you should not expect others to make an exception for you.
Dick Dastardly
Dick Dastardly 4 days ago
You are forgetting the UK MP's who regularly lie to the UK people. They say Brexit means Brexit while doing their best to stay in the EU covertly. Welcome to the end of democracy in the UK. Which may have untold damages to the rest of the world.
uk m'dear
uk m'dear 4 days ago
The vast majoirty of the 17.4milliom who voted leave wanted a "no-deal" brexit or WTO brexit, we are one of the largest exporters with the EU and second biggest financial contributer. The EU will come to is us to trade when we leave on WTO terms. The reason BREXIT is such a cluster fuck is the polictal class doesn't want to carry out the instruction of the people they govern.
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
+uk m'dear Because remain does not include eg. the swiss model, so the swiss model must mean leave. So it is impossible to know who voted leave for the swiss option and who for no-deal. But it goes a step further: we cannot even know whether all remainers had picked remain, had there been a swiss option for leave. So, this looking clear to you is just a sign of the dunning kruger effect.
uk m'dear
uk m'dear 2 days ago
+Herr Schmidt ballot paper said : Leave the EU remain in the EU. Whats wrong with the wording, very clear to me
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
And you know that how? The referendum never was clear on that option. If you were so sure, why not have another referendum only listing the available options instead of the fairy tales Farage and Johnson promised.
Ralph Bernhard
Ralph Bernhard 4 days ago
They say that history is in the headlines. So why BREXIT? Because: One war in the ME is enough. It seems as if there are forces behind Trump, which are setting the stage for another war here... Here are the signs for war: 1) North Korea: make peace, in order to free forces and avoid 'bandwagon effect' (Kim allying with Moscow, via the common border) 2) UN: disgrace the UN with a smear campaign (neutral observer, as opposed to...ahem..."embedded journalists") 3) set up Riyad as a US lapdog, to carry out a 'false flag' in the Gulf (read, I mean really READ the headlines) 4) EU: chisel away at the unity of the EU, already with good results in Poland and GB (Brexit as "divide and rule" tool, for a two front war scenario for Russia, and lighting rods for Russian nukes) 5) Palestinian /Israeli conflict: get Saudi Arabia to "sign away" (sacrifice) the Palestinian cause (free the back of this "smiling prince" aka Washington's lapdog, to attack Iran) Remember what Putin said. "You shall not pass". My advice, unless we wish to argue about "who started it" on clay tablets in the near future, is to heed that warning...
Vivian Astridge
Vivian Astridge 4 days ago
This is the very first time that anyone has taken the trouble to offer the most lucid explanation of the very core of the problem and a more lucid explanation could not exist. Congratulations for the total brilliance of your idea and the totally excellent presentation. This video must be made obligatory viewing for every single person and even in schools, even in kindergarten , it is so totally perfect in fulfilling the objective. Congratulations again and again.
Sir Snowy
Sir Snowy 4 days ago
Brexit: Like leaving your wife, only she won't let you out of the house... "Misery" style. Then, when you do manage to get half way out and demand your clothes, you are told "No!", if you want to leave, leave with nothing. ...But hold on a minute, when we 1st met we didn't get on well, but then I ended up saving your life.. twice! From the new guy you're sleeping with (I'm looking at you Axis powers!). I say Nuke the EU from a high orbit!
