Tucker Carlson's Terrible Apology For 'Naughty' Comments

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson may have said some terrible things but, don't worry, he followed it up with a terrible apology.
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Mar 12, 2019




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Comments 4 889
Garry Cartwright
Garry Cartwright 2 hours ago
The " brain dead " representative, Mke Lee, wastes our time and money by creating fantasy sketches of dead actors.
sherrie sprayberry
sherrie sprayberry 6 hours ago
Is Tucker gay?
Anthony Bruno
Anthony Bruno 12 hours ago
For one he’s not defending warren Jeff’s, and you people are the new puritans, the thing is your moral high ground isn’t high ground at all. Let’s look into every word this Colbert clown has ever uttered in jest or with his buddies. This moral outrage coming from a group of people who think infanticide is something we should celebrate or that think subjecting children to sex reassignment surgery.please..spare me your phony moral preaching. Giving the mixer thought and word police power is a very scary idea to me. I just find it hilarious someone like Colbert is making issue of a guy calling in an busy chops to a shock jock type show. Be careful the standards you set
John Nelson
John Nelson 19 hours ago
Only in America, what else would you expect from him or any other Fox news hit man.
Dr. TJ
Dr. TJ 20 hours ago
So here's the weird thing. I might even somewhat like the ideas of small government and low taxes that the Republicans say they are for (whether or not they actually are for these things is another topic). But I could never say I'm a Republican because 99% of the slimeballs, liars, criminals, racists, misogynists, haters, and ignorant people are people who call themselves Republican. This does not mean that 99% of Republicans are these kinds of people, just that 99% of these kinds of people are Republicans. If you're a Republican who is not a slimeball, a liar, a criminal, a racist, a misogynist, a hater, or ignorant, you have to ask yourself why you're in the party that has so many of these types of people and reconsider your decision to call yourself a Republican.
Edna Rodriguez
Edna Rodriguez 20 hours ago
Tucker is a dork
oneOfour Day ago
When Stephan was young he told everybody he will be a comedian. Everybody laughed. Nobody laughing now.
Kathy Vogel
Kathy Vogel Day ago
Love you Stephen.
Adeena Adam
Adeena Adam Day ago
Calling someone unattractive...Let’s buy him a lonnnnnnnnnnnng mirror!
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Day ago
How does a guy like this not get fired?
monkeymanxxl Day ago
How is it possible that the right/Fox News thinks they have the moral high ground with disgusting humans like Tucker working for them and speaking for them
Fallout Boy
Fallout Boy Day ago
"Hi Mr. Carlson, take a sit right over there." *TAKE* *A* *SIT*
Lucky no normal HUMANS are ALLOWED to see the MUELLER report we are just all too stupid and unsophisticated. It would be like seeing a real ALIEN from space our brain just could not Process it. So be happy our Officials Protect us from our curiosity because that is what killed the cat.
Derlin Claire
Tucker Carlson,s apology was really Half-assed.Sorry,but that,s the nicest,politelst word which I could come up for his really stupid so-called apology,friends.He,s a terrible excuse for both a Christisn,and a human being.
manuel meza
manuel meza Day ago
Totally acceptable behavior for Fox news.
1987MartinT Day ago
Was the guy drunk when he had that picture taken? 'Cause he looks it.
K C 2 days ago
Is it me, or does it look like Carlson just let a silent one rip in this photo. Oh no, sorry, that's his thinking face.! Gobshite!
James Nadell
James Nadell 2 days ago
Calling one of the cornerstone populations of human civilization semi-literate monkees after illegally pimp stomping into their country on false premises might be a little more than naughty talk. This guy is weak sauce, cognitively speaking. He should be on self-imposed exile for a long time. But I say no to calling for his removal from the airwaves. When the family dog lays down a steaming growler on white living room floor, he knows enough to experience some sort of shame or anxiety. Carlson? Doesn't even have the sense of your family pet. Ground his ideas into pulp at every turn. Another overpayed big white stiff. Corporate media's answer to John Koncack, former NBA player. Talk about affirmative action for mediocre rich reactionary white dudes...
