The Soldier who fought in 3 Armies

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Lauri Törni / Larry Thorne was a U.S. Special Forces officer during the Vietnam War, who had also been in World War II, as a Commander in the German Army and before that a Finnish Army Jaegar trooper.
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Created by Daniel Turner
Script by
Conan White and Daniel Turner
Chris Kane
Music Credit:
Failing Defense by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100726
Artist: incompetech.com/
Soldier Under Three Flags: Exploits of Special Forces' Captain Larry A. Thorne
By H. A. Gill
Born a Soldier: The Times and Life of Larry a Thorne Paperback - 15 Oct 2008
by J Michael Cleverley
Finland at War 1939-45
By Philip Jowett, Brent Snodgrass
Finland at War: The Continuation and Lapland Wars 1941-45
By Vesa Nenye, Peter Munter, Toni Wirtanen, Chris Birks
The Suomi Submachine Gun
By Leroy Thompson
Törni - Sotilaan tarina / Story of Larry Thorne (2007)

Published on


Mar 8, 2019




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Comments 10 476
Kewoo 16 minutes ago
that's nothing, look at Franek Dolas, he fought in more than 6
Nick C
Nick C 27 minutes ago
I'm here because of Sabaton
Tyler Ebner
Tyler Ebner 29 minutes ago
why is this not a movie yet...
Aaronmarq Hour ago
Lauri: surrenders to the british so he's not taken captive by the soviets and put in a gulag in Siberia* Also Lauri: *Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.*
PiranhaWhale1 2 hours ago
According to Reddit Communists, you guys are glorifying nazis by saying good things about him so imma have to ask you to stop.
Ryan Keshner
Ryan Keshner 4 hours ago
U should go to war
M.D.Metal 5 hours ago
Larry Thorne isn't dead. He's being held at an undisclosed CIA black site in suspended animation. The instructions on his cryo-chamber are: "In case of Russian invasion, break glass and give weapon."
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills Hour ago
M.D.Metal you are most welcome
M.D.Metal 4 hours ago
+Joshua Mills Thanks.
Joshua Mills
Joshua Mills 4 hours ago
M.D.Metal that is what you call a good joke!
Christian Dyson
Christian Dyson 6 hours ago
"Lauri, using his ski's, stealthily moved past" I'm part Finnish and that's the most Finnish thing I've ever heard.
Mouse Protector
Mouse Protector 6 hours ago
Anyone ever heard of that one Korean guy who faught for the Japanese and was captured and pressed into service by ths soviets then eas captured again by the germans and pressed into service with them on the western front before finally getting captured by the allys?
Abdullah Javed
Abdullah Javed 6 hours ago
MrDanaris 6 hours ago
my god its jason bourne
enkeksinimeä 7 hours ago
Suomi perkele
Mitch Frazz
Mitch Frazz 7 hours ago
Wait how did Adolf Hitler view Soviets as a weak and ineffective force when he died in 1945
jo morken størseth
A bit too warhappy..
zeddos 8 hours ago
Amazing man.
Always Saying Basically
Lauri is the John Wick at killing Communists.
Ryan Johnstone
Ryan Johnstone 10 hours ago
I want to hear about any posthumous controversies related to him swearing the SS oath, since the narrator alluded to them but then didn't give us any satisfaction on them.
hahhuli 10 hours ago
Good guy joining the losing team three times.
Victor Angelo
Victor Angelo 11 hours ago
God to love FIvid shadow Banning me ..got to love the censorship. oh wait isn't this what this guy fought for freedom fascism/ communism? The irony huh
Ben Yamaha
Ben Yamaha 12 hours ago
He shows us how should we be, this is real man
Age The Gamer
Age The Gamer 12 hours ago
Tarik360 12 hours ago
Choose your Cold War Anti-Red Fighter! Simo: Hunter who specializes in long range precision fighting, all damage-dealing, vulnerable to explosive shots. Lauri: Warrior Specializes in Close quarter fighting and extreme stress environments, tough and dangerous. Bin Laden: Cleric who multiclassed in explosion-sorcery and with a bigger scheme for when after the war is over.
Joseph Estril
Joseph Estril 12 hours ago
When you're so dedicated to a return to feudalism you join three fascist armies.
