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The AVGN pulls out and reviews as many video game magazines as he can find, except for Nintendo Power. From Atari Age, to GamePro, to some lesser known gaming magazines, the 80s and 90s were filled with great reads. The walkthroughs, reviews, previews, ratings... and the terrible ads. This is episode 166 of the Angry Video Game Nerd season 13.
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"Aces High", "Captain Scurvy", "Desert of Lost Souls", "Hall of the Mountain King", "Pixelland", "Robobozo", "Show Your Moves", "Slow Ska Game Loop", "Wallpaper"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Mar 13, 2019




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Comments 9 362
Cinemassacre 13 days ago
There wasn't an AVGN episode in February... so we're going to release two in March. Our goal is to upload one or two episodes a month from now on. Sorry for the delay. Oh, and just in case you missed it, we covered Kingdom Hearts in January: fivid.net/video/video--LpJnN9Imbg.html Thanks for watching.
Tk -526
Tk -526 16 hours ago
Tales From The Autistic Crypt
Cinemassacre Don’t you dare worry
James Goku
James Goku Day ago
It would be great if you would do the Mega Man Legacy Collection on PS4
Tiesqa Blaze
Tiesqa Blaze Day ago
YES!!!!!!!!! Because in Feb was AAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Thanks Nerd ^_^ I've been waiting for another nerd video.,.,., ^^
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith Day ago
Ur welcome and u rock
Thesimpsonsguy 99
Thesimpsonsguy 99 16 minutes ago
What happened to the nintoaster
Rexus 5 hours ago
ah the old collections, I was like too young to read even the manuals back then but I wanted the magazines because of the pictures lol, didn't even bother to read the whole magazines, and still don't XD, got piles of them and still haven't read the articles.
Laughing up a storm when the mullet bit came. Ah, damn it. I totally had one, too!
James Goku
James Goku 9 hours ago
I dare anyone to look up X Man. I'm not talking about X men either. Its the one the Nerd talked about on his episode of bad game covers. Its the last one of the episode. Just look it up. FIvid has it. Just thank me later.
Soshi 11 hours ago
Video game thumb was ahead of its time... Metal gear solid makes you smash X.
Shalucard 13 hours ago
This is how I feel when I open my Dreamcast magazines lol
Not 1mpressed
Not 1mpressed 14 hours ago
5:05 watching FIvid in 2019
dexdoomsdayr 14 hours ago
That 10-90 line killed me 💀😂 funniest thing he's ever said🤓🤣
LunchKid 15 hours ago
Terminator 2 Judgement Day was a good game. I loved Contra 3, too. However, T2 was hardcore. I don't even know if there were cheat codes for it. Contra pretty much always involved playing with cheat codes.
zAuToPsYz 15 hours ago
Hey at 6:05 they are advertising the beat a game button lol
some random guy on the internet
11:47 what the hell, its like the made an allosaurus and mixed it with a ceratisaurus, want game is this i gotta see if its that batshit insaine
ProjectDayZ 16 hours ago
I love how this series has not changed at all since the very beginning
ㄚ.ㄚ. 17 hours ago
6:28 - It's kinda funny in hindsight, considering how many "gamer" products that are overpriced just for the sake of it exist today. Sure, some third party products are nice and some accessories are pretty cool, but a bunch of them are just plain bad or useless overpriced stuff with that "gamer" branding.
S V 19 hours ago
Super Metroid intro into aaass
kainpwnsu 19 hours ago
Ok, woah woah... That GameBoy magnifier light was MANDATORY EQUIPMENT for road trips, especially at night.
J. B. Bost
J. B. Bost 20 hours ago
This just wasn't as good an episode as video game magazines deserve.
Brandon The Creator 13
C. Jump
C. Jump 21 hour ago
I remember seeing that Rayman ad in one of my magazines as a kid. I didn’t understand it until now.
Cool kid 27 Wassup
Cool kid 27 Wassup 22 hours ago
They still make this except now it is gameinformer.
The Hair Metal Shady of Charisma
I'm hoping to see the Angry Video Game Nerd do a review on Futurama for the PS2, that's one of the WORST games I've ever played.