Sir Snowy
Sir Snowy 2 days ago
+Herr Schmidt It should be fun. :) Ad yes, I agree with you, it has a lot to do with a lot of spineless MPs in the UK and right across the EU. Power corrupts after all. Survival hasn't changed to be honest, it was never great to begin with, at least not in the UK (unless you're a London Banker ofc). Let's hope there is a nice, clean exit followed by a purge of the Government and lastly the removal of the House of Lords here in the UK. I'm sure we'll then find another target for our hatred, but until then... Auf Wiedersehen! :)
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
+Sir Snowy The simple fact that you talk about survival as if that had ever been a problem shows how much the UK has shot itself into the foot. You are aware that the refugee crisis to a great deal was caused by the UK's intervention in Iraq and Libya? But, yes, I guess the ability to duck away from your responsibility must be an attractive reason, I can buy that. It is spineless but makes sense. A lot of regulation for consumer protection were done by the EU because single nations lack the power to stand up against their industries. Same goes for the fight against tax fraud and establishing reasonable wages - no nation can do either on its own. So that "reason" just shows how little attention you have paid. The EU court does not tell you what to do, it rules according to law which has been ratified by your country (ironically a lot of them brought in by the UK itself). The whole whining about the evil EU law just stems from your own spineless politicians who don't want to take the responsibility for something they agreed to. Let's see what their excuse will be in future when after the last few decades they can't hide behind brussels anymore and you finally have to take responsibility for some of your actions. Good luck.
Sir Snowy
Sir Snowy 2 days ago
+Herr Schmidt Maybe so, but we'll survive. Vikings, Saxons, Normans, Nazis, EU, and yet the world still turns. Will life be harder? No one knows. There has been that many scare tactics and lies told by both sides, that it no longer matters. Better being less worse off (maybe) than being under the rule of a foreign body of fools that have wreaked their own nations by opening the flood gates OR worse still, by having a outcome like what happened in NZ. But no, they push each others buttons as those in power sit back and watch, then once it explodes (like you said) someone else will be to blame. I'm glad I voted Leave, why? Why did I even do it? 3 reasons sold it for me, I saw the mess the rest of Europe is in with camps and refG boats etc., secondly, they have done nothing for me, not one thing have a seen from the great EU, it's all take, take, take. Lastly, why have unelected foreigners telling me what I can & can't do, for example, the EU courts. No thanks! Starting to sound like the Life of Brian now... what has the EU ever done for us? ;) You have a nice day, it was a lovely chat, but alas you can't change my mind, I'm ready to defend my homeland. GSTQ. :)
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
+Sir Snowy The bus is a metaphor for all the lies Johnson and his croonies have told since then, like the banana curve regulation which he still used to promote the Brexit vote several decades after it has been debunked. The problem is not the change. The problem is that is comes without any preparation or a realistic expectation where it will lead. It is already clear that the UK will blame all their faults on the EU even after leaving. The anti-european sentiment will just get stronger. This is part of the divide and conquer strategy of the big blocks on this world and the Brexiter have proven to be their useful idiots.
Sir Snowy
Sir Snowy 2 days ago
+Herr Schmidt your keyboard and mouse would be useless in a blue screen crash. ;) As for the infamous Bus, I couldn't care less about the lies nor the money. Change is bad? I agree, things shouldn't have been changed back in 1973. :)
Ludvig 4 days ago
EU is such a shit
Rob Setting
Rob Setting 4 days ago
Why can't they have another relationship that isn't on a model they have with another country
RomanII1997 4 days ago
They can. Show them one way.
Craig Spence CS/Solo
EU : do you want to leave ? People of the UK : YES Politicians of the UK : No EU : Do you want to leave with a Deal ? People of UK : Leave with no deal Politicians of UK : Leave with deal
divyanthj 4 days ago
So, UK is like that girlfriend who wants the keys to your house but won't sleep in it, clean up the mess or pay the bills but wants to decide where the couch goes or what curtains you should have right?
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Day ago
The UK is more like a relationship with a MARRIED couple (there is a uncodified constitution with the Queen overseeing said union at the wedding). The husband and the wife have a clear agreement to leave the province in the UK to another. The wife wanted to 'remain' and has chosen to backtrack on the agreement and wants to find a way to keep both homes without the additional expense there in. The husband realizes that taxes in the new province is higher, however going back to maintain the old house simultaneously is costly, and besides that, he hated it because the old house was a shared house that contained 10 other families in it, and so he had enough of sharing a house!
mistep444 4 days ago
Well, in fact the key issue for the UK is maintaining somehow a free goods and people movement between Rep. of Ireland and Northern Irealand, which can be easily done upon the article 24th of the WTO Treaty. The EU doeasn't want to make it so easy, so they're menacing the uK by establishing the border and customs posts on the Irish border. In fact UK is a huge financial contributor to the EU and they want to keep it that way as long as possible.
ste lamo
ste lamo 3 days ago
Socks With Sandals
South Korea, Japan, USA and Canada are doing well. I bought this Korean phone in Britain no problem. Let's be like them. NOW FFS.