Paul Wytka
Paul Wytka 2 days ago
#NoCollusion. Way to go sell out. LuL.
Valerie Texan
Valerie Texan 2 days ago
Yep well mouth breather tucker is not what i would call a hot dude. He is young cant it believe how yuck dough boy will look later on.
nonnanevrotica 2 days ago
Vokun Vith
Vokun Vith 2 days ago
Remember when they said legalizing gay marriage would somehow lead to ped0phi!ia being legal? Then Roy More, Tucker Carlson, & fundamentalists proved themselves wrong.
Jeffery C
Jeffery C 2 days ago
This is THE ticket. #BidenAbrams2020 #AbramsOcasio-Cortez2024 that's a future i can support. Everything else is climate and science deniers. Climate is science.....ffs....
U only hear that shit on fox, just look at them when they speak,their face cringe when giving their point on news and it's more bias opinions then it's a actual facts.FOX is a bunch of trumps giving u their news.
djantwan027 2 days ago
Pedophilia has been utilized in the political realms for far too long. There is no excuse for it, and to blame the left or the right for this behavior misses the core of the issue entirely! The powers that be have utilized pedophilia to compromise our so-called representatives, not all mind you, but a good portion of them to gain control of our country and world. We as a people need to come together, stop buying into this polarization of fundamental issues and purge the hidden hands. They want us divided, not united! The sooner we all start looking at what is taking place right in front of our eyes, the sooner we can begin to heal. What is taking place behind the scenes is going to shock the average person to the core, but in order for us to fix our problems we must get to the root of the problems. We are moving ever so close to a civil war within our country, and if you think things are bad now, a civil war will ruin our people and play into the hands of the evil doers.. We need to get away from the left vs the right! We need to discuss our differences and understand that they are just that, different opinions! That’s what makes us unique! It’s ok for us to be a melting pot of different races, ands it’s equally as important for us to have diverse opinions too! I want to reunite our people, and I know it starts with the individual and grows from there! Never underestimate the power of the few!
Charles Crandall
Charles Crandall 2 hours ago
"...It’s ok for us to be a melting pot of different races..." Maybe in the U.S., but in Wakanda we have a problem with it.
Isabella Manuel
Isabella Manuel 2 days ago
He’s not difficult to unravel, just a few minutes watching n listening to him would immediately expose his vile nature, but, it’s just make sense why fox hired this guy, bad publicity is still a publicity, for the ratings, that’s all. However, people still believes him, and still watching his show, well, that’s a whole lot mysterious to any affable person.
Nightstone 2 days ago
Some countries have public judicial corporal punishment called caning; I think we should adopt this practice for people like Tucker Carlson.
Artem Bentsionov
Artem Bentsionov 2 days ago
Yes, because physical attractiveness is a qualification to be on the Supreme Court instead of, you know, being a good judge or the current president’s beer bro.
Max Ra
Max Ra 2 days ago
Mr Colbert is a joke!!! He thinks he can make fun of people and people who watch him are stupid and buy his bulshit!!! He should have a show in China !!!! They know what to do with this kind of people.
Lars Shaun Kvistgaard
Wow BLA BLa Bla..
Jerome Turner
Jerome Turner 2 days ago
Tucker Carlson probably can't buy sex.
John Doek
John Doek 2 days ago
Tucker Carlson couldn't be a worse person if he ran around spreading the T-Virus and spoiling all the movies you wanted to see but hadn't yet. He truly is the Human Centipede of human beings.
Ernestine Dingle
Ernestine Dingle 2 days ago
I'm be black, so get over your priviledged self. So Now, as we go forward as for them lies, emmm em!
vMufasa 3 days ago
wow, I knew he got canned for defending a child rapist... but after hearing what he said??? he SHOULD NEVER get another job ever again...
Frank Roth
Frank Roth 3 days ago
Colbert is another example of the feminization of males in America, his show is terrible because he is so obsessed with Pres Trump and has little else to offer his audience, colbert seth myers jimmy fallon all so feminine
Frank Roth
Frank Roth 3 days ago
Women should always spend the necessary time to look their very best to impress men, if you don't take that advice you have only yourself to blame for sitting home alone whilst the girls that put in the time necessary to look good for men are out having fun. God created women to keep men company and to assist us.
