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Feb 27, 2019




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Comments 33 787
JonTronShow 27 days ago
Thanks again to Dollar Shave Club for helping to make this video possible! Show them some love by clicking this link www.dollarshaveclub.com/jontron and begin your journey of great shavings and great values!!
fro g
fro g 21 hour ago
Make the sleeves of the long sleeves more open they make side tit shrug in
Nico Chan
Nico Chan 2 days ago
Happy birthday Jonathan
Original APerson
Original APerson 3 days ago
Best intro
Mike Henny
Mike Henny 7 days ago
You shoulda seen the things they showed us in shop. And the reason there are but wipes is because you gotta understand that those will make your bum cleaner than any tp ever could
OOF Master
OOF Master Hour ago
JohnTron= Meme Lord
Corey Taylor
Corey Taylor Hour ago
This is a *whendys*
Joshua Hale
Joshua Hale Hour ago
We love you so much John, no homo of course
carvelance 2 hours ago
10:54 that turn the frickin frogs gay
Meme God
Meme God 2 hours ago
OW! HEAT WAS HOT! That’s not work safety that’s work dumdum Don’t dieeee don’t dieee please don’t diee you were alive before you dieeeed YOURE LITERALLY USELESS MY PARAPLEGIC GRANDMA COULD DO MORE THAN YOU Now Harry, what is going on here ya got fingers in the spinach, a foot in the arugula
bruno9009404 OH NO NO
Alright guys here's your quota for today *DONT DIE*
Memetastic 2 hours ago
15:44 *That's a lotta damage*
Caterina Larson
Caterina Larson 2 hours ago
Dominic Fritz
Dominic Fritz 3 hours ago
New game, final destination or workplace safety video
Yeah Boi
Yeah Boi 3 hours ago
All of which could have been prevented by FLEX TAPE!
Curtis Whitehead
Curtis Whitehead 3 hours ago
OMG this was dumb! Lmao love it
Curtis Whitehead
Curtis Whitehead 3 hours ago
Stupid FIvid I didn't get the notification got to hit the bell 😡
Xora V1
Xora V1 3 hours ago
Does a video about Workplace Safety, has a Razor on his shower.
NinoDino 4 hours ago
Ohhh i get it its the *safety* dance
Michael Butler
Michael Butler 4 hours ago
9:41 So, being snapped is one of the occupational hazards of being a construction worker? Thank goodness I went to college.
The Smerlon
The Smerlon 4 hours ago
eyyyyyyyyyyy its the safety dance
TitanComics03 4 hours ago
Was that Gandalf played by Taika Waititi?
Austin Wood
Austin Wood 5 hours ago
This just in: A thief known as Harry has been making his way to safety across the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida on a Flex-Taped boat! The man is reported to have taken a large, and possibly fake, watermelon from a Wendy's restaurant that no one knows the name of! The man who reported him, a FIvidr named JonTron with a pet laser-shooting bird, has made the following statement : "Stay in the shade." Currently, the military is sending in its strongest weapons, amphibious tanks coated in flex seal to work underwater and be practically invincible, to intercept this coward. We shall have more of this groundbreaking and atrocious at 11.
Not a Panther
Not a Panther 5 hours ago
I really missed Forklift operator Klaus
DJ Emoji Gamer 1
DJ Emoji Gamer 1 5 hours ago
4:12 im going to jam it right up your arse for being a stupid inconsiderate piece of shit
J W 6 hours ago
Are we not going to talk about the guy at 1:33 wearing two different shoes
doggo 8 hours ago
7:15 and 19:50 I laughed so hard at that
Alex Stone
Alex Stone 8 hours ago
This was fucking gold lol
Josephi Krakowski
Josephi Krakowski 8 hours ago
Jontron is short for Jonathan tronathon
lucas mother3fan
lucas mother3fan 9 hours ago
damn... jontron is no more video game reviews? i'm fucking depressed...