RomanII1997 4 days ago
*after long and hard negotiations and based on WTO rules first.
Glen Hopkins
Glen Hopkins 4 days ago
Simple. We do not want to be europes shit dumping fuck hole. That's what they think of us brits. Island nation alone. Mixed bag of fuckwits. Forest people in the sod. All the wrong uns and hooligans. Drug dependant wasters and socially bankrupt layabouts. No more no more. How wrong you elite Europeans were. We sit in a place where there is abundance and we only need to be freed from the shackles of your loathsome dependable mistake to awaken our spirit and rise again. Long live Britain and all of its isles. Long live England. Long live Scotland. Long live Wales. Long live Ireland.
Britain under May has not tried to leave the EU, not at all. It's all farce.
Ivrish con-Abarth
It´s the thing, both sides play towards the same goal! Which is to enslave UK under EU forever. Switzerland makes it wealth by leeching other nations out of their wealth through their banking system. If EU gets it way, we´ll be looking at Mediterranean Union, which will remove the pretending of being democracy by EU. So, this negotiation by the UK side is ALL done by the most pro-EU corrupt politicians ever. No wonder it´s a mess.
Mario B
Mario B 4 days ago
The anger of many viewers is understandable, despite efforts of this very good video trying to bring clarity in. A bit of facts and history may further help in the understanding: UK applied for membership since 1961 being initially opposed by France . After applying again the UK got its membership in 1973. Pure free will. Nobody forced the UK to do it. From “The poor man of Europe” of the 70’s, UK managed to take advantage of EU’s membership turning into 2nd largest economy of the block and the fasted growing in recent history. Well, the UK did not manage well many processes, allowing for deindustrialization in many sectors which lead to increased powerty and highest levels of inequality in the EU besides creation of wealth and significant fortunes. But this was own making. This was not decided in Brussels. Then new right wing politicians like Farage took the dissatisfaction as an opportunity starting to blame the “Eurocrats in Brussels” and leading a push in favor of crashing out of the block. Farage repeated so many time his mantra of “taking back control and sovereignty” that it started to be assumed as real by ignorant people and reinforced by interested politicians like those of the ERG. Not clear if chicken or egg, this push started to be (or already was) supported by Russian forces, American forces, British and international capitalists (aiming at buying destroyed companies to sell them later) so that during the referendum, with the aid of well paid Cambridge Analytica, forces working against the UK managed to get 51,5% of the votes. Although this result was a clear indication of a profoundly divided country, it was turned into “the democratic will of the people” and repeatedly used as an argument to dampen that this result was an clear expression of a deep and lasting division. Politicians of both sides of the interests never discussed about the truth with their constituents (as the video above correctly tries to make), they just wanted to herd their herds on basis of patter and mantras, even because the underlying truth (also that of the video) was never easy to understand. Still today after almost three years there is no clear understanding. And without clarity about the underlying truth, it is difficult to get politicians aligned. And they don't want it. All they want is taking advantage, regardless their side. There are no good people here. However, Britain has many experts who could have helped to come to terms with Brexit, like Sir Ivan Rogers who was fried by T. May until resignation. But you have also leavers like Dr. Richard North of the Leave alliance, columnist Booker and many others. But they all were eliminated of the decision circuit as professional politicians want to exclusively hold control of the process in their own interest. Never believe in fairy tales nor easy to swallow political mantras! Think with the brain, not with the liver! Turn to real experts who really know what they are talking about.
