What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite Channels

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It seems like all the news you hear about FIvidrs now a days, or ever, is bad news. Whether it's a new scandal, controversy, or bit of miscellaneous drama - it's a LOT. It can be very disheartening as a Creator to never see the good from our industry be recognized. I'm not looking for praise, but I want to take the time to recognize what my fellow Creators have done over the years to give back. From PewDiePie to Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Super Carlin Bros, Mr. Beast, and so many others, FIvidrs (and Twitch streamers too) have done SO MUCH GOOD! Today, I want to spread all the good news with you.
Thanks to Make-A-Wish for providing information! ► wish.org/
My thoughts on other online issues ►►
They stole $1.7 million ► bit.ly/2FPwSJc
It's Time to STOP the Logan Paul Loophole ► bit.ly/2EB2orp
All Your Memes Are DEAD! (Article 13) ► bit.ly/2zqCKnh
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Mar 5, 2019




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Master Blaster
Master Blaster 33 minutes ago
Gamers are oppressed. Video summarized.
Krissy Diggs
Krissy Diggs Hour ago
I work for a MAJOR corporation and I've had next to no success when trying to propose working with content creators to promote our product, despite their desire to attempt it. We had a meeting and were tasked with coming up with culturally relevant, trustworthy celebrities to promote our product, and I threw a lot of content creators into the ring. They decided to make a separate category for "smaller celebrities". But in the same breath were listing people that haven't been culturally relevant in years. I tried to explain to them how it is that content creators ARE the voice of this generation of people under 30, but no one will take me seriously about it. I feel like a crazy person about it. But I see the trends. You guys will shape the future of media. I believe that 100%. Children watch more youtube than television, and I'm sure I can go up to any person in their 20's and they can list a person who they enjoy on youtube. It's frustrating being in a room full of people over 30 trying to utilize a platform that they have no interest in engaging with correctly... ESPECIALLY when people who KNOW how the platform works are recommending ways that they can. All that to say... Keep fighting the good fight. Though I'm not much for the FNAF videos, I respect and appreciate the hard work that you put into your content. And I hope you don't let the way society sees content creators right now damage your conviction. You're on the right side of media history so just keep at it. You're all doing amazing things.
Triplewolfy Hour ago
13:51 eyyyyy!!! My boi cory out here being a good youtuber
Adam Zachar
Adam Zachar Hour ago
MatPat you need to go back in future and do the videos you were making :/ what about the intro.
My Toys My Way
Mat Pat reminds me of my math teacher, they both teach me stuff, there both halarious, they both go on rants, but the only difference is I like to see Mat Pat......... there’s nothing wrong with my teacher it’s just I personally hate math
PupCake1025 2 hours ago
17:36 So... how's that comment holding up MatPat?
Sophia Capuz
Sophia Capuz 2 hours ago
It's ironic but I'm so HAPPY, you've made me cry.😂 I'm so friggin touched because of what you said that your words might as well have straight in the heart.💓💓💓
Sophia Capuz
Sophia Capuz 2 hours ago
Don't take it the wrong way, it's just that it really rattled me that this was happening. It made me happy that even through all the mythic troubles youtubers like you guys have gone through, you still continue to fight through and post content that would make our day. Thank you so very much. 😊😊😊
Rick Hooton
Rick Hooton 3 hours ago
i love the hint of purple
joe boylan
joe boylan 3 hours ago
We will never never not like you promise
Buck1800 4 hours ago
350k for transgender.....children....hold up.
LyndonYRB 4 hours ago
You should do a collab with adam ruins everything
im a potato boy
im a potato boy 4 hours ago
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 5 hours ago
oof Michael Jackson shirt
Judah che2
Judah che2 5 hours ago
Matpat what can us viewers do to help the FIvidr's like you and others FIvidr's
Maurice Ivan Savilla
isaac cardenas
isaac cardenas 6 hours ago
Videos like this are amazing continue the good work I would like to see more content like this
NYXia 6 hours ago
Teenage years are a bit sporadic in the sense of interests and hobbies and FIvid has always been there for me, brands come on man, FIvid is there for everyone and used by everyone
yogsbros1st 6 hours ago
good points and good video. but i hate to be that guy who points out that this is a rant despite you saying otherwise. still great keep doing this.