RadTrapstical Jordan
boy...did his hairline really go
blackphoenix77 22 hours ago
It's called aging; happens to all of us
Shurek Ham
Shurek Ham 22 hours ago
Thank God you did not burned the magazines in the end of the video
djuro20 Day ago
Watcging this made me "hate" myself for throwing away some gaming magazines i had as a kid. Now that i'm older and want to re.aquire them , there are no copies to be found. Not that they are expensive, but just hard to find....
Adam K
Adam K Day ago
Love it😀😀
MrJayel27 Day ago
I guess MEGA mustve been a UK only magazine. Easily the best one around. Obviously for Mega Drive (Genesis)...honest reviews, taking the piss,..everything.
MrJayel27 Day ago
That punk guy in the Pictionary ad is definitely the same guy who played the punk in Crocodile Dundee?!?! You know when Mick throws his knife and it sticks in his Mohican lol
jx592 Day ago
That picture of I think it was Link was you
jx592 Day ago
Terminator and Contra is like if you blinded someone, gave them 2 sips from 1 cup of pepsi and asked which was coke?
jx592 Day ago
Bubsy 3D is a masterpiece and there isnt anything you can do to change Dunkeys mind
jx592 Day ago
3:30 B-MO prototype
James Goku
James Goku Day ago
Should do Mega Man X Legacy Collection on the PS4. On the James and Mike Monday sometime.
James Goku
James Goku Day ago
Didn't get anything for my birthday but I'll take this.
Galactic Waste
Hey i have a shitty game for you nerd how bout playing the snes version of jojos bizarre adventure
Peacewalker Day ago
8:10 It is actually funnier in italian because SEGA means "To jerk off"
phillip walling
Pfftt......The best jumpscare doesn't exi- 0:09
I know you said you would never play a CD32 game again, but you might want to reconsider for one specific title. It’s a horrible game that is on-par with LGN’s atrocities, a mockery of one of the greatest anime movies of all time. I am suggesting that you review....Akira.
Terminator T-X3
It’s funny what they got away with back then and now everyone looses their shit over baby zombies, lol.
Ash Cuckum
Ash Cuckum Day ago
you don't wear the fingerless gloves to your friends house... you wear them to the arcade because you have no friends!
There’s just one thing left to crtique... in egm in the letters section they posted 1 or 2 crazed letters. Ok maybe that should be skipped
Pc Fix
Pc Fix Day ago
Sphinx Day ago
Manuel Day ago
The sequel to the Nintendo Power Episode. This is a great.
migz copyright24
do a ykwbs episode good episode anyway
Sugarcat Day ago
I used to religiously buy EGM as often as I could as a kid
Sugarcat Day ago
I miss Nintendo power so much
Lucas Boyle
Lucas Boyle Day ago
Sugarcat do ya
Judy Chen
Judy Chen Day ago
13:33 it’s a lost game of a lost media
Judy Chen
Judy Chen Day ago
0:09 throwback
animationeer Day ago
5:05 - 5:39: The state of youtube videos today, unfortunately. My how times have changed. I feel old now, just from watching a video...
MrAcrizzy Day ago
Is it just me or does the thumbnail picture to this video keep changing again and again nonstop?
DJ Treekle
DJ Treekle Day ago
Great episode, as great as the classics
Brandon Govreau
Brandon Govreau 2 days ago
Mario Angel Ruiz 2
Ahhh that intro is an ultimate win.
Brandon Govreau
Brandon Govreau 2 days ago
Assssssss sssss said🤮💩
The Mixed Plate Frequency
Cinemassacre still love your videos bro. Always the best and full of great content.
janina broch
janina broch 2 days ago
You should review Crash Bandicoot.
TheWired Plug
TheWired Plug 2 days ago
Can you review iCarly2 for the Wii please james
Fake S1ggty
Fake S1ggty 2 days ago
What happened to Kyle Justin?
Aadarsh Khanduri
Aadarsh Khanduri 2 days ago
Is it just me or is every 'badass' the most badass 'badass has ever been said?! No lie see for yourself! ASS!
The Big Lebootski
I spent a lot of time as a teenager, uh... looking at the ad at 8:02.
Mati Ketshum
Mati Ketshum 2 days ago
Hay subtitulos en todos los idiomas menos en español :'(
CrazyJayBe 2 days ago
"Imagine if you couldn't read"...as you hold a magazine. To read. Lol.