Griz 4 days ago
What world do you live in mate, because it clearly isn't the same one the rest of us are living in.
Howard the Alien
Howard the Alien 5 days ago
Eu: are you leaving? Uk: yes but no
1chish 5 days ago
You left out the key aspect - A Free Trade Deal with the EU and the UK. Its what the EU has done with Canada, Japan and South Korea and they were all nowhere near as aligned as the UK currently is. What you also didn't explain is WHY the UK established its red lines / deal breakers. The vote was for return of UK Sovereignty and all that entails. Its what every country outside the EU enjoys. Canada or Japan don't subsume lawmaking to Brussels or judicial oversight to the ECJ or have to allow millions of EU citizens into their lands so why should anyone else? There is this preconception created by two decades of EU propaganda that the EU is never wrong and the UK therefore must be. We are not. We were never asked if we wanted to join the EU and when we were asked 24 years later we said 'No Thanks'. Really simple. (And yes I do know we (me included) voted to remain in the then EEC in '75) It is the EU that created the sequential negotiations (contrary to Article 50) where money had to be agreed before citizens rights and with very little effort put into the future relationship. We cannot even agree a trade deal with the EU until AFTER we leave! That is EU Law so not the UK's fault. But sadly we in the UK are in the grip of a Remain minded Parliament that is doing all it can to defy the electorate that a) voted to leave and then b) voted those same MPs into power on manifestos that promised to deliver Brexit. It is a constitutional crisis by any measure and as the PM said yesterday it is now the people vs Parliament and I know who will win.
1chish 4 days ago
+Sharif Ela The EU was an unnecessary creation by the political class for their own ends. Almost like a solution looking for a problem. The ambition after WWII was to use mutual trade as the best means to secure peace in Europe after WWII. First we had the steel and coal deal under the Treaty of Paris in '51 which then became the EEC under the Treaty of Rome in '57. The UK joined the EEC and 8 other similar countries, I am very sure that had the EEC been left as it was and just added the 4 more countries they did none of this would have happened. The EEC gave us customs free borders, freedom of movement but it was about 30,000 a year in the UK and there was no subsuming of laws and courts to a foreign power. The EU has successfully undone much of the good work done by the EEC and created a political monstrosity that has to feed itself or die. Hopefully Brexit (if UK MPs have the balls) will be the first part of the starvation of the EU but that will be an added bonus to me. I just want my country back.
Sharif Ela
Sharif Ela 4 days ago
A sensible response. I’m mindful to say that if the EU is such a wonderful organisation, why is it so dogmatic about many of its founding principles that belong in a bygone age.
SmallFries01 5 days ago
I think this is upside down. These aren't the UKs deal beakers, these are the EUs deal breakers. The EU has no interest in allowing the UK to simply walk away.
RomanII1997 4 days ago
Canada: Some of them speak French- Dealbreaker. Sth Korea: Not white- Dealbreaker.
+Shawn Javery Errr did you watch the video? They were discussing what kind of deal the UK could strike with the EU as regarding deals that other countries have struck with the EU. My point is that none would make them happy.
Shawn Javery
Shawn Javery 4 days ago
You are ignoring that the EU isn't just a trade union, it's also a response to decades of instability in Europe. It doesn't make sense for a non-european country to join. At least not one physically connected to the region
Sorin Silaghi
Sorin Silaghi 5 days ago
So what you're saying is that the EU doesn't need to compromise at all? I don't think that's a negotiation.
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
Well, maybe the UK should have looked at the cards on their hands before raising the stakes. Also the rules according to which the EU does not compromise were decided by an EU the UK was still part of. Those lines were known before the referendum. It is not the EU's fault that the people of the UK are stupid enough to get fooled by Johnson and Farage.
k 3 days ago
I'm genuinely curious to know what you would like a post-Brexit EU-UK-relationship to look like. If Freedom of Movement is a red line for the UK, there are pretty much only Turkey-Style (no independent trade policy) and Canada-Style (trade agreements) left as possible relations.