Dan Kollasch
Dan Kollasch 7 hours ago
MatPat, your hair is great. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
gratefulone _
gratefulone _ 7 hours ago
Its alright matpat I love these kind of videos I want to hear these story’s it’s the only way they will get out
Krystal Dufresne
Krystal Dufresne 7 hours ago
Sorry but when pat gose on the couch and talks its like when my mom tries to teach me something but i ignore since a teen or kid doesn't want anything to do with doing work and growing up
Odethe Rodriguez
Odethe Rodriguez 8 hours ago
Subcribed because of this video
HickLife 8 hours ago
You're complaining about ads but pretty much all gun channels are demonetized, they get shut down and videos removed just for trying to properly educate the populous. How about them? Zero mention. But that's not politically correct I guess, we're supposed be irrationally scared of guns and try and take them out of the hands of those that need them most, right?
Vanessa Morris
Vanessa Morris 8 hours ago
YESSS!!!! Very well said!
Mg King
Mg King 8 hours ago
this is a very pessimistic world that we live in
Helder Silva
Helder Silva 8 hours ago
I agree with you.
Freddy The Savage
Freddy The Savage 9 hours ago
19:14 like Despacito it has ads! like Sony, Samsung PH, Apple, some makeup brands and other more! They're not pulling their ads out of Despacito, except.... for Gamers! Roblox (The Platformer Game for those people who didn't know) Had FIvidr CENSORED! i can't say i am a FIvidr! Ironically now on roblox...and even for some roblox youtubers.... THE FUDGING ROBLOX FIvidRS THAT PROMOTE ONLINE DATING ON ROBLOX IS AGAINST ITS TOS AND THEY'RE IN THE FIvid STAR GROUP? i hate some people nowadays because they sometimes don't know what to do and just do the thing they think what is best!, omg i should really calm down.
Slime Creep
Slime Creep 9 hours ago
wait wait wait.. we missed a group who is also doing charity *The Game Theorists and GTLive* okay that's one
Chelsea Rapley
Chelsea Rapley 10 hours ago
i only just watched his video and wow. matpat and all the other gaming channels are truly something here on youtube. keep up the good work guys, you've really helped a lot of people!
Charlie the Champion
Why would 5 thousand people dislike and if it’s because the meme
Ashton Chai Po Wei
Ashton Chai Po Wei 12 hours ago
Lady EeDes
Lady EeDes 13 hours ago
Simply... I just love this channel ❤
sillysgood 15 hours ago
👍🏼 nice rant
Sam Ringdahl
Sam Ringdahl 16 hours ago
6:32 hey john tron
Telogor _
Telogor _ 16 hours ago
Time out for a second. Johnny Depp has video proof that those accusations are false.
Saitamas Fist
Saitamas Fist 17 hours ago
The world is going to hell my friends, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Evil is winning and there seems to be nothing we can do.
Mega Freddy Max
Mega Freddy Max 17 hours ago
Is this the first time Matt Patt has got this mad
Mandee M
Mandee M 17 hours ago
Love this video but when it comes to Johnny Depp, please do your research. He was the victim of abuse by his ex wife. She made the accusations to harm his reputation, continuing her abuse.
John George
John George 18 hours ago
love you matpat
Dahntay Roberts
Dahntay Roberts 18 hours ago
That’s pretty ferda
Emmazingness 19 hours ago
MatPat, it would be awesome if you could tell us how we can help! I'd bet a lot of us would love to give back to you. It seems like people feel more strongly about FIvidrs messing up than they do about "traditional" celebrities. Celebs are expected to do awful stuff, but followers feel a more personal connection to FIvid creators and expect better. Therefore there's more noise with FIvid scandals and it scares people away. There are a lot of people who don't understand the separateness of FIvid creators, and that's not fair to any of you. But that's just a (really long) theory.
Jrtvadarfan 456
Jrtvadarfan 456 19 hours ago
Dude your great . I've been around sense 2012/2013 and I wanted to think you for all the vids and info witch have helped me through my depression and thinks for more info about my fave channells. Butt anyway your my fave so again thinks for everything.