Flare rotom
Flare rotom 9 hours ago
Loving the new final destination movie
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan 10 hours ago
17:47 that’s not jake it’s Dino rob
The Frigg Kermit ._.
Where is the bird jon WHERE IS THE GOD DAMN BIRD JON
Zach Kinnett
Zach Kinnett 10 hours ago
I subscribed at "reptoid" lmao
Sonohead 10 hours ago
21:17 You're not foolin me. Reptoid 1, Reptoid 2. Get out of my entertainment scum.
Ash Bowie
Ash Bowie 11 hours ago
was Gandalf played by Taika Waititi?
shadow knight
shadow knight 12 hours ago
I have no idea how I ended up on this channel ....... BUT I LOVE IT
Leaflet 14 hours ago
the fatal half inch is the name of my sex tape
Crafty Ape
Crafty Ape 14 hours ago
"it only takes half an inch to change your day for the better"
OPJuiceBox 15 hours ago
rosey tone
rosey tone 16 hours ago
I know people could give less than a shit, but, my absolute favorite 2019 Jontron moment has to be 12:55.
Superpup 125
Superpup 125 16 hours ago
JAMACKL productions
JAMACKL productions 16 hours ago
Heat syncope is the snapenning
TheBupMasterToad64 17 hours ago
If your dead. Just wake up.
TheZander133 17 hours ago
16:54 I feel attacked af
Flaming Lemons
Flaming Lemons 17 hours ago
He's so good a faking cluelessness, it's almost as if he actually is clueless.
Joaquin Van Veen
Joaquin Van Veen 17 hours ago
( Heat Syncope ) = ( Icheeki Breeki Vanveen )
Joaquin Van Veen
Joaquin Van Veen 17 hours ago
" Whole new meaning to a HEAD of lettuce "
Jaime Franco
Jaime Franco 17 hours ago
This is by far the worst Jon tron's video, only 9/10, sorry but I have to do this.
Scarfer _
Scarfer _ 17 hours ago
If you remember his old vids like Pokémon bootlegs or Hercules games your a real og
De Wai Is Real
De Wai Is Real 18 hours ago
*i don’t feel so good...* This man works for stark industries
*Where's Jock?* 😕
Punchdindaface66 bowers
5:18 “I wonder where he is today?” Well it was made in the 40s so probably dead
unicornio arcoiris
unicornio arcoiris 19 hours ago
You're the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Daniel Kirk
Daniel Kirk 19 hours ago
“When your on the job, DON’T DIE”
Shiloh Johnson
Shiloh Johnson 19 hours ago
Daniel Kirk ok
Tony 19 hours ago
my only news source
it be dat boi
it be dat boi 19 hours ago
It's great jon tron is uploading again
Doctor12 20 hours ago
Wait, is that Taika Waititi as Gandalf!!!
amber stell
amber stell 20 hours ago
6:31 Absolute favorite part
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres 20 hours ago
Please, don't make us wait another month
50pm gt
50pm gt 20 hours ago
15:15 jon tron thicc
bread loaf
bread loaf 21 hour ago
yo inspector roy actually seems pretty chill
fro g
fro g 21 hour ago
Make the sleeves of the long sleeves more open they make side tit shrug in
DaRk Nugget
DaRk Nugget 21 hour ago
bafpc 64
bafpc 64 22 hours ago
14:10 it’s from the hobbit not lord of the rings
Mochi Mellow
Mochi Mellow 22 hours ago
I literally just spent 20 minutes crying and i stopped at 1:25 . I un-paused and immediately smiled.
Alexander Bellows
Alexander Bellows 23 hours ago
7:45 HARRY GOT AWAY WITH THE WATERMELON SCOTT FREE!!!!! Funniest moment in this video.
car lover 27
car lover 27 23 hours ago
2:36 It is less likely for it to go into your brain it is more likely to knock you out
George Swindley
George Swindley 23 hours ago
The lord giveth and the lord taketh away
Jose Rangel
Jose Rangel 23 hours ago
Anyone notice the song when it’s switching videos, it’s called,”Safety dance”
Radar O’Reilly
Radar O’Reilly 23 hours ago
Anyone else notice the reptoids hidden in the video?