Matt OToole
Matt OToole 5 days ago
The fact that Barnier and his team had to produce this slide and present it to the British team speaks volumes about how knowledgeable our politicians are. David Davis turned up to the first meeting and didn't bother bring even so much as a pen and paper. Google it.
Kenneth Flaming
Kenneth Flaming 5 days ago
drink everytime he says dealbreaker
George Andrews
George Andrews 5 days ago
I guess Britain wanting to leave the European Union is nothing like Ireland wanting to leave the British empire for the last 800 years? Hypocrites....
Red Rooster
Red Rooster 5 days ago
Those of us who read the treaties, knew this BEFORE the referendum, and when we voted Leave, this is EXACTLY what we want and Voted for, the ONLY option that is actually leaving. My questions are:- 1. HOW could anyone in Government NOT know this from Day1? 2. IF anyone did, WHY did they not make this very publicly known?
Broken Physics
Broken Physics 4 days ago
You are a small minority, though. Most people who voted to leave didn't know shit, except that some influential people told them that the EU is evil and they're better off without it. The government knew of the problem, didn't want to leave and expected the population to know and vote "remain", too. They lost that gamble. Basically, the government sees a river, wants to jump over it, but fails and lands face-first in the water. Now they're struggling to stay afloat. Meanwhile people who knew water is wet and wanted in the river anyway (you) say "should have built a boat", those who knew and didn't want in, say "shouldn't have jumped" and those who were clueless are just angry they're suddenly wet because nobody told them water is wet.
xfire7 5 days ago
I don`t understand . U.K. voted to leave . Its clear . Leave . Its not about a deal. Leave. However if the E.U. wanted to come up with a special relationship , yea that's o.k. too , but if not spite your own faces losers we stop buying your goods , bravo.
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
No, actually it was not clear. Else this picture would have been part of the referendum and people would have voted for their favourite option. Instead the referendum was about the extremes - not everybody who chose remain would have chosen remain if there had been the option for a swiss model, not everybody who has chosen leave would agree to a no-deal option.
Li Hua
Li Hua 5 days ago
You forgot FTA like Canada and South Korea though.
Li Hua
Li Hua 4 days ago
+Broken Physics exactly, the eu didnt forget it, cgp grey did. Or did you hear him mention it? Of course FTA means border on Ireland. If you dont want one you move left, at least to Switzerland. Basic logic
Broken Physics
Broken Physics 4 days ago
They're right there, with a big green checkmark, just left of the no-deal line. That's what the EU wants to do, given Britains position. The main problem is - how to handle the Irish border.
chonnerone 6 days ago
Great video. I voted Leave - fuck the EU!
The Poonisher
The Poonisher 6 days ago
trying to leave the EU is like trying to cancel an Audible subscription
Alexander Laurie Birchley
A perfect illustration as to why the UK government's negotiating strategy was basically a load of stupid and silly wishful thinking and really amplifies why all this nonsense should have not begun in the first place. We should have accepted our situation and planned a WTO - no deal strategy from the start.
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett 6 days ago
This is because the British public see leaving the E.U. is more problems that it is worth. Scotland is threatening to leave the UK and Northern Ireland is saying they want to leave as well. If for example, brexit, requires a breakup of the UK, that will be unacceptable. I don’t think any PM would want to be the prime minister who broke up the UK.
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett 6 days ago
My prediction is a hung parliament. Leading to a crisis. Theresa may and the Conservative party will have problems. James corbyn and the labor party who used to be pro- brexit and is now anti- brexit. I believe it will lead to a second referendum, which the stay in the E.U. will win.
greg cooke gregy
greg cooke gregy 6 days ago
You said it right there , Capitol , which most people in the UK don't have much of , through heavy tax on everything , it's the out of touch arseholes in the government and there associates at the top with there sweet deals that are gonna get effed up and possibly taxed , that's why there dragging there feet, the British public have been told to Suck it for years by the conservative party and now there reeling with anger now the shoes on the other foot , that is what's going on.