Topher M
Topher M 19 hours ago
BeatEmUps raised 42,000 for charities that help with depression
27bloom 20 hours ago
Matpat popped off
Exotic Potato
Exotic Potato 20 hours ago
They are always listening, like Scott Cawthon when you finally figured out fnaf
Exotic Potato
Exotic Potato 20 hours ago
1:46 - 1:49 i agree
Jack Geralds
Jack Geralds 20 hours ago
Stop at 6:32 and see how many logos you recognize! I recognize game theory, DHMIS, Film theory, game grumps, Cyanide and happiness, jaiden animations, TheOdd1sOut, treesicle, markiplier, and Jacksepticeye!
POOPIE SKOOPY 104 my roblox name
It's another 84737383366 advert for merchant MY EYES 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋
Emir Rasyid Emran
Emir Rasyid Emran 21 hour ago
But hey, that's just an opinion. A game opinion! Thanks for watching...
Shopping Cart Memes
Shopping Cart Memes 22 hours ago
Subscribe to pewdiepie or I’ll steal your roblox account
idk420blazeit 23 hours ago
Is this a reupload? I feel like ive seen this before.
Jared Preston
Jared Preston 23 hours ago
That is NOT just an op
Jared Preston
Jared Preston 23 hours ago
It is a FACT!!!
Jared Preston
Jared Preston 23 hours ago
Artsy Moo
Artsy Moo 23 hours ago
No hate intended but in the real world I don't believe they care where the money comes from, they only care about those dollar signs. If they really cared where they're sponsoring or whose representing them, then why is this an issue.
Ray 3.0
Ray 3.0 23 hours ago
I love his purple hair
AwesomeAna Day ago
Maybe MatPat is cosplaying Bonnie with that hair.
James Tapp
James Tapp Day ago
As a soap maker, I will totally work as an employee if you start a theory soap brand.
trueSAMA Day ago
Companies who pull their advertisements from a platform for social change are most likely scared of what the changes mean, and will die like telegram companies died with the spread of telephones. Or like old media, including television and print, is dying with the growth of the internet. They’re at the end of their rope, that’s why they’re making a last ditch effort to destroy this platform in hopes that it’ll allow them to survive a little longer, despite technology and time not being on their sides. A common case of relics trying to be relevant against the tide of progress.
Dinomite Day ago
Why doesn't he put the link to his other channel in the description ?
Torsha Bhattacharya
Ngl Seeing MJ on your tshirt did make me cringe though
Andg7365 Day ago
12:53 something like that happened at my school. Mini-story (idk what i've writted): An Indian man, said some things about folding and cutting some papers (excuse my bAd english...) that transform in... ummm... wands. Everything for curiosity and fun. He also said that we could learn more if we buy a little book that was 10 lei/Ron, and all the money are going for homeless children from India. Some of us would say it's fake, but I don't think that.
Iain O'Brien
Iain O'Brien Day ago
To everyone getting on Matt's case about Johnny Depp: He wasn't saying that Johnny Depp was guilty, he was saying that there were accusations of against him that didn't result in corporations pulling all their support, whereas a single tiny problematic video on one single channel is enough for corporations to pull ALL THE ADS, so there's a double standard at play since they clearly don't care about their ads appearing alongside problematic content if they're willing to let any allegation slide everywhere except for FIvid.
Jessi Kirk
Jessi Kirk Day ago
Huuuuuuu I just need to cut in to say that Johnny Depp is innocent! His ex wife admitted that she lied about everything and now he's pressing charges against her! Lol
Miss Dina
Miss Dina Day ago
oh my god, your tone is so annoying. calm down please
Burger Tree
Burger Tree Day ago
0:57 I’m saving that for when I’m talking with my kids.
Jake TheSnake
MatPat for president 2020
rafael de sa adegas
Is there no french person who told you about the Zevent wich raised 1 million euros for doctors without border? Not too important but still merited a small word imo
Cpt. Tank Traincraft
Matt’s IQ is infinite.
Oil _010
Oil _010 Day ago
I wanted to become a Gaming you tuber and be my self on this platform but if I can’t accidentally swear and demonetise or get some respect what is the point?
jakob ming
jakob ming Day ago
FIvidrs for THE WIN
Chris J. Films
This is the length of a Family Guy episode. I don’t know why I said that, but I wanted to.
Alicia Miller
Alicia Miller 13 hours ago
I'd honestly rather watch this! Lol
Philip Enders
Ewww, Pewdiepie support? That's an unsubscribe from me.