Se Larskeih
Se Larskeih 5 hours ago
Joseph Estril Wait....did this idiot just say that the finnish army in ww2 and the american army in the cold war were facist. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have found a true idiot
Old Skool Nutter Bielefeld BBC
There is a book written about him escaping capture after the Second World War and fighting in Vietnam but I'll be fucked if I can remember the name of it....
Theodore Bricker
Theodore Bricker 17 hours ago
Goyim Intelligence Agency
Well, I know what to call my first son.
That One Happy Pig
That One Happy Pig 19 hours ago
The guy really hated Communism.
Trevor GTA
Trevor GTA 19 hours ago
Call of Duty : Black ops 3 should had introduced to a new character called Larry thorne
Kyle 31
Kyle 31 20 hours ago
So the average beginning of a mount and blade play through
clashmander gaming/animations
I found a cross medal in my backyard and at first i didnt know what it was at first
sonofjafarreturns 21 hour ago
Why would America draft an officer of the SS into Veitnam?
Torkel Torkelson
Torkel Torkelson 22 hours ago
What a Beast.
The Boss
The Boss 22 hours ago
Lauri went to the options and selected "switch sides"
RobARug 22 hours ago
11:16 I kill a communist for fun... but for a residence visa, I’ll carve them up real nice.
Cheasy 22 hours ago
fight the commy's is the lesson
narg alda
narg alda 22 hours ago
Simo Häyhä : brofist
Aero Day ago
Not only did the Germans train him the Americans did too as well as the Finnish that’s proper training mate 😂
Sasuke The wolf
3:27 quadruple kill
Would you make video of Simo Häyhä another very good Finnish soldier?
Deniz S.
Deniz S. Day ago
* Any army against Commies * L. Torni : It's free real estate
BarTwoOne Day ago
... but he had known , the good commie is the dead commie... I knows , that he had known , since the first second of video
T-55 AM2B
T-55 AM2B Day ago
Untuhstumfuhruhr? What the heck is that supposed to be? It’s Untersturmbahnfuhrer (I can’t type the Umlaut, excuse me)
Tomppa 69
Tomppa 69 Day ago
Suomi finland perkele torille!
Furvus Animus
Törni is a machine... Straight ALFA!!!
Stone Gray Sky
Lauri Törni: A man who fought communism all his life
The Doom Guy of Commies XD
Doubletake Broom
Some people are made for war. They live and breath it. This man is one of those people
Vsauce No u
Vsauce No u Day ago
He pulled a sneaky on ya
Matt Henry
Matt Henry Day ago
“Death is a preferable alternative to communism” -Liberty Prime/Törni
colonel- yaki
Watches video with Sabatob's song in mind
Night Chills00
Torni was on the same side as the Finish Sniper White Death
Textured Frog
Its Crazy that These hero super soldier movie like characters really did exist in history
M0nk3yboy 762
*Change team*
Seppo313 Day ago
Puukko = knife in finnish
13:08 this started making sense after I played black ops 1 campaign
Keiser platz
Keiser platz Day ago
Wanna hear a joke? Maginot line
Пожалуйста Не Грусти
SS war criminals, now become heroes, they cut off the ears of the American captives
entereloaded Day ago
Thumbs up if you also just skipped to the description and then glanced @ the Comments
Hit-Jack64 Day ago
Name: lauri thorne Job: Chuck Norris
YaBoigrumpsu Day ago
Pukko knifes ??? Pukko is knife in finnish
Fortress Europa
No, veitsi is knife is Finnish. We just use puukko and veitsi almost interchangeably, but they mean different things.
Hòa Đặng
Hòa Đặng Day ago
Suck a shame that he die in a helicopter crash 🙁
Pultti Puu
Pultti Puu Day ago
Suomi perkele Viina/ Finland perkele Booze 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮
YourSinisterDoge 27
Ok, so these Soviets, who have one of the most elite armies for winter warfare, we're too lazy to deliver their regular troops some winter uniforms in time?
King Day ago
Finnish flag 🏁
Wegelius Day ago
7:03 Puukko means knife, so you essentially said knife knives
Fortress Europa
No, veitsi is knife is Finnish. We just use puukko and veitsi almost interchangeably, but they mean different things.
Maershkin Schrabs
Ignorant of the political ideology? Come on now, dont try to push any bullshit narrative. The third reich was finlands only option and platform for taking on the soviets as they hated them just as much. Also waffen ss was probably the most culturally and racially diverse military organisations in ww2....