John G
John G 6 days ago
Hahaha frustrated Brits... Brits can't get what they want and now they throw with shit on EU
Griz 4 days ago
You mean the EU that expanded too quickly and is showing the signs for it? You mean the EU that has become so bureaucratic that it barely functions beyond a snails pace? You mean the EU that overlooks the many MANY infringements that its eastern nations make simply to be larger? You mean the EU that seems to have completely forgotten where the majority of its money is currently held? Yeah, that EU...
no no
no no 6 days ago
The EU is an awful bureaucratic oligarchy that the UK gets no benefit from beyond trade and it isn't worth being strong armed into joining the EU for anyway. Having said that, the fact that they can't exit the EU is entirely the UKs fault. It should've been done within a fortnight of the decision to trigger article 50 was made. Just a "we're out" mic drop hard brexit and done. Sort everything else out on the fly. The reason it hasn't been done is because the UK has spineless incompetent politicians that never thought that they'd ever be called on to actually govern the country. They thought the EU would continue to do that for them. The result of the referendum came as a complete shock to them and they've been blithering ever since.
Andy Wright
Andy Wright 6 days ago
When the EU was just a trade organisation, things were OK, but it grew into all sorts of other areas, and it's rubbish. Why are the current options the only ones available? Probably because the EU has presumed so much power. If they don't want to trade favourably with the 5th largest economy in the world, more fool them.
allyp 1972
allyp 1972 6 days ago
EU: do u want to leave? UK: yes EU: that puts us £39B out of pocket? UK: well we did take on a loan to rebuild UK & Europe after WW2 & not had a cent off u for it? EU: wtf has that got to do with us? UK: £3.62TR (or£3620M in metric) that Germany should have paid us but was written off in 1990 is a good reason to play nicely EU: far right lager drinking bastards!
allyp 1972
allyp 1972 2 days ago
Herr Schmidt I don’t read The Sun or any newspaper, just what’s printed on sides of buses lol 😂🇬🇧
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
+allyp 1972 Oh, the wine cellar bit... you seem to be an avid Sun reader. If you love being lied to that much, what is your problem with being fooled by everyone the same way?
allyp 1972
allyp 1972 2 days ago
Herr Schmidt so what do the UK get for the money they invested that built all the EU buildings, & without knowing if true, paintings done by famous artists, heard the wine cellar is full of rare expensive wines too? Can we have our share of those things too? Or as a goodwill gesture we’ll let the EU off, not pay the £39B, & take the tariff free trade deal, then everybody should be happy 🤷🏼‍♂️
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt 2 days ago
The money the UK is supposed to pay are not reparations or any kind of penalty but their share of still running processes they and their people are still making profit from or agreed to while still part of the union. Which is the reason why it was a comparable small obstacle.
mikepodella 6 days ago
Uh, no comment on Canada and South Korea?
RomanII1997 4 days ago
+brt john this.
brt john
brt john 4 days ago
Those are Free Trade agreements that took several years to be negotiated, the EU/UK right now are fighting over the withdraw agreement, long way to go before they can start fighting over a trade agreement.
G G 6 days ago
Switzerland are not signing any future agreements with the EU!
sibience 6 days ago
In short having your cake and eating it.
Falo 6 days ago
EU: Are you staying or leaving UK: Ooorrddaahhh oordahh!
Peter Hruska
Peter Hruska 6 days ago
fun thing is that the UK had already carved out the best deal of any EU member for themselves, and that wasn't enough.
RomanII1997 4 days ago
+93 Octane Because the other deals were quite good, depending on what you are targeting.
93 Octane
93 Octane 6 days ago
And considering how awful that deal really was, you have to wonder why the other states are selling themselves down the river to Brussels.
Arab Myself
Arab Myself 6 days ago
Sandwich 3 days ago
are you okay?