Bobble Blox
Bobble Blox 23 hours ago
I almost died laughing at 2:44
DriftTunerz JDM
DriftTunerz JDM 23 hours ago
and this is why im never apllying for any hardwhare jub
gingersnap Day ago
Did your bird die?
TwigTV Day ago
Anyone else expecting William Osman to be in this vid
Ally Drowned
Ally Drowned Day ago
4:27 like half a year ago I got curious about that and so I snorted a line of pepper. Dont do that. It burns. A lot. Least I know it doesn't work.
Reddy Day ago
Where’s you on Game Grumps turn back on Game Grumps or Guest Grumps!
Kelly Sixsmith
Did anyone else think the guy in the thumbnail looks like Ethan Klein? 😂
The Holy Spirit
4:29 the craabbb
Doctor Squid
Doctor Squid Day ago
11:45 Made me actually uncomfortable.
Austin Wood
Austin Wood Day ago
“That’s just a whole new meaning to a head of lettuce.”
Super64 Gameing
I sneez now he's coming call 911
TheCatsPajamaz -
11:43 lowest speed
Gio Ricci
Gio Ricci Day ago
-wonder where he is today probably dead jon
Hemi204 Day ago
*What is even more hilarious...is that they show these types of videos during training haha when I worked at the Olive Garden back in '99 they had video JUST like this....so funny cause I can't even keep composer watching something that looks like it was shot on earth...but in a parallel universe lol*
Dragon Spirit
Harry, get you’re shit together man!
Nelogenazea Day ago
Holy shit, I just realized... is the Gandalf from the air safety thing Taika Waititi? Director of Thor Ragnarok, Ryan Reynolds best friend in Green Lantern and all around cool dude?
RBL - Mario
RBL - Mario Day ago
Christopher Martin
10:50 and their turning the freaking frogs gay!!!
Oliver Holm
Oliver Holm Day ago
0:00 How do I join Dollar Teeth Club, and what kind of teeth will I be sent?
mario JML
mario JML Day ago
Actually it's right at 0:01
Finnish Oof
Finnish Oof Day ago
history channel trash do that!
Cameron Gerhart
now what is this you got fingers in the spinach a foot in the arugula and thats just bringing a whole new meaning to a head of lettuce
Kawaii Kitchu
Jon Tron: I'm gonna jam it right up your a** Me: that's what he said
c o o l i o h e d g e h o g
Voltroll, empty cookie jars factory entrepreneur
eeehhhhiii... i don't have a cerebellum!! but the first videos were hysteric, they hired the... "wrong crew"... for those, they already took fun of it
Kittzy Day ago
I like working with the lights off, food next to chemicals, eating next to those chemicals, and not wearing any protective gear, in a shipping container in middle of the desert, while naked.
Alex E
Alex E Day ago
Although I miss Jonno's old content, his new stuff is still amazing
Yuuri Ayato
Yuuri Ayato Day ago
Jon how could you call that woman an elf, did you see that sparkly cape and purple dress? She doesn't even qualify as a background character.
Dustin Mullins
“This is a whendys” 😂😂😂
Sad Mark
Sad Mark Day ago
I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to a chicken as “in the danger zone”.
Mateo LITC
Mateo LITC Day ago
9:56 I don't think they do lol. " *Heat syncope* or fainting is a mild form of *heat illness* that often results from physical exertion when it is hot. It occurs when your body, in an effort to cool itself, causes the blood vessels to dilate to such an extent that blood flow to the brain is reduced." What? Isn't that just a heat stroke or hyperthermia? _Mr JonTron, I don't feel so good._ 🥵
- D O Y N
- D O Y N Day ago
Jon out here uploading 4 years worth of content in 3 months..what a legend.
Robin 2112
Robin 2112 Day ago
Whatever happened to Jacque??
pewdiepie's undershirt
Syncope means fainting jonno
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