Almond X
Almond X 3 days ago
Tucker Carlson certainly incites primitive rage within me
Judi O'Regan
Judi O'Regan 3 days ago
Carlson is a repugnant, disgusting excuse for a human being. His attitude is so vomit inducing, I am amazed he's allowed to broadcast at all. 🤢🤢🤢
Rice Burnerbiker
Rice Burnerbiker 3 days ago
If you watch documentary,videos and testimonials. You’ll notice one thing , every time. They the con, will say anything to a stupid person, a lost, no hope, or depressed person.....! And the con, the mental illness and the non stop work will begin on your life, until you have little to give them, and then they just drop you somewhere. If your lucky, they won’t work you to near death, or exhaustion. As long as you have a steady money or work ethic , that produces money. They will feed you cheap food and keep you tired. The god or Jesus shit, is the easiest con, to play on the mentally ILL..! You don’t have to be a dribbling idiot to get hooked on these people that pray on a weak or well conned since birth mind. Until you stand up for yourself and have good self esteem. The god/Jesus con makes these weak minded people think, unless your with them, your against them! They do so much damage to a young life, that can at times never go away. If we ever go back to civil war in America, I’ll burn everything god/Jesus, until people fear those two words said around me..
Bad Karma
Bad Karma 3 days ago
I Love ❤️ all women..... my mom was a woman who give birth to me .... I think tucker might like truckers....
Sabrina Frölich
Sabrina Frölich 3 days ago
The rapist made a lifelong commitment. Is he even listening to what he is blabbering about? And if he is, does he understand what he says? Now excuse me, I have to throw up.
Charles Crandall
Charles Crandall 2 hours ago
Now do Islam.
Sylvia Gitau
Sylvia Gitau 3 days ago
Why is it that the really unattractive men have the nerve to call people ugly.
Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl 4 days ago
I can't believe anybody stays up late at night to watch your show!
Ray A
Ray A 4 days ago
God i love the picture of Tucker Carlson the graphics department chose to use...
Thrasymachus Monk
Actually his wife and mother selected it. They felt it shows his more human side, and he looks less like a worm in it than in any others (from that angle it almost looks like he has a chin).
Samuel Arana Tessari
Stephen Colbert has no backbone at all.. He claims to be Catholic yet he bows down to the politically correct liberal culture that surrounds him in seek of acceptance and approval. A Christian defending late term abortions, gay marriage, gender fluidity and all the other crap pushed by the left. Please.. Tucker is a real man, Stephen is not. Th-th-that's all folks!!
Matthew Dobbs
Matthew Dobbs 4 days ago
Nicely done!
John W
John W 5 days ago
‘The names Breather, Mouth Breather”
Pat Byrne
Pat Byrne 5 days ago
Waiting for Carlson to face karma.
Jai Parwani
Jai Parwani 5 days ago
We live in space age . We can understand women. From phycology to physical characteristics. Professional secret service field agents are trained to manipulate others. Even if women are any more stupid than men they are still simple to decode with right tools.
Hugh Hughes
Hugh Hughes 5 days ago
In my opinion Shut the fudge up What have you said millionaire You sit there and say whether you believe it or not what ever you want to make a buck. Really Get real for once.
Ivan Nanotech
Ivan Nanotech 5 days ago
I love Tucker.
Robert Bigelow
Robert Bigelow 6 days ago
Ya know maybe you should just shut you're mouth you and your late night idiots aren't really all that funny anymore use to watch all of ya at one time but unfortunately now you all suck
Mai Yenish
Mai Yenish 6 days ago
Stephen Colbert is putting down Muhammad and the Islamic religion? Is a FATWA in the making for Stephen Colbert?
oscar carrillo
oscar carrillo 6 days ago
this guy is not funny anymore...fake laughs in the back
Baby Pudge
Baby Pudge 6 days ago
Barbara Hering
Barbara Hering 6 days ago
Bubba the love sponge has been on radio for years , I HAD a friend that listened to him and that is why we are no longer friends. Yes another Florida embarrassment .
royalbuff123 6 days ago
Has mr potato face looked in the mirror lately
arquilli1 6 days ago
Go Tuck
oil9vinergar 6 days ago
so, the marxist-leninist tomato is caught with a bag filled with a $1million...