Arab Myself
Arab Myself 4 days ago
out loud
Arab Myself
Arab Myself 4 days ago
say my name
Arab Myself
Arab Myself 4 days ago
+Kernels lmao
Kernels 4 days ago
Could you care to explain your username first?
Jonathan Warner
Jonathan Warner 6 days ago
A functional analysis of the EU reveals that the "core" of the EU is not actually full membership, but the Single Market. Why? Because by some kind of alchemy, people are smuggled into a free trade agreement as though they are the equivalent of goods, services and capital - i.e. in the concept of "Freedom of Movement," which creates a de facto European Citizenship in any nation that signs up to it, and that includes the EEA / EFTA.
Bent Overgaard
Bent Overgaard 6 days ago
Lack representation not only in parliament, but more important in the Council.
Bent Overgaard
Bent Overgaard 6 days ago
Not free movement of people, but free movement of labour.
A i
A i 6 days ago
Brainwashed education to make us fools...that is the reward for our love, telling us that democracy is a dove?
RomanII1997 4 days ago
Where the heck is democracy in that video a problem? Even democracy is bound to logic.
t cakes
t cakes 6 days ago
uk…. yes but no but yes but no …. Cameron lef,t he knew it couldn’t work but offered it for election purposes a perfect example of party over country ….
Airstrip One
Airstrip One 6 days ago
Of course what the EU should do is apply no restrictions or regulations upon the UK and just trade with the UK tariff free. There, easy, I fixed it for you.
Airstrip One
Airstrip One 5 days ago
23+alen40to The two economies, both larger than the UK's are in serious trouble. Germany is likely to slip into recession and France is expected to be overtaken by the UK shortly. The trade surplus will most certainly disappear once the UK is able to buy from the world under WTO terms, especially if the EU wishes to start a trade war by applying tariffs which the UK would no doubt respond to. The EU has everything to lose on this argument and you are deluding yourself if you think otherwise. Just in time can and is managed from shipment from around the world, including China. North Africa can supply perishables. Your head is in the sand if you think otherwise. So no, the EU loses this one and therefore it's not in it's interests to start a trade war. EU 0 UK 1. What the 27 countries need is not important. What Germany and France need, is. They need the UK's money as a net contributor to the EU. Without it, they will have to make up the shortfall. Disastrous for them and they know it, especially as both now have perilous economies. Here's that cuckoo clock for you and thanks for the good price you paid for it. EU 0 UK 2. A falling pound (and let's be honest, it's not dropping like a sack, that's a massive exaggeration and you know it), is good for the indigenous economy and will encourage home growth. Money remaining in the UK and job creation within the UK. EU 0 UK 3. The Irish border can be manned by electronic systems which already exist, look at Switzerland for example. This is a hollow point scoring argument, easily debunked. I'm shocked you would try and raise such a non argument which can be and is so easily dismissed. Dyson has increased their workforce in the UK recently and have moved their headquarters overseas. To Asia. Nothing to do with Brexit. Nissan and Panasonic moved because of a free trade deal signed between the EU and Japan, meaning they no longer need manufacture within the EU. Nothing to do with Brexit. A spokesman for JLR said the Slovakian plant had been developed over several years to manufacture the Land Rover Discovery and the latest move was, yep, you guessed it, nothing to do with Brexit. The remaining Sollihull plant is to be redeveloped to manufacture electric vehicles. I don't recall Airbus has made any announcement other than throwing their rattle out of the pram. I just googled it, nope, just talk, no definitive plans to move production out of the UK. Bank of America moves 100 jobs to Ireland due to Brexit. Oh dear, never mind. Will the sky fall down because of this? So in all your examples, most are false and outright lies on your part and I can find just 100 bankster job losses. Whooppee fucking do. You have no argument here mate, just outright lies and conjecture. EU 0 UK 4. Yep, The EU needs the UK and boy are they going to suffer if they don't cooperate. The job losses in the German banking system as Deutsche Bank crashes and in the Munich auto industry will soon bring the EU grovelling. The UK exit from the EU provides the UK with global opportunities with almost no downside. Over the next ten years, the UK economy will boom.