Philip Enders
Allow me to clarify. Honestly, charity can never solve society's problems. Charity frames essential human rights issues as optional and gifts. It's meant to build up the givers, and only temporarily support the beneficiaries. I don't care if a nazi supporter with a horde of nazi fans, whose presence in media encourages people to deface holocaust memorials with his name, gives his money to charity. I just don't. It's shocking and disappointing that you do. I'm frustrated by this callous disregard. You're usually such a positive force, it's so disappointing.
Crystal Nae
Crystal Nae Day ago
*This is America*
Evan Lagergren
So, what happens if youtube, advertisers, and channels do something smart, you say? The fabric of the universe would tear, plunging us all into an infinite abyss of death.
Depression with Cats
I came here thinking MatPat would Dias famous channels, being a bit mad, and clicked. I got something SO MUCH BETTER
FeEL FrEe tO sUbScRiBe
Selim Karayıl
First of 350k donation for trans kids is not good thing imo but other than that I'm really surprised by Jack Paul. What he did for his image probably but still incredible. Lasty I'm not a youtuber and I don't know what would I do with 20 mil. worth island but this was really nice video thank you. Edit: That Mel Gibson situation deserve its own theory video believe me and even though Kim Kardashian makes me sick she did manage to make her own empire. I understand what you're saying and you're right but your expectation are too high. Especially "don't be hypocrites" part. I personally believe child marriages and human trafficking are wrong but America's legal system does allow and even encourage them to some degree. Even now they're trying to make it legal to have after birth abortion and how is that not count as a murder I don't know. And the stuff with the football and hollywood etc. is sad but simple. America has certain image for itself and they wont change just because its hypocrisy. You know the classic story; "a young girl/boy with a hopeful eyes comes to hollywood to be a star." but they don't mention the backroom deals, doing favors, start working 1-2 jobs waiting for that call or once you get in how you have to follow other people's beliefs and views. I think one of the biggest reason why mainstream media hates youtubers because; youtubers are ordinary people that became famous independent individuals that didn't go through same stuff like they did and still gain much more. Being independent probably is the biggest problem for them which makes me think FIvid used that bad press to have more control over youtubers. I know its all sounds crazy but with some research you can find your own truth.
TO XIC Day ago
To everyone who disliked this video..shame on you
Marpat can you please make a video on we happy few? Thanks
MC Madness
MC Madness Day ago
Yo the Johnny depp thing was de bunked and it was actually the wife who abused him. Agree with everything else tho 😄👍🏻
Lanrey Joseph
The thing is, FIvid is for the younger generation and FIvidrs have less money than the traditional.
Lanrey Joseph
There's such a thing as bad giving.
It's cool to see Super Carlin Bros. mentioned here because I actually kinda knew Tyler before he started his FIvid career.
memester v1
memester v1 Day ago
Gamers are so oppressed smh
pewdiepie's picture appeared in our school
Not Given
Not Given Day ago
((((((MatPat Senpai))))))
Cupcake Kitten
I can’t understand a lot of what he is saying because he is using big words, but i agree. (Im just kidding, i understand a lot of it. 😂😂)
Cyrageous Day ago
I dont want to seem like I'm not listening to what's being said buy there were definitely better examples for FIvid advertising, I get what u said bout gun violence but the whole meaning of the music video is too show America and his view on it, and how it is for many people in America like it's all symbolic, maybe you should have done a little more research on that video before talking about it or have been more clear on what you meant by that video. Or another example that video was already contriversal
Moosesfa Day ago
You know, when im older, ima do anything i can to help this kind of thing stop. I will do all i can.
Wecka Animations
Shojen Animeboi
We still love you MatPat & Steph!!!
Alexander Martinez
No keep the Coker hair
VoLumeZ Day ago
But that's just a theory? Or are we done with the theories and have moved on to facts 💯💯💯💯
VoLumeZ Day ago
What a touching video
Questionable Taste
Wtf google
VoLumeZ Day ago
Where can I buy that shirt
luis soto
luis soto Day ago
I honestly don't know why you guys care about recognition in the eyes of the news. You get more views than CNN and FOX combined. They are intimidated by the power each individual FIvid creator has. T.V is dying and the only reason people have cable is so they don't have to wait a day for the next episode of game of thrones or John Oliver.
Michael Martell
Michael Martell
I meek tabbes
Michael Martell
Was it tables the FIvidr because she made a vid on that
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