Tango Bango
Tango Bango 6 days ago
Talk about “unattractive women” Tucker?....take a look in the mirror FreakO!
whimp01 6 days ago
wow! so original quotes taken out of context followed by unoriginal jokes followed by obnoxious laugh tracks Stephen Colbert you are one of the greatest NPC programmers show me proof show me context show me a link to the court room investigation at the very least but you'll never do that you pocket all the money for slandering people without even a single chance for someone with a opposing opinion to speak on your show and everyone eats up every word you say making their first unjustified impression of tucker without fully listening to what he has to say but you would never lie to the public for money and approval right Stephen Christ at least tucker allows both sides to speak and tries his best to them seriously also Stephen double standers much you and the left constantly support Muslims that believe in sharia law that treat women like objects as well as believe underage marriage this doesn't justify tucker although out of context it still shows your hypocrisy
Charles Carter
Charles Carter 6 days ago
Emma, I totally agree with you! Colbert is profoundly ugly. He also has a terribly negative view of the world, which is no help. Finally, he isn't funny. Why is he on? One positive thing, he is trying to skewer Tucker Carlson, which is an improvement over his nightly Trump obsession. I think he has a secret crush on the President. Sadly for Stephen, he is trying to punch above his weight. Tucker is smarter, funnier, and profoundly more honest. Thank you Emma.
Diggsy Dan
Diggsy Dan 6 days ago
The names Feeder, Bottom Feeder
刘宇龙 6 days ago
Robert W.
Robert W. 6 days ago
Ugly women literally account for 90% of the dems voter base. No wonder they're so pissed.
Donna Young
Donna Young 6 days ago
No wonder he supports 45 and all his sick behavior. Tucker you are just as sick and demented as 45. I pray you both get stop playing a Christian and give up attempts to to become a full-time demon.
Chivhu Players
Chivhu Players 7 days ago
Demons(aliens) among us.worlds gone to shit
Daniel Malloy
Daniel Malloy 7 days ago
Men and women ALWAYS talk about peoples attractiveness
TalkBroz AndStuff
I used to enjoy Stephen, now he's just a biased idiot who says whatever they put in front of him whether it's news or Bs. Just my 2 cents
The Seminole Raider
Same here. I wish all the time he never left Comedy Central.
Sean Tanner
Sean Tanner 7 days ago
You all are such hypocrites. He can't say a woman is unattractive but you all sit here and post how he "looks like a bag of potatoes" people need to be less sensitive to others and worry about themselves! ALL people judge on looks, period. If ANYONE says THEY don't THEY are a liar!
bonnie a
bonnie a 7 days ago
if my father was next to tucker Carlson when he said any of these awful things about woman he would have physically instructed tucker how wrong he was.
Satevo 7 days ago
Samantha Bee taught me you can rearrange his name to Ol' Tater Nuts
Charles Crandall
Charles Crandall 2 hours ago
Oh, the Samantha Bee who sends her children to all-white/Asian school in the middle of Manhattan?
Mary Monroy
Mary Monroy 7 days ago
Women want to cut tucker's b*lls and pe*is off and shove them in his mouth....now that is PRIMITIVE!
jimbojim 7 days ago
And we are still waiting for an apology. from the MSM for almost everything that comes out of their mouths
jimbojim 7 days ago
And we are still waiting for an apology. from the MSM for almost everything that comes out of their mouths
concerned citizen
The left has had trump butt hurt illness for 2 years and screamed and moaned like moronic children and talk about someone else for a few comments that is the pot calling the kettle black.
Oasis5 7 days ago
Who lied and told Tucker he was good looking?