Luckyfrost Day ago
Started out as a reserve, soon promoted when deserved, and the battle has begun With a bounty on his head, the red army wants him dead, soviet enemy #1 Cross of Mannerheim, addicted to the war game, never ending flame, victory reclaimed
Dale Werkheiser
This guy needs a battlefield based on him Forget cod I like cod but battle field has more destruction
sdgasdfg asdgasdg
Ofcourse, a finn.
Cytological Day ago
*Uses hand gestures to order highly trained soldiers to defend and objective in a war*
Goblin Slayer, only for communists instead.
So basically, he hated commies. Sounds like a cool dude.
maddsloth II
maddsloth II Day ago
the man just wanted to kill some commies, I can respect that. was probably the weight of his big brass balls that took down his helicopter.
Jali Tano
Jali Tano Day ago
Shout, Lauri Törni's name A soldier of three armies knows the game Keeps their echo from the past Rise from beyond your grave Son of Finland and the Green Beret May you rest in peace at last
Cj lane
Cj lane Day ago
Why did all the wars he fought in ended in loss
Killswitch ali
What a life fascinating and he must have been a great man
Heinrich Day ago
I can't believe I didn't click this video for almost 2 weeks
Wyatt Knelson
Wyatt Knelson 2 days ago
The world would be a better place if Churchill didn't force the war on Germany. Hitler was preparing to defend Europe from a soviet invasion and Britain bombs Berlin to make Germany retaliate. Churchill didn't care about Poland, he needed to start a war to keep his banker owners happy and destroy Germany for seperating their economy from the Federal Reserve. Watch Europa: The Last Battle. It explains so much. The US also forced war on Japan by cutting off trade to them while fighting communist China.
Liken Knife
Liken Knife 2 days ago
This guy earned respect.
Makozer 2 days ago
4:50 cmon, next time ask a german to speak for you or use google, you are FAR FAR away from the real sounding of the real word
I did the subtitles.
Lassi Raisanen
Lassi Raisanen 2 days ago
ei Lauri Törnin nimeä noin lausuta hitto
Lassi Raisanen
Lassi Raisanen 2 days ago
Mutta silti hyvä video
Ruusky Lul
Ruusky Lul 2 days ago
He was a Monster .
Se Larskeih
Se Larskeih 2 days ago
Ruusky Lul Yes the good monster that slayed commies
Grey the Wolf
Grey the Wolf 2 days ago
Finnish: Come to my place. Lauri: I can't. Finnish: I'm home along. Lauri: 4:05
Gene 2 days ago
There is also a South Korean soilder/conscript in WW2 who was forced to fight for the Japanese, captured by Russians and forced to fight for them against Germans, then again captured/conscripted until he was finally captured on Omaha beach by US paratroopers. Traveled from the pacific coast up to siberia, across europe, and finally the atlantic all on land.
tom black
tom black 2 days ago
The nazis ran the USA army
tom black
tom black 2 days ago
‪All war is the genocide of the working class for the profit & pleasure of the rich ‬
Se Larskeih
Se Larskeih 2 days ago
tom black Oh look we found a commie. You know what that means my finnish brothers....kröhöm.... KAUAN ON KÄRSITTY RYSSIEN VALTAA, SUOMEN KANSAN VAPAUTTA SUOJELLESSAAN
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley 2 days ago
voll der larry
DeepbloodEclipse 2 days ago
Basically he was to commies what William Blazkowicz was to Nazis, except that he was real.
Jakommo 2 days ago
actualy his chopper was shot down by the Predator, atleast Dutch avenged him.. but army doesn't want this to leak out on public..
Dempsey de Old Gen
ese men era el viktor Reznov de la vida real
Angelo Bryan
Angelo Bryan 2 days ago
Impressive soldiering
Joel Kolehmainen
Joel Kolehmainen 2 days ago
Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan!
Alexander Macleod
Could you do a video about general Patton
USERNAME456 2 days ago
An army fighting communist:exist Larry thorn:GEUSS I'M CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP NOW
Duck Sauce
Duck Sauce 2 days ago
LARRY!!!!!!!!!!! -Joe Gatto
Ray Cabrera
Ray Cabrera 2 days ago
a great warrior.
CamKai82 2 days ago
*Switch Team?*
K U N G F U R Y 2 days ago
my grandfather fought with him in the continuation war
ben nutt
ben nutt 2 days ago
The gun aiming could be a good flash game
ben nutt
ben nutt 2 days ago
The aiming part
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