What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

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Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


Published on


Mar 5, 2019




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Comments 24 870
mart Minute ago
Damn... that girl her dutch was so bad...
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 14 minutes ago
The first girl speaking Mongolian is hot
joel27zh 15 minutes ago
y'all need to stop playin around and find a swiss-german speaker for this series or just fly me out to the US
Chogiwhy 29 minutes ago
It took me so long to understand that that one guy was speaking Russian (I'm Russian) I was thinking maybe a language from a country that is close to Russia (something slav) but damn💀 He needs a lot of learning still
Lunar Deity
Lunar Deity 32 minutes ago
excuse me but that guy couldn't even properly speak Russian. Honestly I think it was a bit disrespecting. Also he could've said so many nice things but he chose to call people "dirty bitch"? like it's something you'd expect from Russians.
Juane Mari Stadler
Juane Mari Stadler 37 minutes ago
You should have thrown a pure Afrikaans chick into the mis from the Free State in South Africa. Im sure the girl that speaks a flemmish would have been so confused... 😁😁😁 Oh and i could make out most of the convo between her and the Dutch girl because Afrikaans sort of sounds like Dutch
moni 107
moni 107 41 minute ago
The urdu one had me. His accent is. Wow. I didnt even need subtittles for that
Random - Gaming
Random - Gaming 54 minutes ago
next time get someone who speaks croatian pls
suga got no sugar
Oh my the Hindi/urdu guy horrible at speaking it. his accent sucks pronountiation sucks couldn't even understand what he was trying to say.
maria bols
maria bols Hour ago
I was waiting for the French part :(
E garcia
E garcia Hour ago
this fat fuck was annoying and racist as hell
"-so a lot of my friends are indian and they speak hindi, so we can communicate that way, and just make fun of all the others guras -guras? who are probably... idiot foreigners? -no they're white people. - *white guy dramatically gasping*
Mariana Morante
jenny is hot
lucky_ poison15
Im dead over the tall man describing dutch people😂
נוי מתוקי
The girl that speaks Hebrew dont know Hebrew....
Wenn du als Deutscher sofort den Holländer erkennst. #Brüder #WirLiebenEuch :D
Zenia Khan
Zenia Khan Hour ago
I was waiting for Urdu
Ori Atad
Ori Atad Hour ago
the woman can barrely speak hebrew and has a really bold american accent
diskodaddy Hour ago
Need a list of participants... For science
TheKhfan001 Hour ago
Is it bad that I guessed the russian one because it sounded like a line shouted from Call of Duty?
Живко Яннкулоски
The comment section: 10% - I liked/didn't like the video. 45% - Russian doesn't sound like that. Very bad representation. 45% - Urdu doesn't sound like that. Very bad representation.
Sasha Minimoore
Sasha Minimoore 2 hours ago
I speak Russian , that guy speaks Russian so weirdly
Venerg 2 hours ago
Please use Frisian!
Venerg 2 hours ago
That Dutch was horrible
Rosi M
Rosi M 2 hours ago
Aah zoba😂😂
mal 23
mal 23 3 hours ago
Dutch was real bad in this video
menorex 3 hours ago
Russian degree? Really? Hell no
Vaidant Kabra
Vaidant Kabra 3 hours ago
That guy cannot speak Hindi and that's not urdu.
Shiri Yam
Shiri Yam 3 hours ago
The person who spoke Hebrew made a lot of mistakes...
memeking XD
memeking XD 3 hours ago
LIKE als je Nederlands bent 100% die chick kwam uit Rotterdam en zij heeft nicee kont😏
Girls Power
Girls Power 3 hours ago
יש שם בעבריתתתתתתת
ShowSickRosa 3 hours ago
The woman speaking Hebrew really doesn't know Hebrew at all. She taught saying "I love you" wrong. How did she manage that?