alen40to 6 days ago
+Airstrip One Funny, especially considering that the EU is 500 million people and 27 countries (two of which have bigger economies than the UK). The trade surplus simply means that your economy is import-based. The surplus won't disappear, because the EU is simply the only place that most of the things the UK imports can be procured from. Because the goods are either perishable and can't be shipped from the other side of the world or because it need just in time delivery, where if someone orders something today it needs to be delivered tomorrow. Do you think this would be possible with China? Hell no. The import surplus would remain the same, but the EU would have to place tariffs on UK exports to the EU, which would make the UK manufacturers uncompettive in the EU... If you trully believed that a bloc of 27 countries would need one country more than that country needs the 27, then I have a clock to sell you... The UK's pound is dropping like a sack of flour (terrible for an import economy, BoE was trying to keep it very expensive all these years because it was beneficial). The border in Ireland would have to be erected even though there are still morons that think it won't be necesarry to man that border, just because it's easier... Big multinational companies like Airbus, Dyson, Panasonic, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Bank of America and many others are either relocating to the EU or have already relocated and thousands of jobs have already been lost.. But please, keep thinking that the EU needs you so much. And when in 9 days they let you crash out with no deal, you are going to continue saying that they need you more..
Airstrip One
Airstrip One 6 days ago
+alen40to because the UK imports more from the EU then vice versa. It's in their interests not to start a trade war with the UK. Especially considering the German banking system is on the verge of collapse, they're going to need the financial muscle of the city of London soon. It's not the time for the EU to start making an enemy of the UK, or indeed, even just try and take it on in a trade war. It'll end very badly for the EU.
alen40to 6 days ago
Oroberus 6 days ago
Well, it's even way more simple than that. Uk wants all the benefits of being in the EU without the duties connected to them. It's pretty much the same if a citizen of any given states want's to be protected by the laws of the state and also wants to use it's infrastructure, while demanding to be not being directable by said laws and also don't want to pay taxes to upkeep the infrastructure. And the UK wants this completely ignoring that they already had a special deal with way less duties. It's the single most baffeling case of r/EntitledPeople combined with r/ThatHappened
Oroberus 5 days ago
+Inkyminkyzizwoz Yeah I know, my former post wasn't ment as to say that Brexiteers are right wingers, just to point out that there are some quite similar ideas of benefit without duty all over the world and just happen to usually attract radical rights in the cases of US and Germany.
Inkyminkyzizwoz 5 days ago
+Oroberus Actually, Brexit supporters come from all over the political spectrum and there are some people that want out because they view the EU as too capitalistic
Oroberus 5 days ago
+wppb50 Not only them, check for 'Souvereign Citizens' (in the US) and 'Reichsbürger' (in germany) are a whole movements of people, that think the state owes them while they don't have to do anything for it and civil duties won't apply to them. Usually you find them in the far right/radical right/extremist right of the policitcal spectrum, just like the whole Brexit stuff was made up by the right wing of the UK political spectrum and then heaveily marketed.
wppb50 5 days ago
"It's pretty much the same if a citizen of any given states want's to be protected by the laws of the state and also wants to use it's infrastructure, while demanding to be not being directable by said laws and also don't want to pay taxes to upkeep the infrastructure." You've just described a fair chunk of my extended family...
Oroberus 6 days ago
+Inkyminkyzizwoz Typo, thanks, changed
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard 6 days ago
We could just tell the eu to do one as they did push there luck way too far. We budge and they dont means it is not a negotiation. Both need to stop with the chest puffing and think about the whole of europe. Imo
Blood 6 days ago
This is what happens when the UK votes Brexit but has a Remain government. It is also what happens when the EU makes absolutely zero concessions to us.
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