Nicholas DiGaetano
Play Snow White and the seven clever boys don’t barf or piss your self
Reaper The Rapper
5:03 Mobile games in a nutshell.
J. Frost
J. Frost 2 days ago
Pretty sure that shitty Mario cover is due to Nintendo's litageous nature.
EXEJON 2 days ago
Business in the front. Party in the back. The mullet will never die.
david deitchman
david deitchman 2 days ago
Do sonic GBA
wfkszymon stv 2
wfkszymon stv 2 2 days ago
Socks teh cat is a lost game
CastlevaniaDXC 2 days ago
What the heck?! I have that same GamePro magazine that you're holding on your thumbnail of this video /.\
Barn Van die Bos
Barn Van die Bos 2 days ago
You should play medal of honor frontline on HARD difficulty. That game is hard as balls you will rage so much and die like a billion times. Its great. Complete the game in its full and dont use any cheats.
Вячеслав Воронцов
Перевод где, пидоры?
Judah TheOracle
Judah TheOracle 2 days ago
In those days video games couldn't suck, as we had no concept of that. We just told yourself that the game went over your head and threw it in the embargo pile.
Jack Desmond
Jack Desmond 2 days ago
hey AVGN! you should get a FNAF plush! FNAF is a really good game series, so maybe it'll help you after all these shitty games?
Kuba Bojarski
Kuba Bojarski 2 days ago
Cinemassacre Listen nerd if you are looking for a bad game try Megaman & Bass
TREMØRSE 2 days ago
Lmfao at the music at the end
Anderhils 2 days ago
Nicholas Cage Link
Q_rty 2 days ago
Shrek suck alot of 0:09
Q_rty 2 days ago
O no
sHrEK 2 days ago
I will burry you alive
Joe Farnell
Joe Farnell 2 days ago
Every Shit-flavored Ice-cream cone I've ever enjoyed, *Always* tastes like Shit! WTF!?
Nietzsche's Ghost
"Business in the front, party in the back" is hands down my most favorite description of mullets ever.
Quincy Drones
Quincy Drones 2 days ago
Dark Queen is the best NES babe of all time. Change my mind.
Jordan Mayer
Jordan Mayer 2 days ago
those last two pics physically hurt me
StasherDragon 2 days ago
14:01 I have that Total Recall game :'(
Cyber Star
Cyber Star 2 days ago
GameInformer is the mags that still around to this day and it is surpassing it
Samu _24
Samu _24 2 days ago
0:09 ass button
The Saltiest Shake
10:50 - Holy shit... I bought exactly ONE copy of GamePro back in the 90s and it's this fucking one.
conan900 2 days ago
EGM was my shit back in the day
Ant Cello
Ant Cello 2 days ago
Intro is over at 0:58
Serving 2% Power
Serving 2% Power 2 days ago
Ad. Ad.. ADDDDD!!!
TheMrRuttazzo 3 days ago
My girlfriend is somehow able to actually get those "video thumbs". Whenever we play Tekken together, she mashes (or rubs?) the buttons so hard that her thumbs get blisters after that.
pão soares
pão soares 3 days ago
in that unrecognizible magazine i think it was mario running like a bith
GreyGhost8765k 3 days ago
Actually I would have loved something like that for the thumb I used on the D-Pad. It always hurt something fierce after playing Street Fighter II / TURBO for awhile. Especially when I was playing against other people.
Jasmine Bright
Jasmine Bright 3 days ago
A Birb
A Birb 3 days ago
Heh. The ad for SF2010. "Few live to finish this game" Ya gotta admit, it's a pretty honest description of how hardcore the game is.
Nate Walking
Nate Walking 3 days ago
Ahh man that PSM swimsuit edition was Epic!
Nate Walking
Nate Walking 3 days ago
I miss game magazines :(
Micah Brunet
Micah Brunet 3 days ago
13:13 is that iDubbbz
John Greed
John Greed 3 days ago
Its not about uploading as many videos as you can. AVGN is proof of quality over quantity. He many not post as much as he used to, but damn its awesome when James produces. Cheers, guy!
ELOCHCAM 3 days ago
Oh hey, it’s SomeCallMeJohnny! 1:40
Malicia the Octoling
The bad pac puns makes me laugh by how suck they are.
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