DildoSnuggie 3 hours ago
That girl in denim is looking to get it
Liav Oshrat
Liav Oshrat 3 hours ago
The Hebrew was a little off and mixed with Arabic
Ticci Toby
Ticci Toby 3 hours ago
Russian gave me the vibes
Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir
Føroyar is just ❤️❤️❤️
pip o
pip o 3 hours ago
2nd girl i get because of my mums friends
Margarita Salcevich
ok the russian guy.. as a russian myself I can say I didnt understand like 1/3 of what he said. his accent really makes it confusing
Данил Щапов
Please, try to bring the native speakers next time. It's not a fair experiment, when someone speaks a language with horrible grammar and pronunciation.
Ben Kimbell
Ben Kimbell 4 hours ago
I learned German for 5 years, although I'm not fluent whatsoever, but there were similarities to Dutch and Flemmish. With English and German I could mostly understand
Jada Farrell
Jada Farrell 4 hours ago
The guy in the purple shirt sound like he’s speaking Sim
bts jungshook
bts jungshook 4 hours ago
Oshri Tadela
Oshri Tadela 4 hours ago
9:21 Hahaha she says "I love, you"😂😂😂 and not "I love you"
puppetmasterin 4 hours ago
I recognized HEBREW!!!! 14:13 The slim girl with short dark blond hair!
Ruby Baines
Ruby Baines 4 hours ago
where are you from? kansas
Fabrice null
Fabrice null 4 hours ago
The African American guy who speaks Russian is very proud of himself swearing to the white ones. He even gave them a handshake after all the insults. My maaan.
Max Kowalski
Max Kowalski 5 hours ago
Ты хочешь переспать меня сейчас или ниет
Tainted Heart
Tainted Heart 5 hours ago
Ugh... The Hebrew & The Russian one was so cringe.
G KAT 5 hours ago
Owl fucker... **noted**
Haruka Takahashi
Haruka Takahashi 5 hours ago
Not many people know but he's mix white 10:55. SELF RACISM
Haruka Takahashi
Haruka Takahashi 5 hours ago
Not native american but american indian language
MrMil 5 hours ago
That girl can't speak Hebrew -_-
Fire Powered RadioActive Elevator
I'm pretty sure that "russian" guy just searched some words on google translate and then tried to make sentences out of it.
TheGameFighter 5 hours ago
That woman who speakes in hebrew dont really know how to talk she said very basic words and the "I love you part" she didnt said it right
Neuron 5 hours ago
That russian tho. Holly molly. I didnt even realise until they said it. Terrible representation of my language. Im sad and my day is ruined.
Man Fung Wong
Man Fung Wong 5 hours ago
What are the guessers instagram?
Yandere_ Grace
Yandere_ Grace 5 hours ago
Damn I'm half Russian and the dude in the purple sweater is a fu*king disgrace like WTF AY AND WE RUSSIAN PEOPLE DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT
kim hofman
kim hofman 5 hours ago
11:30 She speaks so bad Netherlands😂
ring ding dong
ring ding dong 5 hours ago
Uhh why was that urdu dude singing a hindi and indian song then /)_-
gilad eilon esc
gilad eilon esc 6 hours ago
The woman that speak Hebrew have a lot grammar mistakes
Oreo 6 hours ago
I knew that was Russian after he said priviet
Mithril Thongg
Mithril Thongg 6 hours ago
the video started with a guy telling to a blindfolded girl "would you like to fuck me now or not"... not creepy at all . out of all the things he could have said he said that......... :'
not funny dude not funny
Arabic doesn't sound like Hebrew
Yuru Yuki
Yuru Yuki 6 hours ago
Where the fuck did you find the russian dude?? I'm russian and I didn't understand a thing except from the swear words, probably the only russian words he knows as well lmao
miselw 6 hours ago
@cut Hey anyway I can get the information on where to learn or take classes for that native american language ? I would love to save this language by learning it. Thanks !
HOLO Sunshine
HOLO Sunshine 6 hours ago
That dutch has a really accent mannn
D.N.A 7 hours ago
Would be interesting to see baltic languages or/and Estonian/Finnish.
Jan-Willem 7 hours ago
Good to see Charlie Sheen is doing well.
Anniek Bergmans
Anniek Bergmans 7 hours ago
The dutch one has an accent, in the Netherlands it sounds very different
Asad Ullah
Asad Ullah 7 hours ago
Thats white washed version of Urdu. Really bad Urdu.
