The Spiders and the Bees

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Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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Mar 8, 2019




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Comments 135 829
Comedy With Christian
Two things bout beeeees. One stung my foot in my room and another two were found on that carpet. there is like a huge bee hive that is inside of my roof........
Comedy With Christian
I’m ooooooooooofed
Kieran Clair
Kieran Clair Minute ago
why does Matthew (the young spider in the beginning) sound more like matpat then James?
Awesome Third
Awesome Third Minute ago
Ha ha ha bra I held a bee WITH MY "BEAR" hands
Logan Loiacano
Logan Loiacano 2 minutes ago
ironically I am deathly afraid of bees and not spiders
AN VLOGS 2 minutes ago
@TheOdd1sOut How many prank calls did you get when working at sooubway?
Emma Luella
Emma Luella 3 minutes ago
spiders: perverts bees: scary mosquito: annoying moths: harmless hotel: trivago
Lydia Surfleet
Lydia Surfleet 4 minutes ago
I hate wasps so much
Kizzy Kat!
Kizzy Kat! 9 minutes ago
Wait was that MatPat-
Anime Fan
Anime Fan 11 minutes ago
This made me laugh alot jajaja tan gracioso gracias por este video means thank u for this video
Carnage the vloger
Carnage the vloger 13 minutes ago
Hey what do you do for a living I take all the webbing out of spiders. I-I do FIvid
CONICAL LEGEND 16 minutes ago
7:34 I died
Doug Foster
Doug Foster 17 minutes ago
I love spiders
Marsh GT
Marsh GT 17 minutes ago
RIP stan lee :(
Camatronics 249
Camatronics 249 17 minutes ago
I stepped on a bee stinger too
LuisKar 17 minutes ago
Wasps are pure evil. Once I was in my bed with the window open and a wasp just decided that wanted to sting me... Twice... Btw, the wasp got sinked through the ground. Happy end... I guess... I got my leg 7 feet wide, and the wasp got brutally murdered by a kid
Alexacon 18 minutes ago
Mister Kiwi
Mister Kiwi 19 minutes ago
i don’t think you got stung by a bee but a wasp
Maggie Wilcox
Maggie Wilcox 22 minutes ago
I have this robin in my yard and it’s spring, I gave it a little carrot and now it won’t leave.
Tsukinotaku 23 minutes ago
Kill the wasps. Kill all the wasps. They are a nuisance.
Ethan Leon
Ethan Leon 24 minutes ago
Also probably butteryflys(sorry about my spelling)pollinate the rest
Ethan Leon
Ethan Leon 25 minutes ago
You know whats wven worse, WASPS AND HORNETS, THEY'RE EVERY WHERE
Javier Champion
Javier Champion 25 minutes ago
Congrats on 11 million
Rhys Parry
Rhys Parry 27 minutes ago
I got stung by 19 wasp in the space of 1 minuet
Fox Friends
Fox Friends 27 minutes ago
Random Patotoe creature of the Internet
Honey bees are invasive species to America so ya i don't like bees exept for bubble bees if i see a honey bee i will leave it alone if its on the ground i WILL step on it
Fox Friends
Fox Friends 27 minutes ago
Kira J.
Kira J. 28 minutes ago
I somewhat have arachnophobia but I know how important they are and I love them and I'm okay with them I just can't have them crawl on me
Firez Win3x
Firez Win3x 28 minutes ago
He’s already at 11mil
Miss. GameAtion
Miss. GameAtion 29 minutes ago
Another thing that we don't have in common, I prefer bees... not the ones that make honey... the other ones UWU Edit: ANYWAYS! The bee movie is actually fake, since those take and give.. and other species just give so without the honey bees the ecosystem will be better
ThatOneMemer1710 XD
ThatOneMemer1710 XD 29 minutes ago
3:53 oh yeah
Fusion 31 minute ago
Where did the spiderman poster go?
Soviet Doggo
Soviet Doggo 32 minutes ago
Omg this is what I think
AmazingGirl237 33 minutes ago
I looked you up, and Google mentioned something about you being a Robert. What's that about? I also heard somethingelseyt call you Jamison. I'm so confused. Can you plz reply to comments??
gamer grant120
gamer grant120 33 minutes ago
This video was supported by PETA
Colby James
Colby James 34 minutes ago
the best part 7:34
Amber Lindsay Smith
Amber Lindsay Smith 36 minutes ago
I learned that wasps sucks and I never got stung by a bee but a wasp wasp hurt the most trust me and I’m only nine years old oh and I would love to have a pet spider
SuperFiery 36 minutes ago
Was spider-matt going to bed... *with a baseball cap on?*
Jack Berry
Jack Berry 37 minutes ago
Hey James I hope you can get back to this comment but I am going to start animating soon I just got a huion H420 and want to know what programs you use to draw color audio and edit so please get back to me if you can and I don’t know why I’m asking an unimploid person that never went to college but I really want to animate and you have th most subs
_it’z_mugsy-m Gacha and more
I don’t mind wasps I love them I like to let them land on me an sit there and I have never been stung before 🙂
IvAn Schlottfeldt
IvAn Schlottfeldt 45 minutes ago
My dad let me use his FIvid account so he was born in 1987
Iz Scott
Iz Scott 46 minutes ago
There were so many bees in my pool I think that's were all of those that died went to
Iz Scott
Iz Scott 47 minutes ago
There were so much bees in my pool
Santiago Polanco
Santiago Polanco 52 minutes ago
Hola noentiendo
Ninja Penguin
Ninja Penguin 54 minutes ago
bee pun: 5:37
Michael L.