Prophet Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad 7 days ago
Everyday, I love Tucker Carlson more and more. I hope Stephen Colbert can finally achieve his dream one day of becoming a comedian.
christie S
christie S 7 days ago
pot meet kettle....Like YOU have any room to talk. Have you heard what YOU have said about women? Scraping the bottom of the barrel here aren't we? Going back 10 years to dig dirt?
branco channel *
branco channel * 7 days ago
Fucker Calson
George Balanow
George Balanow 7 days ago
I wonder how often it is you Liberals crawl out of your safe little bubbles to hear a differing opinion?
Damien Omen
Damien Omen 7 days ago
I’d love just one minute in a ring with fat head Tucker. Bare knuckle and no rules. Can anyone set it up.
Red Ring of Death
Trump is a billionaire and Stephen Colbert isn’t hahahahaha
Tom Chapman
Tom Chapman 7 days ago
Who are the sponsors for Carlson’s show ? Please tell us so we can choose whether to buy their products or services !
Pat Broesder
Pat Broesder 7 days ago
I'm so old I remember when Stephen Colbert was mildly funny....
edward woodaqrd
edward woodaqrd 7 days ago
tucker carlson should have been fired years ago he thinks he is funny but he just looks funny a funny looking child molester ed
Kelly Timmerman
Kelly Timmerman 7 days ago
Funny how this came out during the Omar scandal, which btw this tool said nothing about. Its ok... the left will eat itself. It's already started.
Hanging Chad
Hanging Chad 7 days ago
I'm not rude I'm a comedian. Wait, What?
Scrotus Maximus
Scrotus Maximus 7 days ago
Many liberals would support their own beheading.
Yoga Priyama
Yoga Priyama 7 days ago
"Tucker, you are awful on so many levels" awful is polite, he is just a bad person! Something is fundamentally wrong with our country if this guy can still keep his job as a tv host.
RBGHfam 7 days ago
Is this what the underside of the establishments left nut sack looks like?
abdulaziz yalahow
Hahahaha well here’s y’all prove on that fraud college Scam shit you know when you ain’t educated enough yourself and you’ve the audacity to talk about other countries which people use to travel to get knowledge from aight this is what happens when you are following this type of person with a plate form to spread hateful comments and name calling smh lol 😂
SCARVY DANGER 7 days ago
Tucker carlson is the most high profile antiwar voice on tv
wendel harrison
wendel harrison 7 days ago
When is c_ _k hoster Colabarater Colbert going to apologize for hating America and fredom.
TheBossBros73 7 days ago
Colbert is such an unwatchable establishment shill at this point.
Annalise Vezina
Annalise Vezina 7 days ago
And THIS is why women are insecure
Amber Schairer
Amber Schairer 7 days ago
'Naughty' used in this way is meant to imply risqué, racy or ribald remarks. Like "Damn, the hooters on that mama makes me wanna …." would be 'naughty'. There is a strong overtone of sexual admiration in 'naughty' comments. Describing women in general or specifically in this case underage girls as being 'primitive' and 'extremely basic' is NOT naughty, it is profoundly misogynistic. Unless we are meant to assume that Tucker here entertains 'naughty' fantasies about primitives... Or that he thinks that labeling women as above is somehow sexually appealing to ladies who like 'bad boys.' "I'm 'primitive and extremely basic?' Oh you 'naughty' boy! It makes me horny, when you talk 'dirty.'" Pretty unlikely, there is nothing remotely complimentary in the comment, not even in a backhanded sexual kind of way. The other uses for 'naughty' apply to misbehaving children, or misbehaving 'like a child'. Or third definition, which is one word. EVIL. So by his use of naughty he is either an self-proclaimed pervert, an immature child, or evil. Not sure why he thinks calling these remarks 'naughty' changes the narrative that he holds deeply misogynistic views.
Omer Shomrat
Omer Shomrat 7 days ago
Elain: "Tucker Carlson? He's not sponge-worthy"
Heidi Melendez
Heidi Melendez 8 days ago
Tucker Carlson is a national embarassment.
Sean McMahon
Sean McMahon 8 days ago
Colbert needs to exit stage left. John Stewart would've dished up a more clever and witty offering on Tucker Carlson's verbal immolation. Colbert seems constipated and his delivery in that strained intellectual tone is truly tiresome. I hope John Stewart returns, and quickly too!
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