Saifalden Aboalnour
No arabic wtf
RuijiTan TheOne
RuijiTan TheOne 7 hours ago
The hebrew was pretty bad
GamesAreMyLife 7 hours ago
11:06 SIMS 5 Model coming soon...
jemmi laine
jemmi laine 8 hours ago
Where is finnish?
Drunken Winter
Drunken Winter 8 hours ago
Русские так не разговаривают .Неужели нельзя было найти носителя языка?А не того кто учит русский язык, чтобы орать на нем и сквернословить .Разочаровал
Joseph van Wyk
Joseph van Wyk 8 hours ago
To think once, the world had one language, they came together to build a tower to reach God in heaven. God didn't find that amusing and stopped their stupidity by giving them all different languages. No communication = no cooperation. #towerofbabel. The world today is literally separated because of languages.
Sweetie N&Rlove
Sweetie N&Rlove 8 hours ago
I enjoyed watching the video until I heard the ‘Russian speaker’. Everything he said was so, so wrong. And Russian isn’t all curse words... I almost thought he was making fun of Russian...
Ali Nazari
Ali Nazari 9 hours ago
I feel like people are standing too close to each other and that makes me uncomfortable!
Chloe Woodgate
Chloe Woodgate 9 hours ago
Lol now I know how to insult my siblings
Serious Lee
Serious Lee 9 hours ago
To be honest, everybody who's learning a new language is tryna learn the curse words at first hahahahahha
Shlewi 9 hours ago
She said "Genghas Khan" And i thought of kangaskhan
Pudgee Monkey
Pudgee Monkey 9 hours ago
Whose the guy who raped everyone again? Lmfao
steve sutandinata
steve sutandinata 9 hours ago
Sophia SCG
Sophia SCG 9 hours ago
the girl speaking dutch like it sounds cool and all and like mad respect to you but i laughed so hard cause i my head she was speaking sims
Pruxcon 9 hours ago
He doesn't speak russian soo good i couldn't understand him at first
PrinceG reaction
PrinceG reaction 9 hours ago
Jenny la congolaise! 🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩 You should have said "boni oza malamu?" Not çava?... Ba questions ebele, in Lingala it is "boni mituna ebele?" You mixed to much french in your lingala, but great to see someone represents our country in this video.
Advait Shanker
Advait Shanker 9 hours ago
Urdu is an Indian language though! Why is he so offended?
Phani c
Phani c 10 hours ago
WTF?! Especially the guy speaking Hindi! It's like Spanish with a German accent.
Mew Creations
Mew Creations 10 hours ago
Wooooow i didnt know therw was gonna be hebrew!!!! Im latina but i know hebrew כל הכבוד להם נכשו את השפה מהר אבל בהתחלה חשבו שזה ערבי חחחח
OneFlick 10 hours ago
The instant i heard “cyka” i know its russian XD
Kalo Andrianina
Kalo Andrianina 10 hours ago
Malagasy language please! (from Madagascar)
Jurre Osinga
Jurre Osinga 11 hours ago
You can easily speak dutch and flemish cause they are the same language: dutch. Flemish is just Dialect of the dutch language. Not to downplay anyone who speaks flemish ofcourse
loonafanclub 11 hours ago
the “russian” guy... smh
Irina Kosourova
Irina Kosourova 11 hours ago
Russian didn't sound like russian. Next time try some native russian speaker
Matt P
Matt P 12 hours ago
My gosh the girl in the Blue jumper is gorgeous
tersia 13 hours ago
I want to take part and speak Afrikaans😁
Franzi T
Franzi T 13 hours ago
Guys listen! Russians are not like this person in the video.
tersia 13 hours ago
The russian guy goshhhhh
Tran Lily
Tran Lily 13 hours ago
that young black guy (in this clip) was rude to say to the chubby girl yourself idiot. not everyone can knowing or travel to different country to know that. at least she's respected & try her best!! ps: don't jump at me when i said black guy, i was mean this black guy in the clip, i'm not pull all others black is unrespect.
Dorina Zsigovics
Dorina Zsigovics 14 hours ago
You should try with Hungarian language
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