Michael L. 55 minutes ago
Fuck bees
Sade Jimenez
Sade Jimenez 55 minutes ago
I just watched the new spider man movie! ( also when i was watching this when James said "hey maybe you might get super powers!" i just saw spider man on my TV when i was watching the movie.)
Katie Kroeger
Katie Kroeger 56 minutes ago
I know bees are important and all but I personally don't like bees
Fenne Nas
Fenne Nas 57 minutes ago
"And yeet it back" Finally somebody who understands me
Kathleen Hicks
Kathleen Hicks 59 minutes ago
Or a part 3 of aesop
Wonderful Lush For GD And Roblox To Get More
Cỏngrats Ổn 11M
Kathleen Hicks
Can you do a part 2 to growing up without cable!
DelilahR Anderson
D Jensen
D Jensen Hour ago
Do the anime run animation challenge.
Quin0911 Gracia
I had a bee on my glasses one time, it was a large bee. I didn’t even breathe that whole time.
Well, hello there, fellow human!
6:48 when you realise it's Monday
Little Flame
Little Flame Hour ago
So what have we learned? Hm
fireball films
Why have you not post and weeks
Well, hello there, fellow human!
5:41 me laughing at my own joke that nobody heard and trying to explain it which just makes things worse
insect illuminati Get shrekt
Honeybees are invasive and harm native bees
Lori Ford
Lori Ford Hour ago
Alex has sent me to send you a message : Hes begun his training
Gamerchike Time
When my friend ask me who my favorite FIvidr is I am like programmed to say the odd1sout because these videos are like a daily ritual for me thank you James 🙂
Gacha Smorie
Gacha Smorie Hour ago
Um, my music teacher watches u 😂 btw love your content!
Aidan Memije
Aidan Memije Hour ago
Who polinates the rest? ._.
Taryn Murphy
Taryn Murphy Hour ago
When I was 3 I was at my memes and I had just got out of her pool and my towel was lying on the ground in a ball I picked it up and wrapped it around my body and to my surprise 5 wasps stung my back 5 times in each spot!It was so bad I has to seek medical attention and I'm not allergic to bees like wth
Laith Anayi
Laith Anayi Hour ago
I have a rational reason for arachnophobia, all my experiences with them have been terrifying.
Ally2weird Hour ago
Yay 11 million subs congrats
Pau l
Pau l Hour ago
11 million!
seanla04 Hour ago
2432carlos Hour ago
Why did you wear #Team spider when harry was there
There was a bee on my neck and I thought it was a mosquito soooooooooooooooooo I..........slapped it and it stung my hand
Joel van zoeren
were do you live in arizona i was just there
Landon Reiman
Landon Reiman Hour ago
U and jaiden should go somewhere filming irl
Naomi B
Naomi B Hour ago
you should try a live stream!
Blue Venger
Blue Venger Hour ago
How does he already have 11 million 😮😲😲
We learned to hate wasps
Mercury xx
Mercury xx Hour ago
Uriel Beltran
Uriel Beltran Hour ago
A bee land my ARM in school #beesquad
Timothy McKee
Timothy McKee Hour ago
Holy Frick
Chris Stein
Chris Stein Hour ago
r u going to make a video about the mr beast airsoft battle? Btw good job winning round 1
Angel Paddd
Angel Paddd Hour ago
New vides yet??
Rajdip Sarker
Rajdip Sarker Hour ago
Matthew Briggs
James: What did we learn today Me: Don't bully wasps or you gonna die
Lets persuade! To get money, potatoes!
My mom also stepped on a bee
Sarah Fye
Sarah Fye Hour ago
The spider is named Matthew. I should have seen that coming.
Jason Garnar
Jason Garnar Hour ago
James got 11 mil subs!!!!!!!!!
Hellfire Studios - Demonwolf37
Don't forget that honeybees are an invasive species in the US and kill off native species which do a better job of pollinating native plants. If you want to help bees, plant native flowers! And don't keep honey bees! 😠
Kaylynn Barton
Kaylynn Barton 2 hours ago
Try getting bit by a spider 5 times
Miku Niku
Miku Niku 2 hours ago
Come to Australia
Candy StevePE
Candy StevePE 2 hours ago
StormGamer GD
StormGamer GD 2 hours ago
First FIvid Battle: *PewDiePie VS T-Series* Second FIvid Battle: *Marvel Entertainment VS TheOdd1sOut*
nightmare_cat _roblox_girl
Now i love spiders
Austin Crewe
Austin Crewe 2 hours ago
I have a fear of hornets because i hade 13 hornet stings once and i cry'd so much
Alox 2 hours ago
alright now who the fuck is chip
Quig Pig
Quig Pig 2 hours ago
Oh dont worry, bees are nice and beutiful, wasps are assholes and ugly, do crush a bee, crush a wasp, specifically the yellow one
Foxy Playsyt
Foxy Playsyt 2 hours ago
One time I was at a restaurant and a bee was crawling up my leg thankfully I didn’t get stung
Random and Stuff
Random and Stuff 2 hours ago
One time my elementary school was doing a thing where families could come and have ice cream with there kids and There was a yellow jacket hive near the playground and one kid got to close to it and a bunch of yellow jackets literally flew into his pants and stung his legs and private parts
mtellez 2 hours ago
Mvperry called you fat and thinks Alex is cooler than you
Charlie’s gaming Place
Bees kill wasps by making them die from heat
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